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Creating Coursework Materials with
SmartDraw’s Medical Symbol Collection
  CLIENT PROFILE:        Name:                  Virginia Lee Rogers
                         Title:                 Medical Technologist, Instructor
                         Organization:          St. Elizabeth’s Hospital
                         Location:              Appleton, Wisconsin
                         Application:           Teaching college seniors urology, hematology and phlebotomy

In Search of a                           “PowerPoint® is a good program,         “I started looking for a program
                                         but I couldn’t get all the graphics I   with good clip art, but all of the
Remedy                                   needed,” said Ms. Rogers. “To           collections were limited, and so
Virginia   Rogers,      a    medical     make a red blood cell, I would          expensive,” said Ms. Rogers. “I
technologist and instructor at St.       start with a graphic of a balloon.      found one from the U.K. but it
Elizabeth’s Hospital, was looking        Needless to say, it didn’t look very    was $500. I didn’t have that
for good clip art for her classes.       realistic!”                             kind of money to spend.”
She was teaching college seniors
the basics of urology, hematology,
and phlebotomy, and she needed a          “I was looking for good
way to draw diagrams quickly and          clip art for my classes,
easily.      The students were
completing nine-month internships          but everything was so
at the hospital, and expected a           limited and expensive.
professional level of teaching.          Then I found SmartDraw.
“I’m always trying to stay one step      I couldn’t believe all the
ahead of my students,” said Ms.             images it had for the
Rogers. “I’ve found that passing         medical community! The
out handouts can be very helpful,
but I like to show them things,            results are fantastic.”
instead of just passing out text.
They say a picture is worth a                  -Virginia Lee Rogers,
thousands words, and it’s true—           Medical Technologist/Instructor,
especially in teaching!”                      St. Elizabeth’s Hospital

Ms. Rogers was completing some of
her coursework in other programs,        Ms. Rogers needed to draw
but they didn’t give her access to       everything from anemia and bodily
all the medical symbols she was          fluid charts to a diagram of veins
looking for. She often turned to         and arteries in the arm. It got to
Microsoft PowerPoint® to make her        the point when using other
handouts.                                programs was just too difficult.                              (continued on back)
The Prognosis                           looking for, and drag it into their
                                        diagram in a matter of seconds.
                                                                              The program has helped her be
                                                                              more    selective   with    her
Ms. Rogers found SmartDraw
                                        All it takes is a couple of clicks.   handouts, so her students don’t
online, and quickly examined its
                                                                              get too bogged down with
collection of symbols.
                                        Online tutorials also help users      paperwork.
                                        through more complex tasks,
“As soon as I saw what SmartDraw
                                        eliminating the need for extensive    “A picture can be so much more
had to offer, I got really excited,”
                                        study of the program.                 descriptive than pages of text,”
said Ms. Rogers. “The graphics
                                                                              said Ms. Rogers. “It keeps my
were so nice…and there were just
                                        “I knew that this product would       students       from      getting
so many of them.”
                                        help me get my work done really       overwhelmed.”
                                        quickly—with professional-looking
                                        results,” said Ms. Rogers.            SmartDraw’s expanded selection
                                                                              of medical symbols, ease-of-use,
                                                                              and professional-looking results
                                        The Right Medicine                    are a welcome addition to her
                                        Ms. Rogers has made SmartDraw an      teaching process. According to
                                        integral part of her teaching         Ms. Rogers, SmartDraw helps her
                                        process. She now creates much of      get the job done faster and
                                        her coursework presentations,         better than ever before.
                                        handouts and workbooks using
                                        medical clip art from the program.    “I am so happy with the results,”
                                                                              said Ms. Rogers. “It’s such a
                                        “I’m using the software a few         great program. I’m so glad I
                                        times a week to create various        found it!”
                                        visual aids for the students,” said
                                        Ms. Rogers. “Having access to so
                                        many great symbols makes it

SmartDraw’s searchable library has
thousands     of    symbols    and
templates. Included are numerous
images in the Medical & Anatomy
section, including graphics for
emergency,        nursing,     and
pediatrics. The anatomy section
features more than 30 subsets,
including cardiac, hematology, and
circulatory system—the very things
Ms. Rogers was looking for.
Graphics of red blood cells,
anemia, and veins were suddenly
at her fingertips, allowing her to
quickly insert them into her

“I couldn’t believe the breadth and
quality of all of the clip art,” said
Ms. Rogers. “I was so surprised,
and kept finding new images. I was
like, wow—they have this too?”

SmartDraw’s intuitive “drag and
drop” mechanism allows users to
quickly select the graphic they are

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