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Comics and Graphic Novels_Comic by chenshu


									     Comics and Graphic Novels                     Magic Pickle: A secret weapon has been
       At the Nash Library                         waiting in a jar, but he’s back! Meet
                                                   “weapon kosher”, a pickle who fights crime!
                                                   Mister O: All he wants to do is cross a
                                                   cavern, but he keeps falling and failing!
**What is a graphic novel??                        Pinky and Stinky: Two pig-astronauts have
  *Basically, it is a book-length comic book!      adventures with aliens…
**Why read them?                                   Asterix at the Olympic Games: The magic
  *Pictures help to tell the story.                potion that Asterix and the Gauls took has
  *The art can be amazing.                         been banned. Can they still compete?
  *They come in as many different                  Akiko: Akiko travels through space to try
   subjects and styles as any other type of        to save a kidnapped prince.
   book!                                           Alice: The classic Lewis Carroll story, in a
       Recommended Titles:                         comic book form!
   (Most can be found in 741.5 in the nonfiction
                                                   The Courageous Princess: She isn’t afraid
             section of the library.)
                                                   to rescue herself, as she explores her
Amelia Rules! : Amelia is a 4th grade
                                                   kingdom with her friend, a talking
student, a daughter of divorced parents, a
niece of a rock star, and, sometimes, a
                                                   Hey Nick! Are You Dreaming?: Nick’s mom
member of a team of superheroes!
                                                   says “No!” to getting a pet, but in Nick’s
Good-bye, Chunky Rice: A turtle leaves
                                                   dreams, he has many, many animals
behind his best friend, a mouse, to journey
                                                   depending on him!
on the ocean.
                                                   Thieves and Kings: Magical forests, evil
G-pa & Julie: Shark Hunters: Can they
                                                   magicians, and lots of excitement and
catch Stephen, the largest shark in the
                                                   fantasy are found in this story.
world? Is he on another planet?! Is he in
                                                   Bone: When the Bone cousins are driven
                                                   out of their town, they meet a talking bug,
Leave it to Chance: Shaman’s Rain: Chance’s
                                                   racing cows, a helpful dragon, and
father is a paranormal investigator who
                                                   frightening rat creatures.
finds ghosts and battles monsters. Chance
                                                   Alia’s Mission: Saving the Books of Iraq:
yearns to follow in his footsteps….
                                                   This true story is of a librarian who tries
Owly and Owly Vol. 2: A kind, selfless owl
                                                   to fight against the destruction of books
explores the meaning of friendship.
                                                   during a war.
Peach Fuzz: Amanda’s new ferret thinks
                                                   Ultimate Wave: Surfing and aliens really do
her owner’s hand is an evil beast called
                                                   mix, at least in this unusual book!
“The Handra”.
                                                   Tommysaurus Rex : (for upper elementary):
Reality Check: A student’s cat follows him
                                                   A boy and his unusual pet experience the
into virtual reality on the Internet and
                                                   ups and downs of life together in this
causes all kinds of trouble.
                                                   intensely emotional story.
The Loch: Welcome to a secret world,
found in the depths of Loch Ness.

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