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Zhang is a very ordinary person, he had no family background, of medium build,
general appearance, adding a dark side of the depth of the eyes, lost in the third Z
County high school students in 5000, so you skill connot aspire note There he was
such a man exists. He neither admitted to the prestigious universities of the potential,
but also never naughty, so subject teachers often forget his name, but he seems to also
live their own entertainment. Silent on this mix for three years, he was admitted to a
smooth ordinary university.
It stands to reason, from the heavy shackles of the Middle School go on to college, the
chic is to live free, Zhang has been suffering a very real, in the romantic novels where
the pain it is called Acacia, and 90% 9:00 9 is unrequited love. His crush on high
school Qiuyue Han had actually been two years, before one can still see her back
secretly and imagination, and now even have been denied the right to meet, would not
make him shiver surpassed the moon.
In the eyes of Zhang, Qiu Yuehan is simply beauty, who's talented woman.
Her graceful posture, such as willows, pure face, such as mountains of ice and snow,
spring street prostitution in the Hang Kai Smart as always inadvertently filled his
heart. But the high school's Qiuyue Han is sacrosanct, she was born and
courtiers, performance is the number one stick, much the teachers care a matter of
course makes sense, and even a few self-proclaimed romantic suave class of puppy
love for her master is always kept at a distance. But she did not as you think, ya bank
haughty, her smile when you feel both honored and grateful, even if through fire and
water of trouble for her. Finally we found a little flaw is that she played her college
entrance examination abnormal, perhaps because of excessive pressure, but it is only
slightly abnormal, though missed Tsinghua University and Beijing University, other
universities are also taking notice of the ever increasing demands.
Miss torment suffered while Zhang also want their classes and Qiuyue Han QQ chat
group where a few, but several brave attempt to stage fright in the end. Hey, if I was
Zhang I will give up a toad wants to eat, you go to dream. Fortunately, Zhang was not
me, or he can be a life would grudge. He thought that since not talk openly with
Qiuyue Han, on the things that Quxianjiuguo it. Zhang was found inside a Qiuyue
Han from the group's number and other registration of a new QQ, we
proposed to add her as friend, and wrote in the remark, "Hello,
fellow." Qiuyue Han really did not refuse, just listen to
"Tap" or two, when Qiuyue Han was very characteristic of the
angel's head appears in Zhang QQ, when the ecstasy of his heart like a
flood, flooding in each of his body Office corner, daily empty eye flashed a long lost
glory, usually tightly closed lips varieties, like the temple of Buddha, the hands can
not help but hit a snap of his fingers, which makes three roommates foggy , and in
unison: "Chang, you'll have ye's up?" to
itself the Qicheng Long hostel boss pretending to be humorous also say: "I
think that ate rat poison had it." honest in dealing with such Zhang the
effort on verbal joke or not bad, and his apologies to his face immediately on Qicheng
Long said: "Boss, I do not care to eat your medicine, was so
sorry." Super resorted to sucking the East China Sea and the difficulty that
there is no to laugh, but also embarrassing Qicheng Long's face, and saw it
from white to red, then from red to blue, may not see another turn on the computer,
"Dawn of the deadly island," the.
@ @ Http:// chasing love reading books on campus # #
In fact, this anonymous chat with Qiuyue Han, Zhang also feel that they are
insignificant, it has yet to send a message to her courage, but each time returned to
quarters but can not wait to open the computer board QQ, just want to make sure for
the Moon cold is online. If Zhang achievements so wait, I'm afraid to wait
until hair all white, he and Qiuyue Han also do this right edge. However,
Zhang's not common ordinary people in the fact that he has taken a brave
step down to earth, although this step is a step of some accidental discharge of the
One Saturday night, four quarters out of their dinner, a few glasses of beers, not good
at it some liquor power of Zhang Xun Xunran the. Cold wind would blow back on the
road, pride Dousheng, since read: Tian Erou most is not so toads to eat, flowers are
always are inserted in the cow dung, cow dung because toad and a low starting point,
not the shelf, do not keep up appearances and is willing to stalker. I had that toad,
which is the most rejected, was a joke, afraid of nothing!
Open the PC board to reach quarters QQ, Qiu Yuehan really online, Zhang secretly
applause: "What a day to help me also." Then he points to open
Qiuyue Han dialog box, type in "You are Forest City, where people
&63; I Forest City is also ah. "made in the past. After hair, Zhang
even feel his heart in the "thump thump" racing, ears,
"humming" sounds, silence all around.
"Didi tick" sound coming from the headphones, the screen
appeared Qiuyue Han's reply:
"I am Z County. You?"
Zhang typing speed limit in his knock on the "me too Z County",
and then made a handshake expression in the past.
Qiuyue Han replied a smiling face, then "Nice to meet you"
"What is your work?" Zhang asked.
"I still go to school."
"Is the university?"
"Hey, how do you know?"
"You read the age of 19 years on a grid, but also in school, it is not a high
school to college. If in high school, probably should be the Middle School of the bar,
you can not be so busy, so naturally conclude that you go to university . "
"You're smart, then again what do you work?"
"I was in college."
"Big is it?"
"My freshman year, you?"
"Oh, Yeah we are all freshman. What is your high school graduation
"I think we should not care about these issues right, if we know the true
identity of each other, talk up what it means."
"Also, a rare tricky thing."
... ...
