Shop theory _Reprinted_ by fdjerue7eeu


									Shop theory (Reprinted)
1, choose a float caps are not particularly large, the better performance of the stock. If
the hands of 4,000 shares of the money, you can only buy 2,000 shares.

2, to have bought 2,000 shares as you open the "store", unless
the broader market to plummet when the "store" also sold,
otherwise, always holding hands with the 2000 shares. Because without the
"shop", you certainly can not make money. Then according to
the daily fluctuations Handicap, do T +0, the money will be in the hands of a low bid
in the day with a share of the 1000 shares or 2000 shares (Visual Handicap may be), at
a high level, depending on the day you buy thrown into the corresponding number of
shares. If the day is low to buy 1,000 shares, 1,000 shares were sold high, it is always
the hands of 2,000 shares, your "store" is still, you can keep
making money. Keep in mind: tape does not plummet, never sell stores. The broader
market was down every day, as long as not more than 4% down, or even all the way
down, you have to do T +0, every day you are still profitable. Of course, you can not
go to measure whether the loss of equity in 2000 how many, because that is the shops,
worth it is fine as long as it can give you daily profits on the line.

3, how do buy low, sell high toss every day: According to the antenna 5. First, open
your hands after opening the kind of shares of stock held, and then press down the
computer keyboard arrow keys, press the 4, the day's Handicap is 4 days
before the curve and the curve was connected by a continuous curve, 5-day high and
low points you at a glance Nengkanmingbai, according to the first 5 days, near the
lowest point in buying, selling near the highest point on OK.

4, when the number of daily trading time: morning, 9:37-43 pm, thousands of 11:00
AM, at 2:40-50 pm, are generally not exploded when the lowest point plummet. Sell:
9:30-33 am on Chong ,9:50-10: 00 Chong, 1:20 pm? Dealer pulled up 30 minutes
when making mad pull 2:00 pm, closed last 3 minutes generally are not exploded
when the highest point plummet.

5, within a day if the stock rose by sales, can all sell high, but low in the day when we
must go to buy 2,000 shares, or "shop" is gone, tomorrow can
not make money doing business.

6, after the stock has soared (by the rising, the rise, the last rise, the last paragraph of
the soaring rise came out), all thrown in the hands of the stock exchange has soared
over the texture is not a good stock, operate the same way.

7, broader market slumped, if you are afraid, they all finish, take a break. If you are
bold, there is no relationship between the broader market was down every day, you
can still operate in this manner, in addition to 2,000 shares as the total cost fell outside
(not good to you regardless of it), you can still be profitable every day This practice
should bear in mind that one, that is, whether the stock down to where you have been
holding it in the end, otherwise the number of total daily profit may not add up also
arrived on the total cost of 2,000 shares caused by the fall, and as long as you have
been set in Zhezhi shares held, from the long-term perspective, it certainly is rising
each year (regardless of its speed), so you can ensure long-term money, make money
every day.

8, avoid greed! If you shop in a profitable way by such a regular activity performed,
every day hundreds of enough revenue, so the stamp duty now down particularly well
after the operation, even after transaction costs in addition to 2 cents an the money to
make, you also going to make it, like shop, and sold penny needle. Of course, the
normal daily average stock volatility is 3-4%, you certainly earn more than 2 gross,
unless the broader market particularly bad.

Remember the principle that only store has on hand, you can profit every day, the cost
is up a shop or down, and not the reason for selling shop because shops worth, and
your daily profit is not related to . Of course, the war came, then shop is certainly
retain his job, and should be destroyed in the war, so the broader market fell 4% per
day, then we must first store sold out, the mountains hide hard to say, flat out after the
war to open down shop, this is a wise move.

This is to make money in the stock market is always the rule, long-term gain, daily
gain and the light so long, God would not have the patience, you are not Warren
Buffett, short-term revenue every day the truth is the mortal beings. Remember that
the shop theory, you make every day a good time, provided that you do not worry
about the cost up shop is down

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