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									Generally, English lesson is taught through the form of lesson selection and the level of the school. SMP Learners is provided with transactional, interpersonal, functional and genre. Otherwise, in classroom activity, many junior high students ( SMP ) face the problems of comprehending the information in functional text. They find difficult to retell what is the text about and how to construct the text shortly and understandable. Most of the Students at the school level failure to identify general or specific information, moreover constructing or writing the text form. That’s why, teacher must look for the accurate way of comprehending students with the such kind of text that he or she is going to teach. What is functional text like? Functional text is the text that illustrates the symbol or things into an interested and short message to the readers. Functional can be an advertisement, announcement, warning, notice, special congratulation card and invitation. How to write functional text? There are four main points of Writing a functional text. They are : 1. The presentation of information content In this step, the teacher does not write too long sentence or phrase. The teacher needs to collect two or three sentences and phrases in a paragraph. Writer must be able to select or design attractive words of the language used. 2. The development of argument Words that teacher develops should be logically, orderly and acceptable by the readers. It means that all information structurally built. 3. The grammatical used The grammatical is used depend on the time and the form of the text given. Most language used here is the use of Simple Present Tense. 4. The stylistic cohesion How does the text influence readers to the message? Style and language used play much role. The information can be packed into the best packaged. Functional text example :

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