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					Short-term trading course futures
   Why do I write this article: Futures industry has a lot of very smart people, many
high level people, I just have a little bit of futures sentiment which has been. I would
never consider themselves a high level, but because of the nature of my work
relationship (Zhege after another Gusudajia), so I more than the normal value of the
futures are one kind of Guize and Keguantiaojian bound Zuoyong right people. I think
that, like futures and all knowledge can be learned, but without a good rule-bound,
high cost of learning futures, and most people do not adhere to the final success. My
aim is to establish a set of rules and constraints to overcome 80% of the human
weakness in order to reduce the cost of futures study, I want to do a handrail and the
floor mat foam, so just learning to walk this path friend futures fell to less somersault,
even fall, yet they are not life-threatening. And I have confidence and ability to do this,
in later chapters we can understand why I would say. Of course, if a friend can be
added to my thinking, help me to improve this theory better.
What futures:
   What is futures? Futures is gambling? Is completely luck? Or by level? Or really
have its own rules? On this point we can use the inverse method to find the answer, it
is proved that some people in the futures market can consecutive profit (especially
short-term), they have been able to stabilize earnings, indicating they have mastered
some of the rules of the futures market, because no one's luck can always
continue to improve, they can explain long-term profitability of futures is a skill, as
long as there is technical matters for both theory and practice can be learned by
studying. From the point we can say that futures is a science, can not rely on luck to
do a good job futures. As long as everything can be scientifically correct way to learn,
but can learn to what extent, depends on the length of time to learn a
person's personality, intelligence and effort, as we all go to school, but not
necessarily every individual can become a student, graduate students, academicians.
But as long as serious science, and certainly better than no learning, only to learn the
real, is to be successful. Hard work is one of the basic conditions for good futures.

Why to learn:
   If you're going to practice law or accounting we first thought of studying
state laws or financial knowledge, we can go to learn the theoretical knowledge of
various institutions and stakeholders to find a learning experience, and then apply
what they learn at work, at work learn the theoretical knowledge into gradual use their
knowledge to really master, and adaptable work, only solid theory and practice of
striving to hone further the work of your tasks to do better than everyone else. But a
lot of people to the futures market first thought is not to study hard, but to their own
luck in this market rapidly and the big money, many people have a natural
self-chances, which feel most fortunate, God would prefer to own. Many people come
to the futures market is reported from the fantasy, but the disappointing, precisely
because the original purpose of this error brought out so I gave a friend said, if you
come to the futures market as he is on to graduate school, take 2 years, 30 thousand
yuan. Themselves first of all here to learn, not to make money, and so will you
graduate, you then start to think about making money, which can not you chances of
success will increase dramatically. We must know that any kind of knowledge to be
able to make money by learning to get to the futures market's first step is to
study a down, futures and life to do the same, only step by step, you can be

How to learn:
   Learn how futures, futures unpredictable, smoke and mirrors, trying to learn but do
not know how to Shi Jin. Think of each semester in high school when you get new
textbooks, suddenly saw that it was not hard to feel confused, but one semester down,
listening to the teacher every day, do his exercises, due not again opened books, I feel
completely different. In this process there are several conditions, first of all we have a
good teacher, followed by our own efforts, and their brains, and hands up. There is
also a most important factor - time, if you use a week's time completion of
a semester textbooks, you will feel tired and will not learn, but if the time gradually
with a semester of study, you will not feel very tired, and understand well. University
Futures a reason, time, and the accumulation is an important factor, many people learn
on the day of tens of minutes and learn for a week, no progress on the impatient, feel
the futures is no law, and engaged in by many people every day repeated the mistake,
to inject liquidity into the market, and when my money and accusing the futures
market, everyone they futures this stuff, so terrible ah, huh, huh.
However, we ask ourselves, do you have as a futures investors learn on a day 2 hours,
adhering to a year, and I dare say, if you really serious study on a day 2 hours, adhere
to a year and pay verified in practice, the level of your dishes will not be too, at least
in how the market will not lose money. How learning futures? And as you learn math,
find a good teacher, more thinking, more than sum up, look at some reference to teach,
there are more questions, listening to the teacher to say more, read more reference
books, you do not do questions, do not practice is not acceptable. You learn writing,
you will first learn the three elements of the paper, describing the six elements of the
text, this is basic knowledge, as a husband Shui to help you writing, but only those not
write good articles, you read up some more people good article, but also their own to
write, others read a good article more, write more, like the natural article, in the end,
you do not remember the three elements, six elements, you may want to write pen
smooth, engaging in good. University Futures By the same token, you have to
understand the basic three elements, six elements. Child learning to walk, leaning on a
fixed must first things to find a flat place to practice, so practice almost, slowly you
can not help things in the end, and growth over time, children can go to school , long
and you still can travel around the world. You learn to find a thing futures also leaning
on you, have to find a flat area, so you will be less Shuaigen Tou, somewhere in the
flat, even if the fall broke his arms and legs usually do not like, will not lost their lives,
but if you are learning to walk the edge of a cliff, accidentally fell off, may be
destroyed. But what is science futures Shui husband? Where is the flat area? Please
wait for a future article, after article not only tells you what the place is flat, it is
necessary, I will help you to do a handrail, leaning on it so you slowly move forward.
Although as much as possible to avoid wrestling, but not Shuaigen Tou is not learn to
walk, but as long as the arms and legs hurt, and as long as can lie together, we can
certainly learn to walk, but also learn to run or sprint champion may after it.
What is better for beginners learning: beginner the most important is to first protect
themselves less to lose money, only a small start to lose money, keep of Castle Peak in
the small trees can grow after it be possible to adhere to the money. Learn something
in the long term is the slowest one of the road for most small farmers is a dead end.
Fried list would start fee is too high, and just started feeling futures not set, stir list of
the skills and drive a sense of requirements is the highest, so not suitable for beginners,
a compromise between what is done is not a non-long short days of bands, I think it is
more suitable for beginners.
We understand: In this chapter we understand our direction and goals, to know the
future to test the North's financial system, huh, huh. The next chapter I will
talk about specific ways of learning. Mind control is really the most difficult, but
certain skills can form the mentality to play a restrictive role.

