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					Personal water craft registration
This form is for the registration of jetskis in the Waikato region.                                     Office use only
                                                                                                        File No.
Please refer to the important information on the reverse side of this form                              Client Id.
                                                                                                        Auth No.
before you proceed with your application.
                                                                                                        Reg No.

This registration transfer is ready for posting when you have:
   fully completed all details on this page
   attached a photocopy of new owners personal identification
   attached payment (cheque).

If you need assistance, please phone our enquiries officer on 0800 800 402.

Owner details (the full name and address will appear on the registration).

Name(s) or company name

Contact person

Postal address


Daytime phone number(s)                                                                          Fax*

Email address                                                               Trailer registration number

Water craft details

Make                                                                        Model

CC Rating                                                                   NZJSBA allocated race number*

Base colour                                                                 Secondary colour
Year of manufacture                                                         Hull serial number

Fee calculation (please refer to the reverse side of this form for further details).
Do you: (please tick)                              Are you: (please tick)                        Do you: (please tick)
   need a registration sticker                         a NZJSBA member; and have specified          own more than one craft; and only use
                                                       an allocated race number                     one craft on the water at one time

Registration fee $35.00                            Registration fee $35.00                       Dealer registration $50.00
Registration sticker $12.50
Total $47.50                                       Total $35.00                                  Total $50.00

Signature of owner                                                                               Date
                     I certify all particulars are correct
* Optional

PO Box 4010
401 Grey Street
Hamilton East                                                        
Frequently asked questions
Every personal water craft (PWC) being used in or upon the waters of the Waikato region must be registered
under the Waikato Regional Council Navigation Safety Bylaw, 2006. A copy of the bylaw can be found on or a copy can be obtained by calling Environment Waikato’s freephone 0800 800 401.

What is a personal water craft?                                    Can someone from outside the Waikato use
A personal water craft is a power driven ship with a fully         their PWC within the Waikato region?
enclosed hull. It does not take on water if capsized, and is       As at 1 July 2002 the Auckland and Northland regions
designed to be operated by a person standing, sitting              have bylaws in place requiring personal water crafts to be
astride, or kneeling on it, but not seated within it (that is, a   registered within their regions. The Waikato Regional
jetski).                                                           Council Navigation Safety Bylaw 2006 requires that all
                                                                   personal water craft used in or upon the waters of the
Who can register?                                                  Waikato region must be registered with a regional council.
You must be over 15 years of age to operate a personal             This means that a craft from another region may be used
water craft. A copy of personal identification is required         in the Waikato region as long as it is registered.
with the application form for this purpose.                        Environment Waikato may grant exemptions for craft
                                                                   competing in organised events for the duration of the
How do I register?                                                 event only. Please contact us for the appropriate form.
You will need to complete the registration form on the
reverse side. Additional registration forms are available          What if I sell my craft?
from our website, or by                  You must complete a change of ownership form. Forms
contacting Environment Waikato’s Resource Use                      are available from our website
freephone 0800 800 402. Completed forms should be        , or by contacting Environment
sent to Environment Waikato, 401 Grey Street, PO Box               Waikato’s Resource Use freephone 0800 800 402. Please
4010, Hamilton East.                                               note that a multi-craft registration can not be transferred
                                                                   to another owner.
How much does it cost?
The registration of a personal water craft in the Waikato          What if I don’t need to use my craft in the
region is a one-off charge of $35 (GST inclusive). Initial or      Waikato region any more?
replacement of registration stickers cost an additional            Should you no longer wish to use your craft in the Waikato
$12.50 (GST inclusive). Owners of more than one                    region, you may apply to surrender the registration. This
personal water craft may be eligible for a multi-craft             must be done in writing with details of your registration
(dealers) registration (see below) at a cost of $50.               number.

What if I have more than one PWC?                                  What happens if I don’t register my PWC?
If you own multiple crafts you may be eligible for a               It is an offence to use an unregistered personal water craft
multi-craft (dealers) registration. Under a multi-craft            in the Waikato region. If an unregistered craft is being
registration the owner is issued with one registration,            used in or upon the waters of the Waikato region then you
under which only one craft may be used on the water                may face a $100 fine.
at any one time. If you think there will be any occasions
where two or more crafts will be used on the water at the          The information you have supplied is required by Environment Waikato
same time, each craft must be registered. Please note you          to process your personal water craft application. Access to the
                                                                   information held by Environment Waikato is administered in accordance
do not need to complete the water craft details section for
                                                                   with the Local Government Information and Meetings Act 1987 and the
a multi-craft registration.                                        Privacy Act 1993. Under the Privacy Act 1993 you have right of access to
                                                                   personal information held by Environment Waikato and you are entitled
What about New Zealand Jetsport Boating                            to request information about you to be corrected.
Association members?
New Zealand Jetsport Boating Association (NZJSBA)
members may continue to display their allocated race
number instead of a registration sticker or dealer plate.
Members of the NZJSBA will still need to be registered with
a regional council, however their allocated race number
may be used in place of a registration number.