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					Graphic Novels
A Definition

Q: What is a graphic novel?

A: A graphic novel is a story that is published
  in hardcover or softcover first (without a
  previous serialization).
Graphic novels are *NOT* a genre ...
they are a medium
More Definitions

 MANGA (mahn•gah) means “comic book” in

 ANIME (ahn•eh•may) is the official Western
 term for cartoons that originated in Japan
 and is the dominant form of visual
 entertainment in that country.
Popular Manga
Popular Anime

                         Spirited Away

  Howl’s Moving Castle
Historical Background of Comics &
Graphic Novels

                1895 The Yellow Kid

 1930s First modern comic books

                       1938 The Golden Age Begins

 1950s The Silver Age begins
  – Wertham’s The Seduction of the Innocent

                        1960s Underground Comix
Historical Background cont.

 1970s comic book specialty shops emerge

 1978 A Contract with God

 1980s to present
 – Story lines become more “literary”
 – Artwork becomes more expressive
 – Bookstores, movie adaptations, libraries!
A Contract with God      by Will Eisner

 Published 1978
 Coined the term
 “graphic novel”
 4 thematically linked
 short stories
Maus   by Art Spiegelman

            Published 1973-91
            Nazi Germany
            Won a Pulitzer Prize in
Blankets               by Craig Thompson

 Published 2003
 592 pages in length
 A milestone in
 American graphic
Fables   by Bill Willingham

                    Comic book series
                    Action, adventure,
                    mystery, fairy tales
                    Appropriate for older
                    teens as well as adults
                    Won several Eisner
                    awards such as “Best
                    New Series”
by Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons

 Originally published as
 a comic book series
 Deconstruction of the
 conventional superhero
 Won the Hugo award
The Sandman: The Doll's House by
Neil Gaiman

 The series began in
 1987 and ended in 1996
 Features "The Endless"
Batman: The Dark Night Returns by
Frank Miller and Klaus Janson

                         Batman is aging
                         Reintroduced the super
                         hero as a tragic figure
Bone: Out From Boneville
by Jeff Smith

 Smith has won
 numerous awards,
 including 9 Harvey
 Developed grassroots
 support on the internet
 Developed it's own
 jargon ("Stupid, Stupid
 Rat Creatures!")
Fun Home   by Allison Bechdel

             Bechdel is the author of
             the comic strip Dykes to
             Watch Out For (one of
             whom is a librarian!)
             Named "Book of the
             Year" by Time
Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood
by Marjane Satrapi

 Published by Pantheon,
 which had found
 success with Maus

 Followed by Persepolis
 2, 3, 4
U.S. Industry Awards
–   Will Eisner Awards       Japanese Awards
–   Harvey Kurtzman Awards   – Tezuka Award
–   Lulu Awards              – Akatsuka Award
–   Ignatz Awards            – Osamu Tezuka Culture
–   Bill Finger Awards         Award
Non-Industry Awards          – Shogakukan Manga
– Pulitzer                     Award
– Hugo
– Michael L. Printz Award
The Silver Screen

 Several Graphic Novels have been made into
 popular films. These include . . .
 – American Splendor
 – V for Vendetta
 – Ghost World
 – Sin City
American Splendor by Harvey Pekar
V for Vendetta
by Alan Moore and David Lloyd
Ghost World by Daniel Clowes
Sin City by Frank Miller
Stardust by Neil Gaiman

                     In theatres August 10, 2007
Why include graphic novels in the

 Popular with younger readers and young adults
 Increases circulation
 Helps reluctant readers
 Teach reading comprehension, cause-and-effect
 relationships and vocabulary
 Stimulate interest in art
 They're Cheap!
Tips on building a collection

 Read reviews
 Look for quality writing and art
 Buy award winning titles
 Develop relationships with local comic shops
 Talk to patrons about what they are reading
Where to find reviews (Print)

 Professional Library Journals that Review
 Graphic Novels
  – Booklist
  – Kirkus
  – Library Journal
  – Publishers Weekly (in Adult Comics Section)
  – School Library Journal (in Adult for YA section)
Where to find reviews (Electronic)

 No Flying, No Tights
  – Archives
 The Librarian’s Guide to Anime & Manga
 Comics Distributor’s Bookshelf
 Recommended Graphic Novels for Public Libraries
 Kids Love Comics
 Read about Comics
If you build it, they will come . . .

But you have to market your collection!
  Create displays
  Write an article for the library newsletter
  Have a special section on the library website
  Invite a graphic artist for a teen-talk
  Ask teens to write their own graphic novel
  Ask graphic novel reads to create promo posters
  Be creative!
Sample Display from East Regional
Library in Durham County
Avoiding Potential Pitfalls

 Know your collection
 Check ratings
 Sticker graphic novels with YA or Teen if
 inappropriate for younger readers
 Physically separate graphic novel collection
 from children’s section
What the Fans Say . . .
                                        "The beauty of [graphic novels] is
                                        the format is so versatile . . . you
 “I read comic books because I have     can go in so many directions."
 always read comic books, starting
 with Archie, Betty and Veronica in     -- Rebecca Vargha, SILS librarian
 kindergarten. For a good while
 there, I couldn't find comics that
 interested me, but now there are       “The confessional/diary nature of a
 tons of awesome artsy comics,          lot of autobiographical comics is
 literary comics, soap operas,          comforting to people going though
 comedies, etc etc etc. all over the    certain things. I've got comics that
 place! Good comics are quick to        are short exercises in pathos that
 read and utterly absorbing. Also,      also manage to keep a sense of
 they are full of crazy fashion tips,   humor about the whole thing. I'd
 especially if they are from Japan.”    rather indulge someone's post-
                                        breakup feelings of shame, guilt
                                        and anger with a 100 page small
 -- Autumn Winters, Teen Librarian,     format booklet than recommend a
 Durham County Library                  tome of unrequited love poems.”

                                        -- Alex Lazara, Avid GN reader

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