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HKUST Chronicle

- To Hong Kong six months from the Tsinghua

Tsinghua University, Ko Ho

The spring of 2004, I had the honor to be selected as exchange students to go to Hong
Kong Tsinghua University for a semester exchange study. To this article
commemorate the day in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong University (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HKUST)
is located in the southeastern part of Kowloon, but the hustle and bustle of Kowloon
different, it is hidden in the winding paths of the mountains. Schools in the mountain
and the sea, away from the busy streets, lush trees, flowers, shade cover, a desolate
sense of dust outside. HKUST sitting on Clear Water Bay, Clear Water Bay is indeed
true. The weather in the sun at its brightest, from the mountains to the bay looked
almost just like a blue silk slippery ground floor started to be allocated to look
flat's show, was laying corrugated fine; waves jump gold, just like silk,
gloss jitter in the sun. Occasional boat passing by in a white in the sea stirred the
waterline, it is the tailor's scissors right hand dexterity. If our students have
the weekend to catch up with Sailing Club (Sailing Club, HKUSTSU) activity, white
sails spread in the deep blue sea, that scene a thousand sails compete exciting indeed.

HKUST is a very young university, in 1991, began a formal recruitment of students, is
the history of Hong Kong 3 of the university. Then Hong Kong Government to ensure
our leading position in the information age, the founder of this University of Science
and Technology. In order to achieve training technology, top talent management goals,
spend heavily at the Hong Kong Government. Science and Technology Institute of
China's construction costs reached new highs. At that time, rising prices,
the government has repeatedly revised the budget debate in the Legislative Council
for approval the ups and downs, it can become the focus. At that time people do not
know much of the Science and Technology Institute of China, only to see cost
overruns in the media every day, in addition to cost overruns or cost overruns, cost
overruns to HKUST known. It is said that taxi drivers do not know where HKUST,
but the HKUST campus emerging after the TV screen, you do not have this problem

Science and Technology Institute of China became a veritable Rolls Royce, valuable
and real.

Had heard that HKUST is an ultra-luxurious, ultra-modern university, world-class
research and teaching equipment. When I first came HKUST, the architectural design
of the compact campus impressive: all buildings are built according to mountains,
teaching buildings and student apartments seamless. Apartment near the beach, we
went to school, we must pass through two floating bridges to connect the concrete
skeleton, but also by the three are 11 layers, 10 layers, 7 layers of the lift to get to the
classroom - is actually climbing up. The entire corridor is capped, so called a rain or
shine, bring an umbrella in the Tsinghua University has not used one. Construction of
the library collection of photographs of the premises, showing the complete
construction process, from which you can truly experience that, with the original
founders of the demolition of a mountain bulldozing, construction of coastal defense,
only three-dimensional patchwork campus today.

Seaview HKUST adults not only proud of all subjects, but also makes people envious.
Every weekend, visitors flocked to the whole family to have local photos leisure. In
celebration, the Tsinghua Alumni Association of Hong Kong has organized a reunion,
I met one of the early 70's civil engineering department of the seniors
graduated, she graduates in Hong Kong for three years, had witnessed the era of
vigorous development of the property. She said that the Gulf of HKUST in Hong
Kong is one of the best, then a British garrison sergeant resort, and later, 97 return to
the general trend has been set, this piece was originally a British "private
plots" of feng shui treasure land just Shing Chuen HKUST.

Exposure to the HKUST campus, as is into the movie "Matrix"
in the Matrix in the huge and mysterious. Schools are linked to the main building, the
academic building has more than 30 elevators, corridors complex, each person who
first came to HKUST are bound to get lost. To this end, the University has developed
a special elevator selection guide (Lift Selection Advisor), from knocking into the
computer room number four, shows that the recent lift in the room numbers and
elevators Location. However, even with this guide, we will certainly not lost it? Once
I and a piece of Tsinghua students on the experimental course, a good early to check
the location of the laboratory, or certainly requite can find more than 40 minutes late
for half an hour. Looking look blurred, our sweat, with a class of TA grin,
"Oh, then he did not find me or someone else lead me, and you more than I
am strong! Corridor 7 turn 8 bend, really called a winding path, go for a while do not
know where one is going up. open the door to the balcony aisle, to see one goal may
be, may be the green lawn, it may be a mysterious garden