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   ?In this era of material abundance, yet they live by feeding vitamin to maintain
good health and spiritual world of the poor, even the Internet are empty, not restless
sleep, eating can be ... This is how perfunctory the day called life? I am so helpless,
and even doubt whether I still live in this world?
   So, I want to make themselves feel alive ... or so the first thing is: back to reality.
Turn off your computer, do something to prove I am alive to do. So, I decided to start
a regular life. Started to pack home everything will be all things to pledge allegiance,
a neat, draw the curtains to let sunlight in the house jump, open the window, let the
wind come indiscriminately room; start reading writing characters, produced two very
quiet for their own book -------- Fus "Kunlun War," Baby
Anne's "in August last Central", a program out
copybook a half-hour of serious writing, to appease their manic; start, go shopping,
bought a large rose bouquet to give their own, there will be little joy, so simple to
please himself, to go home to a good pruning roses, into the cute squat bottles, it can
continue to smile its beautiful bloom; start practicing drawing practice sketch, with
the primitive to the 2B pencil sketch the outline of a beautiful object, especially when
the roses in the painting, will find its natural arc so perfect, in any case are not
artificially carved, so natural is beautiful ....... decisions every day so ordinary and go
on the law, that's living, I can feel the existence of the world, the world can
be recognized I was still alive.
   Flowering failure, loyalty to ordinary, these are always good, and I on the balcony
maidenhair, born of deep roots and opened a full pot of flowers, vibrant swagger to
me, I like to take root in the soil, inserted in the bottle like a flower, they are all my
own good.
Today went to Wal-Mart, in order to find a beautiful flower bottle to install, find
something called the "Blue Rose" whiskey cocktails, a matte
texture of the bottle, slim gentle curve, but My favorite is the kind of pale blue, Qinru
people, I like ...