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									      December 2008 - February 2009

      SST 5
                 5555 Youngstown-Warren Road Unit 696
      Ph: (800) 776-8298
                              FAX: (330) 544-1000
                                                            Niles, OH 44446

            SST 5 Assistive Technology Consultant Moves to OCALI
T  he Ohio Center for Autism and Low                                                             books, websites, and names of
Incidence (OCALI) is one human resource                                                          organizations where additional
richer these days, thanks to Jim                                                                 information on each topic can be found.
                         Earnhart’s                                                              On this website you will also discover
                         decision to join                                                        two great OCALI-generated newsletters.
                         the OCALI staff           As OCALI’s Northeast Ohio Regional AT         The Sphere offers news, information,
                         as their                  Coach, Jim will continue to provide           events and people whose lives are
                         Northeast Ohio            support to families and educators             touched by autism and low incidence;
                         Assistive                 working with children with autism             and Technology for Success provides
                         Technology                spectrum disorders, multiple disabilities,    information to Ohio educators and
                         Coach.                    orthopedic impairments, traumatic brain       families on current topics related to
                             Jim began his
                                                   injuries, and other health impairments.
                                                   He will work with OCALI to assist
                                                                                                 Universal Design for Learning,
                                                                                                 Differentiated Instruction, and
                             employment            individuals with autism and low               integration of technology/assistive
with State Support Team Region 5 in                incidence disabilities in improving their     technology for all students.
1987, when the facility was known as               outcomes and ultimately achieving their
the North East Ohio Special Education              full potential.                               Jim is eager to support OCALI’s mission
Regional Resource Center (NEOSERRC).                                                             in serving families, educators, and
Over the years, Jim has fine-tuned his             The OCALI website,,             professionals working with students with
skills in the field of assistive technology        offers a wealth of resources including        autism and low-incidence disabilities.
(AT), becoming an indispensable                    the Ohio's Parent Guide to Autism             He will certainly play a key role in
resource to the families and educators             Spectrum Disorders, a manual that             maintaining the organization’s success
of northeast Ohio. Through his broad
range of AT experience and expertise,
                                                   provides an overview of the world of
                                                   autism spectrum disorders (ASD). It
                                                                                            d    through his excellent leadership, training,
                                                                                                 and AT/technical assistance skills. All of
Jim has literally helped to enhance the            covers a wide range of topics of interest     us at SST 5 wish Jim continued success
lives of many Ohio students with autism            to families, and each chapter contains        and hope to see him as he makes his way
and low incidence disabilities.                    rich reference materials, including           throughout his OCALI region.

                             What is Assistive Technology?                                           Teachers,
                             According to, assistive technology (AT) is “any
                             item, piece of equipment, or product system, whether                    check out
                             acquired commercially off the shelf, modified, or customized,           the cool tools
                             that is used to increase, maintain, or improve functional
                             capabilities of individuals with disabilities.                          you can use ... page 8
 Any modification or adaptation that enables a student to more fully participate in daily
 educational activities may be considered as AT. This adaptation may be as simple as a
                                                                                                      Newsletter Routing List
 pencil grip, or as complex as an adapted computer system.                                        Please route this publication to the following
 A school district is responsible for determining the special education services necessary for
 each child with disabilities to receive a free and appropriate public education. This            n Building Principals    n Teachers’ Lounge
 includes the provision for AT devices and services.” Learn more about assistive technology       n Related Services       n Parents
 and the Ohio SST AT network at                                                    n Other

              SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT               l      SPECIAL EDUCATION           l     EARLY CHILDHOOD         l      LITERACY
                                        BUILDING BLOCKS
                                                   Why the Early Education Sector is More Innovative than K-12

                                                      Over the past 6 months, I’ve     home-based care, and might not otherwise be able to
                    From the Early Ed Watch           been spending a lot of time      participate in pre-K programs.
                    Blog on the New America           thinking about educational
                    Foundation (NAF) website—         innovation, because Andy         And these are just a few examples of innovation in early
                          Rotherham and I have been        education.
                                                      writing a paper for the
                    Submiited by Sara Mead,           Brookings Institution on the     Why has the early education sector fostered
                    Senior Research Fellow,           federal role in supporting       and embraced innovation in ways the K-12
                    Education Policy Program          educational innovation. One      world has not? It’s a question that’s been
                    and Workforce and Family          of the things that’s become      bothering me a lot lately. I think there are a
                    Program, NAF                      increasingly clear to me is      number of reasons.
                                                      that the early education
                  sector is much more innovative—and offers a much more                    First, it’s worth noting that the idea of early education
                  hospitable climate for innovators—than the K-12 education            programs for young children is itself something of an innovation.
                  system.                                                              The idea that parents and educators should be providing
                                                                                       education, rather than simply safe, nurturing care, for young
                  Consider: Last week I attended a meeting about the Classroom         children is a relatively new one. As recently as the 1950s only
                  Assessment Scoring System (see CLASS, page 3), a validated,          about 10 percent of children attended preschool or pre-K
                  reliable observational system, about which we’ve written             programs, compared to more than two-thirds of 4-year-olds today.
                  previously, that enables trained observers to, in a relatively
                  short amount of time, measure the quality of teachers’                   Related, early education doesn’t have the kind of deeply
                  interactions with children in the classroom. Most importantly,       entrenched structure that exists in the public education system,
                  evidence shows that kids whose teachers perform better on the        with its school districts, the public schools they operate, and
                  CLASS learn more than children whose teachers score less well.       the webs of state-level policies, funding streams, and
                  That’s a tremendously important innovation that can support all      institutions that fund, regulate, and oversee the public schools.
                  kinds of new approaches to teacher training, professional            Instead, early education is delivered through a diverse
                  development, and even program monitoring and accountability,         patchwork of public schools, community-based providers, Head
                  and right now the researchers at the University of Virginia who      Start, and both center-based and family childcare. This diversity
                  developed CLASS are working with local and state policymakers        and lack of an established system can often frustrate early
                  to implement innovative approaches that utilize CLASS.               education reformers, and lead to gaps in access and quality. But
                                                                                       they also help create a fertile climate for innovation, because
                  Interestingly, CLASS can be used in both early childhood (pre-K)     there is less of an entrenched system to stand in the way of new
                  and early elementary (K-3) settings, but the vast majority of        ideas, and diverse providers provide more opportunities to try
                  interest in using it has come from early childhood—there doesn’t     out a diverse array of models, approaches, and tools.
                  seem to be a lot of states or districts that are aware of CLASS or
                  interested in using it in their elementary school classrooms.            Similarly, the early education system features a tremendous
                                                                                       amount of parent choice and competition, which creates both
                  Similarly, Wireless Generation is a for-profit company that          opportunities and incentives for providers to innovate and
                  produces a technology platform that allows teachers to track         differentiate their services.
                  students’ reading progress and administer real-time assessments
                  on handheld devices (similar to PDAs) that automatically upload          Also, in comparison to the K-12 system, the early education
                  data to the web, where teachers can analyze it and use it to         sector is relatively strapped for resources—state early education
                  guide instruction. Wireless Generation's major products are          programs often provide far less funding per-child for pre-K than
                  automated versions of early literacy assessments and other tools     K-12, providers often have to scrape together funds from
                  for use in early childhood classrooms.                               private and philanthropic sources to fund early childhood
                                                                                       services for which there is no state funding, childcare providers’
                  The early education sector has also been innovative in delivering    ability to raise costs is constrained by what parents can afford
                  new delivery models to serve the diverse needs of young              to pay—which means that providers and reformers face constant
                  children and their families. For example, Illinois Action for        pressure to seek out innovative approaches that enable them to
                  Children has developed an innovative delivery model, called          do more, and provide better quality, with less resources.
                  Community Connections, that partners home-based care
                  providers with center-based pre-K programs, so that children in         Finally, the early education sector benefits from an
                  home-based childcare can receive a half day of high-quality pre-     especially rich body of research. There are, of course, the
                  K, while their parents still benefit from the flexibility,           seminal randomized controlled studies of model early childhood
                  affordability, and extended schedules home-based providers           programs in the 1960s and since—Perry Preschool, Abecedarian,
                  offer. The program also provides support to help home-based          Chicago’s Child Parent Centers. And this kind of high-quality
                  care providers improve the quality of care and educational           effectiveness research is often lacking elsewhere in education.
                  supports they offer. This is an innovative model that shows          Early education has also benefitted from the now well-known
                  promise for reaching low-income children, who tend to be in          neuroscience, psychology, and child development research,
                                                                                                                                        Continued on Page 3

