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									80's Theme Party Ideas For a Sensational Celebration
                          Ah... the 80s. Big hair and all, it's a decade we won't forget. Celebrate the punk 80s with a theme party sure to please all your
guests. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.You can create your own invitations by drawing 50th birthday theme such as "50" or over-the-hill
gag themes.InvitationsYou can also create your own invitations by drawing 80's themes such as sunglasses, punk styles, leg warmers, mezpahs, etc.
Costumes/Dress AttireGive each guest a pair of sunglasses to remember the old Corey Hartt song, "I wear my sunglasses at night."For a disco or
punk 80's style nightlife effect, add plenty of glow products.Wear jelly bracelets and punk wigs for a great 80's theme.Games & ActivitiesAn easy
choice of games is to play a game of 80's trivia. There are several available including Trivial Pursuit 80's edition.Jeopardy became a big hit in the 80's,
and can be a fun trivia game.Play clips from 80's TV shows or movies and competing teams guess first what movie/show the song was from.80's
karaoke is lots of fun and gets everyone laughing.Popular drinks for an 80's theme are Corona beer and wine coolers. Be sure to have soda on hand
for the non-alcoholic set as well as water for all. Complete the evening with break dancing and Rubik's cube contests!

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