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Methods and Techniques of Applying to College
  ?Applying to College three years from the plan, completing the College Entrance
Examination need to have good scientific methods and techniques.
   First, the strength of the scientific determination Entrance
   General principles: to candidates in the school or district in the rankings as
candidates to determine their own power base, rather than the value of a few test
scores as a basis for completing the volunteer, can not take it for granted whe n
extraordinary expect to play college entrance examination.
   1. Important to the scientific analysis of examination results
   General assessment: Beijing Education Examination Authority to provide research
information that college entrance examination scores and academic performance of
the year usually consistent rankings. According to Middle School students in high
school, especially during the final examination period of the year rankings, the basic
strength can be roughly determined. Parents should pay attention to the previous
examination results and stability, volatility, gradually, gradually descending to do
various realistic analysis of the situation.
   Simulation test results: a model for the pressure, the second model to confidence. A
partial model is relatively difficult, two- mode relative partial trade. A model questions
in difficulty, discrimination, knowledge points, hot spots (language, politics, history,
geography) and so closer to grasping the entrance, but there are two months away
from college entrance examination, students changed greatly. Evaluation of strength
entrance test scores generally to a model as the main reference. However, careful
analysis of candidates to a simulation of the examination which is closer to their true
   Various teaching and research center in the second model after model to be a
statistical score, given the equivalent of one year, two, three lines of the score
(nothing, science). You can mold their children a second mode results in roughly
calculate the location in the area. If XX District 520 points in 2007 is equivalent to a
model of Beijing 2006, a line of 531 points (regions ranked 600), your child a model
525, the district ranks in the future within about 600.
   2. To school, the district projected position rankings
   School rankings (top grades): Beijing can be admitted to the fourth year students of
Peking University and Tsinghua University, about 150, a ranking of 120 candidates in
the year around, the candidates registered for the Peking basically sure.
   District rankings: a college admission in the Haidian District in past years to about
1,000, such as examination results of a simulation of the two candidates for the area
around the top 800, such as basic school sure candidates were admitted.
   3. Call may refer to a variety of effective information
   First, the class teacher before completing the voluntary communication,
understanding of their examination results of the rankings two simulated situations, to
understand the various levels of school students in grades over the years the
proportion of college entrance examination in the taking of data, the class teacher and
the classroom teacher to listen to you in completing the voluntary proposal.
   Second, to participate in on-site counseling and college admissions institution open
days, admission to the college office inquired about the city college in previous years,
the number and ranking of the area taking
   Third, the college entrance examination results self-Gu Fen, the grades students
Gufen relatively good standard, relatively poor academic performance of students
Gufen are not allowed, high are most welcome.
   4. Ring ankle Striving leeway
   Candidates and parents must fill out volunteer when the error of Ti Dangxian only
concern, but should like to report details about the actual college enrollment nearly
three years of "solid line" - the lowest score, highest score,
average score.
   Divided into reference reported the lowest risk of very large volunteer, most will
   Highest score means that candidates in the choice of profession, there is great
autonomy, holding the main.
   Average the most important and meaningful, if a candidate's test scores
average in the upper and lower school enrollment, the possibility of being admitted
does not occur in circumstances other than those can be sure of success.
   As the exam Gufen bias. Examination of clinical prediction uncertainties can not
play more, be sure to fill volunteer thoughtful, leaving room wanted stability and seek
potential. And pressure lines from last year but just bent to jump,
"apples", get the job possible more.
Play an extraordinary and abnormal entrance there are two possibilities. Enrollment of
"size of the Year", said two consecutive "bumper
year" or two consecutive "Little on" The situation
occur, then drop points and raised two possibilities are also possible. Expected to play
a      college      entrance      examination      and      admission      extraordinary
"small- year" adventure psychology is extremely unscientific,
such examples abound, and the lessons are very profound. Huazhong University of
200X ultra-trick in 64 cases, 55 were not enrolled (39 not on a line 16 peop le on-line
candidates are not accepted), to fully explain the problem.
   In completing the volunteer process, to all kinds of information for rational and
scientific analysis, calmly and objectively judge and evaluate their own strength, do
not consider the face, should not blindly compete, not to indulge in hot pursuit of
professional and college cities, do not completely believe in Admissions institutions
on-site consultation, not by friends or classmates of the need to strengthen their own
   In the actual practice, academic excellence during high school, test scores usually
stable, good mental quality candidates, completing the voluntary not too conservative.
