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(1) collect, verify and analyze information such as customers and availability, room
number system design and management, reporting and analysis of business reports,

(2) to accompany clients to view houses, purchase costs estimates;

(3) agent contract with the deed tax paid and the warrants identification process,
consulting with the agency matters relating to various types of home loans, housing
inspection and handover of the Associate;

(4) bid for rental permits, research real estate markets, accounting and evaluation of
price, design price system, the development of information display and management
of documents with graphics, design graphic arrangements and processing area of the
[Edit this section] Professional Profile
Since the 20th century, since the late 80s, with the growing volume of real estate
transactions, real estate brokers has rapidly developed into a team of employees in
hundreds of thousands of professional soldiers, in the real estate development, sales,
leasing, purchase, investment , transfer, mortgage, exchange, and mortgage and other
kinds of economic activities in the process, the independence of a third party to
engage in consultancy agency, information processing, service, preparation and
planning and other consulting work, but also their professional activities engaged in
with further expansion of economic and social development, from planning the design,
construction logistics, promotion to the property Guan Li Jing Ying's
Zixuncehua, full integration into the Fangde Chan operating the entire process, on the
Cujin Fangdechanye normal development of increasingly played an irreplaceable The
significant role.

According to Nanjing Real Estate Board recently released data, the number of
employees in Nanjing real estate brokers have more than 4,000 people. This as a base
for projections, the employment of existing employees in the country no less than 40
million people are still in expansion. The professional employees in the geographical
distribution mostly in the country's large and medium cities, but has spread
to small and medium cities in the apparent trend.

In recent years, the occupation has become a perennial shortage of jobs but always
professional one of the recruit, in the human resources market is a typical supply-side
market, a larger gap, the employment situation is very good. The professional
employees in higher income, but the annual renewal rate is always high, more than
15%, which was entered on the one hand, while many people lose out.

With the professional expertise directly related to the "real estate
management and development" and "real estate marketing
direction," and so indirectly of "communication and
planning," and so on. At present, domestic institutions, the general set of
"real estate management and development" and "real
estate marketing orientation" and other professional.

In Hong Kong and Taiwan, this job is that people are more optimistic than the
lawyer's profession; in the larger U.S. population mobility and Western
Europe, more recently the average income of more than a century has been the
country's traditional and pre-20 students continue to receive one dynamic

As the momentum of the domestic real estate industry is fierce in the construction of
new buildings, second-hand housing market has become increasingly broad, with
second home ownership trends in society in full swing, the prospects for this
occupation is expected to be very good, expect in the next 20-30 years, the total
number of employees will show to grow exponentially. Employees in the industry will
increase substantially, the rapid development of the sun are one type career. However,
the professional content of the work undertaken by practitioners still do not have a
complete and accurate definition, coupled with uneven quality employees, especially
the unscrupulous practitioners, of broker operations, of the houses to real estate
speculators, Many dry out first and then raise prices to sell monopoly availability
irregularities such as excessive growth leading to the current price is an important
factor. Therefore, in accordance with the characteristics of the real estate agent
professional, standardized and institutionalized in establishing a complete
professional system and the norms and international practices of industry
self-regulation system, work to develop a unified standard for improving the quality
of the professional employees, the job stability and healthy sustainable development,
is of great practical significance.
[Edit this section] Related content
How do real estate agents

If want to be a qualified real estate agent, not only familiar with real estate expertise,
but also mastery of legal knowledge, financial knowledge and negotiating skills to the
real estate developers and consumers, buyers and sellers of middle building bridges to
the intermediary industry have removed themselves invincible.

Real estate expertise (including the premises of the information)

The so-called real estate brokers, is to provide real estate information for the client
and the intermediary agency. Intermediate, simple language that is as an intermediary.
Intermediate single-handedly pull the two: the family and under the house, and from a
communication between the two, the role of promoting and smooth. A real estate
agent for a large number of market information to grasp that he engaged in a good
prerequisite for this business. The accommodation should include: real estate-related
laws, regulations and policy information related to the purchase of the object change
information. In the very large extent, the broker is to make profits from the use of
information, information is their main capital. If the intermediate focus is information,
then the agent would have to have to have the expertise Caixing. Acting on behalf of a
party to find the other, is the whole process of the sale and leasing agents, real estate
throughout all aspects of production, thus requiring real estate brokers familiar with
the laws, rules and regulations on the basis of proficiency in real estate development
and management , architecture, real estate transactions, real estate price evaluation
expertise. Specifically, we should grasp the real estate development and investment,
and the associated market research, development process, project feasibility studies,
engineering construction and final acceptance, financing, marketing. Second, be
familiar with building basic knowledge to understand the whole process of
construction. Third, we must know the transfer, mortgage and lease conditions,
procedures and specific requirements, as well as some basic knowledge of
Registration Management. Fourth, we should grasp the real estate appraisal theory
and practice.

