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   Zhu Yibing fanatical popularity of classical music
   Before returning, he served as Principal Cellist with the leading orchestras in
Europe, 16 years living in Switzerland. After returning, he began the life of ordinary
teachers, from only taken in Europe 1 / 20 of salary
Staff reporter Wang Qi from the bottom of the Shenzhen
Shenzhen Concert Hall backstage, the China Philharmonic Cello Octet for the first
time the South has completed a five-city tour last trip, uneven aged students and
teachers Zhu Yibing side of the jump pack while humming. 5 cities to go down like a
whirlwind, each performance is loved by the audience went crazy, never been to the
concert hall, have also been moved.
"The lights a little brighter! I must tell the audience eye
contact!" End of each song played, Zhu Yibing would pick up on the floor
of the microphone, facing the audience, introduced the next song in the background,
elaborated his ideas. "China is now the house was built concert hall is more
brilliant, Waner please have a growing, more and more light is dark. A show with two
characters, one player, one audience, and this two, to fully exchange! "
He called their performance "serving." Finally a
"food" is an adaptation of the cello "Dream
Suite." Qu Bi, the audience becomes a mad, like your life on a tight
winding applause. 4 return to field, the band exhilaration out from the background
plus speech. Band members are his students, the youngest only 15 years old.
Before returning, he served as Principal Cellist with the leading orchestras in Europe,
16 years living in Switzerland, but in the 3 months to drop everything to return to
China. After returning, at the Central Conservatory of Music began life general music
teachers, from only taken in Europe 1 / 20 of salary. Also done is the most popular
classical music. He hated the Chinese people of the two "traditional
virtues" - one is modest, one is hard. "If a person is alive only to
express themselves, and you learn all about how you feel. I often tell students,
teachers and students not on stage, only then everyone is aware of their importance,
the band can be release the greatest glory. "
Hotels in Shenzhen, the end of the interview Zhu Yibing exhausted, looked up, feet
resting on the bed. Is said to perform in Hong Kong the day before, he played in the
hotel room, mosquito hitting a 5:00. Tour thanks to him, did not plan any broker, no
"I want to lie down for 10 minutes, usually rely on the spirit of pluggin.
People often crossed the goal will be tired, but if you put the dash line and then put
forward 50 meters, 100 meters, he will then run, and the ideal is never the end of a
marathon. but now I need to Tang Tang. "
Risked their lives to practicing
Zhu Yibing's grandmother was Swiss, the parents of the Central
Conservatory of Music teacher. 8-year-old began his piano, his father's
harsh so restless, he suffered a lot. 1976 Tangshan earthquake affected Beijing the
next day, the neighbors have moved into the seismic shed, nobody dared to go home.
But almost paranoid father or force him to the piano. Zhu Yibing had risked their lives
to come back home, 5th floor and piano stool. All the children had never been seen do
not have to go to school, like the birds came out as only he alone pulled in the shade
under the cello.
10 years old, his cello soloist in the National Children's Arts Festival on
May 1, at the same time, the stage in Beijing has hundreds of large and small
performances. 13-year-old father admitted to the Central Conservatory piano, then the
Central People's Broadcasting Station in mastering the first solo album,
this is the album Society, "Cultural Revolution" after the
country issued the first album with Western music. 1983, 17 years old, he was
admitted to the National Higher Conservatory of Music in Paris, the four musicians
with one of the contemporary French business Delong Morris (MauriceGendron)
There is also a very interesting "episode."
13 years old, he and his mother at home practicing for a recording collaboration,
batteries not to onward spread abroad, were turned to hear the French cello master
pierrefort Tavernier, who has more than 70-year-old through the diplomatic channel
replied that he was very moved and surprised, to the children to Europe to study, he is
responsible for all costs.
Such a sincere letter to several letters. Even today, Zhu Yibing can clear a single word
out of his father back to Faunieres's reply: "Thank you for your
care and appreciation, our cello younger generation who respect your life, your
worship. But my child is too young He had graduated from high school in China, he
must first have the minimum of China's cultural cultivation and language
level. then he pretty much just getting to go where I will not. "
First arrived in Europe, leaving his parents and homeland, past supervision
disappeared, together with the liberal western education, playful nature and a strong
rebound in the beginning. 5 years studying in Paris, half the time, he did not see the
Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. While living in Paris, near the Church of the Sacred
Heart, from their homes and be able to see the beauty of the city, but the most
attracted him was not far from the electronic game room. Opened every morning he
dived headfirst into the hall, several major gaming console in the record. After he
came home, he would go to see those records he has not been torn, if it is broken, and
he attentively refresh rates.
