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Second_ Carnegie its people


									Second, Carnegie its people
We only have one chance to take risks, so you have got to do something for their own
career plans, as far as possible in the limited time, had the most happy life.

- Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie in the end is what people do? He not only influenced countless
strangers who also brought a major adult education reform? ?

Dale Carnegie was a plain man, born in the farm, even if the successful people who
made him famous, he still did not forget the old identity.

Carnegie childhood and grew up in the Midwest is no different from ordinary children.
He helped housework, milking the cows to help, but never take into account the poor
thing home, it is because he did not think his family is poor. Carnegie teenager,
mechanization of agriculture yet, he and his father worked hard to busy farming,
crops are often vanish in the flood. In addition, the sun often makes crops wither,
locusts often the crop, leaving only stubs. Carnegie saw the spirit of his father work, it
was determined to overcome the environment. Carnegie and other major peasant boy
in Missouri is different from being in their mother's strong influence.

His mother is a devout Christian, in and Jeames. Carnegie married before she was
school teacher. She advised Dell to receive formal education, a priest or school
teacher, is Dell's expectations of her.

After high school, Dell entered a state, Missouri, Teachers College, tuition fees from
his scholarship, and other expenses on their own wage earned. Degree and teach in
their own home, is Dell's goal.

But Dell does not last as school teachers. He heard a high school correspondence
courses in Frankfurt, marketing work, a week can earn 20 dollars, so he determined to
engage in marketing efforts.

After graduation, Dell immediately to the field of IT companies as a salesman, the
company in addition to his rent and for food subsidies, but also to a certain number of
contracts in accordance with the salary.

Dell is responsible for marketing the region is the western Nibulasi, was that only a
few small towns scattered around with.

Dell's marketing efforts have not been very successful, although he worked
very hard, the region's farmers and town residents to promote
distance-education courses on the Dell, it seems not interested.
At this time, Dell's life, there has been a turning point. Dell to sell
correspondence courses unsuccessful, re-entry into an international food company as
a salesman.

Marketing experience in a food salesman told Dale: "Anyway, you have to
work in such trafficking, to try to sell people what they need. Although I sell the
crackers and sweet biscuits, but I and the traders to sell the region are familiar. the
face of them, I do not sell, as long as one into their shop, I will read them to store food,
in the notes written next to what time the delivery of food to. so they are welcome me,
and for my monthly visit, and never tired. "

After listening to the words of food salesman, Dell is also within the scope of food,
choose a more familiar with their own things to sell. What is he selling meat and meat
products. Dell had a child to help his father raise cattle and pigs, so to understand a bit
of knowledge on the meat market. Dell to find the work, have to go to Omaha to sell,
but he did not buy tickets. Later, by virtue of his experience on the farm, and animal
husbandry to obtain the consultation, the whole 500 miles of road can take delivery of
goods to and from domestic animals, but must be hand fed for the horse.

After arrival in Omaha, Dell received in a month Amazon store sales training, after
which he was assigned to South Florida salesman Tucker, weekly earnings for the U.S.
17 per 31 minutes.

To find the good work, Dell immediately wrote to parents. He said his father wrote
back: "Amazon store to your salary, you have to work hard."
Carnegie book, "the nature of influence," the preamble could be
fairly content with the relationship between the Amazon store.

Dell assigned area is Badelande and Sasidake western Florida. He always take the
goods train, transport, carriage or horseback tour everywhere. During this period, he
read law books to sell, but also learned to race, play cards and make money. Dell have
a store to buy bacon, and ham it could not pay cash, when Dell took in the store offset
a dozen items, and then sold to railway staff. He often train all day, just to sell out as
soon as goods train one stop, he would rushed to nearby towns and business
negotiations. In this way, na, Chang put his artists like everywhere like to sell.

Hard rush, so set a good Dell sales, from the original section 25 was promoted to the
first one, he won considerable success. But he gave up a good opportunity for
business and cadres, with savings expected to go as an actor in Boston.

However, fate has a chance to change Dell's plans. As he prepared to go by
car from the Dakota Boston, met a 名叫拉歇尔 famous pastor. The man previously
taught in New York theater, he has performed several times. Dell himself to go to
Boston when the actor's desire to tell pastor, priest told him, if you want to
accept the actor's basic training, it is necessary to New York because New
York is the center of the performing arts sector, where the United States of drama
school, those interested in the performing arts to the people who work there have to be
trained. Dell listen to advice, to New York as their destination, and this is a turning
point in his life.

After arrival in New York, Dell president to walk to the theater school and interviews.
Principal 名叫弗兰克林. Dell was often the case back then. He said the president at
that time saw him, called him imitate the shape of the chair. Dell to bend the knee,
wrist forward, desperately mimic the shape of a chair. After this examination and then
pay 400 U.S. dollars in admission fees, he was allowed entry of the.

