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					Richest man - Liu Yonghao (through miles)
Liu Yonghao, was born in 1951, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, college culture, senior
engineer, the Standing Committee of CPPCC, the CPPCC National Committee vice
chairman of the Economic Commission. Liu Yonghao was a lecturer at Sichuan
Machinery Industry Management Executives, to resign in 1982 after the rural
entrepreneurs. Former Vice Chairman of Chengdu hope Ltd, Hope Group President,
chairman of New Hope Group, China Minsheng Bank vice chairman, vice chairman
of China Feed Industry Association, Dairy Association of China vice president and
other positions.
Parties have been named "Man of China's Top Ten of
reform," "Top Ten Private Entrepreneurs in China"
and "China Top Ten champion poverty", "2002
China top ten private entrepreneurs", "2002 China top ten
financial situation people "and so on, and was the U.S."
Business Week "as" 2000 Stars of Asia. "
Business stories:
Barefoot richest Liu Yonghao
Richest man of feeling? Liu Yonghao said: "Now for me, the more one
million and more than a few hundred dollars no difference, because when sufficient to
meet their daily needs, the money is not your ultimate goal to pursue. Support a
person to continue moving forward is desire to constantly struggle. I have been a
teacher, worked as farmers, have these experiences, I think even if one day I suddenly
without any money, I'm not afraid. I can be a farmer. "
With the wealth of people think? Liu Yonghao said that wealth is a process, not an end,
people eventually die, but why is it knowing the result, but not early to see
"Marxism" as far and how much wealth to create wealth in the
process of their own to get more joy ... ...
20 years did not wear shoes
Liu Yonghao Who? Leading U.S. financial magazine "Forbes"
said Liu Yonghao brothers is China's richest man; Chinese people that it
was a great entrepreneur; familiar with the billionaire's friend said, he was
a capital of one ... ...
In 1951, Liu Yonghao was born in Xinjin County, the home of a child is very poor, so
that in his 20-year-old before the Jing Mo through the shoes, however, a pair of footed
board daily close to the future home of every inch of the land. In 1982, when most
people still have the "iron rice bowl" when eating gusto, over
written for Liu Yonghao left his hard-won and is the envy of government office, with
four brothers to sell scrap metal , watches, bicycles, black and white TV, gather the
1,000 yuan, a sudden sea self-employment. At that time, he chose another line of
business is not optimistic about the agricultural production, they are from the planting,
breeding started, founder of "educating a new elite field" - to
the land to wealth. Liu brothers to make such a choice is very courageous. Liu
brothers are assigned after graduation working at the national unit, with an enviable
comfortable working environment and a stable income. Big Brother Liu made the
computer factory in Chengdu 906; second child Liu Yongxing in the design of
electronic equipment maintenance; youngest Liu America when the cadres at the
county Farm Bureau; fourth eldest Liu Yonghao machinery industry in the province of
management schools for a teacher. Beginning the sea, when a teacher's Liu
Yonghao do not even want to see their familiar students, teachers fear they feel
ashamed. They organized a small seed from the field, specialized hatching chickens
and quails. Over the next seven years, the company several times the risk, almost
desperate, boys 4 had "jumped Min", "fled
Xinjiang," "continue dry," select the three way road,
and finally selected the third bite.
In 1988, Liu Yonghao travel to Guangzhou, Guangdong farmers encounter long lines
to buy Thailand CP pellets team, so he marveled. He watched the feed, ask for a
manual, swing-up and line up customers, "Longmen Zhen."
Back to Chengdu, the elder brother introduced him to several of the future production
of pig feed. Liu Yonghao said: "The Sichuan province is the national pig,
pig is an important source of rural economy in Sichuan. Thailand's Chia
Tai of pig feed has shaken the country behind the feeding structure, should look into
the broader market, engage in feed, complete feed of high-technology series.
"Liu brothers after careful study, decided to abandon the quail and
changing to feed, and a detailed strategic plan. Liu brothers to all the income of RMB
into the project and employ more than 30 key experts in animal nutrition research.