Choose what kind of species:
   I like to use hunting to describe futures, as a person just learning to hunt, I think the
first playing of small rabbits, small animals and practice the marksmanship and
psychological quality is better, if only the bear start to go hunting, risk is too great
because the first is your marksmanship and far from the old hunter, the quality is not
good heart, watching the bears such a monster hand Yi Chan, a dozen bullets fly, the
bear came a flutter, do not know how to run Lianpao The results can imagine. Futures
do the same token, you just point and learning to find the variety of small fluctuations
do not do copper, aluminum, plastic changes of these points are large varieties of a
fixed random copper is several hundred points, while the wheat and then move too
general not more than 100 points, including the risk of a see the answer, it must be
done first small species, wheat began to be practiced on the first few weeks, to learn
trade of some of the rules, what ups and downs stop price, of course, the current
volatility of wheat is too small, money-making opportunities are small, in the last two
weeks of wheat to school opening and closing that city bidding match these concepts,
you can do soybeans or soybean meal, soybean meal and soybeans, the current
liquidity of the best dishes, easy to learn things.

Do not think about money:
   I stress once again that just arrived in futures do not think about money, first think
about how to reduce tuition fees, many people have heard others talk about how to
make money fast futures, always wanted to make money in this market quickly, not
knowing how much risk of them. I've witnessed some people, the larger
part of the daring people to do it first came copper futures do days, 1,2 copper sheets
to do, one day loss of 5,6 thousand dollars, this is really not worth it, even if you loss
at 10,000, you did not learn anything, this behavior is a brave act, but the futures we
need to size up the situation.
A single amount of magic: we choose a good variety, and if you have not done a day
futures on the first week of training on the 2,3-wheat, if you have a better
understanding of futures and worked for some time, can make soy soybean meal. But
variety is not enough for me that a lot of money to stay by the common experience of
it, just do the futures of people have heard people say that cutting positions in a timely
manner, a single volume can not be large. But after listening to return heard myself up
to completely not the case, just started to do a picture of the day or make a loss of 1,2
100 1,2 100 months, during which the amount will increase a little (mainly wrong In
order to share the cost of post-level), but fell one day after buying the plate, we
always feel the energy up, more or buy more, has no money to buy, opening date,
however, the dish has not gone up to buy their own efforts, but crashing into flesh had
to bear the pain, they find that funds have been Chiqu 1 / 3 has been on. Then reflect
on their own, they began to do a picture of cautious, but long after that happened
again, this one scene in the futures market staged every day, many people are in such
constant was sweeping out the futures of reincarnation. We are not gods, not all
rational people began to treat futures, the last people ask me, we all know that the
beginning should do a single volume, but 90% of people do not do this. I would like
to ask, you really use their brains thinking of ways to do this? I have a friend, have not
been able to control their own single-volume, always contrarian dosage. It can not
overcome their own, and I told him a way to take out part of your capital, leaving only
3,000 to do a meal on the line enough. Afternoon he took money off of that simple
approach, so that he can never overcome his own problems to overcome. I tell you, if
you really can not overcome their orders impulse, took part taken out of funds, this is
one of the most effective solution to the problem, only this moment, I do not see how
any one kind of effective control of single-Liang Geng way, we think that such a
simple way how is the most effective approach? I tell you, in the futures market,
many effective methods are simple, easy and most people look down to use it,
because most people feel that they are smart enough to use simple methods
unnecessary. This is s wisdom wrong.

