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									              About The Islamic Banking Research Institute

                               By Abdel Aziz Dimapunon

Chancellor, Islamic Banking Institute

In the blogroll hereunder, a link is provided for The Islamic Banking
Research Institute with URL http:// www. This is
the home of the Islamic Banking Research Institute.

Under the laws of the Philippines, the Institute was incorporated and
registered in 1991 with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Since then, the Institute has been conducting research and studies on
Islamic banking and finance, Islamic laws and jurisprudence. Some of our
research articles, booklets and position papers were published on the
website of this Institute. Please visit this site, click on the link for more
information about Islamic Banking.
The Institute was founded in 1991 in anticipation of the formal
organization in 1992 of the Al Amanah Islamic Investment Bank of the
Philippines. Since 1991, IBRI covered and monitored every step of the
way in formally organizing and privatizing this bank. The Institute was
also a founding stockholder of the Islamic Bank. The Islamic Banking
Research Institute, Inc. is the corporate soul-mate of the Amanah Islamic
Bank. Therefore, the It claims to be i the most knowledgeable and
authoritative source of information about Islamic banking in the
Philippines. Not only does it have a compilation and review of all banking
laws (old and new) in the Philippines which were in effect since 1948 – but
it has also a compilation of legal documents such as original copies of
the decision of the hon Court of Appeals, Resolutions of the supreme
regional trial court orders in the various cases involving the amanah
Islamic bank The Institute has also a compilation and review of the
popular Supreme Court Decisions involving the old Central Bank of the
Philippines, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, and their respective Monetary
Boards. As a research institute specializing on Islamic banking, it has also
some compilation of Sharia' principles and related Hadith (Tradition of the
Holy prophet of Islam, Muhammad, peace be on him) concerning trade
and commerce.

During the year 2005, the Institute has published several of my articles

   1.   “Islamic banking in the Philippines”
   2.   “Islamic Investment banking”
   3.   “How the Islamic Bank was privatized”
   4.   “The Monetary Board in relation to the Islamic Bank”
   5.   “Kutbah online”, and many others

In addition, the Institute has published three articles in recognition of
three outstanding bankers par excellence as follows:

   1. Prince Muhammad Faisal Al Saud, banker par excellence.
   2. Sheikh Abdullah Kamel, banker par excellence
   3. Dr. Ahmad Muhammad Ali, banker par excellence

Some other related articles are asfollows

   1. The Islamic Bank as a chartered bank
   2. Rejoinder on Islamic Bank in RP
  3.   Issues about Amanah Islamic Bank
  4.   The Islamic Bank as Investment House
  5.   Privatizing the Islamic Bank
  6.   Islamic banking in the Philippines

  1. The World of Islamic Bankers - The world of Islamic bankers for a
     new world order in banking, finance, investments, trade and
     commerce. This is the ultimate alternative to the western traditional
     ways and means in business and industry. It is for everyone, rich
     and poor, the strong and mighty as it is for the weak and docile.
     Visitors: 117
  2. Investmentbanking -        My Investmentbanking folder contains
     updates on laws, rules and regulations on investment banking in
     the Philippines and elsewhere. It is focused on Islamic investment
     houses including the Amanah Islamic Bank of the Philippines.
     Visitors: 93
  3. Muslim Identity - The Muslim Identity is my folder that contains
     issues on the identity of Muslim personalities and ordinary citizens.
     Muslims are Muslims first. Then comes their respective national
     identities. Visitors: 32
  4. Muslim Politics - Muslim politics covers issues on political
     leadership in the Muslim world including systems of governance
     such as democracy, monarchy, emirates, and sultanates.
  5. My Travelandhajj - My Travelandhajj folder is about travel and
     travelogues, hajj and umrah, places and related topics. Visitors: 16
  6. My Quran Readers - Reading the Holy Quran is a duty of all
     Muslims, men and women. Visitors: 25
  7. Shariabanking - Shariahbanking folder contains Shariah laws,
     jurisprudence, Islamic guidelines, and other references concerning
     Islamic banking, finance, investments, trade and commerce. Sharia
     is for Islamic bankers to follow and comply with all its terms and
     conditions. Visitors: 82
  8. The Islamic Way - The Islamic ways of life in practice, in words, in
     deeds, in the heart, and most of all in the mind constitute the
     religion of Islam. It is my duty and responsibility as a Muslim, and
     as an Imam, to share with you my knowledge of Islam. Visitors: 115

May I invite you then to my public folders and to all my contents in

Abdel Aziz Dimapunong

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