Marketing Knowledge

Real estate development to the situation today, not long ago a single product a few
years ago to compete. For the real estate business, they need not be a simple
intermediary services, but provides the perfect marketing plan to open up markets and
superb marketing program intermediary services. Real Estate Market separation of
production and consumption characteristics, determine the importance of real estate
marketing. Real estate in time, amount, type, room type, floor ownership, information,
and valuation of separation, have to rely on marketing to make up. Real Estate
Marketing Theory, market forecasts and research methods as well as product strategy,
pricing strategy, distribution and promotion strategies are essential for real estate
marketing center of things. To grasp the marketing knowledge, we must grasp the
market research, target market selection, product development, product pricing,
channel selection, product promotion, after sales service knowledge and skills.

Legal knowledge

Although not a lawyer and real estate broker, does not have to meet the professional
level, but with non-real estate-related laws and regulations that must be mastered.
China's real estate development has benefited from real estate laws and
regulations to adjust and perfect, that every real estate business, are inseparable from
the law and specific regulations. Three laws of real estate, "Urban Real
Estate     Administration       Law",        "Land        Management
Law" and "City Planning Law", and thus the
development of departmental rules and local laws and regulations, covering almost
the entire real estate transaction. As a real estate broker not only to master the laws
and regulations and various government departments on real estate policies,
guidelines and spirit, but also familiar with the civil law, economic law, administrative
law and administrative procedure law, civil law knowledge. To give the simplest
example, sign a contract, must involve economic contract law, civil law and other
legal knowledge. Leasing agent to be familiar with, "Measures for the
Administration of Urban Housing Leasing", "conditions of
urban private housing management", etc. They know what room to rent,
what room can not rent, lease contract, the way in which entry into force. Agency
trading,    you     have      to   know,       "Urban       Housing     transfer
regulations", "Registration and Administration of the city has
ownership" in terms of transfer, transaction procedures, Registration
Management knowledge and accreditation procedures. If the agent developers to
master knowledge of the law even more numerous. Fashionable in recent years
witnessed the business of real estate lawyers illustrates the importance of legal
knowledge. Real estate agent to learn, understanding, usage, law, use the law to
safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of clients.

Financial knowledge. Real estate finance as the financial sector is an important part,
and real estate development, operation and management are closely linked, real estate
finance is a product of real estate and financial marriage. Real estate development,
should be backed by the financial sector, financial sector development, real estate is
preferred. The implementation of housing reform in particular, the new system,
residents after the cancellation of in-kind housing distribution to the market to
purchase a home, the broker's financial knowledge is especially important.
Whether the whole process for developers, agents, or mortgage loans, and even real
estate consulting business, are ultimately financial knowledge. In general, the agent
should be familiar with international financial practice, the current national financial
policies, financial forms, bank interest, interest calculations, loan types and
procedures, payment methods and the knowledge of the housing sub-product gold.