                  2    The Circulator      l     December 2008-February 2009
Teacher Resource Center News
Teacher Resource Center News
The State Support Team Region 5 Teacher Resource Centers offer clients a wide                            Save the Date!
variety of resources including:                                                                      2009 Ohio Early Care &

                                                                                                                                                EARLY CHILDHOOD
                                                                                                     Education Conference
   INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCES (ex: Specialized Catalogs)
   PRODUCTION RESOURCES (ex: laminating, Ellison machines)
                                                                                                       Coming May 28-30
   TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES (ex: alternative keyboards/mice)                                               The Ohio Association for the
                                                                                                       Education of Young Children
As a reminder, those wishing to utilize the Teacher Resource Centers are first                      (OAEYC) and the Ohio Department
required to attend a brief overview training presentation. Please contact the                        of Education will present Ohio’s
Trumbull or Mahoning Center to schedule an appointment.                                            premiere statewide early childhood
                                                                                                        conference at the Greater
    TRUMBULL:                                   MAHONING:                                            Columbus Convention Center on
    Phone (800) 776-8298, ext. 112              Phone (330) 729-4047                                        May 28-30, 2009.

Preschools wishing to offer a group staff training can call (800) 776-8298, ext.                        This collaborative event is
103. All hours are by appointment only. Additional information/updates will be                        designed for educators/service
posted at Click the “Teacher Resource Center” link.                             providers who work with children,
                                                                                                        birth through grade three.
             HOLIDAY HOURS In observance of the upcoming holiday season, the                        Participants will explore the latest
             SST 5 Teacher Resource Centers will be closed from December 24                            research, best practices and
             through January 2.                                                                     resources available in the field of
                                                                                                    early learning. For details, search:
                                                                                                          2009 Ohio Early Care at
                                    H Congratulations                                            
                                    State Support Team Region 5 would like to recognize
                                    Hope Children’s Academy, Warren, Ohio, an early
                                    child care provider who recently achieved a Step Up to Quality One-Star Rating.

         For more information on Step Up to Quality, visit There you will find a
         wealth of information, such as the requirements that a provider must meet to achieve a One-Star Rating, Step Up
         To Quality Parent Fact Sheets, Ohio child care search links, specialized training information, including a PowerPoint
         presentation for centers, and much more.

  CLASS (Classroom Assessment                              Continued from Page 2
  Scoring System)...                                    summed up in works such as Neurons to Neighborhoods and Eager to Learn,
     Is an observational instrument developed at        that, starting in the 1990s, began to focus much more of parents’ and
     the University of Virginia to assess classroom     policymakers’ attention on the importance of brain development and early
     quality                                            learning in the first several years of life—and also established a base of scientific
     Describes multiple dimensions of teaching          evidence about the reality of what children need during this time. Less noted
     that are linked to student achievement and         but equally important have been non-experimental and quasi-experimental
     social development                                 studies based on large samples of children in childcare and early education
     Has been validated in over 2,000 classrooms        programs: The Cost, Quality and Outcomes Study, the NICHD Study of Early Child
     Provides a tool to help new and experienced        Care, the SWEEP and Multi-State studies of state pre-K programs. These
     teachers become more effective                     studies have provided valuable information about the reality of children’s
                                                        early education experiences, as well as further documentation of the link
  Visit for details.           between quality and child outcomes, and refinements in our understanding
                                                        of what quality means in large scale early education and childcare
programs. Moreover, this research, and the need.for measures of classroom quality to support that research, gave rise to tools like
CLASS that are now available to help improve quality in early childhood education.

Now, early education’s experience is also an illustration of the limits of what innovation can do. In large part because of the lack of
funding and non-system nature of the early education sector, quality in early education programs is still highly varied, and too often
not good enough to support the kind of learning children need in these early years. To improve results for children, innovation needs
to be partnered with resources, infrastructure, and policies that allow early educators to implement effective innovative
approaches in a high-quality way, as well as accountability and ongoing assessments of innovative models.

