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Rich Dad Poor Dad and


									Rich Dad Poor Dad and
Professor Liang Naichong
Miss Wang: I've heard teachers talk about today, "Rich Dad
Poor Dad and" is not already talked about?
Teacher: You have spoken several times. This book you can buy their own view of ah!
There is a good idea.
Since you asked this, we can then talk about. The book's author was born
in Hawaii, is a fourth-generation Japanese-Americans, written by rich people to make
money in the United States the Heart. The Heart of this to make money, not just
Americans; even three hundred years of capitalism is shaped by culture, the essence
of this book to the essence of the Heart ─ ─ a secret leaked out! The money the
rich the Heart is the secret of capitalism, how it formed? I also try to find out. It seems
not a personal invention, but in a capitalist system, everyone After three years of birth,
gradually developed. The Heart of this money to Americans, 95% of people do not
know; only 5% of the rich know. Oriental people like us, there is no such thing.
Something like that there, but pattern of small, local. This is not a small pattern of the
Heart of a profit, has been through a relationship with humanity, and rule the world
through a certain degree. Such an important thing, Oriental difficult to know, even the
Americans, only 5% of people know, not to mention the background of oriental
culture, it is difficult to know, but this book is the secret got out.
This to make money in what circumstances the Heart is to teach it? Most of the family
inside, at the dinner table parent to children; is not taught in the school education
system, so the education system there is no such thing, that is practical, family life
among the rich, it taught to the next generation. 5% of the rich in the inside, the Jews,
the proportion is the highest. The author is Japanese, he speaks poor dad, his own
biological father; and students who my rich dad was his father. His poor
dad's idea, just the idea that we Chinese people are very similar. Chinese
concept is Haohao Di reading, good grades, read a famous university, after graduation
to find a well-paid, stable jobs, so life on the plain sailing. His own father is the way
to teach him, and who my rich dad's speech is completely different, he said:
"You do the rich, why not own a company, and let people come to you here
to go to work ? "
Rich dad also told him that education in schools can only teach you as an employee is
to a company at a fixed salary of the employee, such education in schools should be
able to; As for how to run a company, school education is not This content is no way
to teach you. That Rich Dad gave his own son and taught him, from the old time
religion, the religion to the 30-year-old, a total of three years of teaching, that they can,
and it did not continue to teach. This shows that the course is not easy to learn a thing.
In this book, talked about a lot of contrast, because they start from the year-old or a
child, the father met the two met, though both claim: You should work hard, you want
to learn, but the content is different; you're going to make money, but ways
of making money are diametrically opposed. They are all want you to do a good job,
but the way two people is not the same. Who at that time still small, although not able
to distinguish, but in his young heart from a strong impact. Which he grew up in this
environment, his strong feelings, only to write these books. Like his friend (Rich
Dad's son), would not have written this book, he has not time to write
books, because his family property has several billion dollars, and management of
such a large fortune, he had no interest in to write a book. As to why so much money?
Because the father and his possessions have tens of millions, and through his hands,
have become billions. So, he now uses his father taught him the way, again to teach
his own son. This looks like the Chinese people's "Rich, three
generations" does not apply to their bodies.
This is a country of rich dad did not even graduate, 13, dropped out of school when
four years old, why would drop out of school? His father died, leaving a store, he had
to take care of themselves. But the author's own father, what is it? Of
several prestigious Ph.D., very knowledgeable, official position to achieve the
Government's Minister of Education, State of Hawaii, an official post, big
enough, pay too high enough, but pass away, nothing left, leaving only some of the
outstanding bill. In his small, he actually can not see which one is full of ah! Poor Dad
said he is not poor, not rich, he said rich dad, old time, how he could see. He only
knew two father's speech, is tit for tat is not the same. He is no way to
make a very simple choice, so he in this place, thinking very much. His father when
the officers do a great, very busy, work great number, so even the time to meet with
them no, they see their father, and she more money rich dad, on the the more free, so
he only way to teach his son and his. In this way of contrast, he said: probably 16
years old, they decided to accept the Rich Dad's teachings, while ignoring
his father's proposal.