Drama to Dale Carnegie's only chance is to perform in a touring troupe in a
small role as. In this way, after a year tour, he was frustrated his career.

Back to New York, Dell entered Parker Motor Company to sell cars and trucks.
Although several vehicles sold, but he still feel this job boring, because he had no idea
of engine and machinery, and does not want to understand. Setbacks, the Dell that go
on like this, their future will their jobs. After a few years later, Dell faced with more
than 2,000 New York audience, saying that he was frustrated and heart want to do -
"This is what the fall of 1912, I was 23 years old, I said to myself: Dell ah !
life is it? This is what you dream of a student's life? then swear in the
future success of the great plan to resolve all forgot? you are not determined to read
many books, studying for that on your own time? But you now doing what? you live
every day just for headaches, contempt for his actions.

Well! Now is the turning point in life, money is secondary, I want to really live life!

In this way, Dell decided to take the time to write a book every day, and in his book
did not sell prior to night school to teach. "But I can teach it?"
Dell ourselves. Afterwards he said: "Looking back over the past content of
education received at school and practical experience in a very big difference, after
training, I get a lot of harvest. Experience so I will not retreat, not lack self-confidence,
has also been with the communicate with others courage.

Through a chance to speak in front of everybody, I learned how to make your words
impressive. "

Several universities have been rejected, Dell trying to find YMCA, he first find out
where the smallest 125 Street branch, that such a small place to have more
opportunities. But the president made the course Dell is not satisfied, because
previously held a similar program without success. However, the president continues
to serve Dell to hold a social evening on their own, please make impromptu speeches

At that time the entertainment industry's most popular lines of poetry
recitation and drama. Dell selected two well-known poem, by virtue of the skills
learned in college, played only 10 minutes to prepare performance, resulting in the
presence of people dumping it, the President has been greatly impressed, then
reconsider the proposed course of Dell , but only willing to pay 12 percent of
Dell's hourly fee.

Dell recall the circumstances, said: "The course is supposed to effect the
specific, rapidly appeared, so tired, they come to my class, not for credit, nor for the
community's reputation, they have only one purpose, which is to solve
problem, and this issue is that the front of their colleagues in the company can be

"For example, when the salesman called on more difficult clients, often
find the courage to meet them, or even want to quit. But to succeed, they need calm
and confident, for the family, they have more income. With this in psychology in class
salesman, their monthly pay to learn, but the effect is not immediately apparent if they
do not come to class, and I received very little financial reward, so to make a living, I
had to desperately show up to class effects. "

Dell has learned in their own way, first of all to teach students the history of oratory
and the basic theory of speech laws. But only just begun, he found two things - first,
the subject of oratory, he has done all the talking. Second, students do not seem to
calm and lectures, the curriculum seems to have tired of listening to like.

Dell, like a sure way that the for the job so he suspended lectures, pointing to a man
sitting in the back of the classroom, talking to his brief impromptu remarks.
"I say what is good?" Man asked. "Tell me what you
own something, your experience, your life can be." Dell said. In this way,
the class everyone said some brief remarks. Only the last Dell said: "This
training is to get you to overcome fear unconsciously."

This Carnegie-style teaching methods, and since then widely accepted for the students,
but also to ensure the attendance of students. And Carnegie's face to face
teaching, are also beginning to receive worldwide attention. 2 Three months later, the
United States east of the YMCA began to set up all Carnegie classes. Dell earns 30
per night or even 40 per dollar cost of instruction, and he frequently lectures at
Carnegie classroom.

In 1916, Carnegie was still experiencing a teacher 罗维尔马斯 Princeton, has since
become friends for life. Shortly after the end of World War I, 罗维尔马斯 decided to
Pakistan in the Arab and special experience when the army for a series of speeches,
and the matter will be commissioned by Carnegie for treatment. They both agreed on
the program schedule, and production of slides with commentary and stories.

As a result, the London tickets are sold out for months. Dell and 罗维尔马斯 were
set up two companies and two were in the United States, Britain, Canada, showing the
three countries for two-year tour.

But Carnegie's work is really like teaching, so in 1922 he returned to
Carnegie classroom work. This time, he has not through the YMCA, but the business
alone, so Dale Carnegie organization really began.

The next 20 years, Carnegie's organizations around the world grow. First,
the vocational school with Carnegie courses, followed by the establishment of various
departments for the business of life guidance system. After the initial stage of
Carnegie principles have been widely used in the United States and even around the

Carnegie wrote many articles during the Chronicle published in magazines and
newspapers, also became a radio interview programs. He has written many books are
still widely read and translated.

