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					Serialized novel: ballet class
  ?This is a common hall, nearly two million square meters in addition to the
professional ballet unique to the piano, the bar, laying on the floor cloth and plastic to
the wall through a large mirror standing facilities, the only decoration is a wall dotted
with ancient and modern dramatic ballet star stills, so that this ballet classroom full of
elegant, serious art style.
  ?Today is the weekend, plus the just-concluded four-month-long tour, the entire
regiment leave 15 days, the actors can have a rare holiday break from the group. The
classroom the past few days that tweedle reciting, dancing dancing scene, only one
practice under the lights in the brightly lit. She is the Ballet, Ballet Star of Hope
recognized, female one actor - Scaffolding.
  ?Batemen tendu from the beginning, this was considered as the most numerous
ballerina is the most simple yet mysterious movements in her feet with ease, as if this
should be their own legs of each muscle fiber is stretched to the end of the world.
  ?Action in numerous repeat, her thoughts are also woven numerous contradictions.
Before that, she made a major decision, and all will be implemented tomorrow. May
be tomorrow ... ... tomorrow, she is like? Want to come only to tell her fate. In any
case, this decision is cruel, because the world no one can be painlessly and easily
abandon their painstaking efforts over a decade and has become a small business. In
the field of ballet, she is like a blur of dawn, a ray of morning glow, with its unique
talent and hard work for their own gain an enviable position for today's
quiet, dark turn brought the stage after the clear hope.
  ?What is hope? She knew from an early age, but she did not know. At this point she
thought, and can see only half-way ballet star died, only for his own passion for the
cause of initiation of despair!
  ?Today, her own Dance Academy to the same class when the boys, currently a
lecturer Tao Dance Academy issued a wood known each other 10 years since their
first date by her own initiative, invited him to the ballet, location: ballet class. And
repeatedly told him that he must take the exercise clothes.
  ?grand plie - Scaffolding in the ease of doing the whole squatting, rom de jombe ater
- circled, adagio - Adagio of control, while her ballet training program by helping the
part of the activities of the muscles and joints, while waiting for a wood Tao come.
Some help to nearly the end of a wooden pottery not seen.
Ground battmen - big kicks, her mind gradually filled with a nameless grievances,
while kicking side in the heart cursed: Tao of a wood, the wood you! Well, later that
seven is, has been more than half an hour, not to, huh! Front, side, back, she simply
played the first leg in each direction, once reproved heart, gradually curse from the
heart to the lips: "Tao of a tree" - the former,
"fool" - next to the "wood" - after Start a
slightly softly, and later whispered, the last increase and, on the loud screaming when
she wanted, suddenly found a pottery timber is standing outside the classroom with a
smile to her stare, want to call on the Fang Fang Voices came to an end.
"You!" For a time, she did not seem to know the following
words to say.
"I've come, but you did not find." He was unusually
"You wood!" She finally shouted out loud in front of him just
from the heart to the lips is that she often criticized for his use of the phrase words.
"I heard you before, just want to see you angry, want to listen to you call a
few times." He explained slowly.
"Really?" In fact, she very well aware of.
"From small to large, are not they?" He is still amazingly quiet.
"Then I scolded 100 times, you listen." In fact, she has not
"Ears."              He          has        always         used        this
"obedience" attitude should Jiaochen annoyed her.
"You 'wood!' You this outright, Cheli Che outside the
'wood,' idiot!" Her eyes were already red.
"Well, be my fault." Tao a wooden heart habitually soft down,
smiling while talking to the Fang Fang came.
"Listen, 'wood,' I know you received my invitation in
the post-feel doubts, but you do not ask anything, fast changing clothes, and then
practice with me." She seemed to restore the mind, but at least in the
mouth still cold.
"All right!" Tao a wood still doubts in the promised land. In fact,
Scaffolding in his mind as a special place, so he received a telephone Scaffolding
decline after the little room. Dance came from the way he has been pondering in the
heart with exercise clothes, to the militia ballet pas de deux? Where almost all the old
students, with their male partner is also a considerable level of several, why must it be
me? Does she eat today, what medicine was wrong? For finished clothes, he also just
according to Fang Fang was doing the training program while continuing to practice
while wondering: Does she ... ... do not think so.
... ...