April 1989, the company developed its own "Hope" brand
suckling pig came with complete pellet feed, suddenly broke the monopoly of Chia
Tai Group, the Chinese foreign feed grade feed market situation. Group was
established in 1993, hope, Liu made the Chairman of the Board; Liu Yongxing as
chairman of the board; Liu was general manager of the United States; Liu Yonghao as
president, the legal representative. Hope Group to the Liu brothers and the birth of the
career development of infinite vitality. In 1992, Liu brothers hands with money, they
are very smart to put the company into the nation's first private enterprise
groups, Liu Yonghao as president, began the large formation combat. Hope Group
was written in large print banners all over the vast expanse of rural land: "I
hope that pig rich, want to help." Liu brothers shouted the slogan is not
without reason. At that time, Liu brothers enter the feed industry focused business for
4 years, entrepreneurs have tasted the hard, have a little money. That day, a friend of
Liu Yonghao spoke words: "I told you in 1990 you do not go to Hainan. At
that time my money a lot less than you, but now you sound just like a. If you go will
earn more. "Liu Yonghao by his own experiences to move, and
immediately sent to a company registered in Hainan, bought a small house. He even
left for this special trip to Hainan. However, this friend that this practice is not enough
efforts have continued to fight for Liu Yonghao report, said, "If you put 10
million, to the end of the year will be 40 million." Yonghao will thus stir
up doubt: after all, brick and tile house was built in somehow Come on, which will
come so fast? In the end is how they do it? Friends, not without pride to teach him the
secret: First, buy a piece of land, then sell it, and then those from whom cooperation,
no matter how how. All in all, 100 dollars to buy something eventually sold 1000, of
course, make money and be proud! Liu Yonghao finally understand: Hey! Is not that
"Drumming Communication Flower" What? Whether this drum
sound is much struck, it took a much faster transfer, and finally always stop, and to
the time that the flowers in the hands of whoever who is unlucky. He immediately
made the decision: "This matter will end here." The company
wrote off the investment of the money withdrawn back. Character, practical, not just
for the sake of wealth luck of business management, to avoid falling into the near
future that Liu Yonghao overwhelming that engulfed the black market real estate
bubble burst in the disaster. "We chose to give up, because then we believe
that our base is still weak, we have to do is do well to feed the forefront of the
industry to consolidate our base." Liu Yonghao said.
Deng Xiaoping's southern tour talk, I hope that group out of Sichuan, in
Shanghai, Jiangxi, Anhui, Yunnan, Inner Mongolia, 20 provinces, municipalities and
autonomous regions to carry out state-owned, collective, extensive cooperation with
foreign enterprises to quickly develop a national market. March 1993, Liu Yonghao
elected to the Eighth CPPCC National Committee. In the same year, he was elected
vice chairman of the National Federation of Industry. In 1997, Chengdu's
real estate development has just completed the first round of the accumulation of the
products have started to behave properly and reflection, indicating that real estate
development and the dawn of the next high tide will be entered by the seller to the
buyer's market change "small profit" era. At that
moment, Liu Yonghao another move to get involved in real estate thinking.
"In the climax, we think the best time, but we did not do, of course, no
money and no quilt, we seize the bottom, up the opportunity, we must rise with the
curve." - When people began to have This bowl of rice was the real estate
is a time when more and more unpalatable, Liu Yonghao was aware of the existence
of opportunities. He believes that real estate is at a gradually increasing range. Liu
Yonghao real estate in the germination of the idea of the first day, more just a wait and
see and training. After two years of argument, Liu Yonghao the second handshake
with the real estate industry has achieved substantial results: In 1998, New Hope set
up his own real estate company, bought 418 acres of land in Chengdu, to scale real
estate development. The official called the Jin Park residential project construction
area of 400,000 square meters, total investment of 12 million. Mastery in the feed
industry for Liu Yonghao, the real estate development, after all, is a new field. Liu
Yonghao said frankly: "I am not familiar with real estate as a strategic
investor, I need to know about the real estate market, and gradually make sense of it.
