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The first familiar features of their own products to sell. Advantages, disadvantages,
pricing strategy, technology type, specifications, promotional sales, competitive
products and alternative products. Particular attention in front of customers are very
familiar with the product display.
The second familiar with their target customers to sell products. The target customers
to conduct classification, those who do the core customers, those non-core customers,
who are key customers, those non-key customers, the customer can be divided into
several categories for different types of customers should each adopt different
strategies and approaches. Allocated to different customers time and energy is not the
The third familiar with the products in the market. How the market segments,
competitors? How the capacity of the market? Geographical distribution of customers
and products of the time distribution of short-term market trends. . .
Fourth selling products to the schedule to be based on customer buying habits and
geographic location for a reasonable space allocation. To pay attention to methods and
strategies, marketing is not blindly to act recklessly, to sum up experience at any time
and constantly improve. And sales are such a characteristic is an especially difficult
time began, no start, grow over time, will be getting better. Dig a lot of opportunities.
Sales process is an expanded interpersonal process. Through this activity,
relationships will be a substantial expansion of a significant increase in the amount of
information will these interpersonal networks and information market will be further
substantial opportunities for venture earth.
Selling products that sell themselves and introduce themselves, promote their own
products is more important than marketing.
Continue to distribute business cards.
Any place at any time should practice what they preach, is to give customers
Customers not only buy your product, it is to buy your service spirit and attitude.
Body movements and language from the speed with the language and actions of
To make the arrangement, the first real good plan to improve efficiency and improve
sales results. In the development plan according to the characteristics of our
customers do the corresponding preparations. Course plan is not fixed. With the
changes in the environment and conditions to be adjusted at any time. The main
features are: scheduling of the next few days, what materials to prepare and how to
tap potential customers (potential customers there), short-term sales targets, if
necessary, to develop the net degree of table sales, sales progress table generally
several elements, a time period of the executive summary, one is selling the mission
objectives, one is the actual performance. Progress table sales in weeks as a unit, once
a week to develop. Weekend progress on the sales week of the table, the main purpose
is to find the law of sales. Completed or not completed because of what the mission is
to develop an unreasonable interference caused by external factors. Is subjective or
objective reasons. Is the sales techniques resulting immature or ineffective
implementation, and then propose ways to improve.
Make daily sales journal, the ideal record is ready to check the specific circumstances
of each sales record, good customer call records, keep track of customers dynamic,
not for customer classification and analysis, so that customers can check the
information at any time .
Of customer psychology. One is based on psychological characteristics of individual
customers, using different approaches, one is the unit features based on customer use
of the different ways
Learn negotiation skills. To be good at smiling and listening, to achieve win-win
situation. From the customer's point of view of behavior.
◆ learn marketing skills, marketing is not mandatory to sell to customers, but to
stand in the customer's perspective, the customer as a guide. Sometimes
customers value your services even more than the spirit of the product. In reality,
marketing is not a complete, often many times the needs and client communication,
communication, some marketing will fail, some will succeed. So to be reasonable
choices, and some can give up, some efforts should continue, some short-term
customers, some despite being unsuccessful, but as long as a good relationship, there
is hope of success in the long run, can not give up. To understand the real needs of
customers. Some customers actually demand, but he confided to you right away, so
sometimes have to run several times to have the information, and some need to pull
each other close to you to reveal information only when
◆ To understand the ways of the world. Some unreasonable demands on the
customer, but also tolerance and consideration.
◆ To understand the importance of customers. To keep old customers the cost and
effectiveness of marketing to consider, a new customer than to find more useful.
Meanwhile, customers themselves have social relationships, his social relations can
also be used by you.
◆ What kind of marketing by way of telemarketing? Network Marketing? Door to
door? Mail? TV direct sales? Send information products through marketing? By
wholesale? Retail? Wholesale and retail? Agent? What kind of payment method used?
All of the above product marketing approach to sell the products according to the
characteristics and companies to choose one or a few.
◆ Sales from another sense, is also a way of interpersonal communication, so in a
sense, to actually learn to learn to sell themselves in society.
◆ sales staff have a good psychological quality, sales, the most frequently
encountered the phenomenon of refusal was cold, so being rejected, being cold, being
sarcastic and so the phenomenon. Another phenomenon is the time of sale not enter, it
is necessary to use their brains to achieve goals. In particular, should pay attention to
overcome the inertia and and gear.
◆ When a direct means to not close to the target, sometimes offensive to learn curve.
◆ good image appears in front of customers, this image includes clothing,
conversation, the necessary rituals. In particular, should pay attention to the customer
a good first impression. Ability of customers to have closer and psychological and
emotional distance.