When starting dosage:
   If you use a list to do, losses on the 4,000 yuan a month, six months needed 24,000
yuan, 3,000 yuan on the first entry, when the deficit to not make a list, add 1,000 yuan,
remember, every time you injected only enough money you do a single on the line.
When you use a list earn enough money to do two list, which can not you do two on
the bold, if done with two losses list, and enough money to do two do when a This
repeated several times, you broke through, not only earned two money list, also with
two list rapidly and made enough money to do three list, remember, except for the
first addition to tuition, not to rapidly and injection of funds to increase the
profitability of a single volume. Some people may ask, now that I have a list to make
money, I do add a 10 point money can not earn more? If you do futures is a simple
arithmetic problem, it certainly seems so, but futures is not a math problem, but a very
rigorous process of self-control. I have a friend learning futures and regular 3,5-list,
and often lose money, I looked at his list, are also well advanced, is out of problems. I
let him down to a single volume, with a do not think of a list he can always make
money, a list and the list of 10 psychological tests on people is completely different, a
list can be rational thinking, to rational cut positions, 10 may not succeed

We want to be a hunter:
   As a first joined this for hunters, not to risk playing any wild boar, bear or
something, to practice playing the first rabbit, the family settled before dinner to say.
As futures point and just started doing small fluctuations in species, a single volume.
This is the most basic principle, if they can not do this, you have two options, first is
to take money out, only to do a list, the second is a single program to do the next one
can only do a limited varieties and can only list the next one. Before doing futures, we
should first solve this problem, the problem seems simple but many people fail with
the source. This step is resolved, the next step we should know when to press the
trigger. Missing the forest is the least prey, a hunter's bullet is the most
precious is the futures market, the least missing an opportunity. Forests continue to
have the rabbit came out, you can not see rabbit on the button immediately under the
trigger, you want to see the direction of the rabbit run, is not within the effective range
of the bullets out how much later to grasp. In this process there are several conditions,
first, you have to have some marksmanship, you have the ability to determine the
second bullet went out the possibility of success. Hunter's bullet is limited
at first to grasp the maximum time should be withheld in the trigger, so in exchange
for more of the bullets hit the prey, with the continuous improvement of
marksmanship, go try to seize more opportunities to play to take more prey. Every
time you hit one shot and rabbits to determine the value of a bullet is not enough to
make a comparison.

When withheld board machine:
   Finally to the exciting moment, on the short term, there are several basic principles,
the first is the homeopathic, what is the situation, how to determine the potential, over
the opening price is the bull market, bear market at the opening price is the following,
opening price is to determine the most effective strength of reference days. There is
the highest and the lowest point of relative breakthrough, as in 9:30 the day before the
formation of the highest point is 2650, the lowest point is 2600, which after the price
break if What is a buying opportunity for 2650, below 2600 is a Sell the opportunity.
Another point is the highest in the break yesterday when the buying price, the lowest
in the break yesterday when sold. Of course, there are many other opportunities for
short-term, but some can be the only break is a valid description of the rules. People
who are just beginning to learn, insist on waiting for these types of breakthroughs, the
first is the training of their patience, and the second is the experience of a
breakthrough in homeopathic plate thinking, of course, after the sharp fall in the plate
experienced people will buy, also earn a lot of money, but for beginners the end of a
bad copy of this, most beginners make sure the first is money, and the second is to
gradually nurture a good way of rational thinking.
   Stop Loss is the most commonly heard of a futures market term, stop-loss is to
avoid all the mistakes the only effective way to expand. Most difficult to stop, there
were not only stop, but also to share the flat sold. A single volume the way to
fundamentally eliminate the amortization of the behavior of price level, the only thing
is a list of to stop. What? You can not insist on doing a list? You also can not help but
add a single volume, and cause serious consequences, which quickly What portion of
your money or find your software developers to help you make a restriction in the
software. Can not stop because people are hesitant to avoid this situation the most
effective way is to use automatic stop function of the software. What? Automatic stop
feature you do not know the software? Oh, see my name anything? Called automated
trading, automated trading automatic stop-loss is the most basic functions, this can
turn to me for help.

My purpose:
   In fact, many weaknesses of human nature can be a computer or other means by an
objective limit to a person that you give him 1000 times not more than one single, so
he might as well take out only enough money to do a list, which is the most
fundamental way to solve the problem, that is useless, because it is the weakness of
human nature, why do the biggest enemy is their own futures, because they can not
overcome its inherent weakness, in my thinking on any person not report any fantasy,
as long as I feel the correct operation of thought or method, must think through the
process or the other way up from an objective solution, I do not want to do one of the
people themselves through their own efforts to solve the problem. Is in fact we all
know, is impossible. So do not report any illusions of their own, if they can not
(generally not), get an objective approach to deal with, my goal is to go through the
process to overcome the weaknesses of human nature, 80%, which should overcome
throughout the process to do all the futures, not just control a single volume. This is a
scientific mind and the whole system.
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