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					South China Sea, South China Sea, I
      ?South China Sea, South China Sea, I
   China has no coastal defense numbered.
   Unity from the Qin dynasty, has always been self-praise is accommodating imperial
powers in China, living in the "Far East peninsula", border the
sea and deposit have been 2000 years also. However, all the great achievements of its
land, the sad pathetic is regrettable: the sea of China, but not a maritime defense
system,       attacking       philosophy       and      practice      of      traditional
"landlubbers" only.
- This is about the history of the Chinese coastal defense like.
Is that very ugly language, but terribly true. On the one hand, we have respected those
people have a glorious patriotic tradition of carrying the school's academic
rank brand of military theorists, but in "poor after the first ho,
Xunzhangzhaiju" apart, often passionately, " there ";
the other hand, perhaps there is indeed also stop those sporadic slighte st, 12 nautical
anecdotes are also true there. However, Xufu Dong Du, Zheng western style of
navigation, and coastal defense system probably did not dry up the.
The truth of history "Mood" is that when the "Blue
Civilization," its not civilization Zuopai, from the Atlantic, Mediterranean,
Indian Ocean, East Pacific Ocean all the way through to Gone with the Wind,
willfully walk in the South China Sea, the East China Sea, Yellow Sea, Bohai Sea
even when the Chinese inland, its cheerful, is even more than the health of people
living with HIV break the skin, to free movement within the human body fun of.
However, such a shame, is open to the complacency of the great rejuvenation of the
we are not far:
Do not you see, head East China Sea, the Diaoyu Islands, Yellow sea, the Japanese on
the sovereignty with me every day!
Do not you see, from the Xuande, Wing- lok, Huangyan to James Shoal, there are
several islands, several reefs, several Tao Beach, a few more dark sand, not b y his
occupation of the country?
Do not you see, thousands of miles away from the U.S. aircraft carriers, warships,
"observed boat", from time to time are still free to cruise the
South China Sea, the exhibition!
Do not you see, our navy, soldiers in the South China Sea, off Malacca, into the
Indian Ocean, traveled to Somalia to join forces with the great powers were to crack
down on those few is said to be amazing ability of the Pirates of the sea thief!

    ?1, no coastal defense by the weak end
  Metabolic abnormality in the world, coastal defense and the country has no known
major powers who, one is Japanese, the other is China.
  After World War II, Japan had become a political small, loss of international
political discourse, have lost four northern islands, lost the national military
sovereignty, the defense department was forced to form alliances in the United States
under the wings. Economic power of Japan, the United States no choice but to lovers
of Zoran gesture ambiguous to stand among the Western Pacific. However, the loss of
the four northern islands of Japan in the end, unlike China, it is finally defeated the
once great country coastal defense, good attack power at sea.
   In fact, Japan specializes in the history of maritime attack, from Feng Ji Xiucheng
era began, which the Korean Peninsula, southeast coast of China have been repeatedly
risk rewarded. This release again shore plot and "landing" and
continued success, "turned small victories", the last in 1894 an
outbreak of the Sino-Japanese naval battle one-sided, from China's coastal
waters have become great powers, including Japan, free access to the water park and
upstream of a military training.
   Factors for the eastern country of China, strictly speaking, nothing but land-based
power only.
   After 1840, there is intellectual in the "advanced" Chinese
people out of the Westernization Movement, intended to change country Enriching or
no coastal state. Alas, Sino-Japanese naval total defeat, the country suffering deep. To
the establishment of the Republic of China has been Mongolia, the North lost, stolen
outside the Northeast Mountains, Sakhalin, Vladivostok, west of Lake Baikal loss
(Hermit by hexagon: the ancient of China's "North
Sea"), Southwest lost Aksai, Kashmir, the East lost sulfur ball, the South
lost the Hong Kong and Macao; while in the southeast of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen
and Matsu islands has indefinitely divided.
   Alas, this "reduced to the Nation" sense, in 1949 in China,
compared to the previous Kangxi era to ancient China, considered as indeed a
"new" with China. Gee, this "new" China,
as the old anti-the "boss of China" also.
   South China Sea in China, though not have such as Lake Baikal as
"lost" before, but there is no real ownership. No other national
incompetent too. Today, we have not the strength of the economy or the military on a
real effective jurisdiction over the South China Sea. It is said that our fighter combat
radius covers over not James Shoal; said we can not supply ships through this; said
that we should shelve the sovereignty, and Southeast Asia in the peace and
development in order with "harmony" friendship.
   Executive director of the United Nations five countries, territories, territorial waters
dispute be always "on hold" while other countries had to
"develop" the plan and who, the only China, a country I carry
   Therefore in, the sense of the South China Sea territorial waters, there have been
only the concept of national sovereignty, the map and the hearts of his countrymen,
and - I do not know when the end of this situation when this environment? !
   Hermit had poetry Fang Weng, send their children may be saying: "His
Majesty's South China Sea when set, no death reported Naiweng Family
Sacrificial Rites."