But it’s also true that the more hospitable climate for innovation that can be found in early education has fostered the development
of ideas and resources that are now playing an important role in efforts to improve quality, access, alignment, and outcomes for
children in early education. When it comes to innovation, the K-12 public school system could learn a thing or two from the early
education sector.
* Find this article at:

                                                                         The Circulator       l     December 2008-February 2009            3
                                                 News                                                          Special Education Leadership
                                                                                                                Conference Presentations,
                                                 OEC Revised Operating Standards                                   Handouts Available
                                                   Documents Available Online                                  ODE's Office for Exceptional Children
                         Kathe Shelby, Director, Office for Exceptional Children (OEC), distributed an
                      Dr.The state of Ohio                                                                     (OEC) hosted the second annual Special
                      important CD in October to all superintendents, principals, directors, and               Education Leadership Conference on
                      community school sponsors containing the revised Operating Standards and                 Sept. 24-25, 2008 at the Aladdin Shrine
                      miscellaneous resources pertaining to Gifted Students and Students with                  Center in Columbus. Special education
                      Disabilities, effective July 1, 2008. The downloadable PDF documents can be              directors in public and community
                      accessed at Select the "Resources/Related Links" under               schools, as well as other leaders in Ohio's
                      which you will find the NEW! Operating Standards for Ohio Educational Agencies           special education system, attended the
                      Serving Exceptional Children heading.                                                    two-day conference. Participants had the
                                                                                                               opportunity to meet OEC's new director,
                                                                                                               Dr. Kathe Shelby, and learn about
                             Two Trumbull County Districts, Six Region 5                                       changes in the Operating Standards,
                           Buildings Designated "Excellent with Distinction"                                   OEC's monitoring plan, and other state-
                                                                                                               level special education policies and
                      Lakeview and Howland Local School Districts in Trumbull County were the only

                                                                                                               programs. Conference presentations and
                      districts within Ashtabula, Trumbull, Mahoning, and Columbiana Counties to be            handouts are now available on the ODE
                      designated "Excellent with Distinction" by the Ohio Department of Education. Of the      website. To download the documents, visit
                      four SST Region 5 counties, a total of six buildings were designated "Excellent with and search:
                      Distinction":                                                                            Special Education Conference Handouts.
                      1. Lakeview Middle School—Lakeview Local, Trumbull County;
                      2. McDonald High School—McDonald Local, Trumbull County;
                      3. Southington Elementary School—Southington Local, Trumbull County;                         Information on Special
                      4. Robinwood Lane Elementary School—Boardman Local, Mahoning County;                        Education Forms Posted
                      5. North Elementary School—Poland Local, Mahoning Co.; and                               DE has posted information on
                      6. West Branch Middle School—West Branch Local, Mahoning County.                         the special education forms
                                                                                                               that schools and parents
                      The ODE website has available a State and Local Report Card page that features
                                                                                                               must use in the assessment
                      Report Cards for Ohio schools and districts, as well as more in-depth information,
                                                                                                               of students with disabilities and in the
                      including previous years' Report Cards and related data. Informational resources
                                                                                                               administration of related programs and
                      including guides and documentation are also available. To view the 2007-2008
                                                                                                               services. The current forms, PR-01 to PR-
                      State Report Card and related resources, log on to and
                                                                                                               07, will NOT change for 2008-09, as they
                      search: Report Card; or type directly into your browser.
                                                                                                               meet all requirements of current federal/
                                                                                                               state law, regulation and rule. The
                                                                                                               Evaluation Team Report (PR-06) and the
                      New Report Card Measure                        New Data Tools Catalog                    IEP Form (PR-07) will be modified during
                                                                                                               2008-09 based on stakeholder input. The
                                                                                                               revised versions will be required in the
                       Shows How School Adds                               Released
                      Value To Student Progress                  The Ohio Department of Education Data         2009-10 school year and have been
                     This year, Ohio has a new "value-added"     Tools Catalog describes the ODE-              available since November 2008 so that
                     measurement on the school building and      sponsored data tools, explains the            IEPs written for the following year will be
                     district report cards that shows the        resources available, and provides             compliant. Search: Special Education
                     amount of student academic growth for       guidance for implementing a data-driven       Forms at for details.
                     the same group of students for previous     process. It is designed to provide
                     school years. These report cards serve as   information to the educator who is just
                     a way for parents to have conversations     starting the process and to inform those
                                                                                                                Special Education Operating
                     with teachers about basic questions such    who have already implemented one. The         Standards Video Link Provided
                     as what a child knows and needs to know.    catalog is organized in three sections: the   Ann Guinan, Assistant Director of
                     Find more information, such as              first contains the information needed to      Procedural Safeguards in the Office for
                     understanding value-                        implement a data-driven process; the          Exceptional Children, and Barbara
                     added data and how to                       second includes student achievement           Weinberg, Office of Early Learning and
                     access Ohio's online                        data tools that help districts/schools        School Readiness, hosted a webinar
                     report cards, at                            analyze “how are we doing”; and the third     regarding the Operating Standards for
           ;                        concludes with contextual data tools to       Children with Disabilities. This two-hour
                     search: New Report                          help educators understand the factors         video compressed for the web is hosted on
                     Card Measure.                               affecting student achievement results.        the Ohio Center for Autism and Low
                                                                 The Data Tools Overview and the Catalog       Incidence (OCALI) website and can be
                     Access Ohio’s report cards at               can be found at by        accessed at:
                                searching: Data Tools Catalog.                resources/ODE_Summ_Op.php.

                     4    The Circulator     l    December 2008-February 2009
   Admission Policies for                          counselor
                                                   Talk with your child’s teachers                           EMIS Update
                                                   Encourage your child's interests
Students with Disabilities in
                                                                                                    Important updates regarding the
  CTE Programs Clarified                           Get involved in your child's learning
                                                                                                    Education Management Information
There has been a need for ODE to clarify
                                                                                                    System (EMIS), a statewide data
some general admission procedures              Visitors will also find a college and career
                                                                                                    collection system for Ohio's primary
regarding students with disabilities (SWD)     planning tool for families of middle/high
                                                                                                    and secondary education, include:
in career-technical education (CTE)            school students—the Ohio Career and
programs. ODE advises that CTE                 Information System (OCIS) and the                    EMIS Redesign Clarification
providers review current policy and            Individual Academic and Career Plan                  Updates to EMIS Redesign were
practice for student application to, and       (IACP)—which allows children to develop              recently provided by ODE which
enrollment in, CTE programs. Providers         a personalized portfolio, expand upon their          basically addressed the progress that
should make sure they have written and         interests, research career options, and              has been made and some of the future
clearly defensible policies for application    plan their high school coursework. To learn          activities. Since flat file data submission
and admission, and that these policies are     more about the OCIS and IACP and for                 is not something new, it was not
followed for all students including SWD.       more career planning resources, search:              discussed, leading some attendees to
For clarification, seach: SWD CTE              College and Career Planning.                         believe that it was not going to be
at                                                                             available in the future. To reiterate