He fell in love with food. Paris has always been a culinary capital of Europe, where
many and complex migration, can find the delicious dishes from around the world. He
day and night to the street, eat a different flavor of the restaurant.
6 one-way ticket and 239 boxes
In 1987, Zhu Yibing in cello performance from the first prize in Paris Higher Institute
of Music graduate, become the Sicong, Xian Xinghai, after the first three Chinese
musicians to receive this degree. Two years later, 23-year-old as he entered the Basel
Symphony Orchestra, principal cellist, was the youngest European Symphony
Orchestra principal cellist.
He chose to settle in Switzerland, "took the European Symphony
Orchestra's second-paid", playing the car. Peak, 4 car garage,
his favorite is a 12-cylinder Jaguar convertible old section, from time to time driving
it a spin on the Mediterranean coast, in the German open-road speed of more than 240
kilometers per hour Porsche and Audi.
His Chinese passport, 3 times as ordinary people thick, densely covered with national
visa stamp. As frequently between countries, time and time again he had to go back
and forth between the various consulates. Classical music performances are often
temporary absence of staff or command requires the replacement of the situation,
which often cause some people to become Zaishangtaijie opportunities. In the absence
of a foreign passport, can not at any time of transit, Zhu Yibing only repeatedly
September 2003, he returned to visit relatives, lecturing at the Central Conservatory of
Music deeply touched him, he found a university teaching young people to pursue
ideas and great contrast between.
Before his father's death wrote a letter to him that I might have to leave this
world, you will continue in the music arena to display their own talent, but remember,
wherever you go, you will always be a Chinese.
Moment, Zhu Yibing said to myself, living in Switzerland is too easy, "I
can not live another 30 years on such other retirement it!"
Abroad too deeply rooted: a family, two children, a lakeside cottage, half of the
business and friends, so must act decisively. Decided to return early in December
2003, February 21, 2004 foot travel. After a leisurely life of 21 years, he bought six
one-way ticket to the four individuals and two cello, to dispose of half of the furniture,
the other's memories into a 40 feet long, with 239 large boxes of
containers . 7 weeks after the container from Rotterdam to Tianjin. Now in addition to
lights and curtains, everything in Beijing family brought from Switzerland.
I train people to support artists
People magazine: the effect of your tour satisfactory?
Zhu Yibing: I think significant, not that I want to say how important their individual
does not matter, I share with the audience in the spirit of Chinese people were found
in the demand for exchange too, really is a hungry state. The problem lies in the fact
that we engage with music, who dreams of a lack of marketing skills.
This is a popular type concert, free of charge, a family and I would look inside Bay,
after the performance starts I can see two out of the toilet's. So, that low
quality of Chinese people, may be one-sided. Is the quality is honest, eyes wide open,
ears to accept what? I must communicate with the audience. We Chinese are not the
same with the Western dietary lifestyle, people eating a meal, we eat food circle, but
also dial. So every song on my 5 minutes, 5 minutes also can not stand it? I do not lie
to you, the essence of this opera on this for 5 minutes.
I appreciate the way the Western China, and we each tray and Chang Changxian, hard
to say which day the audience wanted to hear to listen to the full down it. I am
fostering ah, I will be able to support us in developing artists who ah.
People Magazine: At present mainly in the popularity of classical music?
Zhu Yibing: more do every day. I feel especially lucky, they become a fan. Strange
people, that you are a professional, how become a fan, this is not amateur mean?
"Lovers" of the Latin amateur, has been translated into Chinese,
"amateur" means, but it is the meaning of lovers, love is more
than beautiful words, more sacred than the professional.
People magazine: to go abroad for so many years, has not suited to back a sense of it?
Zhu Yibing: What is adaptation? Black light theater people you black? No! I called
chef lit the lamp, I have to look at everyone's face and eyes.
People magazine: It left Europe because of the professional performance too tired?
Zhu Yibing: I said I was doing before the rest of my life I can do after the rest of my
life is to do what I want.
People magazine: When in the Western orchestra competition is fierce, right?
