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					Shanghai Roche Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Roche Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Roche Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
One of the world's top ten pharmaceutical companies in China, the Swiss
Roche Group established the first joint venture, established in 1994 with a total
investment of 45 million U.S. dollars. Shanghai Roche offers oncology, virology,
transplantation science and other key therapeutic areas of various types of prescription
drugs, efforts to radically improve the quality of life. After 10 years of development,
Shanghai Roche has become a leader in the pharmaceutical industry, sales for several
years double-digit growth in 2006, the company's sales more than 1.9
billion yuan. Shanghai Roche all production lines have passed GMP certification,
October 2005 production base in the Zhangjiang Hi-allergenic plant completed a total
investment of 140 million yuan, the base has two innovative products Cellcept ? and
Xeloda ? in the local community production. Cellcept ? can effectively help transplant
patients to prevent rejection after transplantation, and Xeloda ? is highly effective
against breast cancer and colorectal cancer, targeted therapy. Roche not only for China
to introduce the latest technology and cutting-edge products, but also brings an
international leader in management system. Shanghai Roche invested 3.7 million U.S.
dollars, the first to start a representative of the world's highest level of
customer relationship management (CRM) system, the project in the first Asian
"one to one creative vanguard" was selected in the Creative
Award, and awarded the 2002 "China 10 Good customer relationship
management system, "the implementation of Enterprise Award, and the
2003" Best CRM implementation of China's first
"Enterprise Award. Roche attaches great importance to cooperation with
the Chinese community, especially with the Chinese government's
communication and cooperation. Roche executives, executive vice president, Dr. Lun
Baojia (Dr.Leuenberger) have had the honor by the Chinese Vice Premier Wu Yi met
with a passion. In 2005, the Roche Group, the members of the Board and Executive
Committee of the first visit to China, Minister of Commerce Bo Xilai during the
President, the State Food and Drug Administration a cordial meeting with Mr. Shao
Mingli. Dedicated to their business development, Shanghai Roche actively participate
and support the cause of China's healthy development and well-known
long-term joint scientific research institutions to conduct research projects related to
genetic diseases, with a total investment of more than 3.6 million U.S. dollars. In
addition, the Shanghai Roche has invested more than 10 million yuan of funds, in the
tumor, hepatitis, transplant and other disease areas to support the clinical center in
China to participate in international multi-center clinical studies, such as investment
in 2002 nearly 100 million yuan to China's 8 Hospital Center joined as a
sub-adjuvant treatment of Herceptin for breast cancer clinical research worldwide. In
transplantation, transplant centers to promote domestic-related clinical research
carried out to strengthen the long-term follow-up of renal transplant patients work for
future domestic basis for Organ Sharing, Shanghai Roche launched a transplant
follow-up management system, and also established a transplant follow-up
management Collaboration Committee, has already been conducted in 25 transplant
centers to join the key. In business activities, we always maintain a high degree of
moral and social standards, to ensure good corporate citizenship. Shanghai Roche
actively participated in earthquake relief and other charitable activities, donations
drug donations so far total more than 22 million yuan. Including from 1999 to 2000,
Shanghai Roche has to earthquakes, floods, storms, disaster and poverty-stricken
areas the value of patient contributions in cash and drugs nearly 600 million yuan; to
support China's education cause, Shanghai Roche invested 10 million yuan
in sponsorship Europe International Business School Education Program; 2002
Shanghai Roche employees voluntarily contribute more than 30 million built in Sanya,
Hainan "off school" to help local children improve learning
conditions, and then for additional donations and gifts computers, textbooks and other
school supplies, a total of 65 million yuan; in May 2003, the national anti-SARS
medical staffs contributions worth 10 million yuan in cash and medicines to support
the Chinese government to fight SARS. Interested in environmental protection in
2005, Shanghai Roche and global environmental protection organization
"Roots and Shoots" program called "environmental
health protection," children's science education activities Roche
to the Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau and global environmental
protection organization "Root and Shoots "donated 100,000
yuan in cash, for environmental health charity. In 2006, in order to arouse the public
for the "white pollution" issues, promote consumer
environmental protection shopping mall sales environment, reduce the use of
disposable plastic bags, Shanghai Roche Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. actively involved in
rejection of "white pollution", to join " Green
Olympics "activities. Roche is not only committed to providing high
quality and efficiency of advanced drugs, focusing on patient care and value-added
services. In 2001, Shanghai Roche launched the "Love Made
Easy" online fund-raising activities to non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
Ma Yilin students donated 100,000 yuan worth of innovative drugs MabThera ? (used
to treat non-Hodgkin's lymph tumor), good news is that now he has fully
recovered, and was admitted to the ideal university. In 2005, she has been to Shanghai
Zhongshan Hospital and renal transplant Zhu Jiajia 55 Hospital of Chinese PLA
donated kidney transplant patients after transplantation Zhang Huanhuan the basis of
anti-rejection medication - without the high liver and kidney toxicity of
immunosuppressive drugs MMF ? , the lifting of the two families pressing constraints.
Precedent for the Shanghai first patients to donate a kidney to save husband, wife,
mother, after cases of kidney donation to save women, touching the truth, and now are
back to normal life in two patients, Zhu Jiajia re-opened his shop, Zhang Huanhuan
outstanding, very happy . This year, the Shanghai Roche Youxiang moved to China
back home to go to school, Liu Ting donated MMF ?, for his mother, suffering from
uremia after renal transplantation anti-rejection therapy. These patients were
participating in Roche with the help of the "brook club", the
patient care program will provide drug information to patients on a regular basis and
expert guidance. In the New Year approaching, Shanghai Fudan University Shanghai
Medical College, Roche has with the medical students to work together, came to
Shanghai Children's Hospital of Fudan University and Fudan University
Cancer Hospital in the ward for sick children in hospital and the patient's
breast surgery Children sent a holiday gift and blessing. Shanghai Roche has been
awarded the "Shanghai Model Unit" (four consecutive from
1999 to 2006), "The most satisfied workers in Shanghai
Enterprise" (two consecutive terms from 2003 to 2006),
"High-tech Enterprise" and "Advanced Enterprise of
Foreign Investment" China Red Cross "Humanitarian Service
Medal" and a series of awards. In 2006, the General Manager Mr. Zhou
Pingshan won the "Shanghai Magnolia Award." Roche is the
world in 2006, "Science" magazine as the third best employer.