Stellar debris by fdjerue7eeu


									Stellar debris

First, release butterflies
In his age of ten, he had a butterfly release.
He also clearly remember, it was a spring afternoon, he grabbed from the hands of a
group of children spent a lot of energy they captured a large butterfly, they were
amazed not react when the bottle has been opened, let go of the butterfly.
In the eyes of partners, a child, he is a weak person, introverted, shy, so old bullied.
Day he moves them stunned, stunned, after the boys have punched and kicked him.
He thought he was going to die. He does not know what is dead, but look at the
description of adults, and now the scene of his death may be close to it. He held her
head, some fear, but still hard eyes widened, looking at butterfly flying high, he kept
shouting at the bottom of my heart: "Fly Butterfly, Butterfly,
He did not die. Today, he sat in a coffee shop provides an example.
Some bitter taste the coffee, childhood butterfly quietly bubbling to the heart. He
So far he does not know, at that moment is where to courage. Hsu is to see the
butterflies in a glass, keep the ball rolling in the scene, reminded him of himself. Did
not love their parents, and grandmother lived in cold icy big house. Every night,
looking at the empty room, he felt fear. That he felt butterfly is his, not much
hesitation, rushed past.
After a look at fairy tales in the book's age, when I see a fairy, said to be a
youth accidentally saved a spider web of butterfly, butterfly cultivated itself into
human form later, it turned into a woman came to gratitude. He also biology class
knows, the butterfly is the caterpillar change. And a caterpillar to become a beautiful
butterfly, is a matter how difficult. These can be good reasons for him to save the
butterfly. But he knew not for these. After that day, he became brave, and also from
that day on, he grew up. He knew, in fact, not his release butterflies, but butterflies
released themselves. While black and blue that day back, she was reprimanded by his
grandmother a pass, he felt himself out of the bottle today, cold, warm up the big
house, empty room to fill up, so do not even reprimanded by his
grandmother's terrible.
Butterfly release him out of the lonely childhood.

Second, interpretation of leaf
2-year-old that year, gratitude butterfly emerged.
He told her the story of a decade ago to listen to, and over and over again asked:
"Are you butterfly?" She always answered patiently over and
over again: "Of course, my benefactor!" He also again and
again asked: "Why did there?" she answered over and over
again: "Today I just had cultivated itself into human form ah!"
He thought that such a dialogue can be true of. He knew he was wrong, terribly
One day he asked: "Are you butterfly?" She replied:
"I had thought." He asked: "who?" She
answered: "Yes, once." He has not found sufficient evidence
She is the butterfly that time, the butterfly has flown away.
Such an outcome is very cliche, just as many, after no less, many people say that love,
like Irish coffee. He is not sensitive to the people, until the autumn, he was really
convinced that the butterfly flew away, followed by a deep bone pain.
That evening, he was slumped over the window, holding a bottle of sleeping pills for a
long time to collect. If each person's heart is a house, his house has been
razed to the ground. He seems only today discovered that the window is facing a tall
I do not know when to start, outside the wind rises, leaves a large piece of Indus fall.
Falling leaves beautiful gesture, a dance in the air are different but the same article the
perfect curve.
See, Ye is the Indus reluctantly, step 1 Review. Indus branches are all pointing high
slanting vast sky, cold and arrogant.
He slumped over and looked at the branches. Next year, there will grow new leaves to,
only a process of interpretation leaves, deciduous leaves only a simple, branches are
just simple branches, therefore, no need for the leaves were gone and Autumn is also
no need to Spring and joy.
He seems to understand a little something profound about life, not thorough, but he
had enough of the bottle thrown into the trash.
That year, he shake off the first slice of life in the beautiful leaves, branches Indus
school, calm and proud in front of point to life.

Third, Buddhism and South
3-year-old a weekend, he drove alone outside destination.
Habenular interest in the name of the Red lock, the same as anyone else living with a
mask. Today, he just quietly gone alone to look at the South returning to the
When starting scorching sun, car dealers on the way, gradually began to rain, harder
and harder, the situation gradually becomes torrential. To call home, the family said:
"This is Noon ah!"
In the open highway, he stopped and lit a cigarette, quietly looking out the window.
How many times lying on the old one had the high window, listening to the voice of
Song of Triumph; how many times, boating in the drizzling rain started falling, along
winding rivers, to see the distant pavilion; how many times hit blue bamboo umbrella,
carrying the hand of love, walking in a long moss of stone on the road. Ah, Jiangnan
of rain, as if it is a very distant matter anymore.
Later, the old one was removed, and blocks of high-rise buildings erected there today,
there is no one remember the quiet courtyard is how deep? Streams were filled, and
business people coming and going every day the streets, bargaining, there is no one
knows at the foot of a silent river flowing? Only a stone road is still being developed
into tourist streets, quite the economic-minded people in the street from the charge I
made, charges members of their philistine eyes, let him feel he is a fat sheep
He threw a beautiful smoke ring, smoke ring rising up slowly, more and more fuzzy,
and finally disappeared in the roof. Like his memory in the south.
He looked at the road ahead, straight, but cold and reminded him of his childhood was
a large room empty room. "Or go back." He said to himself.
South is a beautiful childhood dream, passed also passed, do not expect it will come
back, and need not be investigated whether the South is still the same place. His child
from a country into the city today, a suit, then also take off the gown jacket south, cut
off the long braids, and put down the saints, why not?
Since then he woke up from the south a distant dream, from his volunteer work.

Fourth, interpretation of the situation knife
4-year-old that year, he finally boarded the Mount.
Towards Bai Maijia like a saint, he insisted on riding a cable car from the foot onto
the next step is known for.
Is known for huge rock at the base, carefully, piece by piece and look forward to, a
piece of rock before finally stopped in her tracks, he found they are looking for.
A small stone engraved with the word line: "Always be your butterfly, but I
had no alternative but to forgive me."
Twenty years ago, when the butterfly go, said to want to tell him to stay on in the
Taishan. 7300 days and nights, he told himself over and over again: "I
forgot a butterfly." 7,300 days and nights, butterflies in the dream to come
back again and again.
After numerous Taishan, has not come, did he see himself.
Feeling like a two-edged double-edged razor, holding him tightly, hands full of scars.
He said he released butterflies, release leaves, release the Yangtze River, also early
release to the memory of the butterfly. Each time through here, he would see that
cheating themselves and others, the situation had knife in hand, more and more tightly
grip, hands full of blood dripping.
Even today, he felt that there should be a cause and effect of all the broken. He came,
as pious pilgrimage, not bow down to Mount Tai, the situation is about to lay down
their knives and never printed seal Cheng pulls.
Butterfly thoughts here, in this lively and lonely height, year after year he has visited.
Touching the stone, he burst into tears: "Fool, fool." He
muttered over and over again.
Late at night, he stood there, he wanted to spend with her last night, tomorrow, the sun
rises, he will leave this piece of marsh, and between them, and as for twenty years, or
a silent the draw, that is their misfortune is their luck.
He hands the situation knife, gently down, on the night he looked up the more than
7,300 places.
Only hope, much to the young, ah, 千万千万 Let no one picked it to.

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