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					Romantic Coronado

(Coronado Bridge)
    Almost all the young are always romantic heart. Came to California, you have to go
in San Diego's Coronado Island, the island has two well-known place, one
Coronado Bridge, the second, Coronado Hotel. The so-called beautiful Coronado
Bridge seems to have been grand and beautiful Hangzhou Bay Bridge, but the
Coronado Beach and Coronado Island hotel reserves the poetic feelings and love for
the island mythology is full of warm and romantic.
    The white sand beach is said to be shipped from the island of Phuket, and wanted to
come to America to create a so-called romantic or very willing under the original
capital of. The beach is full of fun for all age couple, it seems romantic of all ages.
Coronado Hotel's occupancy rate is high, about half a year in advance
reservation, be romantic appointments. People always have questions, nothing more
than an island hotel, why are there so many couples rush it? Is there any magic?
Moreover, many ah beautiful island hotel, you can also go to Hawaii, ah, why love
alone Coronado Hotel? Because this hotel is 70 years ago, the Duke of
Windsor's romantic myth of love the place. The last century for some
people particularly touched (especially for young women,) "do not love
country love beauty" of the modern myth of love, December 10, 1936, just
inherited a 325-bit King Edward VIII to the United Kingdom People declared
abdicated. His abdication speech, said this statement: "No woman I loved
the help and support, I feel I can not bear the responsibility." To a married
twice and the American woman, Edward abandoned throne. This is the Duke of
Windsor Edward VIII. For all women, a man willing to abandon his country and her
stay together, anything of life not state the truth? This is more than a simple romantic?

(Shot from the Coronado Hotel on the wall of the Duke of Windsor couples photos)
   The words of King George V and Queen Mary, a total of six children, the Prince of
Wales (later Duke of Windsor) is the eldest son, the Prince of Wales attended the
Royal Naval College, the First World War served in the Grenadier Guards. The
popular prince, or a handsome, humane gentleman. He had a frail- looking young face,
eye deep depression, high nose, a blonde. This appearance, combined with supreme
royal dignity, he becomes a woman's heart, like dream figures. Coronado
Hotel for the first time he met Mrs. Simpson, a twice married American woman, and
finally fell in love with her. Mrs. Simpson, the Americans, the original 名沃丽思沃
Field, civilian family, early death of his father, received a good secondary education,
unable to enter university. First married to a soldier, businessman Simpson married
the second time, then moved to the United Kingdom. Enigmatic Wo Lisi, how do I
stole the hearts of the King of England? "The only way to explain his
reasons may be that I am interested in my American spirit of independence, and I told
him and everything associated with him optimistic or curious ... ... he is lonely, maybe
I was the first insight into the depths of his inner loneliness of man.
"Duchess of Windsor wrote in his memoirs. Mrs. Simpson's
home comfortably furnished stunning; she arranged a dinner a lways won appreciation
for American; she lets out this tired and lonely man can not be said of any person
from the heart. In fact, fall in love with Prince, is Mrs. Simpson and her whole set of
people who have interesting lifestyles. Wo Lisi house cocktail goes on the little tables
in the Prince would be very interested in the simple wine to Wales to experience an
unprecedented warm, soothing, sincere and calm, is a wandering mind can stop off
settled the place. But the love turned into a terrible ending. January 28, 1936, George
V died, the prince succeeded to the throne, becoming Edward VIII. Enthronement
ceremony, the new king on Mrs. Simpson said: that nothing can change my feelings
for you. May, Wo Lisi began divorce proceedings. In August, the new king with a
beloved woman go on vacation, first of all very good. But soon, the U.S. major
newspapers carried lengthy senior vice president and the king of England love the
message like a virus back to the British Isles. In November, the King formally notified
the Prime Minister, Baldwin, married with Wo Lisi. Mrs. Simpson married with the
King once heard the news, her home was surrounded, threatening letters sent one after
another criticized the letter, was ready to kill her. Wo Lisi who was transferred to the
Bell House, and later forced to go to France. In addition to 32 friends, stay in the UK
is almost single- handedly fighting the King. Baldwin to the collective resignation of
the cabinet to the king launched an attack power crisis, they designate a way for the
King: Mrs. Simpson must immediately leave the United Kingdom. Later changed to
two choices: either Mrs. Simpson to leave, or the king to abdicate. Forced the king to
the Queen Mother and three brothers for help, to the Queen Mother said coldly, you
wrong the king, your brother will be as well - the royal family is also cruel to the
Edward shut the door. Media is stirring up trouble, as the Empire regarded Wo Lisi
stole the king's bad girls. After many unsuccessful in negotiations, Edward
VIII to abdicate the decision to complete the awful oldest not marriage. December 10,
1936, Edward VIII abdication, became Duke of Windsor. The scene is not occupied
by their own wishes, without a grand royal wedding, only a few close friends,
accompanied, in 1937, and Wo Lisi Duke of Windsor were married in France not long
ago was the king of England has finally married the Duke of Windsor to the woman
he loved. For this result, Duke of Windsor to pay a heavy price: the status of being
deprived, title, friends, lost royal family ruled the Empire and the rights and
voluntarily led a fact of life living in a foreign land. But the face of these, the Duke of
Windsor is still a very heartfelt way Wo Lisi said: you will not regret it, I did not, I
only know that happiness is always maintained to you, with you, far superior to have
a crown, scepter and the throne. Since then, Duke of Windsor married couples living
in France belong to their peaceful life. In 1972, Duke of Windsor died. His body in St.
George's Chapel Windsor park two days, thousands of people marched
silently through the coffin, saying their final respects.
(Cronado Island beach side by side two-seater bike riding romantic couple)

    70 years later, we all remember and love this beautiful e ulogized the classic story:
not far away in the thirties of last century, there was a king to give up everything for
love. Let us know how this story of love, therefore the price, made us understand that
life is always beautiful because of love. However, today's young people,
whether in such a romance, but also such undesirable in the face of divine love, loyal
to their love? We see often is that people more and more reality of marriage, such as
the popular view of society, "a man on the Ho using, women see
breasts." We are full of romantic looking for love when it has been secular
in to add a large number of chains of love? Such as each other's family,
status, money, looks? Love seems to be ranked in a more behind the location of the
so-called modern people love it become a luxury? One might ask, is there true love in
the end?

   Who 70 years ago, My Lover - Duke of Windsor on the Wo Lisi said this: you will
not regret it, I did not, I only know that happiness is always maintained to you. This
sentence, in addition to love, what else? Such stories, whether it than the
"Westward Journey" that part of the classic lines even more
heavy, more real? Unfortunately, this society, popular lines are often beautiful, but
true love is not necessarily popular. Therefore, the people in the Fortress almost
inevitably say: love can not eat!