Candidates normally greater volatility of results, repeat students, should be
appropriately cautious.
   2, two differential points and two volunteers
   1. What is the score differential
   Score differential including school scores and professional points of differential
   (1) School Score differential (also known as volunta ry score differential)
   Means the first choice of university candidates in the admission and the second
choice candidates to the minimum admission control scores when the score difference.
Namely: second choice candidate by less voluntary differential minutes after the
school ranked as sub-scores to determine admission.
   Enrollment charter schools that do not generally refuse to admit second choice
candidates, but also some restrictions.
   A. "When the first volunteer lack of students and to recruit volunteer
candidates." "Admission Scheme of 5% reserved quota for
recruiting second choice candidates."
   B. set up voluntary Score differential. Usually 30-50 minutes in between
differential points, up to 80 individual institutions, but also some college with no
voluntary differential.
   (2) professional score differential (Professional Level Differential)
   Professional Level Differential usually between 3-10 minutes. There are no
professional schools differential points.
   If the results of the candidates does not meet the admission scores of the first
choice, then the total score minus the differential sub-professional professional
volunteers participating in the second after the sort.
   2. First choice is essential
   First choice when the number of admissions institutions more abundant, generally
not taking second choice candidates. The first major colleges and universities enrolled
a high proportion of first choice. Admission to universities proportion of first-choice
candidates to be admitted more than 95%, 80% of the general institutions.
   Fill out first choice is extremely important. Candidates and parents volunteer to fill
all the energy and ready to work with volunteers in making the report to ensure that
the institutions are taking on their first choice, try not mistakes, to be cautious, steady
and sure of.
   If the difference is due to a fraction of a voluntary institutions to refuse,
"married" to the second voluntary institutions, the losses will be
30 minutes, 50 minutes, or even 80. Or Shizhi Relative'S Courtyard same
secondary school, the college entrance examination scores of two candidates almost a
on the Beijing University of Technology, a business has on the Beijing Univers ity, is
the first choice because of the latter reported the Beijing University of Aeronautics
and Astronautics and a second voluntary admission to Business, adventure, and
chances led to a major blunder.
   3. Second choice can not be ignored
   Many candidates for self-confidence, or parents do not know the meaning of the
second volunteer, volunteer in the voluntary form of the second column is blank, give
up the second choice. This should not happen. This case, once the first choice is not
accepted, will be a year without schools.
First choice and second choice colleges opened to the appropriate grade, to leave
enough space for the second voluntary admission. Otherwise, it will lead to gradually
fall, crumble.
   Candidates to be accurate in completing the lock before volunteering to recruit
candidates second choice institutions. There are two ways: First, contact the
institutions directly and wish to apply for consultation, to get an accurate answer is
the second volunteer recruiting candidates, whether there are additional conditions for
professional differential classification. Second, voluntary institutions wish to apply
then read the "Admission Prospectus" on the candidates is how
to recruit second choice provisions.
   Beijing undergraduate volunteers to implement the second batch of volunteers
parallel. Parallel Applications in accordance with the "points first, followed
voluntary" principle for admission. The categories of online on the same
batch of candidates are not accepted by scores from the high score to low score
sequencing Forms Pick, Forms Pick of each candidate, in accordance with the
reported candidates parallel to the voluntary schools from A to C of voluntary
sequence Forms Pick and there are plans to sort the balance of the former school.
Parallel to the voluntary schools Forms Pick downshift when the ratio of unity was
100%, the same fraction of the candidates meet the conditions of the same school at
the same time Forms Pick Forms Pick. The voluntary implementation of a parallel
batch Forms Pick.
   4. Orderly arrangement of professional volunteers
   Some candidates scored higher than the reported minimum entry voluntary schools
have not yet been accepted. The reason is: filled several professional ad mission scores
are high, their results did not meet the reporting requirements of the professional; or
when the professional is not the first admission, the second sub-professional in
accordance with the differential has not reach the required points; and regulating
professional disobedience.
   To report on the selection of the University should consider four aspects and sort:
College Entrance Examination candidates strength, candidates hobbies, school
enrollment the previous case, the school under the rules of the professional sort.