                Second, defense of want to be "the enemy out"
    Today, the United States why it is so strong?
    "A thousand thousand hearts own Hamlet," but there is a
undeniable, the United States has 200 years did not happen in their local war. 200
years, Americans of all participate in the war, both at the land outside the United
States, sea and air space in the.
    How weak and difficult to return to China in the past?
    The answer may be many, but one thing, that is, since 1840 from nearly 170 years,
where China's participation in all wars, without exception, in their
"home" or "doorstep." We have become
accustomed to at home or at the door and fight the enemy, so that "luring in
deep", "active defense" has become our guiding
principle is most proud of the military and military intelligence.
    Hold the door and not let foreign enemies over door an inch, is the true essence of
the first tier of defense, is the first step towards national security.
    Door to China, where?
    People probably will not forget the complexity of modern history left us the
"door style": shame Guangdong Gongbei, Shekou, Man Kam
To, Sha Tau Kok's "Checkpoint"; some kind of
facade International Airport, Terminal "customs office" ; land
line on the Chinese word "pillar." However, people are easy to
forget that even when this is not the person is abroad: from the east to the
South's territorial waters. Among them, particularly in the South China Sea
has staggering. Reality is also probably true: the Bohai Sea, Yellow Sea to the East
China Sea, it seems there may be able to keep the time, the only line of the Diaoyu
Islands is not strong; while in the South China Sea, the East Sand, Sea to the Spratly
Islands, the reality seems no one to turn to observe.
    Hold territory, territorial waters, is only the most basic defense of a countr y.
    However, the safety of a door, just hold the door far enough. Defense of a country
and its vital national boundaries probably need to break the shackles, must be sought
outside the national borders to establish a "buffer zone." On
land, are neighbors, neighbors, the sea, is the neighboring countries or the high seas.
Door safety line must be crossed state boundaries, national interests outside the
"buffer zone", the only way to ensure a "buffer
zone" of the big security can profit real national defense security. The
tactics of its strategic goal: to "buffer zones" as national security,
actual meaning of the "airbag."
    Perhaps, also goes to "grandchildren," "seek
diplomacy on" one of the positive solutions are.
                  Third, national defense, the road is also the art of relaxation
   An interesting phenomenon worth considering:
   In recent years, often news that the Russian navy shelled a Chinese fishing boats
crossed the Vietnamese border guards shot in the "disputed" Sea
fishing waters of the Chinese fishermen, the Philippines arrested Chinese fishermen
sailing in the South China Sea ...... there are other reports that China is a country on
aircraft carriers, warships, territorial waters to conduct a protest trespassing; on a
country deeply hostile to the activities of aircraft in our airspace, a protest attack on
fishermen I have protested, on my shelf for oil exploration a protest ......
   In a "protest" sound, we like the "saints"
as: "playing right cheek, left cheek and then proceed to play",
but fortunately is always the "Low", which seems to have
become since Mao Zedong, the Chinese special a major international political
   Hermit had not "slander affairs of state" subjective purpose,
but simply to drink enough water saturation, the constant can not help but give birth to
some bookish visualize: I think the Chinese, the Department of the millennium
ceremonies, known as the hospitality of Orthodoxy, What of this "love the
enemy" so? ! Suddenly they sigh: China has big men, and "open
the door to robbers" and "East Guo" and other
non- mainstream wisdom, also sometimes I get the, how complaints
"saints" big firms known to the world? !
   Relaxation of the policy, the ways of writing, this is also "under the
Guiding Principle" of the strategy, "the Ma Zhijun"
in ear surgery.
   Political, diplomatic and national defense, may complement each other with the
table, so historians saying goes: only the weak political and practical diplomacy.
   Dignity of a State, the strength of a country, a country of interest, in the politics and
economy, strong national defense and military capital is the most basic and
   Hermit had heard the wise country goes: "I am not a is not strong, but I
do not bully people; non is poorly Sisha, but not outside the frantic violence at home;
non is not love you so strong that if you enter my door, sweep kill my family, robbing
me baby, days will destroy you, I will slay you. " The wise man, will
"prime minister in the mountains" also.
   Therefore in, thinking that Hermits: national power such as China today who, when
"foreign repair moderate, strict internal auditing." Harmonious
diplomatic much to say, broadly, that "never seek hegemony,"
weakness, showing and in the face of strong enemy or friend, this is the best policy,
but at the level of national defense, but they should be with a strong, strict but should
be strict and hard for it hard. Without this, will lose the wide carry on.
   To make justice with mercy, "when the more flexible soft Office, Meng
Department when the more violent", then this multi-polar world, China is
extremely important as a matter of fact most will win more and larger national
   Hermit was once darkness: the new international political, economic and military
situation, China's image in the country, or can be almost soft, but far from
unprincipled person; diplomacy can be wide and, while by no means weaklings;
military can not intrusive, but must be resolute and decisive self-defense,
self-protection   will     be     required     to     the      National     Strategy
"Airbag," the Guardian.