Today, the classroom is particularly excited at the Fang Fang, passion, like a
possessed person as a whole. By her thin limbs that drill and voluptuous figure are
composed of all the dance floor at ease in the flow, her ballet skills in a variety of
difficult to complete very accurate, stable, and sticks out her ballet in the field of
infinite talent. A "Black Swan" pas de deux just exhausted, tired
out of breath not pottery restoration of a wood at the dawn of Fang Fang urging him
to come back again in a ballet piece: "Don. Quixote" pas de
"Hurry, hurry." As she spoke while a tape recorder and pressed
the button, and then walks toward the starting point of this pas de deux. Brilliant
"What a good grasp of?" Tao a wooden secretly marveled at her
ballet skills while rapidly improving, but to ask her a while the habit of helping the
left hand in her waist, though already ready to start my heart are still in the whispered:
how was she tonight?
This is a passionate pas de deux, Spanish-style hot and seductive demeanor to the
hero and heroine integrated into every cell of the body, and the difficulty of this pas de
deux for the ballet technique has added charm. Almost all people to learn ballet pas de
deux proud of being able to jump on this, with the exception of top-notch cast, most
people can only feel powerless and frustrated, but the two of them for early learning
in the School of Dance are two classes because of his in outstanding aces, on
including the "Don. Quixote" pas de deux, including a variety
of ballet classics have switched already do well, do not question the original
rehearsals. But today, things have to much more complex. For Fang Fang, This is an
appointment with profound meaning; but a wooden pottery, this time it is everywhere
tombe glissade grondpasdehax Lift ... ... male variation, female variations, coda.
When the beautiful end of the movement to the two of them accurate, smooth and full
of glorious appearance at the end of a wooden pottery shouted: "worn
out!" Homeopathic lying on the ground.
Scaffolding is also breathing, could see she was tired.
"When I first came on the tired, a pas de deux, and you too loose packet of
eggs. Up!" She seems to be the next command.
"Rise up, 'wood'!" To see ceramics did not
move a wood, she cried a little disappointed.
"Wood - head." Her tone in a little bit sad, soft attitude down.
Tao of wood lying on the ground side of a gasping, while the eyes seemed to ask her
with a demonstration, it seems to say: Fang Fang, how are you today it?
"Well - Wood - head," her voice somewhat beg the meaning of:
"If you promise me, on the 舍命陪君子. I can take a break with you, then
you can jump with me for some 'Gisele Er ', okay?
"saying this, she is already leaning semi-dance Bangui to homeopathy a
Tower beside a wood.
"Hey! Can you tell me the reason you do tonight?" Tao a wood
lying on the ground, wondering eyes of encroaching on the Fang Fang, and went
straight to her questioning.
"What I did not say today what you also do not ask! I'll tell
you." Scaffolding is still faint answer.
To the outsider, this is a romantic picture: the empty hall, a pair of young men and
women seem to cling to each other, his heart. But two of them for it is a life Fugue:
they are not lovers, but there worth a lover of thoughts and melancholy.
Tao a wood lying on the ground, hesitantly. His gaze from the bottom up, to see white
skin Scaffolding goes on a wonderful figure in the package may have some strange
blood in the surging, graceful look where there is a kind of hidden bitterness and
grievances. See this scene, a little vertical mind, he Fengyun young heart have also
been fixed, although the behavior of the female students a little strange today, but its
fall has not been cold eyes and deep, just a little willful, recklessly and sensational.
The face of these circumstances, he was secretly in the heart of praise, and just so
beautiful, especially today, this time the United States, the United States may make
people feel strange, surprised. Today he seems very familiar with the original only to
find that today seem strange but beautiful. Because he met ten years of close and not
so cynical, scrutinizing over the charming face.
Dao Shi Yu Fang Fang's impatient to break a wood such as pottery carried
away            when            thoughtfully         brought            embarrassment:
"'wood,' What are you thinking?"
"Oh! I want to dance 'Giselle' when How rational
allocation of physical, how can effort? "Tao answer a wood though
insincere, way is true.
"Effort? Engage in ballet can effort it?" Scaffolding like
Hualiyouhua. "Tonight I'm afraid you still have left no less than
the number of labor-saving." She added, - is a large truth.
"I mean, how can this evening to meet the requirements you something
more to say." Tao a wooden words do not convey that a wrong sentences.
"I'm afraid this life you do not have the capacity to meet me,
you the 'wood!'" Deride Scaffolding's
more like Hualiyouhua.
"Then I Xiecai! Not playing." Tao a wooden unresolved it their
clumsy answer.
