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 Watch valiant heroic soldiers, hearts feelings of admiration arose spontaneously. Jun
Zi standards, the pace of reunification, ups and downs, orderly and neat of a. I
remember the University joined the military training school, station Junzi, kicking
goose, sing songs in an assassination training exercise, a necklace off, is to practice
not in place, the standard is not easy to establish it!
 Standard very close, large national standards, small to enterprise standards,
standardized everywhere. GB provides an industry standard, all engaged in the
business enterprise have to be strictly enforced; enterprise standard provides for a
business reference, all belonging to corporate officers are to be strictly enforced. Such
as SOP, enterprise standardization, standardized operation, allow employees to
familiarize themselves with work flow, reduce operating time, improving efficiency,
so much business welcome. But we must clear understanding: here's the
standard sense, but the standardization of management only, with replicability. You
have SOP, as others have, and even better execution. This should be talking about
standards - the term has a core competency, under the intellectual property rights
standards, focus on the standard business sense!
 Since ancient times, the main body of enterprises as the economy, the main themes
of concern. Regrettably, however, is that an array of Chinese companies, establish a
variety of standards emerging, but recognized by the world industry standards are
minimal. Has been developed by foreign rules of the game, we as players, the referee
orders from abroad, results good and bad times affected. At the same time, we engage
the bottom of the smile curve, low-added, low output, low efficiency, to do OEM,
spend a lot of manpower, material, resources, environment, exchange of benefits is
low. In China, the smiling curve is no longer a smile!
 Reads now, coinciding with the first 10 million cars off the assembly line in China,
watching people pleasure, but I can not be happy! We produce the quantity of Tingzhi,
but talking about the core competitiveness of engine parts, tail gas emissions, fuel
saving compressors, intelligent monitoring and optimization problems, many feel lost
again, because the standards are abroad, we are merely repeating imitation of it! Talk
about brands, foreign brands dazzling, full of people's eyes, Mercedes,
BMW, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Volvo, Porsche, Ferrari ...... even the general public,
Buick, snow Flanders as a foreign brand, domestic production fills any difference
with the OEM! Guangzhou has three auto industry, all Japanese: Toyota, Honda,
Nissan, creating GDP, we should reflect on, the domestic brands of road era? In such
circumstances, Chery, BYD to survive, the really make life difficult for them! Have
brilliant red car, the error made due to the brand strategy, from the high popularity of
the low-end, making the brand image badly damaged, has also not out of the shadows.
Hopefully by the 60th anniversary of National Day military parade, to re-establish a
new image!
 The Nobel Prize in October each year to reawaken people's nerves, and
this is similar to the publication of the Global 500 as to attract the eye. Looking
around, we found there each year crowned the new face of Chinese enterprises small
and medium-sized state-owned enterprises still occupy. Based on this, have to
question: Enterprise mouth talking about how rely on bigger and stronger? Our top
500 is really strong enough? One does not own property, no games, how to develop
the right business bigger and stronger! I thought: until the time when Chinese
enterprises to develop international standards for corporate side is stronger, the bigger
and stronger if those are empty words lightly! This is like a mouth of
China's universities are always talking about to build a world-class
university known as sound very funny!
 Increasing competition, no one should tell you how to do it. Our business to rise, not
only to learn foreign companies need to find a local benchmark, it is urgent! In my
opinion, Huawei, China's enterprises to set a high standard, is a very good
example! Ren Zhengfei, a former soldier, for a unique understanding of business
management, business management standardization, discipline, efficiency of. In the
corporate culture, the moment of "winter to what is to spend the
winter," the warning language warning Huawei staff, we should be vigilant,
there is a sense of crisis; in technology innovation, Huawei opened the business
community of the first of its kind, will be 10% of annual sales into R & D in
this iron rule that no person shall change; in the future strategy, Ren Zhengfei said
something: If they can unite me off, I think this is precisely the business maturity. If
one day they do not need me, united to overthrow me, and I think that is a good thing.
 In fact, our business with one or two decades, competitors take away one or two
years back on the road, is really amazing. But in this era of rapid change, accelerated
does not mean that long! Bring the speed of fast food culture, but also awoke us:
Western can not eat, eat no more taste it! Things can only own long-term, cultivate
their own standards, build their own culture, created their own brand, disseminate
their own property, so that we can survive, go further, to the national long-standing
forest in the world, invincible land!