For me, I got this book a treasure. Previously wanted to "make money the
Heart" was developed over ten years and no success. It is in this a few
weeks ago, I read this book, they discover that I want to develop things here, this
book has been made. Of course, this thing is not some kind of its own arrangements, I
did not understand, is not no way I admit that was developed before I read this book?
When I read the later, immediately know that you want out of their own independent
development is not possible. It is through such a large European and American
regions, the introduction of capitalism, introduced three years before birth out of
something; I want to come out with a few out, is impossible. I also know that without
P company that processes more than ten years, there is no way to bring the rich
ingredients absorb it. So, this way seems, 10 years of hard work, or not been in vain,
to help me absorb the essence of it over, and penetrate inside the cultural system of
capitalism. There I see it insufficient, need to be adjusted. Well, if it changes,
satisfactory after the repair as "Buddha by" homework. Learned
from the classic description on: Lohan is a mortification simple, but they are solemn
Buddha gorgeous. So Buddha must be idle and wealthy people, he was able to line of
"Bodhisattva," Six Degrees million lines of work to do. If the
free lot, but no money, so only line "Ocean Road", so the real
world, to become a Buddha, then you need to arrange a course, let you become rich,
while there are idle. This "Buddha by" the dharma is feasible,
otherwise, Buddha's world is still a world of imagination, not real practical
world. Another idle rich, the Buddha can use "Samadhi bowl
mention" power to create that truth, benevolence and forgiveness to create,
to create a solemn clean, comfortable environment for free, is not this create a
"Paradise" it?
The book mentioned many of the rich, did not appear to work, in fact, very rich in the
wealth they create. Several celebrities we all know, for example: Edison suffered very
few schools, but he created great wealth; Bell invented the telephone, the wealth
created is very large; Henry Ford is not subject to any education, but the creation of
the U.S. auto industry. Now create another Dell Dell; Bill Gates created Microsoft.
We all know that Bill Gates at Harvard University studying for a year would not read
that Dell is already installed in the university from the computer to sell, then do not
even read the book, they are not subject to formal education or such educated people
who do not complete. Created by Bill Gates as Microsoft's business, we
take a look at: Bill Gates, he has written a very good software? No, people are writing.
That he was doing? He is so rich ah! More than 30-year-old became the richest man in
the United States, and his productivity is equal to South Korea this year,
Microsoft's productivity, he was created by Microsoft, a person equal to
South Korea, a country's output of Jesus! Think about it, their creativity,
productivity and more powerful ah! These rich and more powerful ah! Recently it
seems, the U.S. economy a lot stronger than Japan has at least one reason is because
the United States who know how to make money the Heart; while Japan does not like,
so the ability to create wealth in Japan and the United States is not. Comparison of the
United States and Japan from the point of view, I would like to understand more
clearly the Heart of this money, and increase access to "free"
ability to organize a "Bodhisattva by" the practice course.
My mission is to help entrepreneurs find the practice of Buddhism, there are busy
practice so that they become rich, then I do not know how long it takes to develop this
form of Buddhism. After reading this book and found what I was looking, 80% in the
inside of the. The world is very wonderful, grateful P company set up, no, I probably
will not read this book, these complex causal relationship is far from coming.
Of his book Rich Dad, these two methods to teach children, he designed a real life
scenario, children learn in real life, not listening to teachers talk. I think the practice
should be so, if practice is not the case, the effect is not good. Zen has the nature of
Zen practice is our daily life, is in a real practice in the daily lives ─ ─ that is what
we always wanted to do. This book, which has seen its learning effects.
Taipei Q: This book is inside, not the teacher you feel good in what?
