Six months

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					Six months
Fudan University class president meal between classes. Fudan students to use the
words of General Lee is, "take sea cucumber for snacks"
  ?When look at the road traveled, the almost always only a feeling, that is: How time
flies! This head, I feel particularly strong that, perhaps because of the reason with
your baby.
  The day before yesterday's meeting, Li Fei-Fei play, you will see 10 000
slides, suddenly said to me one sentence: "Today's will, you first
sum up what we are doing it in the first half." I nodded, my mind is
somewhat at a loss.
  Is Kazakhstan, which is not in 2009 have been the past six months it yet. Small
million is playing slide, is main store Mate Licai Qing, Wan Fei- fei, Liqing Na, Sun
Chaoyang sunshine to attend the scene when the dealer will. Speaking of the
conference, let us not want to know what happens to the heart, because Lee does not
always come back after the show the general excitement, said: "Head
office performance of great professors, I did not expect their energy is beyond me,
and I saw that scene, do not have to me, really ill. "Oh, though always like
to exaggerate the benefits of total Li, but we look forward to sharing them came back.
  Zibo Song Jun and Li Xiaowen shops also participated in the meeting, from their
mouth, I heard the words: "This meeting, head office of the family has
been too surprised me, and only in the past six months, progress so much, we can see
the total shop to learn how much energy. "Indeed, the six- month, six
months is unusual.
  I always think it is from December 27, 2008 date is reasonable share. That day is one
of our many years of training to learn the best test, almost no preparation, no one
think of a dozen or more, setting a sales miracle! But we all know, if not daily in
continuous learning accumulation, the Accumulate would not have this day, even the
cafeteria cook's aunt, in that day, also without a moment's
leisure to live, to each and every customer into the store tasting sea cucumber Six
months later, the early days before the meeting, aunt also share, share on the day of
service a customer by her, seeing her again on her aunt to pick the cucumbers praise,
and said that next time also aunt to pick her sea cucumber.
  From that day on, we proved in practice, the energy of learning and happy to learn,
work, happy to relax and find beauty.
  In January, the Spring Festival, and the busy festive, full of joy.
  In February, nearly million investment, purchase a set of projection equipment, since
then, the "secret attraction" has become our theme and has been
using the tools, I believe it has magical powers.
  In March, the biggest gain in that money you give sea cucumber family to two-party
study, listening to head office to share a dozen family members one by one office. We
just said a small part of their own done, including a double move on the sea cucumber
had quite some disdain of his family said: "This party, my biggest regret is
that I bring fewer people, each previous meetings and lectures, and I never off cell
phones, but this time, I listened to cell phone took off after ten minutes, this period, I
know that 7-8 did not answer the phone, but I think I heard the double whole family to
share more valuable. "They successive questions, and even a few family
members subsequently participated in our morning, and surprise.
  Two- give red sea cucumber main store with the Shuang-Lin Dong move to
Shanghai's Fudan University, to Lee brought the total of students as a
recess double quote king sea cucumber meal, well received. Meanwhile, the head
office also started a pair of family members held the first step into the Fudan
  April, staff, parents, family members travel to Korea in two, which is the total last
year, Lee proposed the idea to staff and parents to travel abroad. Good fun, but also
learned a lot from their parents, parents in this very large changes in travel, I think this
experience enough to make rest of their lives feel proud.
  Two- give head office of the Li Caiqing sea cucumber sea cucumber king to visit
Fudan taste.
  May, another dream realized Shuang held, donated 200 poor students, the amount of
the contributions of about 120,000 yuan or so, then, Lee also made a number of the
total frame, the photo and a letter sent to them . I do not understand some of the
general practice of Lee, but did, I think his approach may be in the hearts of the
students planted a good seed, can stimulate their energy.
  Two- give head office a million sea cucumbers Fei Fei, Liu Liping, Yin Baoying, Sun
Chaoyang continue to enjoy the sea cucumber Wang Fudan trip, came back, Wan
Fei- fei to Fudan University professor to write a letter of the package so that we
worship endless letters.
  In June, held two-sea cucumber dealers meeting held in the sunshine, the
"secret attraction" This tool gives us, the meeting was very
successful, there moved a harvest. Are people moving is family to shop in Jinan of
three, let us feel the family's mind in Jinan.
  Two- give sea cucumber head office of the Li Chunyan, Li Qingna, Zhou Yanhua, Li
supported the East with the General Lee went to Hangzhou, and sent to sea cucumbers
taste and Fudan University to participate in their mobile classroom, to date not come
back, it is expected.
... ...
  (I am very sorry, because there are reasons for the baby, meals almost impossible to
participate in the activities, lost many opportunities to learn and progress. People to
participate in an event, all feel they have to work harder to make up with family
members the difference between the possible . but because the baby and I get a lot of
unexpected move, such as family members take care of me, baby birthday surprise to
me when I went to school car, no one with a baby on Sundays, 10,000 mothers take
the initiative to call me to help me to see the baby, and, Lin Sister Yeah, for fear of
affecting me, and actually hit the store for customers to change phones, although I
was getting worried, but behind it a deep love of the heart, made me much more
warmth and emotion, really grateful to them.)
  The second half of 2009, I believe we will be more exciting.
(Tu Hung)
Found to give sea cucumber double Zibo Song Jun, Li Xiaowen advantage of the
Shuang give tell you a secret

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