                                                                                                                                                  SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT
                                                  Spring 2009 OAT & OGT                             previous communications, flat file data
     Master Teacher PPT                                                                             submission remains a viable option for
                                                                                                    submitting data via EMIS for a limited
                                                    Information Posted
    Presentation Available                     Beginning with the Spring 2009 test                  period of time. (The earliest time for the
A 20-minute PowerPoint presentation            administration, Form SV will be used for             removal of flat file submission is still
describing the key features of the Master      students using an English audio, foreign             thought to be 2015).
Teacher Program is now available through       language or needing a read-a-loud
ODE's Office of Educator Standards. This       administration. Form 1 and Form A, used              EMIS PPT Presentations
production will help familiarize district      for OGT and OAT respectively, will no                EMIS PowerPoint presentations from
personnel/educators with Master Teacher        longer be the designated form for the read-          conferences/trainings held by the Ohio
responsibilities for districts, local          a-loud. Districts will need to order Form SV         Association of EMIS Professionals, the
committees and teachers. For an overview       in Tide for the OGT and Schoolhouse for              Ohio Education Data Systems
of the program and to view the                 the OAT for read-a-loud administrations.             Association, and ODE are available at
presentation, visit        Details are forthcoming and will be posted  They will help
and search: Master Teacher PowerPoint.         at Search: Spring               EMIS coordinators with changes in the
                                               2009 OAT and OGT.                                    reporting system and applying EMIS to
   Statewide Assessment                                                                             specific areas such as Special
                                                   Young Writers Contest                            Education, the Local Report Card, and
                                                                                                    Highly Qualified Teacher (HQT) data.
   Accommodations Listed
ODE provides a list of common                       Deadline is Jan. 15                             Search EMIS PowerPoint to access the
assessment accommodations to help                                 The deadline for                  presentations.
individualized education program (IEP)                            Ohioana’s Robert Fox
teams make appropriate decisions about                            Award for Young Writers           Reading First EMIS Reporting
allowable accommodations for statewide                            contest, open to Ohio             Reading First is a new national initiative
assessment. Designations such as                                  students in grades 9-12, is       aimed at helping every child in every
"allowable" or "not allowable" for the test                       Jan. 15, 2009. Established        state become a successful reader. Up
subjects/grades and accommodations have        in 2007, the award honors Robert Fox                 to $5 billion will be distributed among
been made in light of the four allowable       (1943-2003), a writer and poet who served            the 50 states, the District of Columbia,
criteria for statewide assessment              as the first poet in the schools of the Ohio         Puerto Rico, and outlying areas over
accommodations explained at the                Arts Council, and then became its literary           the next several years. These funds are
beginning of the list. To be directed to the   coordinator. Three awards will be given in           specifically dedicated to helping states
list and to the Ohio Statewide Testing         prose and three in poetry. First place               and local school districts establish high-
Program Rules Book, search: Allowable          winners will receive $250; second place              quality, comprehensive reading
Accommodations at         will receive $150; and third place will              instruction for all children in
                                               receive $100. The awards will be                     kindergarten through third grade. The
                                               presented at the Third Annual Ohioana                ODE website provides access to
                                               Book Festival, to be held May 9 on the               important Reading First EMIS reporting
    Tips and Tools to Help
   Parents Explore Careers                     grounds of the Ohio Statehouse in                    information. Search: EMIS Reading
An abundance of great tips, tools, and         Columbus. The festival’s purpose is to               First at
resources to help parents explore career       increase awareness of the importance of
paths with their adolescents is available at   Ohio writers and their contributions to the          For more information on EMIS, Practical advice for      literary arts. For contest entry forms and           including EMIS changes, processing
parents includes:                              more information, visit              schedules, and various resources,
    Start early                                and click on “Awards” at the top.                    search EMIS at
    Talk with your child's guidance

                                                                        The Circulator          l     December 2008-February 2009            5
                                                                  The Ohio Medicaid Schools
                         State Board Names New                                                                    District Staff Profiles for
                                                                 Program Information Posted
                                                                 ODE, in collaboration with the Ohio
                         State Superintendent of                                                                   1980-1998 Accessible
                            Public Instruction                   Department of Job and Family Services           ODE offers an interactive page that
                                          On Oct. 14, the        (ODJFS), has developed a document               allows users to get current staff profiles
                                          State Board of         entitled "Planning for the Medicaid School      for Ohio school districts for 1980-1998.
                                          Education              Program (MSP)" to give schools some             Reports can be generated for individual
                                          appointed              basic information on what the program will      districts, various district groupings,
                                          Deborah Delisle        be and how to enroll with ODJFS as a            counties, and the total state. To access
                                          as the new state       MSP provider. Note that the                     this page, search: District Staff Profiles
                                          superintendent         administrative rules needed to start the        at
                                          of public              MSP were to have been filed sometime in
                                          instruction.           October and ODFJS is in the process of            Supplemental Education
                                          Delisle replaces       making the MSP Medicaid Provider
                     Susan Tave Zelman, who served as            application available. ODE and ODJFS
                                                                                                                   Services Resources for
                     state superintendent since 1999.            staff are working on program guides and                     Parents
                                                                 instructions that will provide much more                            Under NCLB School