Teacher: bad place, this book is concerned, is not that important, but it is more
important to me. I still talk about a good place, so more helpful to everyone. There is
one thing, what is the asset? What is debt? Made it very simple and clear, because in
their old time, that rich dad taught, so when understood in nine, and now is just trying
to understand something-year-old time to re-pass on to you just say . I think the
problem is that most people do not make clear, many people think that as long as he
bought a house, that house is his property. People who sell houses, as well as family
and friends, and even lenders will tell you you have assets, but also feel that they have
their own assets. So many people when the money would buy a house, buy a lot of
houses. The situation in Taiwan 15 years ago is right, 15 years after the wrong.
Because 15 years ago, the house will be more expensive, while inflation will be,
buying a house to pay interest on the loan though, but also the two years that money
has nothing, because our salaries have been up; currency has also been expanded;
beginning is difficult, and later very easily, so buying a house is correct. But now
there is no inflation, and also house prices fell, this time we still continue the habit of
buying a house as the assets, which made a mistake.
I was eight or nine years ago pointed out: we should not buy a house, should rent an
apartment, but no one picked the letter, now burdened by high housing loans, while
house prices decline further, some of them fell by half, which is very painful thing.
Therefore, there are loans for buying a house to pay the loan including interest and
principal, while a property tax to get their, there will be some maintenance and other
expenses are your expenses. Of course, housing rent, and rent is your income. If one
month is 150,000 yuan for all of the expenses, and you have rented the house, the rent
is 150,000 yuan, then the house on your terms, neither assets nor liabilities; if the rent
is only 100 thousand yuan, this time you required monthly outflow from your pocket
to 50000, then the house on your terms, not assets but liabilities. Also, if you rent a
month is 160,000, then earned 10,000 yuan every month, this house is your asset. So,
a house for you, it can be an asset, can also be a liability. The rent will change with
the market, originally 160,000 yuan, 120,000 yuan after the rent may become, so the
house could have been assets, are the liabilities of the.
So one thing for you in terms of, assets or liabilities, to see it for your pocket money
increase? Or decreased? Cash flow is defined. Too many people buy real estate,
bought out later and they are not rent, no rental income, or income less than
expenditures. In Taiwan, some doctors a month's income may be 800,000
yuan, but he bought a lot of house, his income of 800,000 yuan to pay for his house
loan, then the recent decline in value of real estate. Although many of his monthly
income, but he created a lot of debt, he ate them altogether monthly high income, so
he was very poor. This situation not only in Taiwan, in the United States is very much
what they are assets? What is debt? Wrong. This view is not just buying a house, buy
stocks, buy anything alike. You have to judge it is not the assets? Cash flow approach
to the problem would not have judged. When you take this way of judgments, if you
buy a house, you have to be considered clear enough, it will make you a cash increase?
Or decreased? If you buy a house, each time increasing your cash, no matter how
much the system increases, the value of a lease, the rent is also a good house; this
time, no work, those houses every day to increase his income.
Of course, buying stocks is the same: I once heard a very successful business, Mr. said
the stock fell to trough, to buy blue chip stocks stood up, there will be 20% of the
dividend each year than the bank interest rates even higher.
Second, the book that many of the practice-related issues, he speaks of a human
poverty, because money can not overcome the fear and greed. Why rush a person to
work making money? That is because there is no worry about money, is looking for a
job options to respond, with the job no longer worried. Another is that there is no way
on the greed and control, to see what all want to buy, can not control spending habits.
Thus, it will quickly go to work, to do a job is not enough, there are two people to do
the work, for what? In order to pay these bills, these loans. Such a situation, the author
of this book seems to work for the money you people 也 what you Kongzhi by
money, you are slaves of money, only for their own Zhaiwu work, this
sub-Yongyuanbukuai money .
So how to do it on? His rich dad taught him: you make money work for you, how to
have money work for you then? For example: You buy a lot of assets that
automatically make your pocket money increase, this is to make money work for you.
So, I think this part is a very important point.