   To read the "national ordinary institutions of higher learning in Beijing
Admission Score Distribution Statistics" and want to report Colleges
Admissions promotional materials of the previous year relevant information can be
reported on the initial ranking institutions of professional judgments, the school again
Admissions Office for further information and comments, you can select and order of
the professional.
   5. Do not expect to win additional points
   Colleges and universities included in additional points according to score Forms
Pick, but the candidates admitted into the professional profile is based on real-time
test scores sorted, sub-professional.
   If the university enrollment plan by 120% put file, reverse gear is very likely to
eventually rely on additional points into the file of candidates. Therefore, actual test
scores reported by volunteers that it can.
   Third, the choice of schools and professional
   1. Understand the strength of the school and professional
   Peking University Professor Sun Dongdong be integrated into the University
College (famous universities) to a comprehensive university of engineering-based,
quasi- universities (multidisciplinary comprehensive university), teacher colleges,
professional institutions such as five types, For the complete volunteer time to help
parents understand, and understanding from the whole university is very meaningful.
   Published in accordance with the Ministry of Education undergraduate colleges and
universities directory is divided into science and engineering, and two major
categories of Literature and History, 11 subject categories, 71 categories, more than
250 professionals.
   Science and Engineering (4 disciplines): science, engineering, agriculture,
   Literature and History (7 disciplines): literature, history, philosophy, management,
economics, law, education.
   Science and engineering in the "engineering" includes 21
categories: land mine type, materials, machinery, instruments and meters, Energy and
Power, Electrical Information, civil engineering, water type, mapping, environmental
safety classes, chemical and manufacturing drug type, transport type, marine
engineering, textile food, aerospace classes, weapons classes, engineering mechanics
class, biological engineering, agricultural engineering, forestry engineering, Security
& Technology.
   The "Electrical Information" includes seven Major: Electrical
Engineering and Automation, automation, electronic information engineering,
communication engineering, computer science and technology, electronic science and
technology, bio-medical engineering.
   School strength: We have to "pick the University of picking a
major," These books can learn the national rankings of colleges and
universities. This is based colleges and universities professors, academicians,
postgraduate and doctoral students, scientific research, scientific papers, instruments
and equipment, books and other ratings scheduled, reflecting the
university's school big physical strength, but not the science and perfect the
community This discussion is also more.
   We know from the overall general university positions. But also to understand the
situation in the rankings following special: college merger larger more toward the
front rank; the highest-ranked University School of Medicine, science and
engineering university ranking front.
   Professional strength: the market has a lot of information on the major national
universities ranked professional. This can only serve as a general reference. Pay
attention to the professional school to open, try not to sit for the professional
vulnerable. Such as learning Chinese professional should be reported to Capital
Normal University, Beijing Institute of Technology and not reported. Should be
submitted to biological engineering, China Agricultural University, while not reported
Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Studies of international trade,
finance professional should be reported to Zhongnan University, instead of the China
Agricultural University.
   Based on this concern and wish to apply the relevant departments and the
University of professional teacher status, access to the number of professors, associate
professors, doctoral, Master.
   2. Of professional content
   Do not name the words too literally from the professional, or look at the name of
the genus to which the industry. The most important thing is to look at the content of
professionalism, which includes the professional disciplines, which set the course
(course group), this is the decision to engage in the future development of industry
and further study the core element of
   Curriculum of the same type of difference is not significant, such as electronic
information science and technology, electronic information engineering,
communication engineering, automation, computer science and technology, electronic
science and technology, bio-medical engineering, measurement and control
technology and equipment and other professional 2 / 3 courses are the same or similar.
   In further studies and employment, the chemical industry, application of chemical,
pharmaceutical, pharmacy professionals are not much different.
   3. Dialectical relationship between treatment and professional schools
   General principles: choose what level of school entrance examination by the
strength of candidates to determine what direction chosen by the candidates of
professional interest, hobbies, strengths, aspirations, to determine.
   Specific considerations, make the following three areas have the correct scientific
understanding and analysis:
   A. taught school and professional significance of the inverted drawing pin type
(upward placement). Universities where students are nurtured in the comprehensive
qualities and more broad perspective, knowledge widely. Students in professional
colleges have strong professional training, integrated development of quality weaker.