                     Since 2003, Delisle has been the            detail about all aspects of the MSP                                 districts are required,
                     superintendent of the Cleveland             program. To learn more, log on to                                   under some
                     Heights-University Heights School  and search: Ohio                                circumstances, to
                     District. She previously held the           Medicaid Schools.                                                   provide parents and
                     position of associate superintendent                                                       their children with the option of using
                     for educational services at the                Middle and High School                      supplemental educational services (SES).
                     Cleveland Heights-University Heights                                                       SES can be used when a student's school
                     School District. As superintendent,          Transformation Documents                      is a Title I served building that has not
                     Delisle implemented the district’s One                 Provided                            demonstrated Adequate Yearly Progress
                     to One Teaching and Learning with                              Ohio middle and high        (AYP) for three years. Eligible students are
                     Technology program, which by 2012                              school transformation       those from low-income families who attend
                     will provide all students/teachers in                          focuses on three            a Title I served school in School
                     grades 6-12 with a laptop computer                             transition points,          Improvement Year 2 or higher, including
                     for wireless learning. The program is                          occurring among grades      corrective action, or restructuring. ODE has
                     in its pilot year this school year and                         6-14 and critical to        resources to help parents with identifying
                     recently distributed laptops to all         student success. At the state level,           their children's needs and how they can be
                     students in the Monticello Middle           success is measured through the use of         met, and in selecting an SES provider. For
                     School.                                     performance indicators and assessments.        details, including a look-up link to state-
                                                                 The ODE website provides two                   approved providers, search: SES Parents
                     Delisle conducted her post-graduate         downloadable documents which offer             at
                     work at Kent State University and           more information on these critical
                     Ashland University in administration        transition points: the Framework to             McKinney-Vento Homeless
                     and curriculum development. She             Prepare and Graduate All Students
                     received her Bachelor’s degree from         brochure and the Critical Transitions in       Grant Recipients Announced
                     Springfield College in Massachusetts        Education chart. Find these documents          A list of McKinney-Vento Homeless Grant
                     and a Master’s degree in Special            and more by searching: School                  Recipients for 2008-2009 is available on
                     Education from Kent State University.       Transformation at         the ODE website. The purpose of the
                                                                                                                McKinney-Vento Homeless Children and
                     As state superintendent, Delisle will                                                      Youth Program is to ensure that all
                     lead and supervise the state’s
                                                                    HQT Toolkit Revised for                     children/youth have equal access to the
                     elementary/secondary education                      2008-2009                              same free and appropriate public
                     system; oversee the ODE; administer         The Highly Qualified Teacher (HQT)             education, including preschool education
                     licensing of Ohio’s early childhood         Reporting Materials Toolkit, revised for the   as non-homeless children/youth. To view
                     through high school educators; serve        2008-2009 school year, is now available        the list, visit and
                     as the State Board’s secretary; and         on the ODE website. These materials            search: Homeless Students. Other
                     manage relationships with key               serve as a guide for Ohio's school             resources include a parent brochure, an
                     stakeholders, such as the governor,         administrators to assist in reporting HQTs     excellent overview of homeless education,
                     state legislature, chancellor of Ohio’s     and qualified instructional                    that can be distributed to parents and
                     university system and local school          paraprofessionals. Although the guidelines     school personnel. More resources and
                     districts. Delisle is slated to begin her   have not changed, the revised toolkit has      information about the grant, including
                     new position no later than Dec. 1,          been enhanced with some additional             informational posters, can be downloaded
                     2008.                                       examples and frequently asked questions.       at (the website of the
                                                                 To download the new toolkit, search HQT        National Association for the Education of
                     Read more at           Toolkit at                Homeless Children and Youth).

                     6   The Circulator      l     December 2008-February 2009
  FOCUS ON:                      Cambium Learning Technologies:
                                 A Leader in Reading & Writing Software Solutions
Cambium Learning Technologies (CLT), a division of Cambium Learning, Inc., is
dedicated to helping educators raise the achievement of challenged learners.                     More About...
CLT’s key educational technology companies include:
            IntelliTools, Inc.        Kurzweil Educational Systems, Inc.
                                                                                                 Kurzweil Educational Systems'
                                                                                                 research-aligned technologies provide
For more than 25 years, IntelliTools and Kurzweil have functioned as leading
                                                                                                 complete reading, writing, and study
educational technology sources, helping students learn to their fullest potential. Each
                                                                                                 solutions to help all students
serves students who utilize assistive technology, have reading/learning disabilities,
struggle with limited English proficiency, or require additional instructional support for       overcome learning challenges and
other reasons.                                                                                   succeed academically.
                                                                                                 The company has just announced the
CLT upholds the core principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). These include            release of Kurzweil 3000 for
multiple means of representation, multiple means of expression, and multiple means               Windows Version 11. This new
of engagement, to help diverse learners who are struggling with challenging concepts.            version features a brand new all-in-
                                                                                                 one program that provides integrated
For example, IntelliTools' products support different learning styles to help all                writing, reading, comprehension,
students become engaged and motivated, incorporating features such as large text,                study skills, and research tools that
graphics, color, animation, onscreen manipulation, and recorded sounds. Kurzweil's               give students the chance to bring the
products provide the scaffolding need for struggling students to access the                      reading and writing process closer
curriculum—with access to text from printed material, electronic files, or the
                                                                                                 together to improve writing skills.
Internet. Kurzweil products' visual highlighting helps students track text as it is read
aloud. Both IntelliTools and Kurzweil offer free online seminars and demonstrations    
that are hosted live over the web.                                                               IntelliTools offers research-based
                                                                                                 products that help educators teach
                             CLT recently added Stages: Software Solutions for                   reading, writing, and mathematics,
                             Special Needs to its product line, a one-of-a-kind                  plus provides access to the computer.
                             alternative assessment and instructional technology                 IntelliTools products can be used to
solution for at-risk students. This seven-level developmental framework describes a              teach core concepts, provide patient
learner's cognitive and language abilities, and helps schools comply with alternate              practice, give immediate feedback,
assessment mandates by providing an accessible way to assess special needs learners.             and track student responses.

                                                                                                                                                  ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY
Stages also serves as a selection guide for curriculum activities (including both
software and off-computer activities). The overall Stages framework gives parents and            New to Intellitools is Classroom Suite 4,
educators a common language for reviewing learner progress.                                      a unique intervention tool that
                                                                                                 combines direct instruction with a
Learn more about Cambium Learning Technology’s product offerings, including                      flexible tool environment to help
IntelliTools and Kurzweil, at                               pre-K-5 students master reading,
                                                                                                 writing and math.

                                                LeaderLink Available
                                                from Don Johnston                                             Suggested Reading:
                                                 Don Johnston, Inc., the leader                               Using Assistive
                                                 in providing intervention solutions                          Technology to Meet
                                                 to schools and districts across the                          Literacy Standards
U.S., UK and Canada, now offers an easy way to keep up-to-date with the latest                                  By Sherry L. Purcell, PhD
assistive technologies and innovative instructional programs to improve the core                                and Debbie Grant, MA
literacy skills of students with special needs. The company’s new e-newsletter,                                 ISBN # 978-1578614936
LeaderLink, showcases informative articles from expert authors, educators and
                                                                                                               The authors provide AT
collaborators. Published 10 times a year, it is sent via email to thousands of teachers,
                                                                                                 solutions and sample IEP goals written
administrators, educational specialists and parents. LeaderLink subscribers will also be
                                                                                                 to literacy standards, while covering a
the first to hear about special offers, new products and free resources. To sign up to
                                                                                                 wide range of AT options, from digital
receive Leaderlink, visit and click on “Newsletters”
                                                                                                 talkers to eye pointers. Written for staff
under the “Professional Services” tab.
                                                                                                 who work with students in grades 4–6, it
                                                                                                 offers excellent assistance for writing
SST 5 Recognized by Don Johnston                                                                 goals and objectives regardless of the
State Support Team Region 5 was honored to receive a plaque from                                 user’s background. Curriculum areas
Don Johnston in recognition of “Outstanding Leadership Efforts in the                            include reading, writing, written and
Use of Technology by Promoting Literacy Success” for 2008-2009. We are                           oral composition, listening and
pleased to play an important role in improving the literacy skills of special needs              speaking. Find this book plus the K-3
students, and extend our gratitude to Don Johnston for their recognition and support.            and 7-12 editions at