In his book, which also refers to one thing, that is, the boss of McDonald's
in 1974, was invited to Austin for the Texas State University's MBA Master
of Business Administration School of speech, he asked his students: You see I am a
What industry? Students to laugh, this is also used about it? We want hearts,
you're burger. Therefore, we do not address that question you ask? For a
moment only say: all of the people know that you are burger. McDonald's
boss: I know you would say, ladies, ladies, I was doing real estate. (Reference book
P.108) his career in real estate; his career is the burger. Everyone was thinking: This is
how it? Doing business as McDonald's hamburgers very, very good,
because the store's location and layout, he is carefully after investigation,
only selected, after he picked it up and operate, so that place will be lively, After the
store on busy worthless. Then licensed to other partners to make this shop the top
down, he would receive royalties, so he earned this money. He has almost the most
important metropolis in the world, the best place to turn into his assets; his assets
more than the Catholic Church also, which he talked in 1974 about the source of his
money is the look like.
This matter at that time a student had a very big impact on the students in the future
management of the auto car wash, is to take this approach, and his real estate assets
Bushi car wash, but also a lot of money.
This thing makes me think something happened in Taiwan, the McDonald's
thing: McDonald's in Taiwan only after the 1980s, when
McDonald's operations in Taiwan to help the gentleman who named South
Korea, Mr. Han is more powerful than McDonald's, he helped
McDonald's Taiwan business, shop where he places the real estate around
the first buy, because the store is McDonald's, not the money he earned, so
he took the real estate around the site of McDonald's bought the business
after up fun, and McDonald's is certainly valuable, along with the
surrounding real estate is valuable, so he has earned more than McDonald's.
McDonald's later this matter was discovered, so they lifted his partnership
relationship with. I think that time McDonald's has learned, not only to
make the shop, around the real estate have earned their own. From here can see that
Chinese people are very profitable tactic approach. I think since after the incident,
McDonald's and from Mr. Han here to learn more, earn more.
I think this thing: do not enter this field, this book did not give out, I really do not
know what they're doing, right? Successful entrepreneurs take the risk and
will manage risk, to achieve the purpose of making money, need to increase the
financial knowledge and wisdom. Then, with the contribution to the Marxist point of
view, when there risk? When there is no contribution to the risk. If you make a
contribution, that is, the original problems and difficulties to overcome before we
make any money, there is no risk of. How risk management, the book says: increased
financial skills, knowledge and experience. Instead of: Diversification Act, high, sell
low into law, share the flat methods stupid way of these. However, he is criticized
these hedging measures, and not point out how risk management. I now put it together,
so-called risk management is: you do contribute to problems and difficulties to
overcome, and disappeared, so it is called risk management, it is called control of the
risk. The advantage of this book mentioned here.
Then under the terms of its shortcomings, the first place I am not satisfied, do not
want to fall into his own fear and greed of money, do not want to work for money; the
money for me. Therefore the establishment of companies, employing controlled by
fear and greed of people I make money. They do not like to do, ask someone to do,
use other people's weaknesses to make you rich. This is wrong, I can not
The second question, the authors want financial freedom, hope that the money used
up, so he should work hard to make money. For me, do not think so money can be
achieved ah! I only ascetic and frugal life, as you can achieve financial freedom ah!
So, for this reason, for me, convincing enough. In addition, he stresses, very happy he
made money. For me, to be very fond of money, a little difficult, though not like to
make money, just like there can be many things ah! My favorite thing is not money,
money may be discharged to the fourth, 5. I think he's making money the
Heart, was the first love for people to make money, if you have another thing like to
make money even more than love, how should we do? Like these two things together,
for example, he liked the author to make money, but in my heart like education, he
taught people to make money, to his favorite combination of education and make
money together. So, if I want to make money, then, because I prefer to teach people to
practice into the Road, that I should teach people to practice with the money into the
Road, these two things together, how to integrate, I do not know, of course, put it
larger point, then, in fact, we like the establishment of Pure Land; people have
between the good and the beautiful Pure Land, there is kindness and care, have clean
solemn and be free of highly successful and so on, so I can do, otherwise, I can not
Mr. Dai: Basically, the pursuit of wealth, with the purpose of life, the pursuit of some,
I personally feel that there is conflict, that we should be pursuing the top 12 cause
most places, but wealth is the love in the 12 cause the following , take, there are those
places, so if we seek personal wealth, has been spun several levels that cause 12 for
those who can not go with something desperately to pursue, and those hundred years
to take away the things, probably because we the pursuit of wealth, while the energy
is wasted, neglect of efforts, will not have this phenomenon?
