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Social Marketing

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					Social Marketing
Social Marketing
With the global environmental damage, lack of resources, the growing problem of
population explosion, etc., require the enterprises to take into account the overall and
long-term interests of consumers is increasing demands for social benefits. Marketing
scholars put forward a series of new ideas. Such as human concepts (Human concept),
intellectual concept of consumption (Intelligent consumption concept), the concept of
ecological criteria (Ecological Imperative concept). The common ground that the
production and operation should not only consider the needs of consumers, and
consumers and to consider the long-term interests of society as a whole --- is called
social marketing concept. This concept demands corporate mission is to identify
target markets needs, desires and interests more effectively than competitors,
customer satisfaction, while maintaining and enhancing consumer and social welfare.
Business marketing ideas
To guide decision makers in business marketing marketing practice the guiding
principle is based on economic situation and business marketing in particular
environmental conditions formed by the business philosophy of universal
Marketing Concept experienced the following changes
Production concept (Production Concept)
Production concept is to guide the seller acts of one of the oldest concepts. Production
concept in business management specifically in the performance as "able
to produce anything, just sell something." For example, when the Ford
Motor Company production of T-type cars are very popular, in order to expand
production for maximum profit, they do not consider the customer cars color, interest
and style preferences, as long as the mass production will be able to achieve their
goals. Can be seen, the production concept is a typical? Quot; to produce Dingxiao
"business concept. Product concepts (Product Concept) is a similar concept
and production business ideas. Product concepts that: customers like the quality,
versatility and features products, as long as the product will be a good customer at his
door. in product-oriented enterprises, marketing managers to focus too much on
existing products in the enterprise, while market demand will be put aside. The crux
of product concepts is over-exaggerated the role of the product, ignoring the market
demand study and with other marketing strategies.
Marketing concepts (Selling Concept)
Marketing concepts in business management in the specific performance: what I sell,
what customers will buy. According to this concept, the customer will not take the
initiative to buy, let alone take a larger number of products purchased, only to take a
strong marketing measures, customers will buy more products, product sales success,
the key depends on the enterprise the ability to sell.
Marketing Concept (Marketing Concept)
Marketing-oriented enterprise marketing management thought in the history of a great
breakthrough, compared with the traditional business concept, with the following
differences: First, the traditional orientation is based on the production and sales
center, modern marketing-oriented customer demand as the center Zeyi ; second,
driven by strengthening sales of the traditional functions of a profit selling products,
and marketing-oriented to meet the customer needs through the full profit; Third, the
traditional market-oriented means of short-term incentives, profit from the large
number of sales, profits with short-term characteristics, and marketing-oriented to
meet customer needs through a comprehensive, long-term stability of the profits
Social Marketing (Social Marketing Concept)
The concept of social marketing is a marketing concept to further improve and
develop. Compared with the market marketing concept, social marketing concept has
the following characteristics: persist by continuing to meet consumer and user needs
and desires and to obtain profits, a more rational balance between the consumers and
users of the immediate and long-term interests of the more well-to consider how to
address to meet the needs of consumers and users with the contradiction between the
interests of the public.
Great marketing idea (Megmarketing Concept)
Great marketing idea is 80 years since the 20th century the concept of marketing the
new development. It closed the market to guide enterprises in the marketing carried
out on a new marketing strategy ideas, and the core business of marketing to
emphasize not only needs to adapt to external environment, and should also be active
in some areas as making subjective Fa Hui toward the external environment
conducive to business direction. Great marketing idea, compared with the general
marketing concepts, has the following two characteristics: First, big marketing ideas
to break the "can control the elements" and
"non-controllable elements," the dividing line between the
stressed corporate marketing activities can important impact on the environment, the
environment is conducive to achieving business goals towards the direction of
development; second largest marketing concept emphasized the need to deal with a lot
of relationships, can successfully carry out regular marketing, thereby expanding the
business of marketing range.
Global Marketing Concepts (Global Marketing Concept)
Global Marketing Concept of the 20th century after 90 years, the latest development
of marketing concepts, it is the guiding enterprises to conduct marketing activities in
the global market a new marketing ideas. Global marketing concept to some extent
completely abandoned the domestic enterprises and foreign enterprises, domestic
market and foreign market concept, but the whole world as an economic unit to deal
with. Marketing effectiveness of global marketing concepts emphasize the
international comparison, that in accordance with the principle of optimization, to
enterprise organizations in different countries together. The lowest cost, optimization
of marketing to meet the needs of the global market.