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paint by number


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									Title: Paint-By-Number
Grade: PK-1

Overview: Picasso Piglet needs your help! Students color in the numbers in the
correct order to finish the paintings. Students can fill in the numbers and hear counting
songs counting by 1’s, 2’s, or 5’s.

My Learning Objectives:
Skip count by 1's, 2's, and 5's
Match numerals

Note: There is only one learning mode for this activity.

    1. Click on the Palette to advance to the Paint by Number Activity from the Main Room. A
       large canvas on an easel is broken up into ten pieces. Picasso Piglet needs your help. “I
       need to finish this painting for my big art show. Please color in the numbers, in the correct
    2. Paint the number pieces the colors shown on the number line. Click on the correct
       number on the number line – it says its name and your cursor changes to a paintbrush.
       Click on the correct corresponding piece of the painting to fill it in with the color.
       - If correct, it fills in with the color.
       - If incorrect, Picasso says, “Please color the pieces in the correct order.” The correct
       number flashes on the painting piece as well as on the number line.
    3. Continue filling in all of the pieces to finish the painting. As you do, the numbers on the
       number line dim. When finished, the painting animates.
    4. Click the Paint Cans to choose a level:
       - Level 1: Counting by 1’s
       - Level 2: Counting by 2’s
       - Level 3: Counting by 5’s
    5. Click the Music Note button to hear a Counting Song for each level.
    6. Click the character in the picture frame for the Question and Answer Mode, or click Millie
       to return to the Main Room.

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