Teacher: This question should be yes. If we are wrong in the pursuit of wealth, it
would have this problem, As for the two books which he has put out a solution to this
problem, because he can see through the false nature of wealth, wealth is created by
human cognitive If you have a rigid understanding, you will become poor. Although
he accepted that rich dad so much education, but when he was going to build a
business, he also told him that Rich Dad, two or three times you will fail. Later, he
really do it, really, three consecutive failures, the fourth time they succeed. From the
age of nine he began to learn there are so many rich dad, but also fails to mention the
book for two reasons: The first reason is that while he learned so much, but he did not
really do too and there is no failure, so he did not really learn; really learn is to do
them fail, we will be obtained. So he has to go through three failed, he only knew how
to do to succeed. So he said: failure is part of success. Of course, we also have the
Chinese saying goes: Failure is the mother of success. Two meanings are the same.
The reason is that you really want to learn, we must experience failure; no failure can
not be learned. Although he has rich dad taught him, and taught for so long, but still
need to experience failure.
The second reason why he will fail, because his heart a lot of knots, there are
emotional, that there is a lot of problems, when he failed in the hard work, he often
quarreled with his wife, so that conditions, the pressure is very large, so many of their
own to deal with a lot of emotional problems, many of their dedication, many under
mysterious kind of prejudice, may be they do not think that is prejudice, if you know
that a better bias ─ ─ all these things affect him, so he failed. He must, through
those who fail, the heart of fear, greed and so they buried heart defects, it dug up,
removed his success. Therefore, the whole process of getting rich, I looked, is a self
cultivation, is a testing center practice throughout the process, very real. When you
make money, and to prove that you repaired. So if a person, the rage to make money,
and this is the biggest disaster, will let you die after the worse, because you do not
practice, not growing, not mature enough clean your heart. So I think this is a very
good part of the actual cultivation process; and use the method to environmental
testing center is a real-life practice.
Just now you asked about will be there spinning process in that he is in love, get, have
side spin, but he is in practice, he was clear heart defects, and then to succeed.
Perhaps he says it to see some of my great, may not necessarily be so good, if not
actually so good I thought, then this part is that we also need improvement, but also to
place .
Mr. Dai: I work for the plane, I feel a bit excessive use of human resources, in fact
many are unnecessary, but for comfort, convenience, and the excessive use of the
earth's resources. Natural resources are finite. (The master said: on) so we
should cherish, no less comfortable, so do not waste time, should control what. In
addition, the teacher just mentioned that: he accumulated so much wealth, or the
structure of many of the employees. (The master said: Yes!) If the process of wealth
accumulation is a practice, and deal with the accumulated wealth would still have to
caution that if he fortune to his descendants, to deprive future generations of practice
opportunities; if he does not put wealth to his offspring, how should he deal with this
Teacher: This book does not talk to his friends point of view, the rich dad to son, son
to grandson again. What is rich? They did not make it clear, on this part of the
doctrine where the contribution has been defined. For example: the rich do not have to
consume resources, depending on how you to define your wealth, we sit, spells,
reflect, and well, we feel very rich; we ascetic can also flies very satisfied, you can
consider themselves very rich. So for the so-called rich, the so-called good and the
beautiful, we have our own definition, is not about the other people can. So, what
about when it will be affected by others? For example: We will be the impact of
European and American commercial advertising, to their wealthy as the standard case,
we will be led by them, we became slaves to culture, not their own masters. Then we
should do is: a firm definition of their own, practice their own definitions, to make a
real impact. We want people to feel the advantages, we must better to a certain extent,
to let others heart, others will accept you.
