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					                       Tree Choices for “the Hamptons” in High River

As a homeowner in the Hamptons, you are entitled to your choice of one of the following trees for your front
yard. The shaded area in the diagram below shows the area in which the tree may be planted. You are
responsible for contacting Alberta First Call (1-800-242-3447) and having the utility lines marked before your
tree can be installed. Trees must be placed a minimum of 1 metre away from utility lines. Please mark your
preferred spot in your yard using a stake. If you do not mark a spot, the installers will use their best judgement
to place the tree. If you have questions regarding these guidelines, call Sam Olschewski at 254-6440 ext 239.

         Contact Alberta First Call (1-800-242-3447) to locate utilities
         Mark the location for the tree ( at least 1 m away from any utility)
         Select your tree:
          Schubert Chokecherry Swedish Aspen Colorado Spruce                     Green Ash
     Address: ______________________________ Signature: ___________________________
         Fax completed form to Kayben Farms (938-2647) or answer by email

                                                                       After Planting Care Tips:

                                                                           Keep the soil moist but not soaked;
                                                                            over-watering causes leaves to turn
                                                                            yellow or fall off. Water trees at least
                                                                            once a week, barring rain, and more
                                                                            frequently during hot weather. When
                                                                            the soil is dry below the surface of
                                                                            the mulch, it is time to water.
                                                                            Continue until mid-fall, tapering off
                                                                            for lower temperatures that require
                                                                            less-frequent watering.
                                                                           Mulch the base of the tree. Mulch
                                                                            acts as a blanket to hold moisture,
                                                                            moderate soil temperature extremes
                                                                            (both hot and cold), and reduces
                                                                            competition from grass and weeds.
                                                                            Some good mulch choices are leaf
                                                                            litter, pine straw, shredded bark, peat
                                                                            moss, or wood chips. A 3" – 4” layer
                                                                            is ideal.

              REE BARK LEAF

                Okotoks, AB T1S 1A2 (403) 938-2857 fax 938-2647
C   Schubert Chokecherry
                                             Planted size of this
                                             variety will be
 Latin Name: Prunus Virginiana 'Schubert'    approximately 12 - 14’
 New green leaves of spring turn to purple
                                             tall & the diameter of the
in summer
 White flowers become small crimson to
                                             trunk at the base aprox.
black chokecherries                          2”
 Excellent contrast tree
 Height: 8M
 Spread: 4M

Swedish Aspen                                Planted size of this
                                             variety will be
Latin Name: Populus Tremula 'Erecta'         approximately 16’ tall &
Narrow, columnar growth habit                the diameter of the trunk
Shiny green, toothed leaves                  at the base aprox. 2”
Nice amber colour in autumn
Height: 12M
Spread: 2M

Colorado Blue Spruce                         Planted size of this
                                             variety will be
Latin Name: Picea Pungens                    approximately 8’ tall
Green to blue-green needles.
Rugged, medium-fast growing evergreen.
Fairly symmetrical shape.
Sunlight: Full or partial.
Height: 12-15m.
Spread: 5-9m.

Green Ash                                    Planted size of this
                                             variety will be
 Latin Name: Fraxinus Pennsylvanica          approximately 12-14’ tall
'Heuver'                                     & the diameter of the
 Uniform growth habit                        trunk at the base aprox.
 Straight trunk with oval head               2”
 New seedless variety
 Height: 15M
 Spread: 8M

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