Lizards as Pets

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					                             Lizards as Pets
Lizards make great pets. Before acquiring a pet lizard, you have to ask
yourself several questions. These are:

Where can you buy a lizard?
What kind of lizard should I buy?
How do you select a lizard?
How big will it get?
What supplies should I purchase?
What kind of habitat does a lizard need?
What does a lizard eat?

Before going to a store to purchase, you will need to select the kind of
lizard you will want. The bearded dragon is very popular in pet stores.

Selecting a lizard is very important. You will need to look him over and
make sure that it is perfectly healthy. The lizard should be alert with its
eyes wide open. His mouth, eyes, and feet should be in good condition. His
skin should have no cuts or scars. These are just some of the characteristics
of a lizard that you have to check.

Knowing how large your lizard will grow is important. A bearded dragon for
example can grow to 24 inches. You will need an aquarium or a lizard
vivarium that he can grow into.

For lizard equipments, there are several supplies that you need to
purchase. A tight fitting screen for the top of the aquarium will keep your
lizard safe from harm and allow fresh air to circulate. A heating pad, placed
under a plastic turf mat, in the bottom of the aquarium will keep him warm.
A thermometer should be used to check the temperature of the aquarium.
A long fluorescent light bulb will be needed to give off ultraviolet light like
the sun. This light makes the lizard hungry and helps in digestion.

Lizards need a humid habitat. Humidity is how much water is in the air. A
spray bottle of water is an easy way to mist the tank. With a bearded
dragon every couple of days should be enough.
Lizards like to bask. A branch or driftwood will work well. Plastic plants and
empty paper towel rolls are fun for him to hide in. Most bearded dragons
are gentle. They like to be petted and soak in a little warm water in a sink or

Lizard diet may vary depending on the kind of lizard you have. A bearded
dragon eats crickets, grasshoppers, mealworms and earthworms. They also
eat green leafy vegetables but no iceberg lettuce. Small pieces tomatoes,
apples, pears, grapes, oranges, cooked potatoes, melon, peas, and
strawberries can be added to their diet. Carrots should be grated. You also
can add powdered vitamins and minerals to their food. This should only be
once or twice a week.

The aquarium should be cleaned once a week. Remove the lizard before
cleaning its tank. Keep a watchful eye on the lizard if he is loose. Some
lizards will sit on your shoulder while you clean his tank. A rag and warm
soapy water works good for cleaning the tank and turf. Rinse and dry
everything before putting your lizard back in the tank.

If your lizard’s aquarium is set up right, your pet lizard will most likely stay
healthy. A bad diet, dirty tank, a temperature that is too cold or too hot,
and stress from too much handling can make a lizard very sick.

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