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Senior Doctor of Business Administration EMBA study in Malaysia University of Science brochures


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									Senior Doctor of Business Administration EMBA study in Malaysia University of
Science brochures
Malaysia (MALAYSIA) located in southeast Asia has always been the friendly with
China, an area of 330,000 square kilometers, a population of about 24 million, capital
of Kuala Lumpur, the official language is English and Malay, ethnic Chinese account
for more than 30% of the total population. Malaysia is the world-famous
semiconductor, audio-visual materials, petroleum, rubber and other exporting
countries, the Asia-Pacific regional trade and investment powers. Malaysia attaches
great importance to education, and followed the UK and Europe and the United States
education system. Malaysia is the world famous tourist destination.
Malaysia University of Technology (IUCTT) approved the establishment of the
Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education, with bachelors, masters and
doctorate-granting universities, is China's Ministry of Education and
published Shoupirenke (foreign monitoring network with bachelors, masters,
doctorate conferred colleges and universities. obtained the international quality
management certificate (ISO 9001:2000) and the Chinese embassy in Malaysia
qualification (Certificate in Marvin [2005] No. 13), the school 现 有 在 校 生
(including students) more than 5000 name, affiliated colleges and 3 of 10 academic
centers. Malaysian University of Technology for its excellent academic standards and
education quality and well-known British and American University of convergence,
the Asia-Pacific region has become a very high reputation of higher learning.
Malaysia University of Technology in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, has
three campuses, 10 affiliated colleges, namely: Business and Finance, Engineering
and Industrial Science and Technology, Computer and Information Science and
Technology Xun, Architecture and Built Environment, Health Sciences and Medicine ,
multimedia and creativity Institute of Technology.
I. Aims
DBA (Doctor of Business Administration, Doctor of Business Administration in
abbreviation), is designed for business executives to design a comprehensive system
of management courses, is committed to developing in the fierce international
competition and has excellent ability of senior business managers. Different from the
traditional model of doctoral education, DBA education focuses on the effect of
theory into practice, the students as "active learning" instead of
"full-time study." This course is based on the Malaysian
University of Technology (IUCTT) Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree
curriculum, the school recognized by the China and Malta professors teaching and
doing thesis, University of Technology Malaysia, ultimately DBA Doctor of Business
Second, course characteristics
1, high-quality programs, formal degree:
The project has many years of both Chinese and Ma PhD, Professor of teaching
experience as instructors, they have a solid theoretical foundation, also has a wealth of
practical experience and management expertise on the Asian economic vision.
Students during their studies will not only learn the most advanced knowledge and
new skills, but also after the end of the study were consistent with IUCTT regular
school PhD students;
2, time flexibility, activity-rich:
This project uses the non-full-time learning, students also will work on specific issues
and research topics as part of case, in solving problems in learning, in learning to
solve problems, and we in China and Malaysia, organize various activities for
students , including forums, visits, seminars, networking and so on.
3, professional services, cost-effective:
Not only through serious study and an honorary degree, is a difficult process, we
provide students with the professional academic staff, giving you a sense of
thoughtful preparation process of learning.
Third, "teacher description:
Dr.Antony Hii: Xuan Dong Ni Boshi is a professional human resources development
consultant, and his master's degree in business administration graduate of
the famous Oklahoma City University, Ph.D. in Human Resource Management in
2000, George graduated from the American University of Washington. Xuan Dong Ni
Boshi is an active educator and professional advisers, after ten years of training and
consulting experience, he trained in different countries around 10,000 senior
Dr.Chandra Sekaran Muniratnam, in 2002, Southern Cross University NSW Australia
received a Ph.D., is currently the Malaysian University of Technology, Graduate
School of Business School dean and associate professor of business and finance
department, the professor has more than 15 years in the private sector and government
institutions teaching experience.
Dr. Humam Mohamed, Stirling University in 1989 and received a Ph.D. He is
currently Dean of Business, University Technology Malaysia, many years of teaching
experience to his academic reputation in the entrepreneur.
Fourth, the curriculum
Core Courses:
Entrepreneurship: Strategies and Resources
BFOB5402 Managing Organization Behaviour Organisational Behaviour
BFCF5403 Corporate Finance Corporate Finance
BFMIS5404 Managing Information Technology Management Information
BFMBM5405 Market Based Management Marketing Management
BFFRA5406 Financial Reporting & Analysis of financial reporting and
BFHRM5407 Human Resource Management Human Resource Management
BFIBM 5408 International Business Management International Business
BFL05409 Leadership in Organizations Organization Leadership
BFL0 5410 Strategic Management Strategic Management
Dr. BFRM 5411 Research Methods Research Methods
BFDRP 51801 Doctor Dissertation Research Paper Dissertation
V. academic system:
Duration: Two to three years
Class time and place: Beijing and Malaysia, three days every two months focused on
Tuition: RMB 128,000 yuan (Tuition, books, information costs, foreign teachers
translation, job assessment fees, thesis expenses, thesis expenses, between classes,
refreshments and school lunches)
Examinations and Thesis
(A) the examination for each course attendance and work by the two parts
(B) of the doctoral thesis: English completed 200-250 (65000-80000 words), required
by the respondent (may apply for translation)
Certificate: degree courses, passed examinations and through thesis, awarded by the
Malaysian University of Technology DBA Doctor of Business Administration.
6, Doctor of Business Administration EMBA study admission
1, a business administration master's degree in management or related field
with five or more staff and senior management experience
2, with or post-graduate courses in Business Administration course (including the
seminar) to learn and completion certificate of transcripts, and have more than five
years experience in senior management, after examination to be qualified to obtain
student status. "
7, Application Procedures
(1) DBA Application Form 1
(2) the applicant's identity card or passport and photocopy (front and rear
are copied)
(3) the applicant recent photograph (passport type) 8
(4) the applicant a certificate in English and Chinese (both Chinese and English
applicants to pay notary fees)
(5) the applicant graduated from a transcript in English (in English and Chinese
applicants to pay notary fees)
(6) the two letters of recommendation in English and Chinese.
(7), each a personal resume in English
(8) individual learning plan and research
(9) Application fee of RMB 1500 (if the applicant does not pass, the fee is not
(10) students I work in the business card 2 "
8, admission process
1, application information
2, through the examination admission notice is received within a week
3, payment of tuition fees
4, enrollment procedures, collect books and related information
5, according to curriculum, school classes
6, a month before school student card in Malaysia, the school intranet site login user
name and password "
Advisory Tel :010-59796680 Fax :010-64417191

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