So now, I have been playing golf for the time to grasp the real estate market, it is a
challenge. "Fortunately, in terms of learning is not difficult for Liu
Yonghao, said that he is the most successful parts of" learning. "
He put his time into three, 1 / 3 to handle key issues within the New Hope Group, 1 /
3 of dealing with the best talent and established relationship between the parties, the
other 1 / 3 that is used to study and research business development problem. But the
method itself is also his visit to study abroad experience in absorbing foreign
entrepreneurs. He also has a portable notebook with a pen and habits, where to find
someone to talk or interview, as long as the other side was right he would write it
down. In order to enter the real estate field, as long as I heard when Liu Yonghao
business trip a successful local real estate, some in person visits, it was Liu Yonghao
are planning to enter the real estate industry in early 1998, in the Seattle visit, he
learned that the Seattle by the United Nations as "the most livable
city", thus greatly inspired from and immediately start thinking about what
is new hope into real estate goals? Developers should provide consumers with what
products? He thought with the outcome of return to Chengdu, and soon a series of
Chengdu shook the ambitious idea of the real estate sector: "real estate
accomplishing       the     largest     'Chengdu-made',"
"recreating a new Chengdu" and "to Chengdu into a
'China's Seattle'. " Liu Yonghao
interpretation of these concepts are: building China's most livable city in
the most liveable cities, building the most livable communities. This is a goal, an ideal,
if China every city, every developer is toward this goal, China's urban
living environment and quality will be greatly increased. With good ideas, clear goals,
to make a good product. New Hope real estate company formed in this context is up.
It is in this concept under the guidance of Mr Liu, the new hope of real estate
development from the start into a high starting point, large-scale platform. Jin Park
officials as the pioneer of new hope for real estate, one came, opened the first phase of
sales of 140 million within three days to create the miracle of real estate in Chengdu.
November 2000, Minsheng Bank listing, Liu brothers were in Sichuan and Sichuan
New Hope Agribusiness Co., Ltd. on behalf of the South wish to have shares of
20,300 shares of Minsheng Bank, Minsheng Bank account number of the total share
capital of the 173,024.8 shares of 12%. In 2000, the U.S.
"Forbes" Evaluation Liu Yonghao, Liu Yongxing Brothers
property is 10 billion dollars, out of 50 richest in China No. 2 position, a barefoot
walk in the Chinese intellectuals, stamped with his shrewd one of hundreds of
millions Golden Road.
He had no time to enjoy the rich game
A billionaire, his life that is like? Liu Yonghao answer is simple: a man he thought his
childhood habit difficult to change, he has been fond of the third son like: bean curd,
pepper and twice-cooked pork. Liu Yonghao admitted that he will not dance, do not
play golf. He said: "There should be an entrepreneur to open up the view. I
always pay attention to some international big boss in the considerations. I know a lot
of great, their lives are very simple, to see their lives, you will not be
extravagant." " I usually work the more intense the past few
years 'new hope' to international development, I would often go
to study abroad. I am very envious of friends, some entrepreneurs may be more than
playing golf, my friend always tells me to climb mountains . I think we need to fight
to be able to come up with 1 / 3 of the time to travel, play. "reality,
many" nouveau riche "degeneration and contrived, these do not
see him in Liu Yonghao. He does not drink, do not smoke, do not dance, does not play
mahjong on brand-name stars are not interested. "Some people say that
such a person is 250, but I'm not 250, my weight 150, still far from
250." Liu Yonghao quipped.
For such a good quality of life, Liu Yonghao it introduced its formation: "I
was a child at home were very poor, not through the shoes before the age of 20. The
sea in 1982, I was an ordinary teacher. Were not imagine how much money just like to
do will be better than I did 38 per month income high bar. Start million households
want, when million households had not. Results After a period of struggle to achieve
this goal. subsequent millions- millions, even billions, are realized step by step. Now
to me, more one million and more than a few hundred dollars no difference, because
when sufficient to meet their daily needs, the money is not what you seek the ultimate
goal. For example now, I just one year in the Minsheng Bank's dividend on
tens of millions, I can not do that other companies can live very comfortable. But
when a person just to make money as he The only objective pursued, that it was his
saddest time. support a person to continue moving forward is to continue to pursue
and struggle. I suffered many hardships during the Cultural Revolution, but in
retrospect the suffering of life is an accumulation. I have been a teacher When the
peasants, with these experiences, I think even if one day I suddenly without any
