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					Read, slightly distressed sentence
1. Can not be together can not be with it, perhaps, life was not so long.
2.I love three things; the sun, the moon and you. The sun for the day.The moon for the
night and you for ever ...
3. There are some things we can quit, but can not forget, it is lying quietly in the
depths of memory, rather abruptly wake up, breaks your heart a, excited a, a sigh, and
then dark for sleep.
4. Sad look of your cell phone phone book over and over again, do not know to whom
send a text message or phone call, then press the pull "Clear."
**** Sad is that you stand on the streets of water, his hands empty, his head empty,
the soul is also empty, nothing to fall back on.
Than any one person in this world is more ferve nt hope that he can be happy, but,
think of this of happiness does not have copies, or will very sad.
Thank you, grant me empty joy.
Turns out that we have not grown up, originally, we were still children. The original, I
would wake up in the nap time, has experienced growth through a number of
irreparable error and sorrow.
5. I want to much, a glass of water, a piece of bread, an I love you.
If luxury, I hope: Water is your hands down, the bread is cut your hand, I love you,
you tell me to say.
6. You get married, they must let me be your bridesmaids. Because I want to with you
into the church.
7. Feelings sometimes one thing, nothing to do with anyone, to love or not love can
only end their.
8. I have always kept in mind that you have forgotten, as long as you do not appear, I
can always deceive ourselves, until death.
9. Sitting in the car you drive, you should put the song, not the rugged road, then to
the twinkling of an eye. If one day, I could not help but ask you, you love me in the
end, you have to lie to me. No matter how your heart do not want, you do not tell me
you never liked me.
10. Just call his name, no longer rushed to the fear. Just call his name change will feel
brave, become strong, it will become very, very strong.
11. If one day I disappeared from your world, you crazy like running all over the
streets to find me?
If one day I disappeared from your world, you will keep up with and I like the back,
just to confirm that it is not
Is it me?
If one day I disappeared from your world, you've traveled the corner we
had to pick up that once belonged to me
Their memories?
If one day I disappeared from your world, you would like TV where my whole life as
I remember it?
I think you will not, because I was not your idea of the most important one, not one of
your indispensable. Your learning
Used, your stubbornness, I can not change, even if one day I really disappeared.
However, I must tell you, if one day you really gone, I will weep, as lost his;
I traveled the streets like crazy to find you;
I followed with you like the back, just to confirm that it is not you;
I traveled to the corner we've been picked up that once belonged to our
I would like TV where my whole life as you remember.
Because I love you!
12. Love is not a charity, can not just charity.
Feeling is no formula, no principle, no reason to follow the.
However, there are still persistent and the pursuit of death.
13. A lot of things but for the simple question is the single-choice judge.
When the choice does not know what is the correct answer. Will be hesitant.
Know when they regret it, almost right.
If ... ... If ... ...
How can so many if and assumptions, if there is, if, then the more indifferent wrong,
just do not care right.
So when the choice of time, we kind of thought, but then the error is inevitable, and
respect other people's choices, because everyone has their own right to
Seems to get used to waiting, simply waiting for that will come.
But missed in the waiting, which can be happy happy.
Regret at the loss of time, why not seize.
In fact, waiting is itself a ridiculous mistake.
You know that I do not know whether waiting for the arrival of a well-being.
14. In your life, to people who leave or enter.
So, see, invisible; remembered, forgotten.
In your life, to a gain and loss.
So, invisible, see; forgotten, remember.
However, the invisible, is not simply non-existent?
Remember, do not you ever?
15. If one day you leave me, I will not leave you, I kno w, you have your reasons.
If in the future one day, you say you actually love me, I will tell you, in fact
I'm still waiting for you.
May be able to love many times, but one person can make me laugh the most
beautiful, most sad cry, not even breathe without you really will hurt.
16. If I could return to the past, I would choose not to know you, not I regret is that I
can not face the end without you.
17. When I decided to leave you, if then you still love me, please do not tell me,
because I do not want to be hurt, if when you do not love me, please do not tell me,
because I do not want to cried out.
18. I close my eyes you, because I think you are.
I opened my eyes, or you, because my tears with your shadow showing.
I want you, as long spring rain.
I want you, like the summer breeze Qi Pan.
You are my whole life studying that broke our hearts.
You are my life's love, read to the permanent.
Spring ah, let the rain take me to a place that did not miss.
Summer ah, let the wind take me to state that there is no desire.
Autumn ah you?
Where you want to take me?
I beg to take me to the world that love you?
Because I love you
19. Waiting for an hour every day to see you in a minute ...
But 50 days later
Even if I spend my life
Also can not wait no longer the minute.
20. Memories like going to an appointment with you ... you will think of me?
Occasionally think of me?