Negotiation skills

Negotiation is a skill, it is an art and science. It views the parties through negotiation,
emotional communication, to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement can be essential.
Real estate broker negotiations are no exception to the Client by negotiating complete
the tasks, their access to commission, but also the market's needs are met.
Common strategy in the negotiations if the time is a strategy that benefits concessions
strategy to win strategy Prudential real estate agents are necessary to draw on.
Specific to the intermediary or agent business, at least make the best policy,
second-best, worst of three or more programs. Real estate broker, there are still one of
the most practical question is how both sides deal, which requires real estate brokers
"in the can act", you can also use some resourcefulness, skills
and methods to promote each other's back determined transactions. But
you can not use deception.
[Edit this section] About Test
Real estate agent to implement a unified national qualification framework, unified
proposition, unified examination system organized by the Ministry of Personnel,
Ministry of Construction jointly organized and implemented, in principle, meet once a
year. Ministry of Construction is responsible for the preparation of the real estate
broker licensing examination outline, preparation of examination materials and
organization of propositions, the harmonization of planning, organization, or to
authorize the organization of real estate broker exam qualifications and training work.
Exam training in accordance with the training and test separately, the principle of
voluntary participation. Personnel responsible for validation of real estate broker
licensing examination subjects, syllabus and examination papers, examining work
organization and implementation. Conjunction with the Ministry of Construction, real
estate broker licensing examination for inspection, supervision, guidance and
determine the eligibility criteria. Real estate broker qualification examination, by the
provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities personnel department personnel
issue printed, the Ministry of Personnel, Ministry of Construction with India,
"The People's Republic of China real estate agent qualification
certificates." The certificate valid nationwide. Associate real estate broker
to implement a unified national qualification framework, the provinces, autonomous
regions and municipalities proposition and organization of the examination system.
Ministry of Construction is responsible for developing associate real estate broker
qualification exam outline. Personnel responsible for validation test syllabus.
Associate real estate broker qualification examination, and by the provinces,
autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Ministry of Personnel issued by
the personnel department, Ministry of common format of "The
People's Republic of China real estate broker associate qualification
certificate." The certificate in administrative areas where effective.
[Edit this section] apply for conditions
All citizens of the PRC, abide by national laws, regulations, and have one of the
following conditions may apply to participate in the real estate broker licensing

(A) obtain a higher education, 6 years, including real estate brokerage business for 3

(B) to obtain a bachelor's degree, worked for four years, worked in real
estate brokerage business for 2 years.

(C) obtain a graduate degree or postgraduate course, worked three years, worked in
real estate brokerage business for 1 year.

(D) to obtain a master's degree, worked for 2 years, worked in real estate
brokerage business for 1 year.

(E) to obtain a doctorate in real estate brokerage business worked for 1 year.
Appraiser Application requirements: Where the citizens of the PRC, law-abiding and
have one of the following conditions may apply to participate in the real estate broker
[Edit this section] test subjects
The basic system of real estate and Policy

Introduction to Real Estate Brokers

Real Estate Broker Practice

Knowledge of real estate brokers

Exam Date Exam Time test subjects
October 17, 2009


Basic system and policy of real estate (including real estate appraisal-related

October 17, 2009


Knowledge of real estate brokers

October 18, 2009


Introduction to Real Estate Brokers

October 18, 2009


Real Estate Broker Practice

[Edit this section] exam-related
Performance management
Examinations for a period of 2 years to implement rolling management approach, all
four subjects participated in the examination must test in two consecutive year by all
subjects; exam-free part of the subjects in an examination must test subjects through
the year.

Test materials

National real estate broker licensing examination of a total of four resource materials
(including the "basic system of real estate and Policy,"
"Introduction to real estate broker," "real estate
brokerage practices" and "knowledge of the real estate
broker") and a Outline of the examination.

Training institutions

Such as: Chinese real estate exam net!
[Edit this section] real estate broker Practice Rules
The first act to regulate real estate brokers, real estate brokerage services to improve
the quality of real estate transactions to protect the legitimate rights and interests of
the real estate market order, to develop the rules.

The second rule is to guide the real estate brokerage, real estate brokers organization
self-management personnel in an important basis for guiding the behavior of the basic
principles of real estate brokers.

Article III of the Rules of the terms are defined as follows:

(1) real estate broker, refers to the commission for the purpose of real estate
transactions to facilitate the provision of other intermediary or agent and other
professional services behavior.

(2) real estate agent, the name refers to the client, in the context of the agreed
commission agreement, the client and the third person to facilitate real estate
transactions and provide professional services to clients of brokerage commission to

(C) real estate intermediary, the report refers to the principal contract entered into real
estate transactions or provide opportunities for real estate transactions entered into
contracts with intermediary services, and to charge the client the commission of acts.

(4) real estate broker, is established by law and to the industrial and commercial
registration at the county level people's governments at or above the record
of real estate management, real estate brokerage company, partnership, sole
proprietorship enterprises and other economic organizations.
(E) Real estate brokerage staff, is associate real estate broker or real estate agent. Real
estate agents perform in the real estate broker real estate brokerage business; real
estate broker associate in the real estate broker real estate broker to assist the
implementation of real estate brokerage.

(6) real estate agent, is through a national real estate broker licensing examination or
the mutual recognition of qualifications, The People's Republic of China
real estate brokers to obtain qualification and in accordance with relevant provisions
of the registration, registration of real estate agents get The People's
Republic of China certificates, professional real estate brokerage activities.