◆ When disputes arise with customers is how to deal with is a problem. Handling
disputes is a very artistic thing, this thing is not good research, the causes of disputes,
different treatment methods are different. Different types of disputes to different
methods used, this practice continued exploration. Disputes arise, the first principle is
to not lose. However, sometimes a small deficit but their was more to eat. The second
principle is do not have a big conflict with customers, and strive to maintain a
relationship, the third principle is to have skills in handling disputes, this technique
makes the discussion here. (Common disputes such as product quality, customer
payment is not timely, not timely delivery, the customer does not comply with the
contract, the product design are not satisfied, the price reasonable, service is not in
place so that future disputes may form the ever-changing, key to is adaptable)
◆ usually pay more attention to the success of the sales staff to ask, after all, can not
rely on theory to be successful in this industry, experience and ability is more
important than theory.
◆ sometimes use the power of the team, and sometimes they can not solve the
problems encountered, you can seek assistance from others. But usually not easy to
help as much as possible themselves.
◆ note that sales in the market information is important
    ?Sometimes use unconventional methods, sometimes possible to achieve leapfrog
development. To innovation, innovation, innovation, and others are developing, you
want to achieve greater success than others, you must continue to innovate. Haier
Why develop faster than others, the key is good at innovation.
    ?Sales to take advantage of other people's power, the power of
individuals alone, after all, is limited, even if the success is limited success. Why can
accelerate the development of the establishment of the company, primarily a
collection of other people's power companies
How to do a good sales representative
    ?The primary task of a sales representative, sales, without sales, product no hope,
no hope of enterprises. Meanwhile, the sales representative's work is still
expanding, only sales is not promising, because you sold out the product or service,
Er only continue to expand the market, Cai 能够 establish long-term market position,
win the long-term market share, for the enterprise distribution channels established an
important intangible asset, to win for themselves a stable performance.
As a good sales representative, should have those in mind?
1, in good faith
    ?Approach is to determine whether a person doing the basic requirements for
success as a salesperson, you must hold a sincere heart, sincere treatment of
customers, treating colleagues, the only way people will respect you and treat you as a
friend. Business on behalf of the enterprise's image, the embodiment of
corporate quality, is to connect business and society, and consumers, and distributors
hub, therefore, representative of the attitude directly affects the company's
product sales.
Second, self-confidence
    ?Faith is a force, first of all, to have confidence in ourselves, when the start of
each day, should encourage their
    ?To be able to see the advantages of the company and its products, and to
memorize them by heart, wants to compete, must have their own advantages, it is
necessary in a will to win to face customers and consumers.
    ?As a sales representative, you are not just selling products, you are also selling
their customers to accept you, will accept your goods.
    ?Known as the king of the world auto sales Guinness record creator Joe ? Girard,
retail sales in the year the Department of cars more than 1600 daily average of nearly
five. Car salesman when he went to candidates, the boss asked him to sell off your car?
He said no, but I had to sell commodities to sell off electrical appliances, I can sell
them, that I can market themselves, of course, be able to sell cars.
    ?Know that no power, I believe have the power. Joe ? Girard's success
is because he has a sense of confidence, I believe they can do.
3, Be Kind
   "Look for all learning," be diligent to cultivate the habit of
thinking, to be good at summing up experience in sales. Every day to review their
work again, to see where to do good, and why? To do good, why? Some ask
themselves why? To find enough work to promote the continuous improvement of
their working methods, only enhance the capacity in order to seize the opportunity.
    ?Opportunities are equal for everyone, as long as you are a caring people, we will
be able to become the industry leader. Taiwan entrepreneur Wang Yung-ching has just
started their own rice shop, the customers each buy rice on the record the time,
remember that there are many people are there at home, so he calculated that people
eat rice a few days, approaching when finished, give Customers send in the past. This
is Wang Yung-ching carefully before making their own career development and
    ?As a sales representative, customer changes every point, have to understand, to
grasp every detail, be a caring people, and constantly improve themselves, to create a
more exciting life.
4, toughness
    ?Actual sales is very difficult, which requires sales representatives to have to
endure hardship, perseverance toughness. "Eat bitter kind of hard, people
will gain the Master." Half of sales come out with their feet, and to
constantly visit customers, to coordinate customers, and even track the consumers,
sales will not be easy and will encounter many difficulties, but the patient must be
resolved, there must be indomitable spirit.
   ?Stallone did not become famous in the United States before the star, in order to be
able to play movies, Hollywood studios and a family to recommend themselves, he
touched the wall after the 1500 meeting, finally a film company willing to hire him.
Since then, he walked to the film on their own gritty toughness, interpretation of many
of the tough guy image, one of Hollywood's most famous movie star.
   ?Problems encountered in daily sales representative, should difficulties than
Stallone still big? No.
5, good psychological quality
  ?With good psychological quality, only to face frustration, do not be discouraged.
Every customer has a different background and have different personalities, honest
way, his hit to be able to calm the mind, to many of our customers, and constantly
adjust their attitude, improvement of working methods, so that they can face all the
blame . The only way to overcome the difficulties. At the same time, not smooth and
carried away by the moment, notes, "Queer", the only way to
win without pride, defeat.

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