Great cultural Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations",
his first concern is the Muslim conflict with the Christian culture. Because the Islamic
fundamentalists, they are not thrown you European and American culture. If I were
Muslim, I was not the way with a hard dry ─ ─ is not dumped you, but do yourself
good to make others envy, in order to convince others. If they think you're
better, they are willing to learn. To do this, at the spiritual level may have more
in-depth study to explore the depth must be more than them, it might convince the
other culture. Who is to convince the majority of whom are not, we can see the merits
of others, can be absorbed over the advantages, which may contain less than part of,
we can make up for it, do not want to because they have less than the parts the
advantages they do not, I do not want to do like this. Course like this do have to have
a skill, and is able to separate out the strengths and weaknesses, you must have this
capability. Without this capability, of course, there is no way to do so. I just have this
capability, so I'm looking to do; if I do not have this capability, the
advantages and disadvantages of no way to separate, the approach may be all that is
not. However, this is not difficult for me, I have a way to split it, so I will take
advantage of absorption over, my attitude is this.
Q: The first time the connection method will be the effect pretty nice, to s talk about,
because come rather late, it's not sure what that conversation, but because
the "rich dads and poor dads," this book full of well-known, it
has several important which convey the concept of life is very inspiring. The first part
of wealth, the second part of the beam is about the practice of teacher you are part of,
how to take care of such part of the knowledge economy is not such a big
environment, more opportunity to integrate it? This is inside part of many of these are
creative, some practice, how to convert it into some level of knowledge and practices,
and slowly out through the organization to promote it, is full of worthy research. Part
of wealth, most people will find this part of their nature and practice of conflict is as if
two different things. This part is not it can be seen as the development of the life
process, with different stages. In other words, practice the opportunity, do not
necessarily come back; Daoshi wealth need to come, so that their lives have improved
to some extent. Liang teacher just talked about Taiwan's entrepreneurs may
have been the rule of man rather than the rule of law. However, I want to say: as
TSMC's Morris Chang, who regarded an example of the rule of law.
Teacher: Good. The question you asked over and more Oh! The last question you
asked is Morris Chang, TSMC or the rule of man I think he is the rule of law itself.
Our society does not sound legal environment, business culture is not mature,
professional managers, and working ethic has not been established, traditional culture,
habits left over from light business, most people admire the heroic leader of the
reasons for making these companies have to develop adult Zhi color However, a
considerable degree of institutionalization of TSMC, Taiwan's highest level
of business in the rule of law firms.
Another problem: cultivation should not be money, why to make money, this is the
view Sravakayana; Take the Buddha Sakyamuni that time, there are a lot of elders,
such as providing "only a lonely tree garden" The elder Subhuti,
there are Buddhist and other Offerings are rich, not poor people. So, if Sravakayana
point of view, does not require rich; but the bodhisattva by point of view, they should
be rich, not only wealthy, but must be free. This way, then, rich and self-cultivation is
the same.
Money monk is not met, Sravakayana have the rules, show the exclusion of money.
This attitude can not meet the modern, I hope to adapt Buddhism to modern business
culture, so Buddhism is to do a lot of adjustment.
Jing Xiansheng: In this age of advanced business, how do we like to invest in
financial management? Investment in the stock market is a better way, if the stock
market now stand, to how to do it, is an investment, but also contributing? How
teachers view is like?
Teacher: He asked a question, if we are to finance most of the investment in the stock
market. So how to do, is the investment and contributions, and are only consistent
with our moral standards, not just to earn money. This problem is at least as early as
previously answered before. Now I have a new answer, the personal finance, the stock
market is legitimate, we can legally trade in shares, does not need to meet the
contribution to the compensation law. Contribution to the doctrine is to establish a
better economic system and for thinking that one day human beings can build up a
contribution to the doctrine of the economic system, then let's respect it!
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