money, I'm not afraid. I can be a farmer, but also step by step from scratch,
I may grow old point, but I will be very hard work, the porter took the door promising,
sweeping the floor swept clean and put in, the boss will agree with me, maybe I will
open high wages. I usually work more intense, as rest time, I usually got up the
morning earlier, will first consider the day in bed quietly to do. think about the key, I
took notes. our people say: eat, whether good or bad; can walk, walk fast; to sleep, Yi
Shangju nothing children fell asleep. I think this is a mentality problem entrepreneurs,
big business can rely on is the mentality of entrepreneurs, down to earth, open and
above board to do things. I tend to sleep late in the evening, I read some foreign
newspapers . I have a Secretary of the body, they help me collect all the information
specialist. on a scale enterprises, followed by social development is very important. to
stand tall, to discover community problems. Do not ask my name, star topic, I did not
this hobby. "Over the years, Liu Yonghao have in mind an example that Li
Ka-shing. Liu Yonghao carefully studied the Li Ka-shing. He believes that Lee was
originally made of plastic flowers, and if has to do so, I believe he will become the
world's largest seller of plastic flowers, but he will not be Superman. Li
Ka-shing at the right time now seize the opportunity of real estate, a real estate
super-giant; Also at the appropriate time to seize the opportunity, as a port, container
terminals, giant; has the opportunity to become the information industry's
giant. He always take the opportunity to constantly adjust the direction of innovation,
seek development, thereby laying the Superman position. In recent years, Liu
Yonghao began to feel pursuers behind him, that is who? That is his in Shanghai in
the "Fortune Global Forum," when the world's Top
Five Hundred with friends, participate in discussion of a topic, Liu Yonghao a General
Assembly speech called the "entrepreneurial spirit" with him at
the podium sat the Yahoo's Jerry Yang has also CNN, Mr. Taylor, the host
of "Fortune" editor in Netherlands. Liu Yonghao therefore have
the opportunity to discuss with Mr. Yang Zhiyuan, Yang is very young and very
handsome, do not tie. Liu Yonghao discuss issues with him, he said the pressure, he
was afraid. Liu Yonghao asked him afraid of? He said that three months earlier than
the others because he, if he do not work hard, there may be other than to go, so he
must be very hard, very dedicated to work towards to a new level. He felt enormous
pressure. One step ahead than others, but also achieved considerable success in the
Yang Zhiyuan, yet it barely survived an abyss so if staying less than fear, fear of
lagging behind, so deeply in front of their peers in the world the strength of Liu
Yonghao been too bad a great touch! And Jerry Yang of the
"fear" from infecting him. So, despite the new hope into the real
estate market has core strengths and apprenticeship success, much to gain. But Liu
Yonghao has always maintained a calm clear mind and humble spirit of the low-key
style. He repeatedly stressed in public, New Hope Group into real estate not long in
doing real estate is "little brother", is very willing and national
advantages of real estate firms, and even small real estate business cooperation and
common development, jointly with this mode of modern enterprises, using their own
advantages. He also hoped that with a real estate development professionals at all
levels of experience, or have some experience of the developers and land resources in
the hands of those who hold cooperation and common development, to contribute to
the revitalization of the real estate. Boao, Hainan Province in August of domestic real
estate elite boiled round this, he published the "real estate business
together" initiative, applauded by the participants who agreed with the real
estate. Early trafficking through feed Vanke president Wang Shi told Liu Yonghao said:
"The industry can do to feed the people, any industry can make money in
China." Nearly 20 years of road, Liu Yonghao with
"hope" step by step, walk was particularly strong, and on this
basis, the successful strides to achieve the industrial transformation. New Hope said
that he has formed "seven or eight thousand people engaged in feed, the
profit of two million; 7 80 people engage in real estate, the profit of two million;
seven or eight individuals engaged in the financing, in return for at least two million.
"corporate structure. Liu Yonghao structure designed for such an image
plane: new hope for the headquarters is the first plane to determine the direction and
implementation of the decision-making; feed industry is the plane's body,
at the location of major industries, finance is the left-wing aircraft , real estate is the
right-wing aircraft, and are initially entered the high-tech areas such as tail. He said
that our main feed industry, it was dubbed the "chicken ass to vote
money", now want to plug in gold wing group, will the real estate as the
main wing, the financial sector as another wing in addition to international the
development of the tail, so there is hope for take-off.
