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Quarters last night to yd looked at people who actually use foreign languages English
teaching classes in English, halo! So how am I supposed to make up the distance only
good! Oh ~ ~ self-comfort, and perhaps learn what they are of no use it ~ ~ Oh. . . .
Zz forced down today shopping. Really want to buy time to buy clothes like, do not
want to buy when the Dao Shi met his love is also very suitable for their own. This is
the unintentional positive outcomes it. Very nice too expensive skirt, very sexy clothes.
Try on a coat when very surprised to find themselves lost, the curve starting to show.
Ha ha. Fuel oil, this summer I would like to proudly bloom.
Heart block, or a little. Have been much better. bys today asked if I would go to
dinner, I refused. Grateful to them. He widened his world for me, made an indelible
first major contribution! They let me confidence, so that I hurry up, though they do
not know anything. There hl of information, but also to warm my heart: to tell you,
never say that they vulnerable, you are going through every individual will experience,
sooner or later, you are small, you should be very happy, because you play small to
know what love is, before you do not know what commitment, now you have the
opportunity to learn, please allow pay the price, breakfast event, early pay, dimples
can accompany you to drink, but Zuiguo life of oppression again! Everything will be
fine, as long as there try any in, and consequently can change, good night!
Yes, to learn --- to bear.
I want a happy heart of life. Him out of my life. Rejuvenate you thought possible? I
should like to let me die and the heart. Stuff, and left him, I feel that they become
beautiful, and the other not out I describe the feeling. Perhaps the
"cold" to describe it ~ with others maintaining the safest
distance, while close to me who can not, unless I am willing.
Today they met wz up. Small world. Something really nice smile. Today in m, with a
smile touched a manager. Ha ha.
Operation or a lot of trouble with his oh love is really intolerable drag ah! Recent
always sleep, but also the deeper the more sober, always thinking of something in the
past, and today I hit the wall, silly. Time is really strange things, makes you numb,
and then forgotten.