                                                                        The Circulator       l    December 2008-February 2009                 7
                                                                               February is Black History Month
                                                          On February           as a tribute to the birthdays of Frederick Douglas and Abraham
                  Bits and Pieces                        Lincoln the noted African American scholar and historian Carter G Woodson initiated
                                                         Black History Week the forerunner of what has become Black History Month (BHM)
                                                               For great BHM resources visit http://www infoplease com/spot/bhm html

                          A One Stop Resource for Educators

                          The PBS Teachers website, a portal for pre-K-12 educators, offers a wide range of curriculum resources, video products, and
                          online professional development opportunities. The site also offers membership to PBS Teachers Connect, an easy and
                          effective way to share ideas, experiences, and innovations on using digital resources to teach. Visit to
                          discover this one-stop resource.

                                                           World Book Web Now Available Through INFOhio
                                                           INFOhio now offers a link to World Book Encyclopedias for three levels: World Book Kids (K-5),

                                                           World Book Student (5-9), and World Book Advanced (8-12 and college). A World Book Online
                                                           Reference Center (4-9) is also available, under which users can explore the Educators' Tools
                          page, which provides a range of resources, including correlations from World Book content to states curriculum correlations,
                          links to lesson plans, and professional education links. Find it all under the “Core Collection” icon at

                              Multicultural Books Every Child Should Read
                          The National Education Association (NEA) website boasts a wonderful list of 50 must-have multicultural books, compiled by

                          the Cooperative Children's Book Center, School of Education, University of Wisconsin. The list features a breakdown by age
                          search that includes preschool, ages 5-7, ages 7-9, and ages 9-12. The titles offer great gift suggestions, lesson ideas, or
                          recommendations on what to read to your classroom. Find this book list and others at under “Book
                          Lists” in the right column.

                                        NEA Partners with Kidthing to Offer Free Book Downloads
                                        To help promote the National Education Association’s (NEA) Read Across America program and Read Across
                                        America Day on March 2, 2009, NEA has partnered with Kidthing to offer free downloads of selected Read Across

                                        America books. A wide variety of titles will be available throughout the school year. Kidthing is a free,
                                        downloadable media player that allows children and classrooms to experience digital books, games, and videos,
                          with no ads or subscriptions. To learn more, visit To find out more about Read Across America, log
                          on to

                          Vital Resources for Social Studies Teachers
                          The Ohio Social Studies Resource Center (OSSRC) provides free access to peer-reviewed resources to all Ohio social studies
                          educators. Twelve partnering agencies presently serve the OSSRC and work together to improve the teaching and learning
                          resources that are available. Check out the OSSRC and all that it has to offer by logging on to

                          The Ohio Social Studies Signal Newsletter is another great resource for social studies educators. ODE fills this newsletter with
                          timely information on a monthly basis to keep social studies educators informed of important news from ODE, professional
                          development opportunities, and classroom resources. Find it at under “Publications.”

                          FREE Teacher Resources in a Snap
                          The Federal Resource for Educational Excellence (FREE) website makes it easy to track down new teaching resources from
                          federal agencies. Some of the latest topics include water purification, planets, artists and trail diaries. To find these topics
                          and many more, visit, select a subject from the drop-down menu, and you’re on your way.

                          Tools to Promote Global Thinking
                          At, educators can discover a world of great advocacy and awareness tools,

                          including a multimedia toolkit to help Ohio schools prepare students for the interconnected world of the 21st
                          century. The site recently added a database of our state’s “International Connections” which can be viewed
                          country by country, by clicking on a flag. Under “Other Resources” teachers can access lesson plans with an
                          international focus, compliments of the ODE Instructional Management System (IMS). Organized by continent,
                          users can easily find lesson plans aligned to Ohio’s Academic Content Standards.

                                          AN ESCHOOL NEWS ONLINE SITE OF THE WEEK
                                          LearningExpress—an industry leader in both web-based and print resources with special emphasis on writing
                                          improvement programs—has created a new blog for educators called The Writing Teacher. Its goal is to enable
                                          educators to share ideas and expertise on helping students improve their writing. According to the National
                                          Assessment of Educational Progress, only 33 percent of eighth grade students in the U.S. are writing at a
                                          proficient level. To help change that statistic, The Writing Teacher features writing input, content, and
                                          feedback, and encourages those who teach writing every day to participate.

                  According to the website, many of the articles will be based on NWREL's 6+1 traits of writing, providing a solid foundation for teaching.
                  Topics like: writing as part of ELA, writing across disciplines, and writing instruction in different student populations will be included.
                  The blog's debut article, "Research-Based Best Practices for Teaching Writing: A Discussion with Steve Graham," offers great advice from
                  a literacy professor at Vanderbilt University. The website also allows users to search article archives, sign up to receive e-mail updates,
                  learn about upcoming events, and more. To discover this resource, visit

