Sino-US conflict is difficult to avoid

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					Sino-US conflict is difficult to avoid
   May 27, the White House released the Obama administration's
"National Security Strategy", which the Bush administration to
abandon the "war on terror," the statement and the
"preemptive strike" strategy, one important change is the
change in the Bush era unilateral approach, emphasizing cooperation and dialogue
with the outside world so that Obama stressed multilateral diplomacy is more
important than military force to formalize the idea.
   Obama said in the preface to the report: "long-term national security is
not registered in another build up of fear, but through dialogue with each other
be." Plan proposes to use diplomatic, economic reform, development
assistance, military and education, to enhance the impact of the United States power
   In the report, Obama called for cooperation partners in the United States expanded
from the traditional ally of China, India and other emerging new powers, said it would
and China "in the joint cooperation on issues of concern."
   In the earlier April 6, the U.S. government submitted to Congress the latest
"Nuclear Posture Report", presented the new U.S. nuclear
strategy, including:
   United States only in "extreme circumstances" the use of
nuclear weapons;
   United States no longer develop any new nuclear weapons;
   United States will not comply with "non-proliferation treaty,"
the non-nuclear states to use nuclear weapons, even if they use biological or chemical
weapons attack the United States, or of the United States launched a large-scale
conventional war;
   Refuse to join the "nuclear non-proliferation treaty" countries,
the United States reserves the right to use nuclear weapons first;
   By the devastating chemical or biological weapons in attacks can not respond to
other means, the United States can withdraw the commitment not to use nuclear
   Shortly thereafter, U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Medvedev
signed in the Czech capital Prague to reduce strategic offensive weapons, the new
treaty. Commitment to both the United States and Russia to cut one third of all nuclear
weapons, nuclear weapons each side would be limited to 1,550 the total number of
below 50% reduction in nuclear weapons delivery vehicles, each not more than 800.
   April 12,13, Obama invited the world, including China, heads of 47 countries
participated in the nuclear summit in Washington.
   Obama announced the beginning of his nuclear weapons the U.S. will reduce U.S.
national security strategy in the position, the United States will seek to end
nuclear-free world. He therefore awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.
   It    appears     that     Obama       is   making     his      election  campaign
"change" promise, while his actions in response to his earlier
Oslo reward for world public opinion premature accusations. We seem to see different
roads are opening up their own "Obama doctrine" has emerged,
coupled with his difficulties at home overcame many obstacles to the implementation
of his health care reform, and the face of the United States were (and Party)
represented by the right-wing conservative forces obstruction that even if only to have
to do a good dry session this term is no turning back the solemn feelings so that I
could not help doing his "fans." I think not only me, the whole
world should be looking forward to a change in the United States.
   However, no matter how Obama "change" and
"national interest" is the highest principle can not be changed.
Gaibian the only ways and means, Suo Yi, a new strategy for Obama, Clinton sa id:
"the United States remains strong, Dan Women need to Yi operate
differently our strengths." New security strategy Baoguyehao, new nuclear
posture reported both mean to further safeguard the U.S. national interest. Although
nuclear disarmament consistent with the interests of the world, welcomed by the
world, the United States still leads the world in conventional military power. U.S.
military not only has the absolute advantage in conventional military power, there are
many sophisticated with the nuclear potential of strategic weapons. Although the
lower number of nuclear weapons, but some of the nuclear-capable strategic weapons
actually increase the denuclearization of the U.S. military's global strike
capability, further strengthening of the U.S. conventional military superiority.
Meanwhile, the U.S. nuclear posture is also cut to exert pressure on the means of
nuclear disarmament. Of course, the remark until U.S. and Russian nuclear arms
down to the extent of China say no later.
   In fact, compared with the Bush Doctrine, Obama's strategy in China is
not essentially different, despite the different wording, but the tone consistent, that is
to contain the same time in contact, the claim that China sought to establish
"positive, constructive, round "of relations, also need
to" pay close attention to China's military modernization
process, and be prepared to prevent the United States, regional, global interests and
allies suffer. "from the new U.S. security strategy for the planning of the
international order can be seen out that Obama's so-called multilateralism
multilateralism under the auspices of the United States, means that all countries
participate in the international system should be subordinated to U.S. strategic
   With China's rapid development, the two countries have become
important competitors, and this competition certainly will be with China's
rising power and growing. Western, based in Beijing, China Strategy and
Management Research, a senior analyst said: "China is becoming
increasingly powerful in the world, affecting the dominant role of the United
States." Sino-US conflict has been the face from the past irreconcilable
ideological conflict into a real, tangible actual conflict of interest. Ideological conflict
has given way to economic interests and economic interests of the extension of the
conflict of interest. Trade frictions, technology block, intellectual property, energy
compete, market segmentation, these problems have already placed the two countries
to the negotiating table. Given the importance of energy in economic development
and the scarcity of the natural world, energy fight this problem sooner or later I will
climb up to see Sino-US military sand table. Over the past seem irreconcilable
ideological differences with the real interests of these have been compared to mention.
For China, the ideology has become a woman's face cream, is the paint for
others to read, for a more fashionable brand worth considering. However, the
economic interests involved in their properties and lives, not fun, even Obama in the
new national security strategy report also emphasized the economic aspects of
ensuring the strength of the first U.S. national importance. Compared with the
economic interests, and even the Taiwan issue is not the first one, because the idea of
the Taiwan issue in the final analysis the problem of consciousness, consciousness can
be changed, the economy is a physical problem, material is the hardest thing.
   China's rise is unstoppable, unless the domestic social conflicts due to
the intensification of self-destructive acts, or any international force can not be
stopped. But do people want to stop international. China's national
character despite its internal do not have external predatory predatory,
China's international character is a meek, but the rise of China's
national commitment is firm.
   Should be said that the world has enough space for the common development of
China and the U.S., but this must be a degree of human rationality as a precondition.
On the extent of human reason now, the argument whether economic sense, political
sense or the natural sense, can not but greatly reduced.
   Whether laying aside disputes, seek common ground or common interests to pursue
the maximum intersection of the fundamental contradiction is real and unavoidable.
The so-called political wisdom and diplomatic strategy, and sometimes a kind of
ostrich doctrine, even a history of irresponsibility, the problem left to future
generations, simply immediate calm, regardless of death Hongshuitaotian. Sometimes
half a man's flirtation, the hypocrites, but the pursuit o f the surface of
Harmony, can not stand the test of time even the occasional event.
   In addition, Obama's new strategy advertised through the United States
lead by example, to promote democratic values, although very nice, quite the
introduction of the eyes and ears, but the United States a powerful right-wing
conservative forces to contain Obama's new strategy to what extent into
achieved is unknown. After one and a half from the Obama office yet to realize his
desire to close Guantanamo prison, the new strategy was not always easy to achieve.
The new strategy emphasizes multilateralism, cooperation and dialogue with the
United States were contrary to the conservative philosophy, a total of forces has
grown in the U.S. Congress is unlikely to be supported. Can be expected, the United
States were waiting for the opportunity, once Obama's national security
decision- making errors, it will launch a media campaign, influence the midterm
elections, in order to make a comeback.
   U.S. National Security Strategy report is a routine report of four years, Obama has
a new report again rose, after four years there will be a new report to replace up to
eight years, the president will also have another President to replace. The United
States to dominate the world, China should strive for their rights, a fact that will be a
long period of time there.

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