"How dare you!" Scaffolding like the tone of restored order,
said: "You're not going effort? I save you! 咱 not go to
'Giselle', and first to 'pirates','
Ai Similada ',' Gepeiliya 'pas de deux,
again' Aubert ', and finally to' Giselle
',' Pakistani black ... ... "
"Public - Public - Princess!" Emergency situations to call out
the Pottery a wooden incoherent rarely called her his usual nickname,
"mercy! Searched all over the world who do not engage in ballet and dance
the night seven pas de deux, and Is You should I'm exhausted? Hey! Hey!
have not made a mistake? in the end you have to do tonight? "He is
anxious to solve the riddle.
"Take me to skip the Pas de Deux are all the jump again."
Phrase is almost cold words Scaffolding the teeth from the word for word in a pop
"Why such a ruthless looks bad, you're crazy, do not order it?
Do not forget, not long ago you just did appendicitis!" Tao For a wooden
puzzle solution, but also fear for her physical.
"Wood - head!" Scaffolding feel like his gaffe, quickly in
another and gentle hand gestures said as he may casually touch a bit on his brow, he
said: "I'm fine These days I have been paying close attention to
practice, has long been restored. you have to spend more time with me, and if you
really jump to the end fixed, and can not jump variation of light to Pas de Deux,
finally fixating! be I beg you . "She said these words when the magic of the
eye, desire.
At the moment, the face of such a beautiful girl's plea, that is, a heart of
stone who would destroy them, let alone a wooden pottery with her childhood
classmates so, Zhi pay? And ... ...
Brilliant music, highly stylized classical ballet boutique. Although, ballet
performances in the classroom is not the kind of brilliant stage lighting and scenery of
the foil, and no clothing is decorated with beautiful performances to more than ten
years the two of them by the beauty of ballet training in the generated form,
accompanied by simple, bright tight clothing - two of them never seem to wear only
black but also spontaneously; mature, graceful body curves glance, more dance added
to their special charm.
- Ballet is a dynamic display of human body art.
"Good!", "Beautiful!" "Main
legs turn to open, the focus of attention!" "Pay attention to
plie!" They whispered to each other while jumping while reminding and
encouraging the.
Lift, turn and change of air 'hold small fish', "tuoren
attidu", "then tuor - stop the third arabesqe" ... ...
Dance, they continue to be extremely tired, when the jump to
"Giselle" second act pas de deux, their strength has been
reduced to near zero, not hold it, supporting not live, turn unstable. Variation, so much
the worse than jumping is perfunctory. Scaffolding know the two of them have
physical ability to the limit, has been unable to jump up. Helplessly on a wooden Tao
said: "Hey! 'Wood', it seems I have head a
jump." - Is Hualiyouhua: "And you?"
"Though I am tired today, going crazy - it is because I have not mentally
prepared! Do not believe? You let me have a good sleep, tomorrow I can accompany
you jump eight Guarantee." Tao of a wood surface, appear to be foolish try
to be brave, but in fact he has not quite aware of the flavor out of a place, just not sure
where not lightly conclude that it is not to say it. To test, he deliberately stare
Scaffolding strong words to the "What you OK?"
  ?Scaffolding is not for me to answer, because even after she did not know the fate of
tonight after the end. Tao face a wood, she seems too harsh. After all, this is his most
faithful friend. She was very understanding of pottery of a wood, and very intelligent,
she fully understood the Tao of a wood at the moment the state of mind, clear
"wood," anxious to know tonight, the truth of the motive, but
clearly all of their students, only this one character generous thought generous Zhi
exchange can be either The deployment, or even at any time to sacrifice everything
for themselves! Including life. Tell him the truth? Can not! That would be so
immediate that "wood" know she worked for and dreamed of
the kind of "the other side of life" has nothing to do with it!
Although certain "wood" will endure in silence and respect her
life choices, but at the moment to tell him too early, or so years to kill him slowly and
that too traditional, over-theorization persistent pursuit of it! The thought of her pale,
said: "go take a bath to! And then to my dorm tonight, I reward
  "Ah! Ha! I have delicious food of" Tao of a wood anxious this
incredible evening of "rehearsal" Come on over, announced the
end to hear her voice, broad smile cry and laugh and say Bianjiao edge ran into the
classroom next door to the male bathroom.
   "Really comfortable!" He shouted again, open the hot water
heater flow erosion despite their sweat, hearts are still in the thinking may be what
happened tonight, the total was lot of doubt. Could not help himself up:
"Xie Mener it!"


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