Carnegie's book, the first being popular is "rumored Abraham
Lincoln," by the readers of this work, following the strong support, then
there is a schedule of 1931, "Carnegie's language arts - in public
speeches and businessmen of way "," Carnegie's
words classroom "and in 1943 published" Life is the peak - the
other side of celebrity unknown. " In addition, his most famous works -
"the nature of influence" and "STOP. A new start -
open the road of life", respectively, in 1936, 1948.

"The nature of influence," a book to Carnegie won international
fame, book by 18 countries in 36 languages translation, respectively, in addition to
Carnegie courses each year must participate in distribution of 100,000 outside, has
sold nearly 10 million. After the publication to the present from the past 40 years the
average annual sales of 100,000, its impact throughout the world, according to the
New York newspapers of that time, the Soviet Union in the establishment of human
relations improvement program, is published by the Carnegie as an important
information References.

"Influence of the nature of" This book, originally written for the
Carnegie lecture material as their own, did not expect to be widely circulated. He
published the book when the lecture, spoke of his intention of writing this book, the
following is his description: come to my classroom of students, I have to provide as
much as possible what they expect, that , I will make them increase revenue and
become a social business experts. If I can not bring tangible results for them, they will
not come to my classroom, so I had to come up with ways to enhance the
effectiveness of the method. For this reason, I find reference to the library, but I am
surprised that this area could not find the book, but the magazine does have quite a
few notes. Finally, I hired a special investigator, asked him to spend eight hours a day,
lasted 18 months, word for word to read thousands of magazines, in order to extract
some of how I make friends, how they affect other people's notes. I am the
man said: "You have to do for me is these, you have to help each time I
read biographies of great men. In order to understand how great was the friendship,
how it affects other people, you can not begrudge the time, labor and cost.
"the result, only the biography of President Theodore Roosevelt, he read
the 20 or so.

I entered the classroom began to businessmen and women say such things did
Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin said such things, Socrates? ? Then I said:
"how, or communication on the company you want to be seen? Then, this
approach is used for your trading partner, the company boss and even the family to
see, a week later to tell me what you come again reaction. "a result, a week
after the plan has worked, everyone wait to tell me their experience. And they have
been able to stand up and say the things he selflessly so.

They were published, after the exchange of views followed. Actually no,
I'm 25 years doing almost every night interpersonal experiment, and as far
as I know, this relationship is the only laboratory in the world, the establishment of
this laboratory is not my brain better is, I think this is a very natural thing to do? ?

In this way, the classroom focus from Carnegie-face conversation to relationships,
with the active use of the latter, compiled by Carnegie in its own set of teaching
materials, the students spoke with the various principles put forth. Upon completion,
Carnegie decided to class this book as their textbook.

A major New York publishing house staff, in the Carnegie materials used, the
complete absorption applications, and want to "influence the nature
of" recommend to their colleagues in the company.

"The nature of influence," published shortly after the University
of Chicago, the National Adult Education Association and the YMCA3 a Union, spent
two years as the report found that the belief held by Carnegie significant impact on
the world, because Carnegie stressed Most people are concerned about the integrity of
self, and the wise way to get along with and influence other people's way.

Carnegie did not expect to actually write the book so popular, initially thought he
could sell the 5000 has already been very terrible. In October 1936 the first edition of
5000, a 90 to one U.S. dollar. At first, critics and the general public's
purchase rate is not high, then the publishing staff of senior positions in business
circles as appealing, a series of mail advertisements, results of response, every day
5000 sales, and this sales performance lasted about two years. Classrooms of students
at Carnegie, in addition to their own use, but also several sub-grants to buy friends
and relatives, a sub-grant to buy hundreds of employees in charge of the company
quite a few. With such sales, less than a year had sold 500,000.

Books are sold, the Carnegie is the European vacation, tried several times to telegraph
before he hurried back to the United States. Barely half a year, he was invited to
deliver speeches on television, but also in visual arts magazine to, Carnegie Press
obtained from the copyright fees 90,000 U.S. dollars. According to his secretary at the
time Asia Beek Marconi say, when the Carnegie publishers get paid his check, so he
just, it has put a check placed in a drawer for several days.

"Influence of the nature of" sales are eternal, now divided
hardcover, paperback version. My father bought for the children, the
company's boss to buy for staff, politicians bought their own voters, and
some members of Congress also presented the book to their own constituency of
young people, and wish them a bright future, but some would say the book when for
high school graduation souvenirs to give to students. When it comes to
self-improvement and to help success books, "influence of
nature" must be in the recommended list. Speaker, the minister and the
responsible persons, and are frequently cited the words of the book. If Dale Carnegie
was still alive, so that his book taken seriously, must be very happy. Not that happy
people stood in his book application, but glad someone else can utilize the great
philosophers thought.

