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									Presentation Title
Mission and Goals
To promote world
peace and friendship
by helping
• The people of interested countries in meeting
    their need for trained men and women

•   Promote a better understanding of Americans
    on the part of the peoples served

•   Promote a better understanding of other
    peoples on the part of Americans

Volunteer Facts
What Volunteers Do

        Volunteer Demographics
•   Average age:                            •     Active Volunteers and
    27 years                                      trainees: 7,876
•   Volunteers over age 50:                 •     Gender:
    5% (oldest Volunteer is 79)                   60% women,
•   Possess a college
                                                  40% men
    degree: 94 %                            •     Marital status:
                                                  94% single,
                                                  6% married

                                            •     Minorities:
                                                  15% of Volunteers

                   Statistics based on data as of 9/30/08
Where Volunteers Go

                                                     Active Countries

                      Serving 76 Countries as of 9/30/08
The Benefits of Service
Volunteers Serve in the Peace Corps to:
•   Serve the overseas community

•   Develop professionally and personally

•   Learn a new language and culture

• Live in another country for two years
•   Help others and contribute to world peace through friendship

Benefits During Service
•   Living allowance

•   Language, cross-cultural,
    and technical training

•   Medical and dental care

•   Travel to and from country of service

•   48 paid vacation days

•   Possible student loan deferment
    and/or partial cancellation
Benefits After Service
• Just over $6,000 “readjustment”
    allowance upon completion of service

•   One year of non-competitive
    eligibility status for federal jobs

•   Free career-related resources including job
    bulletins, newsletters, access to a mentor, and
    in-person and Internet-based career workshops

•   Returned Volunteer network

•   Medical and dental coverage
    option for 18 months following service

•   Professional benefits, including technical skills
    language fluency, international experience, and
    cross-cultural understanding

•   Graduate school opportunities

            Graduate School Opportunities
               Peace Corps has 100 school partnerships

• Master’s International combines      • Fellows/USA offers financial
  graduate school and Peace              benefits for returned Peace
  Corps service                          Corps Volunteers who wish to
                                         pursue graduate level studies
• Begin your studies on campus,
  serve overseas, and return to        • Lifetime eligibility is offered to
  finish your graduate work              those who satisfactorily
                                         complete service

Core Expectations of Volunteers
In working toward fulfilling the Peace Corps Mission of promoting world peace
and friendship, as a trainee and Volunteer, you are expected to:

1. Prepare your personal and professional life to make a commitment
   to serve abroad for a full term of 27 months
2. Commit to improving the quality of life of the people with whom you live and work;
   and, in doing so, share your skills, adapt them, and learn new skills as needed
3. Serve where the Peace Corps asks you to go, under conditions of hardship, if
   necessary, and with the flexibility needed for effective service
4. Recognize that your successful and sustainable development work is based on
   the local trust and confidence you build by living in, and respectfully integrating
   yourself into, your host community and culture
5. Recognize that you are responsible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your
   personal conduct and professional performance
Core Expectations of Volunteers
In working toward fulfilling the Peace Corps Mission of promoting world peace
and friendship, as a trainee and Volunteer, you are expected to:

6. Engage with host country partners in a spirit of cooperation, mutual learning,
   and respect
7. Work within the rules and regulations of Peace the Corps and the local
   and national laws of the country where you serve
8. Exercise judgment and personal responsibility to protect your health, safety, and
   well-being and that of others
9. Recognize that you will be perceived, in your host country and community,
   as a representative of the people, cultures, values, and traditions of
   the United States of America
10.Represent responsibly the people, cultures, values, and traditions of your host
   country and community to people in the United States both during and
   following your service.
Applying for the Peace Corps
Application Process                                  Working with Recruiters

    From start to finish usually takes 9-12 months

•   Step One
    Evaluate if Peace Corps is right for you
•   Step Two
• Step Three
•   Step Four
    Nomination of Competitive Candidates

Application Process                                  Working with Placement Office

    From start to finish usually takes 9-12 months

•   Step Five
    Medical and Legal Review
•   Step Six
    Invitation of Selected Candidates
•   Step Seven
    Preparation for Departure

Eligibility and Applicant Strengths
 •   At least 18 years of age

 •   U.S. citizenship

 • Desire to help other people help themselves
 •   Commitment to serve abroad for 27 months

 •   In good health

How to be a More Competitive Applicant
  • Foreign language proficiency

  • Professional skills and experience

  • Demonstrated leadership and community service experience

  • Flexibility

  • Volunteers experience and language skills are a plus

  • Some combination of education, skills, and life experience
    that match Volunteer job openings

  • Ninety percent of Volunteer positions require a bachelor’s degree

        Serving as a Married Couple
• Both members of the couple must apply and qualify separately

• Couples must be married before being nominated and married
  at least one year before departure

• The unique aspects of placing a couple at the same site is helped
  by a couple’s flexibility

How Peace Corps Determines
  Selection of Volunteers
•   How well your skills match the open
    positions we have

•   Comparing your skills to those of
    other candidates

•   When you are available and the start
    date of open positions

•   Support available should you have
    special medical requirements

•   Your motivation and commitment to
    serve for 27 months

In Their Words
“Now is the time to go out and make a
 significant contribution to other people’s lives.”
                                    Heidi and Jim Wilton
Self Discovery
“I joined the Peace Corps in order to
 stretch my personal and professional
 boundaries and to challenge myself.”
                                Rasul Sha’ir
Seize the Day
“Don’t be afraid. This is a once
 in a lifetime opportunity”
                          Bea Grossman
Apply Today
“To anyone considering the Peace Corps, I
 would say it is a terrific experience. You
 will never regret it.”
                                 Jae Junkin
Next Steps
Next Steps
Learn more about the Peace Corps
• Visit
•   Review the catalog and other materials

•   Talk to a former Peace Corps Volunteer

Get connected to your regional
recruiter at


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