Shenzhen IPO training classes

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					Shenzhen IPO training classes
Shenzhen IPO training classes
Organisers: navigation Education
Venue Address: Shenzhen Luohu, Futian, Nanshan, Bao'an, Longgang
Enrollment hotline :0755-33089252 33088558
 October 23, 2009, China was the launch of GEM. Wealth in a another myth, the
GEM has started gathering more and more's attention. Both domestic
thousands of small and medium enterprises, or the rapid development of
China's capital markets are big and good.
    Hua Yang GEM training courses have been held in total 12, total cultivated more
than 400 small and medium enterprises across the country, teaching teachers and
students course content have been universally praised. After training, the trainees Hua
Yang Enterprise companies, has a small plate in the listed six submission of a listing
application materials, nearly 30 listed stocks into the critical stage of reform.
    After long-term accumulation, Hua Yang and constantly enrich the content of
courses listed companies. Venture capitalists not only the introduction of the
Matchmaking Symposium for project financing, and has been the CEO through the
exchange of experiences to enable trainees to the actual experience during the listing
process. Hua Yang is the introduction of the company's restructuring
program, stock incentives, such as one to one of the topics listed diagnosis salon
business seminars, combined with the actual situation of enterprises for detailed
analysis, enterprise trainees in training to have more gains.
【Features】 project
1, the earliest, system maturity
    The course introduced the end of 2007, is the earliest and most participants have
been trained GEM training classes for companies listed on various aspects of the
process of explaining the course of actual combat training to enable students to
understand a system into the capital market for SMEs, and quickly made bigger and
stronger basic theory and methods to help businesses straight into the GEM.
2, actual teachers, non-college teaching
    Actual industry expert, brings you not only knowledge, more participants to
provide a comprehensive set of enterprises listed on the GEM of the tools and the path,
and even can help you directly Trader. Through case studies, in-depth anatomical
model of successful business listing, the listing process to help enterprises solve the
practical problems that may face, thereby reducing the business costs of listing.
3 business club
    Students will be free to become a "state of wealth," club
membership, access to high-end "state of wealth" electronic
magazine, paper magazine (valued at 1980 yuan / year); from time to time to
participate in the "Fortune states," the forum, Sharon, class
reunion, for you build a communication networking, resource sharing, and seek
common development and win-win platform.
】 【Course modules and processes
     The course to practical operation, combat, case studies. Course module has
applied for protection of intellectual property, learning more than 450 staff. Teaching
quality and service levels have been commended by all students.
Day 1 Morning Module 1: Policy Interpretation Posts 1 day afternoon Module 2:
Interpretation of the Growth Enterprise Market Policy
Audit concept, approval process
Market conditions
Trading and regulatory
Comparison of various types of capital market policy and select the relevant laws and
regulations GEM
Legal due diligence prior to listing
Avoid legal problems listed
Legal Design
The signing of the listing of material legal advice
1 night Dinner and Venture Capital school Fair Day 2 Module 3: Financial Planning
1 welcome dinner
2, venture capitalists invited to discuss financing the project. Venture capital to be
participants: Shenzhen Innovation Investment, Oriental Fortune, up to the morning,
Paradise Valley, Deutsche Bank. Financial due diligence prior to listing
Revenue and profit recognition, clean up old accounts
Accounting and tax planning
How to effectively raise more funds
How to design a sustainable growth pattern of financial performance
Accounting standards and information disclosure system arrangement
Day 2 at the time the first 3 days and flexible activities module 4: Listing Sponsor
Flexible activity time, students interact determine feasibility GEM
Market planning
Company restructuring
Information to prepare, review
Listing Service, listed issuers
Listing of team and intermediary services
3 one-night companies on-site consultation program diagnosis module 5 Day 4:
Pre-market private equity Posts
1, trainees, basic information about the company, and the corresponding questions.
2, has been the CEO, equity incentive experts, sponsors, financial expert one-on-site
diagnosis. Private Equity and IPO
Financial forecasting and business valuation
Investment in terms of the agreement
Equity investment and corporate finance general points
Business Plan Writing

【Course】 income
1). Full interpretation of the GEM Rules, to help companies understand the issue of
listing the various laws and regulations, standard operation procedures and various
stock market information disclosure 要求, for their own business Jinxing objective
2). Get combat team of experts guide listing. Top securities companies and domestic,
VC / PE, legal and accounting experts across the exchange, you will get the GEM
team of top experts in the guidance.
3). For the characteristics of the enterprise itself, to provide enterprises with complete
GEM solutions to help businesses straight into the GEM.
4). Combat simulation, and undertake the relevant guidance has experience in listing
roadshow process.
5). Combat expert case studies to help enterprises solve the listing process may face
practical problems in order to reduce business costs of listing.
【Introduction】 teacher
Relevant policy makers: the SFC or the Shenzhen Stock Exchange related to
Shi Zhanpai experts: to support enterprises have listed, listed in the company has
extensive experience of domestic well-known VC / PE investment in actual combat
experts, securities companies sponsors, accounting firms, law firms;
Has been head of listed companies: board, small board has listed company.
【Unit】 China Merchants Securities to support Guosen Securities King &
Wood Pengcheng CPA Journal Shenzhen Innovation Investment Manager up to
heaven Morning Silicon Valley venture capital investment Oriental Fortune
Enrollment hotline :0755-33089252 33088558
For more details of the courses: Please enter the strategic management training
network, Shenzhen, hit enter


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