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[Ming Ming Sha Sha] eight right brain left brain character diagnosis (reposted
Map here http://www.sistown.com/bbs/14450.html
Recent quarters to play this. Left. Began to feel not allowed, how to save money so
that part of that standard too! ! !

Whining women
Character: a reckless challenger
The woman, this is the most shocking of a personality type. Because all are acting
according to instinct, think of what would go ahead, no one can stop you.
Further action in accordance with intuition as to maintain personal style, because the
cause of people around the interest, and often a personality unique looks. But, because
they have even reserved for the woman's conscious and will not be
suddenly exposed nature of the initial meeting.
Curious, love challenges. Even in the face of unexpected dangers, still calm response,
with gentleness successfully resolved, with incredible, the ability to ease the plight of
control. Although it will gratuitous to embrace self-confidence, but once was strongly
criticized, but unexpectedly also vulnerable, sensitive side. After a brief reflection,
however, most will relapse, repeat the same mistakes.
Once in the drinking mood to party, and will pull each other along their strong pace,
but also suddenly charged to laugh, cry, or angry, Haobuguji the eyes of others.
Selected items, and it is even more emphasis on appearance over substance. For
example, clearly can not read English, but because of color or to purchase original
fine book binding. When buying lingerie is also focused on the design style, so buy a
size often substandard products. Talking to people, the body language a lot, often
jumping around topics. Basically, this type of people do not listen to others speak.
Often regardless of what the other was saying, just holding forth to his own views and
do a spit.

Work: seat of your pants type Kenshin's soaring
Such people are clearly self-oriented preferences. For the professional sense of smell
with a special liking for the work through the difficulties, feeling very sharp. Once the
idea came, they burst forth great energy, access to unprecedented results. Meet
potential to inspire his new horses, will be labeled as accurate and positive goals.
On the other hand, do not like the diligent efforts pragmatically, but also unreasonably
hate being deployed to work. As long as it feels like a little no interest, act in haste. As
long as the whining of lengthy meetings or dialogue reasoning like the beginning, it
myself in my mind fugue. As easily bored, so difficult to continue the same work, but
on the other hand, this type of person, even if the working environment changes,
would still lived up to his vitality very tough. Cooperation in the team will look
insecure, lack self-confidence, so stay than the organization is more suitable for a
person go it alone.

Money: in money is her creed
Compared to think or not to spend money in the end do not want this thing to the
contrary, these people straightforward and priority consideration. Will carefully
consider when shopping is not to "reward yourself look", but
just have to look like it, want it, would pay, tried their best to get hands.
Money to spend, not spend money or to borrow, is a "cross that bridge
straight," going with the flow type. She squandered so much as it is simply
not interested in money itself will not be bound by it.
Therefore, savings are also very good at carrying on despite the balance, but so-so to
get by.
No plans to use the money in cash to spend, even if stretched, would find the
evening's work to do, or find a gold master, to the indomitable spirit
through. Even if he is bankrupt and will not want to be too serious, is not the type of

Love: love of Marxism on the type of fire Trick
"Mind at the moment whether the deer wild guesses?" This
simple feeling of [whining] women love their own unique criteria. This type of people
do not care to judge each other's nature, but with looks, feels, or circulated
by the other party out of breath on love at first sight.
Once in love, they do not mind their own situation or each other's positions,
active, love the more the fire burned more heated. Through the "highlights
his" and "let the other party notice", "their
conversation" will help to attract each other by their own gradually, almost
all crush Jieneng Shoudaoqinlai.
Once Cupid's arrows, even encounter that day, will follow the intention,
did not hesitate to sacrifice. And Fandao that is because it is
"Italy," the object, there is no need to waste time.
However, because the emphasis on "heart felt" love once
become formulaic, tired quickly, and can not wait long for new love.
If a new target, it will give away all the shackles, flatly toward the embrace of new, is
in no way bear to death of jaguar love female husband.

Hum Male

Personality: Always optimistic and self-satisfaction model
[Whining] type of man will follow the intuitive idea or impression of acting. Frank
and innocent just like my table the same honest. That forthright personality, usually
win the goodwill of others.
As always positive thinking, real-time failure, most parties do not think it is a failure,
it will not be unhappy, can change mood very quickly. Although if it feels right, that is
focused exclusively in the courage, but because [whining] type of men occasionally
expose the logical left brain thinking, so as to enable his behavior has a legitimate
reason, will use theories as armed. But that conclusion is originally derived from the
rational theory, an inspiration blurted out, can be easily find flaws, if it was cool he
burst, he would say such a torrent like a pair of unknown significance, then or
size-fits-defense, to confuse the public.
[Whining] men interested in consistent, for things like the total investment will not
slacken our efforts for studying, so often unwittingly become the first person in the
field. On the contrary, he is not interested in food indifference, it is easy to look to see
Xing is the head, the [whining] M is the best atmosphere infuses the scene maker; the
contrary, they like the idling of the machine, so the atmosphere around the rock
bottom. Even so, I was often incorrect, is optimistic, happy people. If you know a
friend around this type of person he is, then, should be very happy to get along.

Work: the maverick own way
Session very prominent area of the brilliant type people. In general, as the artist with
the so-called temperament, for those interested in a boring thing to be crazy. Also be a
chance for entrepreneurs, with lots of high buildings are not expensive and
This type of person, if the right man in right of his position, both play a strong
leadership ability to command. Once a decision is, it used to become in the end, and
can quickly make decisions. On the other hand, if the external evaluation and their
perceived differences arise, it will reveal a restless look, work experience is not fun,
like-for-personal-like, no energy. Side, often around a group of his supporters support
is [whining] One characteristic of men. And the people around them for their own
sake, it is best to avoid insisted team work, and routine matters. Want success, there
must be a person as to render them as the economic support of partners.

Money: The flexible use of the money gamblers
As [whining] M using intuition and instinct money is driven by, not good at saving bit
by bit, like to use money to measure their own success, it is generous not only make
money when investing, money, also very generous, generousl

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