To continue the momentum billionaire fortune
By Liu Yonghao as the president of the Hope Group, China's 500 largest
private companies first, the highest in the first hundred Chinese feed industry. The
Group's main business and other income of 60 billion yuan. Liu Yonghao
in China have a meeting of CPPCC National Committee made a "private
enterprise there is hope," the General Assembly floor for a
"state plus private, mutual complementarity and common
development" of new ideas, according to this line of thought to the
operation of the Group acquisition, merger the number of state-owned enterprises,
which operate under the new mechanism, the shows strong vitality and vigor. Liu
Yonghao as rich private entrepreneurs, not forget the national wealth, prosperity did
not forget the people. He joined with other 9 people the private economy, given the
implementation of "Glorious Cause" initiative, the
initiative's objective is to respond to the Government's
"Eight-Seven Poverty Alleviation Plan", the plan called for
eight years, the last of seven to help China million people out of poverty. He and a
group of private entrepreneurs to invest and set up factories in poor areas to develop
local resources, promoting market economy. "Glorious Cause,"
since the implementation of broad participation of many private entrepreneurs, direct
investment has more than 4 billion yuan, the project reached more than 2800. Liu
Yonghao and his enterprises in the western and southwestern China, including the
majority of the ethnic minority areas, a dozen pro-poor investment in the construction
plant, the economic development of these areas and people contributed to the
improvement of life. Speaking richest man, Liu Yonghao said that he was not the first
time. The title of this loud and attractive, Liu Yonghao it is very quiet, he said:
"This is merely a change in the legal premise of obtaining wealth, a
contribution towards society, nothing more. I have always played on the wealth from
the ups and downs in stride. my biggest advantage is that a good attitude, you can
calmly face of failure, the face of hardship, in the face of others do not understand the
achievements of today. I often think, in any case much better life now, today I can
face everything. Even if companies collapse one day, I still was a good worker, you
can do the most ordinary things. "face of great wealth, Liu Yonghao have
such experience:" When a person has 100 thousand yuan, his strongest
desire for wealth, the importance of the money has reached his peak; when a
person's pocket 10 million yuan, the time he felt that "to
everything", the stage, the people most likely to lose momentum and
aggressive, but fortunately he did not stop here; when a person's wealth to
10 million, he will feel his pocket only 100 million yuan, the other 900 million seems
to have nothing to do with him. "today Liu Yonghao, has been with the
brothers share the 8 billion yuan of wealth, only the stock of assets is far more than 1
billion. He admitted that no amount of money, in his eyes only
"symbolic" only. "My personal wealth has been lost
for meaning, and now the accumulation of wealth means that contributions to the
community." Liu Yonghao explains his motivation today's
wealth, "Many people in fortune after the complacency and forget that the
development of social responsibility I do not like people. "
Billionaire, and words must line that results. April 17, 2002, reporters from the
Guangxi Yangshuo County get the latest news, New Hope Group and Guangxi, Guilin,
Yangshuo County signed the core of scenic landscape 50 years leasehold.
In fact, as early as five years ago, Liu Yonghao took aim at the tourism industry, and
eyeing Daocheng Jiuzhaigou and Aden, but when he put into action, this two
"fat" has been pre-empted the. Always wanted to enter the
tourism industry, Liu Yonghao not given up. April 30, 2000, Liu Yonghao called for
his secretary to go through the western United States and Australia in Sydney to do
the inspection tour tickets and passport, but because of the tight, did not do procedures.
In this regard, Liu Yonghao flew to make new decisions, use of 51 to 7 days during
the holiday to visit the various attractions that the true situation, and preferred the
Guangxi Guilin. May 1, 2000, Liu Yonghao close fly Guilin, and the identity of an
ordinary tourists visit Guilin, a full seven days, which focus on investigation of
Yangshuo, and did not alert local anybody. Liu Yonghao later said the key reason why
the study of Yangshuo, is because "Heaven for Guilin, Yangshuo Guilin
A." Liu Yonghao the study found that foreign visitors and tourists
especially love the Pearl River Delta and other coastal scenery of Guilin. One of the
most memorable to him was, the visit was when he found an interesting thing,
Yangshuo scenic spots even by a rural boy, "beautiful scenery"
and marry a beautiful American girl. In addition, local farmers can be different for
each language and people of all colors simple dialogue scenes, but also deeply
attracted a very patriotic Liu Yonghao. After months of often rancorous discussion, in
October 2000, Liu Yonghao, general manager of Development Department sent to
Yangshuo to positive engagement with the Government of Yangshuo. After managing
to find the background to China Travel Group, a large professional travel group has
been swift foot earlier, the government began negotiations with the Yangshuo. Further
talks are the two sides, the one known as "Ba devil's"
kill the characters will come. Because he has been involved in Yangshuo Yulong River
tourism development planning, and planning as celebrity attractions, he was the first
person in Guilin, Yangshuo, so his influence is unusual. Trip to Yangshuo was
"stolen" spots, he also took another trump squeeze - a maverick
attractions planning program. Yulong River Central has an island, or a piece of virgin
land no one involved. On the development of this piece of virgin land, he has a bold
design and development program: the island to open a huge open-air swimming naked
Leisure Square. After the study, Liu Yonghao and his general manager that they
should put forward a counter plan: the island to open up virgin land into a special
holiday     for     Valentine's       wife,   "Valentine's
Island." Yangshuo area after more than two months of careful
consideration, the company's development programs that Liu Yonghao
more realistic, then declined to "Sichuan Famous last words."
