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"Speed is the" from "I", the original
sentence, "knowing too much, the most delicate humble, Great Music,
invisible elephant ..."

I am definitely not here to explain any terms and explain the ancient culture of China,
I just found more and more of the business community in compliance with such laws.
Gree Group Dong Mingzhu see again "industrial spirit", if Ford
does not insist on only car then do not do financial Folly, century-old heritage would
not exist today without Bill Gates to give up the profits of many industries do not do
concentrate only do the software industry, it will not accomplish today the
world's richest. Therefore, the decision often seems less intelligent often
have unexpected results, the same token, can support a business into the future of not
only the only technology but also the spirit.

We can clearly see that many successful foreign companies to concentrate on doing
one thing only, I sworn CB Richard Ellis has 200 years of history, the global real
estate industry leader, Microsoft has a monopoly in the form of almost 90% dominate
the global Internet system, another giant Intel has always remained at the CPU R
& D and market, they are all Fortune 500 companies. This time, I am sure
questions will be produced, and also enterprises, GE 这样, Zai Japanese, well-known
Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Sony, etc. Baokuo pillars in the South Korean companies
Samsung, etc. These Xing consortium also Dushisheji Dao Gegexingye, Tong Yang
had also entered the door 500 of the world, this time to carefully study our Ke Yi,
taking the former CEO Jack Welch, one of the most common Li Lun terms, they
would undoubtedly yes at the foot of Ling Yu Yi Jing has made significant after Qu
Sikao Duoyuan Hua De Wei the development of our country into the
world's first 500 Lenovo Chairman Liu also left the same thing: cast
another wave of soil, so Ben really has, then Sa Tuipao.

Cluster often due to the strong market power, let some businesses have to play a
"little smart" room and facilities, and such a matter of course
speculative and can guide people towards the "get rich quick"
business practices on the approach. Youngor our country so, Erdos did, even
well-known real estate company also could not help but tempted to join them.

We may wish to seriously consider and look at foreign enterprises, Microsoft
dominate the Internet for so many years, may it never involved in the field of
computer hardware, Intel is the dominant computer CPU, can it also does not involve
memory, hard drive or other computer hardware or software area, even companies like
IBM have abandoned the PC computer hardware do not do to focus on services. they
should have been a common sense industry chain, can be integrated if it not be more
reasonable, but they all gave up, is because they will not cause unnecessary
commercial competition, they would defend the yes Zhengge healthy industry chain,
so naturally we Duneng in Shang Zhe Ge healthy development of the industry chain,
to be Ge Zi Zui Dahua of lost profits which would involve the other Zai industry will
have the risk and expense, I almost 涉及 CBRE where the real estate industry Lian
addition to real estate development outside of all the links Le, Ke Yi's
profits than they Dechangongsi even higher Keshi Womenshizhong Weilezhengge
industry's Jian Kang Bu Yuanyi to jump to do so lost and many developing
co-operation between enterprises has become a competition.

Recently, Google launched its own system, Google's CEO Eric Schmidt
has resigned from Apple's executive director, as they relate to the
correlation between the more and more industries will inevitably come to compete in
future step. Our high-quality corporate Glanz also entered the air conditioning
industry I really do not understand, but previously held Zhu Xinli, the users of the
blame in the next want to sell Huiyuan is absolutely the right choice, because
he's listed companies to sell Zhu Xinli, Huiyuan is the fruit juice industry, a
part of it, his hand is the fruit orchards and other upstream core of his future, and he
sold to Coca-Cola's move is undoubtedly his rivals into partners, this
seemingly clever behind the decision of the "Speed is" wisdom.

A well-known theory abroad called "smile curve", but this is
very simple, a whole industry of most middle part of the cluster is the least profit and
profit is also with the two ends of the growth of industrial clusters. Some European
countries insist on the pursuit of product quality, Japanese companies like Toyota that
lean production, and so hard at anything silly is no doubt explains the fundamental
business forever, and "small business" is always impossible to
do such a good 500 companies, and entrepreneurs how to choose?

Please read the "moral", "knowing too much, the
most delicate humble, Great Music, invisible elephant ..."

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