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									Rooms Division Organization Chart
1. General Manager Rooms Division organization chart:
Room Manager
Reception. Cashier. Book (3)
Room foreman (1)
Room Attendant (5)
Conference attendants (2)

Dining Hours: Breakfast: Morning session as before work, after work night shifts as
the company does not provide meals.
      ?Lunch :11:30 --- 12: 00 hours on duty meal rotation.
      ?Dinner :17:30 --- 18: 00 hours on duty meal rotation.
Second, departments and job responsibilities
l 1. Housekeeping Supervisor job duties and working procedures
1.1. Office hours: 8:00 --- 12: 00 14:00-18:30
1.2. To receive and ensure the completion of the mandate of superior layout.
Responsible for the work.
1.3. Recent appearance before reporting for duty examination instruments, check
room attendant appearance instruments, if the hotel does not meet the requirements
should be
Proposed order immediately.
1.4. Learn to room availability,
1.5. Calculation of the actual date of hire of rooms, accurate data.
1.6. Housekeeping when necessary reasonable arrangements. Based on the actual
deployment of housekeeping tasks.
1.7. Records room and let the situation to borrow items, to borrow or rent items to
determine the use of time,
1.8. Responsible for the regional health management room, linen inventory, room
Commodity Statistics.
1.9. With the front desk staff handle customers demand, service customers well
1.10. Inspection and supervision work of housekeeping work to ensure the
standardization of housekeeping, regular inspection is walking around,
1.11. Found that staff problems at work and do not meet the requirements of the hotel
in time to correct that.
1.12. Room warehouse management, and hotel staff work clothes and return the
registration Consuming
1.13. Daily check all the rooms of the hotel, front desk staff at least twice a day
reports OK room,
1.14. Master team arrival and departure time for the guests to see the team availability
1.15. To the room to inspect sanitary conditions in public areas and found that the
maintenance items and repair times of equipment failure rates,
1.16. Accurate records are needed repair or maintenance room number, Room
facilities maintenance on the track. Ensure OK.
1.17. Repaired as soon as arrangements for recovery
1.18. Inspection of material consumption, found gaps and shortages in a timely
manner or to purchase and receive materials to implement them.
1.19. To report higher levels: department manager.
l 2. Room Attendant Responsibilities
2.1. Daily on duty to control the situation room status, and customer dynamics, the
transfer of each frequency to be clear,
2.2. Succession check their appearance before the meter to check the situation on the
frequency of completion of the work of this post have to do the text of the handover.
Occurred on the frequency of questions to discover, and that all issues should be made
in the transfer of the records,
2.3. To receive and ensure the completion of higher levels of the mandate, to ensure
the cleanliness standard
2.4. Timely report to the foreman room needs repair, need to add the product situation.
Made to meet the normal requirements of the guests. Within the ability of such
individuals can not do, should be promptly reported.
2.5. Good rooms regional health
2.6. The team into the store preparations, preparations for the handover of all stay
2.7. Room service procedures
2.7.1. Installed for disinfection of linen and consumables and tools.
2.7.2. Clean back room: softly knocked on the door three times to determine
self-reported no waiter, opening the door into the room.
2.7.3. Into the room, opened the first residential ventilation, cleaning up litter and
withdraw linen.
2.7.4. Bed, order desk, tea table, clothes hanger (the evening and good night bed).
2.7.5. To replace a one-time shoe care and shoe cloth.
2.7.6. Clean the bathroom:
2.7.7. Complement consumables and toiletries.
2.7.8. Wipe dust from the inside out by, top to bottom. Wet cloth to two thousand!
Mopping the floor, close the window.
2.7.9. Room self-examination: OK OK to close newspaper rounds member!
2.8. Items borrowed and rental situations.
2.9. Important guest situation.
2.10. The special requirements of guests.
2.11. The room number, the content of that date.
2.12. The maintenance room.
l 3. conference staff responsibilities:
3.1 Proceedings: venue booking venue → → → pre-conference services to prepare
articles of withdrawal after → → → Health and cleaned daily maintenance
3.1.1. Venue before the meeting: According to customers requirements and the layout
arrangement of the agreement at a hotel venue,
3.1.2 all ready before the meeting, including tea, meeting needs of various items.
3.1.3 attendant demand for services, no special things and meeting other requirements
customers, service personnel must be at the venue, including the meeting of the tea
service, delivery materials.
3.1.4 After the meeting the withdrawal of goods; meeting timely homing articles,
conference chair placed neatly, the meeting in time to return the borrowed items.
3.1.5 Health and cleaning: cleaning up the meeting room of Health in a timely manner,
including the floor, desktop, trash, garbage clean-up.
3.1.6 routine maintenance,
l 4. front cashier work
4.1 procedures

1,1. Provided by the hotel to check their appearance instruments, full of energy, to
reach work on time.

1,2 closer look at the daily activity reports, announcements of activities.

      1,3. Carefully read the shift of this, about to be done on a group of items, then
sign recognition, by checking the key job requirements (including storage keys), and
the group of staff succession, to understand what needed to Thank you for using to
help solve , and the day room availability, (including live and pre-arrival).
      1,4 prospects of the transfer of know all the items.
   1,5 about meeting information, check the number of meeting space
      1,6 See all departments key requisitioned, the situation returned to record and put
the key categories
      1,7 see the day of booking, and to understand the situation in recent days
      1,8 check room availability and ensure the correct state house
      1,9 day pre-departure check guests.
1,10-shift process, should be unable to complete the written work or particular issues
within this shift. And the next group of colleagues in oral and written handover, and to
keep contact with the next one
1,11 daily 11:30 am to inform the guests check out time is 12:00, the delay will be
charged half the rent.
4.2 Responsibilities
2,1. Obey the manager, foreman of the work.
2,2. Very special thing to be reported to higher authorities.
2,3. At any time for any work assigned by their superiors.
2,4. Do a good job on the guest information collection and archiving, and relevant
information for verification.
2,5. Entertaining, timely processing of the guests in the hotel and the difficulties and
requirements, to provide the appropriate services necessary assistance.
2,6. To provide query service, but remember not to hesitate to inform the other guests.
2,7. Produce a variety of business reports.
2,8. Note that the hotel's various promotional activities.
2.9. Sell rooms and hotel facilities and services.
2,10. There are problems solved in time, develop ownership and responsibility.
2,11 reception guests at night to deal with problems that occur at night, in particular,
bear in mind that if unexpected events, you must first inform the managers.
4.3 for the guests check
3,1 guest registration card, please fill out the required content, ask what form of
payment, and requested the guests to sign the registration card;
3,2 fill in the guest registration card, card room ready quickly, keys, etc., and, as the
case on behalf of the guest registration;
3,3 checking all relevant documents and validity, including credit card, check, etc.
3,4 for the guests assigned a room to suit their needs,
3,5 After the guests, the guests enter the data into the computer immediately to check
the accuracy of data entry, and registration must be completely consistent with this.
3,6-registration cards will triple their tranches, to prepare query
                                         Nordic style resort hotel
                                            Housekeeping: JIN Jian-zhong
                                         July 16, 2009 Thursday

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