(7) real estate broker associate, real estate brokers is the Associate qualification by
examination or mutual recognition of qualifications, to obtain the PRC real estate
broker associate qualifications and in accordance with relevant provisions of the
registration, to obtain real estate broker's Republic of China people
associate a certificate of registration, real estate brokers in the guidance and
supervision of specific activities to engage the assistance of real estate brokerage

(8) trust agreement, is the principal and real estate brokerage agreement, by the real
estate broker to provide professional services to facilitate client and the third person to
contract for real estate transactions.

(Ix) the exclusive agent, is entrusted only to a real estate principal broker agent real
estate transaction matters.

(10) commission means the real estate broker after the completion of matters
entrusted by the client to pay him compensation.

(11) post, is led by real estate brokerage transactions, housing sales person (the lessor)
are the price (rent) than housing the successful bidder (lessee) to pay the price (rent)

Article IV staff should be fully aware of the real estate broker real estate brokers in
the social significance and value of real estate brokers know how to enhance security
of transactions, protection of fair trade, reduce transaction times, lower transaction
costs, optimize resource allocation, promotion of people's living standards
and other important role, a lofty sense of honor and a strong professional career

Article real estate broker, real estate brokers to engage in real estate brokerage
activities, abide by laws and regulations, the principles of equality, voluntariness,
fairness and good faith.
Article VI of the real estate broker, real estate brokerage personnel should diligently
to provide to the clients specification, quality and efficient professional services for
the purpose to promote legal, safe, fair and real estate transactions for the mission.

Article VII of the real estate broker, real estate brokerage staff in implementation of
the agency business, the legal premise of good faith, should be to maintain the
client's best interests; in the implementation of the intermediary business,
should be fair and honest, not biased towards any party.

Article VIII of the real estate broker and real estate among brokers, should be mutual
respect, fair competition, and jointly create a favorable market environment, the
establishment of complementary advantages, the harmonious development of
information resource sharing relationship.

Article real estate broker, real estate brokerage personnel shall keep the
client's commercial secrets or personal privacy are not allowed to be public
information provided by the client or disclosed to others.

Article real estate broker shall establish and improve the internal management system,
strengthening internal management, regulating their own practice of the guidance and
supervision of real estate brokerage and related support staff personnel to seriously
comply with the rules of real estate brokerage staff of illegal activities to intervene
and take necessary remedial measures, according to the law on real estate brokerage
personnel responsible for the conduct of business.

Article shall strengthen the real estate broker real estate brokers in ethics education
and professional training, encouragement and support staff to participate in the real
estate brokerage industry, continuing education and other organized activities to
promote the continued growth of professional knowledge, enhance professional
competence maintain a good professional image.

Article XII of the real estate broker commission agreement signed with the client
before the corresponding availability of external release, source of information;
published information should be consistent with the facts.

Article XIII of the real estate broker shall prominently within the premises express the

(A) business license;

(B) record real estate management proof;

(C) real estate brokerage industry organizations membership certificate;
(D) Real estate brokerage brand identity;

(E) real estate brokers employed by the names, photographs, professional
qualifications, contact telephone number;

(Vi) service content, service standards and business processes;

(7) Service charges and collection methods;

(H) to comply with the real estate brokerage practice plan;

(9) real estate brokerage business using the text of the contract;

(10) credit files online publicity to prove;

(11) ways and channels of complaint;

(12) laws and regulations should be explicit matters.

Article XIV of the real estate broker shall undertake real estate brokerage business
corruption, and appointed or selected by the client organization registered in the real
estate broker for the brokerage business of contractors, implementation of the
brokerage business, and set forth in the trust agreement.

Contractors may select registered real estate agent in the body of the co-brokerage
business associate who was to assist the contractors executing brokers business.
Co-contractors who were selected, it should be stated in the trust agreement, the
implementation of the co-brokerage business people guidance and oversight
responsibility for the results of its work.

Article XV real estate broker, real estate broker may not take to lure officers, fraud,
coercion, bribery, collusion, malicious slander lower commission rates or other real
estate broker, real estate brokerage contract personnel, real estate brokerage business
by unfair means .

Article XVI real estate broker, real estate brokerage personnel shall not solicit from
another real estate broker the exclusive agent of the brokerage business; not accept,
the contractor he could not do the brokerage business; should refuse to accept illegal
or contrary to public morality, damage social and public interests in real estate
brokerage business.

