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Software development, agents,
Stock Software Development
First, the company agent developed the following products:
(1), stock software development, agency development of the core of the securities of
its own brand of software products
We can help partner companies or individuals own personalized custom development
of stock analysis software, from other people bid farewell to Yi Lai technology
platform support, from the software name, interface, Gongneng, Zhi Biao, stock
selection, RI Dengyixilie function Shang Shi Xing own brand management.
(2), shares of software development, dedicated to provide stock data server receives
the server
(3), stock software development, to help customers establish a professional financial
Will be their own network operations, information technology, brand operation, (to
carry out business information and network members).
Second, stock software development, dedicated to provide stock data server receives
the server
Stock software development, all software in the production of our company customers
do not need to go to establish large-scale data server and the purchase of data sources,
and to cut high costs, we offer dedicated data server send the channel to address the
dynamic market software reception problems.
If you need further consultations on the software source code, static and dynamic
market support received, the software encoder, index encryption, software
development Zhuceji provided by the company.
4. Contact:
Mobile: 13866147930qq: 847984832
Contact: Miss Ding
Come visit our technical service center, discussion and cooperation.
Headquarters Address: 5, Xinghai Road, Hefei Suixi Century Plaza Tower A 706
Software R & D Services Production Center: Hefei City, Fortune Plaza,

Bonus shares through the National Securities Investment Decision Analysis System
K line is the first transaction data to the manipulator system for the analysis, system
analysis of the data includes the core transaction data, transaction data and listed
company data and other market information, in particular, to meet the majority of
investors, listed companies, securities institutions and all market participants on the
massive, authoritative information resource requirements, needs careful design.
System decision-making to market trends, price system, the major funds, time and
space theory, capital controls, the five major theories as the backing and experienced
by the country the manipulator and the computer engineers together to create a new
generation of breakthrough ideas of traditional stocks, securities investment analysis
techniques subvert the meaning of important high-end analysis system. User
authentication using the data network server mode, users with purchase of genuine
user ID and password login central data device, open the bonus shares through an
authorized user of platform.
Bonus shares through several features:
1, has an active financial statistics platform, the first time statistics hot plate, active
stocks, large capital inflow and outflow data, with the intuitive, scientific, image
window graphics let us glance.
2, the session issued a manipulator of the first internal reference information,
Intelligent Voice pop-up reminders, to achieve synchronization with the experts,
investment decisions, seize opportunities
3, the first analysis of the various agencies to obtain transaction information, help
users master the body movements, the fastest to make decision making.
4, intelligent tracking and monitoring the performance of outstanding trades per day,
and in-depth excavation, and to find the hot plate and a strong current stocks, trading
for your accurate analysis of real-time manipulator. Love covers Shanghai Forum
Shanghai local friends, party, chat, home users in Shanghai. Shanghai offers a variety
of useful life tool.
5, the system of regional statistics function is also research and development of the
market liquidity of a large fixed-point data type loop tracking calculations, thus
providing the information more accurately and efficiently to help the user to scientific
decision-making. Navigation the first time the stock market has a body excavated core
of dedicated seats in the reliability of the operation of short-term hot stocks higher
6 bonus shares through stock selection model and the integration of five custom stock
selection of various conditions, day trading systems automatically select the next day
you meet the conditions, the success rate of most prospective potential Ushimata,
allowing you to stock picking easier. . .
Multi-manipulator of ideas, technical analysis as a whole, through a variety of
technical indicators and modules, analyze and judge the trend of individual stocks,
trading signal capture, and make the most scientific, intuitive analysis
Bonus Pass, on the plate ups and downs ups and downs of the market index the
contribution of automatic ranking. Regional statistics by custom functions, can be any
range of the hot plate and the Stock market statistical analysis, the impact of market
movements to grasp hot plate and a strong stocks stage is important.
Bonus Link: Change price control makes it easy to buy the dips, time to escape the
top! ! !
Main manipulator of bonus shares through analysis of data accuracy intuitive,
accurate judgments, making it easy for you opened the cards and the main, take k line
behind the trade secrets, really a kind of bear market bull market, every day making
money! Bonus shares owned through, from manipulator worry, be successful in
distant. . .
Channel investment to the country in hot!
Merchants Tel: 13866147930 QQ: 847984832


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