Zhu Yibing: So to constantly challenge yourself, ah, so someone else to challenge you
not to late? Especially the way I relieve stress simply to give themselves more
The sun painted green bother anyone
People Magazine: Do you value personal expression, Keren always faced a
Zhu Yibing: the things that have to compromise much more attractive! Going to be
cold I wear a little more clothes, this is a compromise. Sometimes very good
compromise. But if we are more concerned about yourself, the society will happy lot.
I often tell students that ask you to be open and aboveboard, head high and selfish
People magazine: selfish people?
Zhu Yibing: Of course! Selfish, so nasty it? This does not conflict with the community.
If he really good enough, the community needs us, like a large clock parts as needed.
Not to say that small parts to sacrifice the interests of a large gear, do not think so, and
then small parts are unique and indispensable.
People Magazine: Do you think the achievements of art can not come through hard
Zhu Yibing: We Chinese people say practice makes perfect, I head-to say that music
can never cooked, always have to be living. A pre-performance rehearsal we had a lot
of things that discrepancies. I do not believe that the skilled hand. All art is the
dissemination of ideas and emotions the way, if there's no concept, no
emotion, is the model. Art must be a raw, fresh, spontaneous, and not skilled mimic.
Many Chinese people feel familiar to a certain extent he is not mindless, and not
mindless, this thing can not be art, will become an assembly line.
People magazine: Domestic people will think you're arrogant, right?
Zhu Yibing: What is arrogant ah? The trees have grown high, and is called the
arrogance it? If you say the same is arrogant, that our national consciousness behind. I
think all kind of arrogant everyone, every newborn from the mother's
womb out of the world's most arrogant people who are hungry, cry, sad on
the busy, cold on the torment. This is arrogant? That arrogance better. You said that
my arrogance damage is it? I sun painted green, I bother anyone?
"Arrogant" is the word itself is very boring, in fact, dare dare to
think, ah, no other meaning.
                                            ?- Excerpt from "Southern
People Weekly"
  ?Baidu to know where in the input susan boyle, get the following information.
Susan Boyle
Susan Boyle (Chinese name: Susan Boyle), 47 years old, from a small town in central
and southern Scotland, nothing to boast about. April 11, 2009, but in the TV talent
show "Britain talented people" (Britain's Got Talent
2009) in the primary stage at blockbuster, singing the musical "Les
Miserables" (Les Miserables) in the song "I have a dream
"(I Dreamed a Dream).
Susan at the local church, charitable work, started singing 12 years old, has dreams of
becoming Elaine Paige (Elaine Paige) as a professional singer. At first, Susan Boyle
one onto the stage, no one want to hear her sing from the beginning to the feet of soil
is not that the audience want to see also an expression of her jokes, they do not
mention super-harsh assessment of Simon Kewei Er, stop questioning her out of
embarrassing ridicule she wanted, even that she lived in rural places, even ever heard
However, when Susan was opening the theater singing "Les
Miserables," the songs "I dreamed a dream", the
audience can only be greeted with cheers from the beginning to the end to describe
the screaming applause, and many TV in front of fellow women, but also constantly
call into the television, said he cried while watching it, including Hollywood star
Demi Moore.
This time, a singing talent show, really shocked the judges and audience.
"When you stand on a stage that you want to be Elaine Paige, everyone
laughed at you," judge Piers Morgan, one of the judges said,
"Now no one jokes. Shocking, unparalleled performance,"
"There is no doubt that this is offered in three years show the biggest
Susan Poe child to become a hot topic in England Easter holidays, the media hailed
her to become the next singing star.
On the stage, just companionship
When the media flock to live in small villages to visit Susan, she has always said, do
not know, "the British talent" and the world to see. Because she
had just wanted to be on TV exposure a light, there is no chance to see companionship
as live for 47 years, she had never been in love kissing.
Ever since her mother passed away two years ago, she was not singing at home to go
out to hide from sorrow pity, but now storm red, in addition to the assessment and
producer Simon to give her a piece of paper record deal, the United States and
Australia TV stations also frequently invited her to her contact on the program, simply
call her staggering.
However, Susan did not let fame and fortune thanks to carried away the first, ever said
that he was flattered, that splendid end will be quiet, she is still hoping to find one
with like. (END)

    ?People magazine I saw Susan, her mother's ninth child, birth, dystocia,
small head Susan hypoxia, and even brain damage. Web search for her video I see tears, a moment to
understand why I love music, music that is tragic in the world of wonders.
    ?Think of a friend told me that everyone has a dream that I have, heroic, too.

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