                  8    The Circulator       l     December 2008-February 2009
                                                                      National Campaign Encourages Girls
           Looks to Strengthen Fitness & Nutrition                    to Explore Engineering
Project Appleseed, a major educational resource and advocate           In 2004, members of the engineering
for parents and families, is aimed at positively impacting public      community formed a coalition to
education. Project Appleseed promotes quality improvement in           encourage academically prepared girls to
learning, wellness, and school facilities to aid parents and           enroll in engineering programs. After
educators in meeting the needs of the whole child.                     extensive research revealed some of the
                                                                       reasons girls were not interested in engineering,
National Family Fitness Week is January 18-24, 2009                    the coalition developed and tested new messages that
As part of their school fitness and nutrition component, the           emphasized how creative and varied engineering can be and
Project Appleseed website boasts a wealth of resources—just in         what a difference engineers make. The messages—creativity has
time to promote National Family Fitness Week. For example,             its rewards, explore the possibilities, and make a world of difference
users can download the Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity &           —are now part of a national campaign designed to encourage
Nutrition (WE CAN!) Parent Handbook. WE CAN! is a new public           college bound girls to explore the field. The new website,
education outreach program designed to help children 8–13 years, is the centerpiece of the national
old stay at a healthy weight through improving food choices,           campaign, and is meant for high school girls and the adults in
increasing physical activity, and reducing screen time. Other          their lives (parents, counselors, teachers, etc.) who want to
helpful links include “Helping Your Overweight Child” and “6           learn more about what life and work are like for engineers.
Food Mistakes Parents Make.” Find these links and more at                                              The campaign looks to encourage girls to pursue engineering
                                                                       careers by introducing them to young female engineers, helping
                                                                       counselors/teachers better understand engineering by providing
LDsuccess org Shares Useful Insight                                    them with resources to advise students, and more. On the site,
Nearly 3 million school-age students receive the services of           users will discover a link to, designed
special education due to having a learning disability (LD) of some     specifically for middle school girls. Visitors to this unique site
kind. Much insight into how individuals handle and cope with LD        can find out more about engineering careers, read profiles of
can be found at This website shares                 women engineers, explore fun facts, and find out what classes
research about key factors ("success attributes") that contribute      to take in high school to prepare for this career.
to success for those with LD, focusing on self-awareness,                                  (Source:
proactivity, perseverance, goal-setting, support systems, and
emotional coping strategies. The site also features innovative                    OSSB Marching Band to Perform in
guides for parents and teachers to help them lead children with
LD to successful life outcomes. The complete Parent Guide can                         Tournament of Roses Parade
be reviewed on the site. The Teacher Guide is a preview to the                      The Ohio State School for the Blind (OSSB)
new Teacher Guide, "The Six Attributes of Successful Students                       marching band—the only blind marching band in
with Learning Disabilities: 60 Ready-to-Use Activities to Promote                the nation—recently received exciting news. The 17-
Social Skills and Personal Achievement" (available Spring of 2009).              member ensemble has been invited to participate in
                                                                      the 2010 Tournament of Roses Parade, held each New Year’s Day
                         Camp Nuhop Offers Respite                    in Pasadena, CA. This will mark the first time that the parade—
                                                                      famous for its floats made entirely of flowers—has hosted a blind
                         Weekends                                     marching band. The OSSB band now has a year to perfect their
                        Camp Nuhop in Ashland, Ohio is offering       performance. Each member has a marching assistant to help
                        seasonal weekend respite programs for         them stay in formation and prepare for their six-mile, two-hour
                        children with learning disabilities,          march. They will also be busy raising funds for their cross-
                        attention deficit disorders and behavior      country quest to Pasadena.
                        disorders. Both the Winter Respite (Jan.
16-18, 2009) and the Spring Respite (Mar. 6-8, 2009) offer fun        The OSSB is a publicly funded educational facility located in
and friendship centered around seasonal programming.                  Columbus. The school is dedicated to the intellectual, social,
                                                                      physical, and emotional growth of students with visual
Numerous residential Summer Camp programs are also offered,           impairments, including those with multiple disabilities. Students,
such as Lake Erie Islands Camp, Artistic Ventures, Science Camp,      ages 3 to 21, can receive their entire education—Kindergarten
Sports Skills Camp, and Canoe Camp. Applications, downloadable        through high school—at the institution. To find out more about
from the website, will be accepted until all places are filled        the OSSB and how to make a donation to the OSSB marching
(usually around May 30). Spaces are limited. Find all the details     band, visit
                                                                                                                                                BITS AND PIECES
at                                                              (Source: The Columbus Dispatch Online, 10/21/2008)

 Reading Rockets Offers Toolkit for School Psychologists
 School psychologists (SPs) play an increasingly vital role in the lives of struggling learners, and are becoming leaders in developing
 and implementing assessment and placement decisions that can critically impact students. SPs can also help schools decrease the
 number of students who lag behind grade level and increase the number of successful readers.

 To support this role, Reading Rockets and the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) have created a free Toolkit for School
 Psychologists. Its resources help SPs get more involved in the development of comprehensive, research-based, reading programs;
 apply evidence-based strategies to the assessments of students with reading difficulties; help students become good readers; and
 keep more kids from unnecessarily entering special education. Search School Psych Toolkit at

                                                                        The Circulator        l      December 2008-February 2009          9
                   Bits and Pieces                      IEP U com Helps Create
                                                        Effective IEPs                      Find out how well your four-year old’s early literacy skills are
                                 To create an effective Individualized Education            developing by using the Get Ready to Read! Screening Tool. The
                                 Program (IEP), parents, teachers, other school staff       tool enables users to get a snapshot of the skills your child has
                                 must unite and closely examine the student's               developed and the new skills he/she will continue to develop
                                 unique needs. Their goal is to create an IEP that          over the course of the school year. Use this 20-question
                  will help the student progress in the general curriculum.                 research-based tool during the fall, in the middle of the year,
                  Certainly, writing and implementing an effective IEP requires a           and at the end of the year, to see the progress that your child
                  team effort. was developed to help those involved in            makes as he/she gets ready for kindergarten. The score will
                  the education of a child with a disability develop and carry out          show if a child's pre-reading skills are weak, strong, or
                  an IEP The website provides its members with over 4000 free
                         .                                                                  somewhere in between. Don't use the tool more than three
                  goals and objectives, each with changeable benchmarks. Users              times in a year, as it's not designed to measure small changes,
                  are able to access their own customized IEP objectives and use            and children develop new skills gradually. Find the Get Ready to
                  prebuilt templates with the ability to pull pre-approved sections         Read! Screening Tool at
                  from school districts. Parents are able to login, review, and if
                  allowed, approved their child's IEP The overall goal of                                 Autism Tool Kit Shines as a
                  is to help provide the best IEP for the child while easing the
                  burden on the team building it. To learn more, visit
                                                                                                                    Resource for Families & Educators
                                                                                             Parents, teachers, and administrators
                                                                                           can find useful ideas, suggestions, and resources pertaining to
                                                                                           autism in a free downloadable document called the School
                  CELL Publishes         New Practice Guides                               Community Tool Kit. Its goal is to provide information about
                  The Center for Early Literacy Learning (CELL) recently published         autism, as well as tools and strategies that can help to establish
                  70 new practice guides which were developed to help parents              more positive interactions for all members of a school
                  and practitioners promote the early and emergent literacy skills         community. While not intended to be a curriculum for special
                  of young children with disabilities or delays. The guides,               education, this tool kit can act as a support for the general
                  organized by age and type of literacy skill, include 31 infant, 22       education and administrative school staff who interact with
                  toddler, and 17 preschool practice guides that can be printed and        autistic students in various capacities. The hosting website,
                  used by parents or practitioners. Titles range from Letterpalooza, also features video interviews with
                  to Delighting in Writing. Find those and many more at                    autism experts and principals who are involved with inclusion
                                                   programs, as well as printable worksheets and more.