17th undertake a real estate broker brokerage business should be entrusted with the
parties signed the agreement, and respect the client's choice of priority
established by the administrative department of real estate broker or real estate
brokerage Model Contracts for real estate brokerage industry-recommended contract

Real estate broker in the implementation of the contract there should be real estate
broker of the brokerage business practitioner's signature and registration

18th real estate broker shall not purchase or transfer of fiduciary brokerage in

Written consent by the principal, two or more agencies can work together to complete
real estate brokerage commission real estate brokerage clients. Collaborating
institutions should be a reasonable division of labor, defined responsibilities, in close
collaboration with different opinions when the client consultation should be timely
informed of the decision. Real estate broker on the brokerage business collaboration
jointly and severally liable. Collaboration agreement based allocation of brokerage

19th in the implementation of a real estate brokerage sales business, should focus on
instruments, polite, to maintain a good professional image.

Diershitiao real estate brokerage staff in implementation of the business, the parties
shall present their certificate of registration, certificate of registration shall not lend to
others or allow others to practice their own name.

Twenty-one real estate brokerage clients should be required to provide personnel
identification documents, with their professional knowledge and experience do the

(A) for housing the seller (lessor) commissioned, it should be their full and detailed
inquiry as to promote client and the third person to entrust the sale (rental) housing
transactions will be in the house is located, physical status, rights and interests of state
environment, etc., require the client to truthfully provide relevant information such as
housing ownership certificate (verified copies left, returned to the original), and to
entrust the sale (rental) housing site and the relevant departments to conduct the
necessary investigation and verification, to client of the favorable and unfavorable
factors and the possible impact of the transaction.

(B) for housing the successful bidder (lessee) commissioned, it should be asked in
detail about their willingness to purchase (lease) the use of housing, location, price
(rental), size, size, year built Xinjiuchengduo requirements.

Twenty-two officers to leave a gift of real estate brokers, concealed or sold false
declaration, notary commissioned by means of the houses, to avoid state regulations.

Twenty-three real estate brokerage personnel should make timely and truthful report
to the client during the course of the contracting business opportunities, changes in
market conditions and other relevant circumstances, the client shall not conceal the
important issues associated with the transaction; shall promptly report to the Housing
real estate brokerage business progress report, not in isolation from, concealment,
deception case of real estate brokerage firm to carry out brokerage business.

Twenty-four real estate brokerage personnel should be based on their professional
knowledge and experience, the successful bidder (lessee) offer after investigation, to
verify information on the subject of housing, and truthfully informing them of the
situation the subject of housing, to assist its target housing for inspection.

Twenty-five real estate broker, real estate brokerage personnel should strictly comply
with regulatory requirements in real estate transactions of funds to protect the security
of real estate transactions of funds, not diversion, misappropriation, or delays in
payment of client funds in real estate transactions.

Twenty-six real estate broker, brokers were not allowed to conceal or to deceive the
client's situation and recommended to the client has a direct interest in their
own security, valuation, insurance, financial and other institutions.

27th commission a real estate broker shall not be in violation of state laws and
regulations stipulated in the agreement not to seek outside commission of illegal gains,
may not be cheap purchase (lease), high value (sublease), etc. make the difference, not
use of false information intermediary fees, service charges, critically, and other

Real estate brokerage matters stipulated in the agreement is not completed, or service
does not meet the criteria stipulated in the agreement commission should not charge
commission, but according to the trust agreement can be agreed, require the client to
pay for brokerage services have been engaged in the necessary expenses. Real estate
broker with the client prior to reach agreement on the cost of brokerage services, shall
not require the client to bear the cost of brokerage services.

28th a real estate broker shall establish and improve business records system.
Implementation of the business of real estate brokerage business personnel should be
faithfully recorded throughout the implementation and the outbreak of the costs, the
formation of business records.

29th a real estate broker shall keep the information provided by the client, trust
agreement, contract of sale or lease contracts, business records, business transfer of
documents, original documents and other information with the brokerage business,
documents and materials, is strictly prohibited forged altered transaction documents
and evidence.

The third 10 of the rules will be revised as needed in a timely manner, perfect for real
estate brokerage and real estate brokers provide good practice guidelines.

第三十一条 these rules by the China Real Estate Appraisers and real estate agents
learn to interpret.

Thirty-second article this rule from January 1, 2007 shall come into force