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  ?"Give a cold spell Huaqing Pool bath, hot water wash creamy smooth.
Shi Er Johnson propped up weak, start a new Chengen Ze ... when ..."
   Moment, the spring is floating in the soup moist, the mixing of the mist, seemed the
more he Chunhongchibai, bright eyes Shin Lai, yes, I used that word to describe him,
a man, this foolish love, it is faint.
   At the foot of emission, more than 40 degrees of sulfur-rich hot spring water,
infiltration of whole body are warm, soften as part of this soup, Huaqing Hot Springs
in the spring created a concubine as creamy as beautiful skin, a generation of
Americans of Achievement Enchanting and bridge dam hot mouth, it seems tacky
name of the soup as gifted with a gentle, in the winter, and spring of the encounter,
very valuable.
   She selected a foundation for their own dot swimsuit, the number of some small
cute, and gave the election a black Xiang Huang Chun-edge swimming trunks. Full of
joy she ran to his side.
   "You do not have to buy swimming suits and ah, you are two to a room
charge of Grandpa bubble ,,,。" puzzled, he considered it a waste of
behavior. Phase, as they smile, yes, this looks like a pair of couples, they started
kicking the tires of this love, they need to give each other an exploration process.
   She looked in the mirror, a small dot under the symmetry of the body, wrapped not
live in the female curve, behind the hair loosely scattered and dispersed, lovely lovely,
healthy and vibrant, not into the soup, the cheek has been thrown such as peach-like
crimson March, is nervous, shy, or excited, still can not tell what sentiment, it has
been climbing rapidly along up, cause shortness of breath. Oh! Little fool, you need to
take a deep breath. She washed stick your mirror to a trademark smile, she knew,
enough to reverse the living beings.
   "Swallow, OK? You do not have a cold, fast out." Spring in
the front called to, he was a bit the last straw, pregnant with her in desire.
   "Come." Door the moment, she saw light in his eyes, this
moment, she is his goddess.
   "You're beautiful!" He was a bit incoherent, a pull
over she clung fast, lest the second will disappear.
   Which soup warm, green and perfectly clear, swirling mist, he began to touch her
arm, leg, the moisture in the spring they are increasingly under the smooth, hot water
wash creamy smooth,,, "ah!" This warm itch feeling that her
involuntary out loud, such as fish as she slid open to the body, relying on the pool this
head, stared at the spring, which were children nearby, his sweet warmth look, as if
waiting for past life on it, waiting for her to a pro-Hozawa.
    He gently removed, her chest swimsuit bow, and slowly slid down, ripening breast
half wiped, he later described them as a small child that round firm ass, people can not
help but want to nibble one. She shyly slid down the tape will be pulled up, she felt, it
all came a bit too fast, beyond his own principles and the bottom line, she was not
sure, but this portrait of the heat for his dazzling, dream illusory.
    "Swallow, Do not worry, I will have to wait until conditions are ripe,
until you willingly." Pity if they chisel spring set the tone.
  ?"He is a man first and a man hot springs." Sexy lips swallow
tilt Doodle murmured.
  ?"I was the first time and a woman bathing." Blinking spring,
curling eyelashes, and a look of naive and innocent.
  ?"Well, this is, this is our virgin foam, oh?" "Ah,
virgin foam, bubble Department ,,,"" do! Do not ,,,。      "
they began to rap, beginning jokes, carrying such a flash and had a good time.
    ?Yes, their first, since there are many first time.
    ?For example, one day later, they had two Lucai, on a bottle of fine red wine, drink
doubled, it would be their first time,,,

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