1947 Ercoupe 415CD with O-200 co by fjwuxn


									1947 Ercoupe 415CD A SHOW WINNER with O-200 conversion. This is one of the
finest Coupes available; flown regularly with good maintenance for the last 13 years.
Outstanding custom paint & custom leather interior. Wings & engine rebuilt 1994,
entire plane stripped to bare metal and professionally refinished 2003, multiple award
winner (15 awards), spin on oil filter, quick drain oil plug, Jasco alternator, Bracket air
filter, iridium fine wire plugs, Slick 4301 mags, Marvel-Schebler carb (rebuilt 2010),
metalized wings fully flush riveted & flush mounted inspection / access panels, large 9
CuFt baggage compartment, bubble windshield, custom modern Forney style instrument
panel with AI, DG, ALT, VSI, AS, EGT, CHT, VOR, tach, oil temp, oil pres., amp-
meter, VC compass, King radios; KX-155 navcom with KI-208 & KT-76A transponder,
AI, intercom, nav lights, strobe light. No rudder pedals for more leg room. Cleveland
brakes, new tires. All AD’s complied with, all logs since new, NMDH, hangared in dry
SoCal and NM. 3960 TTAF, 1595 SMHO, compression mid 70’s in all cylinders, w/
good oil analysis. New exhaust system.

      Best Ercoupe, Land of Enchantment Fly-in 2009

      Best Ercoupe, Watsonville Fly-In & Air Show, 2009, 2008, 2005, 2001

      People’s Choice Award and Best Ercoupe, 29th Annual Arizona Coupe Group
       Wing Ding, 2006

      Best Ercoupe, 47th Annual Cactus Antique Fly-In, 2005

      Second Place Classic, Copper State Fly-In, 2004

      Best Ercoupe, 46th Annual Merced Antique Fly-In, 2003

      EAA Oshkosh, selected for the Vintage Aircraft Association Type Display, 2003

      Copper State Dash Air Race, First Place , Flash Gordon Class 120 HP, 2002

      Golden West Air Race, First Place, Spartan Class 125 HP, 2002

      Golden West Air Race, Third place, 125 HP Certified, 2000

      Copper State Dash Air Race, Second Place, Flash Gordon Certified, 1999

      Best Ercoupe, Moffet Field Fly-In & Air Show, 1999

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