Sharply to a famous by fdjerue7eeu


									Sharply to a famous
1. Do not be silly, I am not silly, if we are attacked, * more * I will. - Columnist
Humorous Understanding the principles outlined in the party dress.
2. Princes began to retreat, and the women are white horse to see.
- One columnist said, seems to have ended the era of Prince Charming, only the
animal instinct.
3. People's Bank, and businesses on the line.
- A private enterprise owner of the paper, said, "business" to
remove people, is "just business", so the most critical.
4. Only the fake is real, other are false.
- Consumers complain of fake and shoddy goods everywhere.
5. Chinese New Year is like a pot of soup boil for thousands of years, though
constantly have fresh condiments add to the mix, but the original flavor is growing
- With the travel, clubbing, sports and other modern elements increases, the traditional
sense of the New Year as if people from the cities farther and farther.
6. Just like a pregnancy, pregnant long period of time before people see it.
- A well-known young writer, said in an interview.
7. You can never rest, otherwise you will never break.
- Beijing CBD white-collar true reflections.
8. Women may not rule the entire world, but at least a large part of the rule.
- The most powerful women in business who ever is the development of addiction.
9. Fireworks is a custom, but the habit does not mean right. Before the founding of
New China, is also the custom of binding women's feet.
- A ban on fireworks users.
10. The golden person to pay bank interest and good for nothing people sat helplessly
waiting to receive bank interest.
- One writer said. She also said that her favorite reading is the bank passbook.
11. Doctor, please take the child out, the way smoking my liposuction.
- Guangzhou, a women's doctor before Caesarean section.
12. Song Huang Ting said that three days without reading, feel that it is terrifying,
Eileen Chang also said the same, but I did not have four years how well buy a book.
- A reader in the April 23 World Book Day said.
13. My primary, secondary, university, it is not the name of my school, and made me
write a resume a lot of trouble, to add a long comment.
- Graduate student who is seeking employment on a hot nowadays renamed the
University of deep dissatisfaction with the wind.
14. White Oare.
- It was so called white-collar unmarried older women.
15. Where should we kiss?
- Chengdu, a university student in the classroom, the two kissing, hugging, by the
school to place an "illegal sex" both ordered to leave the
grounds. Nanjing, a university student in anger as they Mingbu Ping, the public
issuance of the above questions.
16. Where fall on where to lie down.
- Some people say that.
17. Please note that all passengers on board, next car will be up a few thieves, we
have to look at themselves and their wallets and carry items.
- A city bus conductor so prompt.
18. Usually specialized courses, experimental, degree, English windy and busy, no
time even to find a girlfriend, they have time and energy to learn what
"College Language"?
- Students face down criticism of Chinese language ability, students who have their
own complaints.
19. People want to know, not knowing the truth of the real estate sector, which above
all there is.
- A real estate agency concocted "China's first most
comprehensive and professional real estate research report" will be priced
at 3,000 yuan per copy.
20. Do not the company as a family.
- A company of its corporate history, the largest layoffs, an employee witnessed the
incident published in the online reflections of the post title.
21. I do not know foreign languages, but I like to watch foreign-language magazines.
- A magazine of the U.S. Code to read such an alternative interpretation of an era of
22. We want to see is "Rich Dad Poor Dad for."
- A comedian, said the past few years, "Rich Dad Poor Dad," so
popular is because everyone in the heading error to read a word more.
23. Beauty of the eyes is Paradise, on the mind is hell, is hell on the pocket.
- A media quoted a French writer on the description of beauty to admonish men.
24. People who can not afford to feed a large crowd.
- Students love has become a common phenomenon in today's society, the
resulting "Love Cost" has become a hot issue. A university
professor of the university of love for so broad.
25. Indeed, the computer can save time, improve efficiency, for example, playing
cards games simply do not need reshuffle.
- A white collar on the computer.
26. Charles arrived at is called doping, could not be identified is called high-tech.
- In the "faster higher stronger" slogan, the players break
through again and again with technological progress of human limits.
"New Weekly" with the title of this report to the phenomena.
27. E-mail type man: He says there are 9 of 10 sentences are nonsense
Windows-based man: He has many faults, but you can not live without him
Excel-type man: People say that he accomplished, but you just do basic things with
Server type man: Do you need him, he always busy
Mouse-type man: Do you have to pull him pulled him will work.
- Newspapers computerized classification terms to men.
28. Men no longer help his wife washing dishes, but this one began to live their own
bag down.
- Marks the end of the honeymoon.
29. Some people do not even know their neighbors, but in the end the world is
concerned there are no aliens to death.
- Online reviews.
30. If Li Ao at the "reading time" ... ...
- A reader in a television program in crisis, suggested reading.
31. In fact, the evolution from ape to man is still in progress, so we can enjoy
non-animal non-human apes to live drama.
- For those who would rather be scolded in society have won the famous eye
phenomenon, critics such wonderful comments.
32. Born on February 29.
- February 29 only once every four years, some pregnant women can celebrate the
birthday every year for children, specifically early caesarean section.
33. He was handsome, smart, and there is a gasoline tank.
- In the global context of rising oil prices, the U.S. concept of a woman's
new spouse.
34. From now on, grinning, or any expression of their teeth are unqualified.
- United Kingdom Ministry of the Interior official said, a passport photo of teeth
reflecting the new scanning devices will fail, photographs should be shut mouth.
35. I do not know how to read a brand of refrigerators placed in the home, has indeed
a very awkward.
- In an interview with an American housewife, "Business Week"
interview on a well-known household electrical appliance enterprises in China the
impression that products, which reminds those with international ambitions of
Chinese companies, do not underestimate the difficulty of access to Western
developed markets.
36. That can be used up on the cover of Hollywood figures, I can pull from the inside
of this office to 10 guys, they attach the cover up.
- "Vanity Fair" editor 戈莱登卡特 watched every move of the
nation's elite, who do not want to if required on the cover, he would
immediately transferred to another opportunity.
37. Believe it or not, will ban smoking regulations favorable to our business because it
will force people to drink constantly.
- New York, New York, a bar owner, said a comprehensive ban on smoking in public
38. Wall Street walk around, dressed are those where staff work, and casual wear
nothing, then the shares are held by the owner.
- To remind people in the United States must not neglect dreams.
39. In addition to business meetings, no one is willing to dress up a phone and freshen
up some.
- This may be born in 1964 on the video phone can not be widely open to reason.
40. Their own lives more irritable, more need to gossip the lives of others.
- The blood-celebrity life, the publication dedicated "OK! "The
rule is: You OK, I am OK; you're not OK, I am OK

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