Chinese People's University (Philosophy and calendar management by the
French) and the China University of Political Science Postgraduate it is such a case.
   B. Selection of the ideas to professional wide Siding not a professional, should be
at least two or three categories or direction. Learning Chinese, law, journalism
profession can be as editors, reporters. A student may be in science subjects like
electronics, communications, liberal arts aspects of the law in the interest of the
business administration in management have talent, it is not uncommon Parents have
to pay attention to careful discovery, inspiration and guidance.
   In addition, professional Fuzzy has become a trend now, more and more schools to
implement enrollment by faculty, wide caliber, thick base, the freshma n, sophomore
completion of basic courses and then sub-professional. Such as Peking University,
class by class science tests, math classes, physics, chemistry and economics and
business administration, public management class enrollment. Tongji University,
according to economics class, biological sciences, electronic information,
environmental sciences, machinery recruitment.
   C. the strength of candidates at different levels in schools and professional choices
and trade-offs can be different focus.
   Academic excellence, focus on high school grades in the city top-ranking students,
conditional priority schools. Should be preferred in the sciences, arts-based brand
university, in this context the relative prefer to choose their own profession, which is
conducive to the overall quality of training.
   Middle or upper middle grades candidates, can take care of school and professional,
choose engineering of universities and multidisciplinary universities.
   Relatively poor academic performance of candidates, consider selecting a location
"not good", not much known Italian professional schools, it is
preferred professional.
   4. Dilute the "hot", "unpopular" ideas
   Long-term demand for long-term professional is a professional, employment and
further studies of adaptation breadth, "sustainable development"
is strong, does not appear too unusual short "hot" phenomenon.
Long-term professional and more a traditional science, engineering, humanities: such
as mathematics, physics, biology, medicine, literature, machinery, automation, and
chemical. Recommended that future studies intended to outstanding undergraduate
students to study long-term focus based on professional.
   Short-term professional is a professional short-term needs. Mostly operational
discipline, talent to adapt to the relatively narrow area, employing more restrictive;
time is highly affected by the policy of large (once the adjustment of a national
economy, the relevant professional personnel employed on the affected), continuing
"high fever "The time is very short, sudden temperature change
can be" cold. " Such as computers, trade, finance, management
and law.
   Professional hot phenomenon is changing. Agriculture, forestry, water, cold
division a few years ago, now is not cold. Finance and Economics hot a few years ago,
is now more difficult job.
Employment is not voluntary reporting of significant scale elections, not to popular
demand for qualified personnel published annually by the industry as the basis for
choice of profession.
   5. Encourage the local institutions
   Beijing is now taking college entrance rate of about 75-80%, if the only university
in Beijing, only 60% acceptance rate.
   Enrollment of foreign institutions in Beijing, most of ministries institutions,
teachers were very strong. When the strength of prestigious universities in Beijing,
less competitive, not only scores low, there are down points per year may be admitted.
And Beijing universities, even some short history, the poor level of teaching and
research institutions is also a hotbed of activity.
   Candidates to step out of Beijing, there will be a lot of choices. Proposed secondary
science achievement, liberal arts students score above average, can give more
consideration to local institutions. Because of the lack of a similar pattern of Beijing
University, Nanjing University, Fudan University, this grade school.
   Candidates in the capital Beijing grew up going out both see the world, but also the
ability to exercise independent living. I believe children have the ability to go out into
the world, this is a very important step in life, is also essential step. Go earlier than
later going out good. Do not go to college, graduate and Ben can not only limit the
cause of it in Beijing, to the field on the university is preparing to go abroad.
   Fourth, parents role-playing
   Basic principles: to help children to choose and respect the child&#39 ;s
choices to guide their choice for their children.
   Parents should be prepared to sit around the children's school,
professional, go to school counseling, online searching, do extensive research,
collecting information, processing and analysis of information, the information to
their children, to help save time. Select the basic orientation of the 12 universities,
university volunteers can bring the child to detailed consultation.
   Should have a positive attitude towards entrance calm, objective approach to
university. Do not pressure your child, not to mislead, not a good face, not
competition, not monopolizing everything.
   From understanding the characteristics of children themselves, to communicate
more with children and teaching children the concept of establishing a long-term
talent to guide their children on their own decisions.

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