Carnegie himself and his ideas are known for this book. Pope Paul I in his short reign,
when the initial public an audience, it quoted the words of Carnegie. He cited the -
"one housewife said her husband and children to do the dishes and her
family never made welcome, the results of the housewife who satisfied her husband
and children to know how hard daily, deliberate plate put in some straw. I would not
say that the housewife's husband and children should be how to thank her,
but at least have to have a sympathetic heart. "

1944, Carnegie and Dorothy. Miss Nancy married. Married, Miss Nancy found herself
with that from undiscovered talent. Carnegie frequent travels, Miss Nancy and her
husband also accompanied, during which she played a number of business
management talent to handle various situations. In 1953, she published her first story,
"how to help her husband succeed" (that is, the Chinese
translation agency - addressed to you), this book has been translated into 20 different
languages, but also all over the world wide attention. In 1958, she wrote a
"female charm", but also has good sales.
Carnegie only son Dana. Dell was born in 1951, Dale Carnegie loved him very much.
Dale Carnegie speech to listen to the crowd which was originally suggested that
Carnegie is a dynamic and eloquent enough to overwhelm the pack, the result after
listening to his words was rather disappointed because Carnegie's approach
is to take a pair of one way. However, one based on the platform, he is a strong man,
said excitedly, who will make a fist or slap the table, his gesticulations are we not
learn, because he is a natural revealed. Carnegie usually with Xing, the sometimes
forgotten notes, he took note points behind in the information, prevention digress. His
writings were also applied in the same way, to his own views to express with a
specific picture, so he can go from this problem, such as water points to another
problem point forward, from this point forward to another meaning.

Carnegie is an artificial real people, he kept the general simplicity of rural people. In
the "unlimited success" in this magazine, many years to help
Carnegie's assistant Bill. Shi Deba it this way - in fact, Carnegie was a shy,
timid, will power strong and humble, he's feeling vulnerable, with the
young actor's temperament, easy to be persuaded, convinced that
everything depends on human effort. As long as able to understand him, he will
become your faithful friend. His virtuous character, strong convictions, strong in the
energy of the surrounding crowd tightly surrounded, he was really humble.
"Nuomanbier who is a writer and speaker, he was regarded as a one to
compete with Dell's figures. Dell is respected him, cherish his friendship,
in particular. As the relationship between the pastor Bill, Carnegie to the University in
the U.S. Boolean Church to non-religious identity, have the opportunity sermon. Bill
priest said - Carnegie recalled a time when little food to eat at home often not the case.
He said that every time his mother would say: "Do not worry, God will
give us food to eat, because we love God, God loves us. No matter what, God will not
let us starve. "Words to half of the Carnegie suddenly stopped was quiet.

I was sitting in Carnegie's neighbor, I understand his feelings, he
suppressed his emotion, one or two minutes can not say a word. Carnegie on the
performance of faith is a strange beauty of circumstances.

Dale Carnegie's education, employment for all, or even people who have
affected several countries. Serving California Institute of Technology professor Dr.
Pulabeisi, 14 years old in India, read the "influence of the nature
of" this book, wrote a letter to Carnegie, hoping to get some of his guiding
philosophy of life. Carnegie immediately reply to Chopra. "When you find
a rose, you can unplug it, an additional kind of a flower." Pulabeisi Dr.
Carnegie is still preserved in his reply to.

Bill. Shi Deba that the Carnegie In addition to talents, was a person with personality.
He said - his joy, anger, there is a principle, if the anger against his principles, he will
soon change. Recognize the principle of error is Carnegie mind, he always ask for it.
Carnegie once told me: "Bill, I have been very careful, try not to commit
too many mistakes, not let himself fail too many times. For me, once in a failure, is a
very valuable experience. I This lesson will write at the desk, when I ambitious, I will
read it many times, his back to reality. "

Bill Carnegie real secret of success that is anything he has enough to affect
people's enthusiasm. Bill has made the following reference Huai:
"As long as there is a thought uppermost, Carnegie serious it would be up
immediately, and he revealed enthusiasm enough to infect people around."

Dale Carnegie on November 1, 1955, in his 67 birthday, the first 3 weeks after the
death of his parents buried in the cemetery near the Missouri.

November 3, 1955, Washington, the death of a newspaper made the following notes -
some of the previous satirical critic once said: "If we are to learn the
Carnegie course, what will become of this world?" But Friday's
death The Carnegie on these malicious irony, never bothered once. Because Andrew
Carnegie for his actions and is very confident. And so he did.

In the article, nor in the classroom Ye Hao, he struggled to teach learners how to get
self-confidence! That is, how to speak appropriately in front of people. Like his most
famous works are described as his first move can only be touched by other people.

Millions of people affected by the impact of his philosophy of life, his philosophy just
as profound as human civilization, but also as Moses the Ten Commandments, even
though simple, but to the people of the world's most valuable impetus? ?

Dale Carnegie also the mysterious veil of the universe can not be opened, but he
identified in the human to live in peace in the contemporary way, he gave the power
of mankind's most important? ?

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