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Saint Louis University Saint


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									Saint Louis University
Saint Louis University

St. Louis University
Location: Missouri, St. Louis City ?
Type: Private
School time: 1818
School students: 11,000
Degree: Bachelor / Masters / PhD
Term: Spring / Summer / Fall
Teacher-student ratio: 1:12
ESL program: a
A school profile
Saint Louis University was founded in 1818, is located in the central United States,
Missouri, St. Louis, is a long history of well-known universities, ranked 78 U.S.,
overseas renowned academic reputation. School currently has more than 11,000
school students, including 7,000 undergraduate and 4,000 graduate students, who
come from 50 states and the world, more than 80 countries. The University offers
more than 85 undergraduate and graduate programs in more than 50, one of the best
subjects are: geophysics, meteorology, aeronautics, space engineering and health
sciences. Recently opened the largest electrical engineering and the commercial
management of elective students also received. Saint Louis University accepted from
around the world with different backgrounds or different beliefs of students, the
students are particularly warm and friendly and helpful. School in the "U.S.
News And World Report" has been named the nation's two
universities, and across the United States enjoy a high academic reputation, in
addition, "New York Times University Guide" also to the school
named the nation's 100 best universities one.

Currently, St. Louis University, a total of 13 colleges, offers 86 kinds of different
undergraduate degree program (Undergraduate Majors) and 50 species of Research
Program (Graduate Majors). A subsidiary of St. Louis University 13 University
include: Life Science (Doisy college of Health Sciences), University of Arts (College
of Arts and Sciences), Business School (John Cook College of Business), Law
(School of Law), Public Service (College of Public Service), School of Medicine
(School of Medicine), College of Nursing (School of Nursing), Industrial Engineering
Institute (Parks College of Engineering, Aviation, and Technology), History and
Philosophy (College of Philosophy and Letters), to promote Institute of Education
(School for Professional Studies), School of Public Health (School of Public Health),
and the Institute of Social Service (School of Social Service).
The best subjects include: geophysics, meteorology, aeronautics, space engineering
and health sciences. Recently opened the largest electrical engineering and the
commercial management of elective students also received. The most famous is the St.
Louis University Institute of Technology, well known business school.
Second, entry requirements
Undergraduate: TOEFL525 pm (Writing 4.0 above), or IBT70 points; or IELTS6.0
above; TOEFL over 450 points to participate in ESL courses.
Graduate: TOEFL525 pm (Writing 4.0 above), or IBT70 points; or IELTS6.0 above;
require GRE or GMAT scores.
Third, opening hours
ESL: Spring 15 weeks on January 16 -5 8 weeks in summer on the 4th May 30 -7 21
Fall 15 weeks on August 28 -12 11
Undergraduate: Fall Spring January 16 August 14
Graduate: Spring on January 16 May 22 Summer Fall August 28
4, Specialty
Undergraduate professional (more than 85 undergraduate)
Aviation (Air spacecraft maintenance and management) in Aeronautical Engineering
Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (Dual Degree) Biomedical Engineering
Electronic Engineering Electronic Engineering (Computer Engineering) Electronics
Engineering Technology Flight Science / Professional Pilot Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Technology
Accounting Economics Corporate Finance International Business Human Resource
Management Leadership and Change Management Management Information Systems
United States of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Biochemistry Communication
English Fine and Performing Arts Economic History of Mathematics and Computer
Science, Mathematics, Modern and Classical Languages Philosophy Physics Political
Science Psychology Sociology and Criminal Justice Research
Barriers to education, exchange of scientific and Urban Affairs, prepared medicine,
prepare law, social work
Master Professional (more than 50 graduate)
Biomedical Engineering
Business Administration (one year) legal / Business Administration Public Health /
Medical Business Administration / Business Administration Accounting Finance
International Business (Executive Master of International Business)
Bio-bio-medicine (anatomy) Biomedical (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
Biomedical (Molecular Microbiology and Immunology) Biomedical (language
pathology) Biomedical (Pharmacy cloning and physical science) Dental
GEOGRAPHY chemical physics metrology Nutrition and Dietetics Occupational
Therapy Physical Therapy Assistant Physicist public health (Biosecurity) public
health (Community Health) Public Health (Health Management and Policy) of the
Public Health (Public Health), American Studies English French Spanish history,
theology, theology and philosophy of mathematics Women's Studies
Law, social work, LLM, medicine, public policy research (GIS) for Public Policy
Research (Corporate Development) Public Policy Studies (Public Administration)
Public Policy Studies (Public Policy) Public Policy Research (Urban Affairs) Public
Policy Research ( Urban Planning and Real Estate Development) Psychology -
Clinical Psychology - Experimental Psychology - Industrial Organization,
communication counseling and family therapy, methodology, Education Leadership
and Higher Education (Christian School of Management) Educational Leadership and
Higher Education (Education Management), Education Leadership and Higher
Education (Higher Education) Education Leadership and Higher Education (Student
separate management) Education Leadership and Higher Education (Urban

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