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									Something ......
?"Is Hell on Frisco Bay" --- Do not you remember all the
Williams promises, no one knows a little love there is no certainty. Wandering the
anxious, confused the confused, choose to be forgotten in the moonlight.
    Many years ago there was a man, do sleep with this song song cycle release,
sustained release, has been released, the song of the lonely, sad people, and people
feel bad. There are some feelings, you know that over, but then it's like to
hang in there just to mind a mass of tiny flame burning stubborn biting the end off a
fly's wings, from this disability.
    She ignited the passion of his heart, but did not expect this feeling of finality, she
was his Purple Cloud Fairy, and she said to him: My loved one is Heroes, one day he
will be stepping on seven colors of the clouds to marry me I guess the front, but I ll
buy it this end.
"Westward Journey" --- finish watching this film, men are
thinking, in the end we are all left a tear in his heart, while the women will think
themselves in the end is Jingjing, or Purple Cloud.
"Love life" --- Journey to the West theme song, I love it.
Do not come before are now gone
Red leaves and buried in the dust
Beginning of the end always change did not change
Outside the horizon of your wandering clouds
Oliver flips Love waves
Difficult to avoid the fate of the world
Blind date actually not close to
Or should I believe it is fate
"Bana" --- Buddhist language, a symbol of love, even if no
result, also in the other side of the flowers to bloom. Even boundless bitter sea, but
still looked that one on the far shore flower Love.
  ?His love, are to leave for the final, he loved his women, each love, they are so
beautiful, passionate, subtle introvert, smart, naive, headstrong, inclusive, he can not
decide to give up what, so he waited for his women and left the rest of that is his
favorite. His concept of love is passive, he is afraid to lose, because he would have
felt had enough. His heart was a child, to what the fetch, instinct, and do not, do not
throw, grasp in the hand like, at least some sense of security. Love like a man, very
dangerous. Within the heart of the childish because they will destroy everything.
Although they look cute, but they can not be responsible for their own lives, even
more impossible for a woman around. Well, then, the women around him, had left
him, and each has a real love. Him in their hearts, vanishing into a touch of
melancholy memories.
"Fleeting" --- love a serious pastime, with a bloom time,
you're next to me just called and came face to face, sunny day in May of
electric flash.
    KTV where he met her, he smiled to her, she felt, as if there is already such a fate
had doomed because of no avail. Empty? May not, life just does what it will take on
anything. She asked him to watch movies, and he was so hurried in the Haagen Dazs
sat in on the drink a cup of cappuccino, a cup of popcorn and then admitted he did not
Ce Guotou the entire field of view of her, she saw him long fresh face out of acne, to
determine all but an illusion. But that is only one thing, he asked for, and she was
different. He wanted to live, a warm home. She just want to love. She was young.
Even if she loved him, but her love for him, eventually arrived but this colorful world.
Faye Wong in the "Days" in an emotional singing: lifetime
quitting / but I can not escape / palms grow suddenly entangled in curves / sensible
action before the situation after / long, but the day / failed to keep the operator not
fleeting ......
"From the song" --- from the song he sang, too heartbreaking,
not to listen to her after all. Occasionally, the streets will ring a familiar melody,
where she will be terrified, listening to an entire song: At first I just believe great is
the feeling / Finally, I was unable to see the fate of powerful ...... . the most is the
heartache of saying: I wanted to stay just can not stay the most lonely, and did not
finish the tender, only ...... from the song.

"We were good" --- this song is me on the phone, has been
listening to has been listening to, hear heart sour, still listening to ......
Opened the window to see the sky white bird
Think of your smile mint flavor
Then you run in the playground
Shouted I love you
Do you know
We are not afraid of anything then
Brown also came to see the sunset
You say you want love has always been good
So never separated
We were good
Whimsical children
I believe love can never ah
We were good
Far the most kind-hearted children
The memories hurt us

Shouted I love you
We are not afraid of anything then
Brown also came to see the sunset
You say you want love has always been good
So never separated
We were good
Far the most innocent children
Changes alone splendid distant ah
We were good
Far the most adorable children
Together for the happy tears ah

 A person running a love you, let the whole world lights up, and perhaps have not
believe in love everyone, but everyone still hopes to be loved.

 Let us love it, as not been hurt before.

 Love it, to date, watching movies, and like people to playground, sitting Ferris wheel,
watching the sunset, and then kiss, say I love you, anytime and anywhere, holding
hands, and has been firmly and put her ring, then accompany each other grow old.

 If you find the heart of man, do not hesitate to love it, as not received the same

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