January 2002, Liu Yonghao finally signed with eight kilometers Yangshuo Yulong
Yulong River 303 acres of land and 50-year right to the framework agreement. He
won the Yulong River and River 303 acres of land management rights, but he is still
not satisfied, because his desire is to control the core of the whole landscape of Guilin,
the most famous attractions, such as Moon Hill, dressing and other beauty spots.
Therefore, after Liu Yonghao Yangshuo area continued to talk with nearly 2,000 acres
of Yangshuo, Yangshuo, two parks and a hotel-related co-operation, because the
"Mountains          of      the     Moon",        "beautiful
dressing" and other famous attractions are within this range. Liu Yonghao
said it was determined to win, if not win, that is come to naught. After difficult
negotiations, the two sides are scheduled to April 15, 2002 signing of the two parks
and a hotel in Yangshuo, the 50-year lease agreement.
Guilin best in the world, Guilin attracted worldwide attention, has attracted legitimate
prime Liu Yonghao imagination. Under construction in the hope that the Travel Group
General Manager according to Liu Yonghao views to the media that the highway from
Guangzhou to Guilin has commenced, then, the coast and the Pearl River Delta
Tourists four and a half hours from Guilin, the goal is new hope Yangshuo fight to
cause coastal tourism and leisure in the garden. Liu Yonghao Yangshuo scenic spots in
the first phase of planned investment 300 million yuan to develop, invest one billion
years, new packaging Yangshuo. According to the preliminary plan, a new hope will
be built in the Yulong River Folk residential street of small villas. As the alien swarm
and coastal white-collar, New Hope intends to develop tourism real estate, hotels and
hotel property launched nanny, so access to Yangshuo travelers have a feeling of
returning home, Liu Yonghao mind is a small villa for sale or lease to Yangshuo
holiday weekend visitors, the tourists have property rights, in Guilin has idyllic
landscape between the home-style villa. In the 303 acres of land, new hope will build
a luxurious by international standards, international conference center. In addition,
Liu Yonghao in the early study found that a well-known West Street in Yangshuo,
Yangshuo girl guy with the West guy who frequently produce girls transnational
marriage, love, where no national boundaries, but no one in Yangshuo match with the
wedding at cross- wedding chapel, if the open space on the construction of a
transnational "breeding ground" will be business opportunities.
Yangshuo to meet the "global village" development, Liu
Yonghao decided to use the echo effect of the great valley of natural conditions, the
construction of China's largest open-air classical music plaza, so visitors
from around the world experience the deep soothing. Held in the wedding chapel
wedding couples can be the lover of the island to the Yulong River in the honeymoon,
as Liu Yonghao lover in the wooded island of the construction of many
Valentine's cabin, to honeymoon couples to share in the love of Heaven
and Wonderful . Liu Yonghao frankly, after signing the two parks, a new hope in the
junction of Campbell River and the Yulong River to build a corresponding East and
West, put it into a street food, so that the country's Sichuan, Guangdong
and other dishes as well as Street snacks will be set so that visitors can fully along the
river downstream of the domestic taste dishes. Not only that, Liu Yonghao also found
that Campbell River along with 1,500 acres of a land, where to pieces to live with
people of all nationalities, many people can talk with foreigners, and to earn foreign
exchange business, but foreign language is not the best, Liu Yonghao proposed with
local farmers to develop the land stock, concentrated group of villa-style house built,
the establishment of residential areas that Chinese folk English Village. Now, in line
with the development of new hope, Yangshuo County has applied to the six million
residential Folk Village for the financial section of English farmers and international
etiquette training. It is believed that in the near future, a modern version of Xanadu
will appear in the territory of Liu Yonghao new venture. In this attractive modern
travel environment, China's first rich man with innocent smile will bring
the fragrance of humanity dedicated to all the people ... ...
Recently, Premier Zhu, "the rich have to pay tax" in his speech
after the announcement, Mr Liu, known as China's richest man, has been a
decision in the group, its individual should get paid, shall pay individual income tax,
and that he should pay up 10 million yuan personal income tax.

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