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The Dachshund is active, hardy, courageous and independent. They love to play and can be quite
the clown. Dachshunds make good family companions and watch dogs. They bond tightly with
their families and will alert you to anyone approaching your door. These dogs respond well to
training, but they can also have a mind of their own and require firm discipline. Dachshunds
usually get on with other dogs but can be overly-brave because of their “big dog” attitude when
approaching larger dogs. Dachshunds should be socialized with other household pets at an early
age to prevent difficulties later on.
Grooming is easy and straight forward. Dachshunds do not generally have a doggy oder and are
fairly hypoallergenic. They also do not seem to shed a lot. An occasional bath and light
grooming is usually sufficient to keep your Dachshunds coat healthy. Smooth coats require the
least amount of grooming, just an occasional brushing will keep their coats clean and shiny. The
Wire-Haired and Long-Haired Dachshunds do require enough brushing to maintain a healthy
knot-free coat. The ears need to be kept clean and the claws trimmed short. You can easily do
this yourself or ask your vet for assistance. Ear cleaner and nail trimmer can be purchased at any
pet store.
Dachshunds need a reasonable level of exercise to keep fit. Running around the house or the yard
can give a Dachshund to correct amount of exercise as they will chart a mini race course for
themselves. A harness rather than a collar is recommended for walking your Dachshund because
of their tapered and narrow head and neck which can easily slip out of a collar. A harness also
puts less stain on their backs. They should be kept on a lead when out in public, as their natural
hunting instincts will probably cause them to run off. It is best to avoid unnecessary strain on
their backs, such as excessive running up and down stairs or jumping from high objects.
Dachshunds tend to eat almost anything they are given and can easily become overweight.
Being overweight in not good for your Dachshund’s health. Check with your vet on whether
your dog is at the correct weight or is overweight. Your Dachshund should not look like a
stuffed sausage, but should have a definite waist line. Feeding a good quality food in the correct
proportions will help to keep your Dachshund at a healthy weight and also create less clean up of
pet waste for you.
The name 'Dachshund' means badger hound. The German word 'dachs' meaning badger. Their
“big dog” personality and attitude was needed to be able to pursue a badger into its burrow.
Being a short legged breed makes them ideal for going underground after their prey. Their
shortened legs are believed to have evolved through the mutation of genes. The Wire-Haired
variety came about through cross-breeding with Dandie Dinmont lines and the Long-Haired
variety was developed through crosses with German Stoberhunds.

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