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									Something from nothing - Haier Culture
  Haier's corporate culture
Haier's corporate culture was recognized by all the staff the values of
innovation and business leaders.
Haier is the core of cultural innovation. It is twenty years in the course of
development of Haier's production and gradually formed in the
characteristics of cultural systems. Haier culture to the concept of innovation lead to
the strategic direction of innovation to organizations for the protection of innovation,
technology innovation as a means to market innovation as the goal, accompanied by
Haier developed from scratch, from small to big, from big to strong, from the China to
the world, Haier culture itself is also innovative development. Employees generally
recognized, active participation is most significant feature of the Haier culture. At
present, Haier's goal is to create world famous brand in China, to win glory
for the nation. The goal of the development and Haier Haier value of the individual
employees to pursue the perfect combination of every Haier Haier employees in
achieving the goals of the process of world famous brand, the full realization of the
value of the individual and the pursuit.
Haier is the core of cultural innovation
"Something from nothing" and "dealt with
On one occasion, Zhang, CEO of a big company trip to Japan. The company chairman
has been keen to Chinese wisdom. In the chairman introduced the
company's corporate philosophy and corporate culture, explained
"that truth", and quoted Lao Tzu, Zhang also expressed their
views: "the moral" in a sentence with "that
truth" semantic consistency, which is "all things are born of the
world, something from nothing."
Known for the phrase to illustrate the importance of Haier's culture. He
said that corporate management has always been that I keep in mind two points: the
first is the intangible things are more important than the physical. When the leadership
is tangible value to the following things too much, while the invisible too little.
Always ask how much the general production, how much profit did not see the
cultural attitudes, atmosphere is more important. An enterprise without culture, is
without a soul. The second point is that I advocate the man has to be "dealt
with gently." Zhang said: "In the past the people to remark as a
negative, in fact it advocated the strengthening of the weak, small turn up is a process.
To recognize that: as an entrepreneur, you will always be vulnerable; if you are really
aware of their is weak, you will progress towards targets attached, but also will be
successful. "
Once, a reporter asked Zhang: "An entrepreneur should first understand
what knowledge?" Zhang thought, said: "First of all, to
understand the philosophy of it!"
Zhang can contact their actual, realized from the I thought "no"
than "have" more important "No"
students "have" and to realize also be overcome by gentle,
humble man can do things ahead of truth. Arrogant and expansion is always a source
of business decline.
His maturity is the maturity of thought. Mature entrepreneurs formed on the basis of
practical experience is the concept of system. All successful entrepreneurs are the
business philosopher. Ai Feng is well-known economist, "Zhang
says," a written order, the title is: "No philosophy not see the
Haier." Ai Feng evaluated in just right with the philosophy Zhang.
Haier culture into Harvard forum
March 25, 1998, in the Harvard Business School, the second-year MBA class is some
overwhelming sight, we are overjoyed to welcome a stranger to the teacher -
Entrepreneurs from China Haier Group CEO Zhang.
"Please think about it, Mr. Zhang Ruimin 1984 poses a serious challenge is
that?" Professor Lin Peien motherhood to you to raise a further question.
Horseshoe-shaped arrangement of the seats were immediately raised an arm, we can
not wait to describe their ideas. Including Latin America, Japanese and more
Professor asking questions, the topic of discussion in depth. "Haier has a
80% annual growth rate, becoming the fastest growing home appliance business, we
think is the factors affecting the success of Haier? You if Mr. Chang, how to make
decisions? Haier management Why is effective? A 'shock and Fish
'Why be activated Haier culture? why the research is to study the dynamic
corporate culture? "participants express the views of their own.
Zhang listening to questions and national master case of the Haier culture of lively
discussion, one by one to their questions are answered.
An American student, said: "Mr. Zhang's lecture, I first learned
of the successful management of Chinese enterprises!"
Zhang took the Harvard forum is the first Chinese entrepreneur to Haier's
remarkable performance and brilliant business idea to make the world understand the
Chinese business culture and success of Haier. The incident in the history of Chinese
enterprise management of important historical significance, it is stated, as long as the
innovation of Chinese enterprises, also in business management for the world to
Haier entrepreneurial spirit, work style of interpretation
Change and innovation, Haier has always been the same business language.
Higher goal, Haier has always been the business to pursue.
Business 21 years, has built a comprehensive framework for global localization, Haier,
is entering a new phase of strategic development - global brand strategy stage. Facing
the new direction of global competition, entrepreneurship and Haier will begin a new
round of upgrading work style innovation.
The first decade
Haier spirit: selfless pursuit of excellence
Haier style: rapid response to immediate action
From 1984 to 1995, Haier years start from scratch, from small to large, determined to
dry out the best in China's Haier refrigerator entrepreneurs who issued a
"selfless dedication, the pursuit of excellence," the voice.
As the last of the introduction of the refrigerator factory project, to come from behind,
to winning speed, "quick response, immediate action" became
all the same style of work Haier people. In this entrepreneurial spirit and work style of
promotion, Haier years of venture won the first battle, hit the first home appliance
brand in China.
Second Decade
Haier spirit: dedication and pursuit of excellence
Haier style: rapid response to immediate action
1995, made significant progress in the domestic market, Haier, began to focus on the
international market. Haier Industrial Park, then off to a flag, Haier second pioneering
innovative international brand strategy announcement starts.
As the first truly national enterprises attempt on those who create their own
international brands in China, Haier had subsequently become the most persistent
pursuit. Spirit of enterprise with national significance: dedication and pursuit of
excellence, to become an international brand name Haier challenge the spirit of
human heritage.
In this period, Haier's work style has a deeper values, "quick
response, immediate action" to create a comparative advantage as Haier,
the speed to challenge the international brand-name tool, faced with financial,
technical, personnel and other significant gap Haier, to cross Type catch up as the
driving force, turning back to the goal rushed international brand.
August 30, 2005, "Financial Times" named China's
top ten in the world famous brand, Haier tops the list. In the global white appliance
manufacturers, Haier ranked fourth.
Third Decade
Haier spirit: to create resources global reputation
Haier style: one single quick, decisive victory-one
Globalization, Haier, Haier need the spirit of globalization.
Haier's globalization, the need to pursue the globalization of business.
50,000 worldwide employees at home and abroad Haier, Haier create the
world's top brand objectives, requires a global view of shared values.
Haier's new entrepreneurial spirit - "to create the
world's resources, reputation," came into being.
"Create resource" is innovative in nature. Compared with the
international top enterprises, Haier is not currently available resources, but under the
banner of innovation, Haier can and can create resources that can have its own core
"Reputation as a global" Haier's global brand
strategy is to stage a higher goal. Haier's worldwide reputation for meeting
customer needs a comprehensive, is the fundamental meaning of Haier brand in the
In this higher goal, "One man one quick, decisive victory" has
become the latest expression Haier style of work. "One person
alone," the means "quick, decisive victory" is the
goal. Each SBU must integrate with the market accurately, then the speed to win.
The first decade of business, create China's first brand name;
The second decade of innovation, to go abroad, the highest international enterprise;
Third decade, creating resources, implementation of the global brand strategy.
Haier entrepreneurial spirit of innovation, is the Haier brand. But no matter what
adjustments, Haier people throughout the heart with a noble point: create the
world's top brands!

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