Days after such a dialogue between the Qiuyue Han and Zhang frequent, they began
to share the network of university life in bits and pieces, chat Zhang's heart
no longer play moved slowly, but more than a silent sweet. He learned that the
original Qiuyue Han is also very lonely and helpless, her university competition,
relations between her and the roommate are also some seemingly harmonious,
although there are boys love to her, and she now face that they are vulgar. She does
not hi, quiet, not willing to participate in club activities, usually a busy time, attending
school and practice the words on the Internet, jokes that he is a "home
Out of tune with society can be said Qiuyue Han's sad, but no doubt the
opportunity to take advantage of Zhang. Zhang secondary school rather hi read
materials on the history, read novels, then parents teachers and classmates say he did
not make progress, a science student to read those things why. Why, the book hates
few when goes to the use of knowledge to that not too many, and at this moment,
these "Chen Guzi Black sesame" but as he talked about with
Qiuyue Han's network provides "an inexhaustible
"The wealth of material, he casually in a small allusion or a punch line is
often drawn Qiuyue Han's Gee praised again and again reinforce the
relationship between them. Qiu Yuehan like Yi Shu, Zhang will also match up to read
the "Complete Works of Yi Shu" and often desperately want a
few comments to Qiuyue Han Yi Shu rebels, made in the past, if I would advise him
not to present such a sour, but it seems very much like Qiuyue Han. I can only lament
that it may be doomed, and the two were always destined to come together a variety
of strange ways.
It is said that as long as universities put up a fake, we actually little objection to it.
Can glimpse from the University of vacation is a lot, it does not blink then quietly
between the winter coming, Zhang married, although not carved beams, but also
warm enough, the most appropriate escape the winter there, so he would not hesitate a
moment in For a time back to the home.
Internet access at home still, still full of expectation and Qiuyue Han Toward the ages,
talk about life in petty trivial broken, as if a pair of good friends. Hey, people do not
know enough pain, acquired Long, Fu Wang Shu, Zhang one day this kid is hot They
talk of the time actually proposed in the county, "Maple Leaf
House," the door to meet the reason for the election, "Maple
Leaf House," mainly because of Here close to the public security bureau,
and good guard to eliminate Qiuyue Han sporadic. Sure enough, she was a little
hesitant to be agreed. They agreed at the twelfth lunar month 25 am and 9:00 in the
"Maple Leaf House," "death date there or be
square" to the left hand holding a roll of paper is believing.
Add Qiuyue Han had Anonymous as friends, Zhang achievement has been the target
set on the first date. Life and death, success or failure, in this in one fell swoop.
Maybe Qiuyue Han saw him a few perfunctory turned away, perhaps this situation
will he Qiuyue Han Zhang eventually. Zhang has always been shy, but also extremely
nervous at the moment. He understood that he was getting on his past few months on
the network hard to please Qiu-in bet on the outcome, but came here just as
painstakingly walked the difficult path leading to treasure River, stagnation will be
nothing, want to risk your life to gain something must take the risk of a stroke.
To this date, been too lazy to dress up in sheets as also groomed about that. Away
from traditional flat head, cut a Beckham-style short hair; the students could not bear
to throw away the rust has also replaced the fashionable glasses frame a wide black
border; clothing should be simple and decent, can not be fancy; shoes to clean and
cool, but must not be garish. Ready, Zhang Advantages and Disadvantages of the
DPRK in the mirror, feeling slightly ease the tension.
The date of appointment, Zhang Ruqierzhi. Really a coincidence, Qiu-month also just
arrived at this time. Both of them look, his face was all amazement, only a true 1 false
Bale. Long, Qiu-months before the pressure of cross God, laughing:
"Zhang, think of you." Zhang also laughed: "Little
Chiu, think of you." I often daydream that moment, I can not help wonder
that honest Zhang of superb acting, see Ge uncle said how much the phrase of
"This is the power of love, ah." Zhang did not refuse to see the
face Xiaoqiu meaning, so he stepped on his nose on the face, inviting her to play with
their alma mater, Xiaoqiu actually shouted "yes", which even
big surprise out of ulterior motive of Chang Cheng outside.
Although the depths of winter, but that day seems to be kind of weather, the weather
is exceptionally warm, the two walk around the campus, just chatting, have fun and
Days after the director solely by Zhang, web chat or in person, whether he had
intentionally and unintentionally, about fate, saying Serendipity, is also not immune to
hide, and often both in his evidence, Qiu-month seemed acquiescence, and sometimes
soulful look at Zhang. Qiu-smart on the ice looks funny, but is merely an embroidered
pillow, trick where Zhang into account even if its enough of.
So when the summer is drawing near They had a straight gang on the Qiu-month
mouth watering angered the male students met his glare Chengdu Chang, Zhang then
shrugged helplessly spread out his hands to shape.
Valentine's Day the following year, a slight snow, Zhang Qiu-arm stroll on
the streets.
Zhang Qiu-month pairs, said: "I have two gifts sent to the you, Rose vows
and absolute secret, you have got to Listen to one?"
Qiu-month: "I can not wait to hear one of your absolute
Zhang said slowly: "I add you as a friend, in fact, you already know the
Zhang cost will be furious that Xiaoqiu, at the very least was shocked, but saw
Xiaoqiu smile, sweet channel: "In fact, the first time we chat, I knew you
were the sheets become."
This is the next turn Zhang stunned, he muttered: "You ... ... ... ... how do
you know?"
"I ask you, my QQ is not on display address information, how do you
know that we are fellow? Of course people know me add me. Then again who
disappeared from the group? Zhang. Why do I think of and found that
Zhang's? because I already like the Lonely Zhang Ye He became like, I
really hate those people unrealistic expectations for me. I am extremely pleased that
you liked me, made me so touched that you care and thought to chase me. So now you
can tell your roses oath of it. "
Zhang barely hold back her tears in the eyes, turned to look around rarely found on
the streets, from the bag and pulled out a bouquet of roses, a low voice to the Xiaoqiu
said: "send you a bouquet of roses, on behalf of my you wholeheartedly,
even if you always want to love you for life's only one tooth. "
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