                   R            eading
                    Kids’ Classics That Deal with Hard Financial Times
                    According to Slate magazine’s Erica S. Pearl, our current
                                                                                                                      UPCOMING CONFERENCES

                                                                                                                      11th Annual Educational
                    financial crisis can actually bring some good to light, in                                        Technology Conference:
                    particular great children’s literature. Economic struggle
                    has been the subject of many memorable and award-
                                                                                                                            Ohio Connects!
                    winning children’s literary classics. Pearl suggests 10 of                                              Feb. 2-4, 2009
                    those classics that draw the best from bad times:                                                  Greater Columbus Convention
                                                                                                                         Center --- Columbus, OH
                    1. Five Little Peppers and How They Grew—by Margaret Sidney
                    2. Little House in the Big Woods & Little House on the Prairie—by Laura Ingalls Wilder               Visit
                    3. Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry—by Mildred D. Taylor
                    4. Ramona and Her Father—by Beverly Cleary
                    5. Tight Times—by Barbara Shook Hazen                 “One of the ways I coped was by
                    6. Homecoming—by Cynthia Voight                        burying my nose in books and                 School Improvement
                    7. How To Steal a Dog—by Barbara O’Connor         discovering kids who had it worse than             Conference 2009:
                    8. Waiting for Normal—by Leslie Connor              I did. Like Ramona Quimby, whose
                                                                                                                     Making Ohio Schools Work

                    9. Out of the Dust—by Karen Hesse                  dad got fired and took up residence on
                    10. Spuds—by Karen Hesse                                the couch.” — Erica S. Pearl                 June 16-18, 2009
                                         (source:                                                      Greater Columbus Convention
                                                                                                                         Center --- Columbus, OH
                                         Great books which deal with topics such as lost income,
                                         foreclosure, and rationing are still being published. Recent                  Visit
                                         examples include the Kit Kittredge series of books found at
                                Kit’s adventures are set in 1934 at the                To discover more statewide and
                                         height of the Great Depression. The series of six historical books,
                                         filled with inspiring lessons of compassion, courage, and                          national events, visit
                                         friendship, includes Meet Kit; Kit Learns a Lesson; Kit’s Surprise; and select
                                         Happy Birthday, Kit!; Kit Saves the Day; and Changes for Kit.                      “Calendar of Events”

                  10   The Circulator       l     December 2008-February 2009
                                       Need-to-Know Info

Staff             Phone: (800) 776-8298                              Workshop Cancellation Procedure
Supervisor:       Richard Kajuth, ext. 105
                                                               In the event of a potential workshop event or meeting
Coordinators: Jeff Lawson, ext. 117
                                                               cancellation, please follow this procedure:
              Ann Marie Hiznay, ext. 122                       1. Check the three local Youngstown TV stations
                                                                  (WYTV, WKBN, WFMJ) for an announcement ticker
Consultants:      Melanie Carfolo, ext. 125                       at the bottom of the screen.
                  Michele DiMuzio, ext. 109                    2. Call the site location for cancellation information.
                  Karen Kanotz, ext. 107                       3. Call SST 5 at 1(800) 776-8298; press 2 to reach
                  Diana Lyon, ext. 106                            "Workshop Registration and Meeting Status."
                  Mary Anne Tyger, ext. 127
                  Nicholas Bellino, ext. 104                   NOTE: If we receive advance notice of a cancellation due
                  Dr. Jane Sadinski, (330) 301-6995            to circumstances other than inclement weather, we will
                  Tony DiRenzo, (330) 744-6972                 do our best to call or e-mail all registrants in a timely
                                                               manner to avoid unnecessary travel and planning.
PRAXIS III:       Tom O’Brien, ext. 120
                  Susan Pullman, ext. 118                               STARS/SAFE Account Reminder
                                                                         YOU NOW MUST REGISTER FOR ALL WORKSHOP
                 www . . .                                               EVENTS THROUGH STARS v2.0! Before you register
                     At, find
                                                             through STARS, you must apply for a SAFE account. Note that this
                                                             application process is FREE and does not require any form of payment.
                     more information on our staff,
                   including their assigned districts           q. Go to
               and e-mail addresses.                            q. Select the “SAFE ACCOUNT SIGN IN” button at the bottom.
                                                                   NOTE: The “Ohio State ID number” option is NOT the number from
Our website also provides information on the latest                teaching certificates or licenses. It is issued by the BMV for those
WORKSHOP EVENTS being offered through SST 5                        who do not operate a vehicle but need an ID document. NOTE:
and how to register, as well as an extensive listing of
                                                                   Those who hold an out-of-state license must select OPTION 2.
                                                                q. Click on “Sign Up” located in the left-hand margin.
                                                                q. Read the agreement and click on “I agree” at the bottom.
on “Calendar of Events” then on either “Regional” or            q. Continue to follow the prompts on the screen.
“State & National” to learn more.
                                                             If you want to register BUT do not have online access or are having
Valuable links to RELATED RESOURCES, including               problems, call Brenda Lawrence at 1 (800) 776-8298, ext. 121.
those offered through our Teacher Resource Center,
                                                             Once you have a SAFE account, be sure to create a STARS User
along with SST Region 5’s e-News! monthly online             Profile so you will be notified automatically of events that match
newsletter (see below) are also accessible.                  your profile.

        If you or someone you know would like to begin receiving The Circulator, complete the following form and mail to:
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 q   Check here if you would also like to receive our e-News! monthly online newsletter.

                                                                    The Circulator       l     December 2008-February 2009                11
                                                                                                                                          PRSRT STD
                                                                                                                                         US POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                         WARREN, OH
5555 Youngstown-Warren Road                                                                                                              PERMIT #300
Unit 696
Niles, Ohio 44446

                                             e                            d
                                                                     Have a warm &
                                                                     wonderful winter!

                           Visit our website:

                            The Mission of Ohio’s Statewide SST Network System
   ...To provide regional districts with Leadership Technical Assistance, and High Quality Professional Development in the
 service areas of School Improvement, Literacy, Early Learning and School Readiness, and Special Education Compliance.

                                        The Circulator is a free publication of the State Support Team Region 5 (SST 5).
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