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You look forward to the views of Bo CHEN on November 14, 2009

               The recent property show?
   After a short silence, sunshine of the property market started in May this year has
quite active. Even more surprising is that in this property from the law should be plain
speaking       early winter, sunshine in             the market        are   high-profile
"blowout." This new property development from the recent
concern about the situation on the degree and Qiang Ding can be seen: the new urban
areas, a real estate open house day of the election appeared busy, hard to find a room
phenomenon, a real estate Shanhaitian public had not been the Road Buyers
"unofficially." I understand that several others also are silent no
sound planning in the real estate has become the focus of hot debate, much has been
robbed of the potential points. This unusual phenomenon called a spectacle, and even
the industry felt surprisingly, poorly understood.
   How the sunshine of the property market?
   The spring of 2005, first met in the Chinese real estate firm policy changes, I wrote
an article called "sunshine property market will be better
tomorrow", last year, round depression in the real estate sector is facing the
eve of what I wrote, that " Bump sun room products feature will
increasingly become the market darlings. " Personally, I have sunshine real
estate market, real estate boom sunshine has never been doubted, therefore, this stock
market for heat in early winter is also not surprised that totally makes sense to do.
   First, this is a law of the market. Almost all markets are so experienced a downturn,
is bound to usher in a climax. A financial crisis like the stroke of a hail to all
consumer confidence hit a hibernation period, less than dodge the real estate sector
has suffered an unprecedented frost. When the hail had fine weather, of course, once
again burning desire for consumption and, as a period of time,
"Bie", purchasing power, efforts will naturally be doing a great
job, as the accumulation of water, like a sudden torrent gate. This shows that the
current real estate market in sunshine, "hot" should be said that
homeopathy was born.
   Second, the "big relief" effect. Sunshine in my article about
"concave features," the article had talked about, the
environment, "convex" is a real estate sunshine special permit
vertical and horizontal markets, highlighting the natural environment of the real estate
industry will continue to peak until the sun Smiling, because , sunshine of the living
environment is really too convex, too attractive, too people can not give up. Not
surprisingly, the sunshine of this "relief" is also greatly favored
by the international organizations, in the recently received the highest honor the
world's urban environment, "UN Habitat Award", as
the only award in the city this year, Six of China's world famous
"livable city" one. This is a message spread throughout the
world, but also affect the sunshine of a news, it makes the advantages of living in
sunshine with a load more than 50 billion people on Earth Moment "large
convex." For knowledge of real estate consumers, investors, the news is
almost a "bullish" a significant signal, the wealthy owners will
not     hesitate     to    act,    of     course.   According     to   analysis,    this
"blowout" where people are spending a large part of public
officials, which reflects the "UN Habitat Award" psychological
impact on people's consumption.
   Third, the price factors. This is a very sensitive topic, but can not be avoided. In
2005, I have talked to in the article "35 years, housing prices in sunshine
more than 5000 yuan per square meter", the results attract some criticism.
Later I told some friends explained that with the development of society, increasing
people's incomes, almost all of the prices also are rising, housing prices are
very natural. Sunshine house prices, due to the short history of the city, real estate,
rather late, so the growth rate will certainly be an unexpected number. Such a rapidly
developing city, the real estate sector showed rapid development, including substantial
growth in house prices, is a completely natural phenomenon. And a superior urban
environment, the value of their property is more costly will be the corresponding
performance. In the "Bump Feature" article on the
"concave" as I have explained before: a big market in the
country, sunshine is a very competitive price, and with similar coastal cities, Rizhao
the price is low, it is sunshine in the industry, "concave" feature.
This is my sunshine realistic basis to judge price trends. As expected, sunshine the
past few years, housing prices have been kept reasonably up, 10,000 yuan a square
meter is not news, the six 7100 square meters has become the psychological level of
the middle class. Such a price change and optimistic about the future price movements,
the impact on consumer psychology and the stimulation is significant. The average
price of the last few square meters have been hot properties for sale more than 5000
yuan is further strengthened people's housing prices continue to rise sun
awareness, "missed more than 1000 yuan a square meter of the market, but
also missed more than 3000 yuan a square meter time, and now can not get on the
train ride is not "totally has become part of the consensus, such a tendency
should be the" blowout "of a big factor.
   For the current emergence of new urban areas of high-end housing hot, affordable
real estate markets in other regions of the phenomenon of plain fact is normal. Birth is
currently on the market with certain investment awareness and investment capacity of
the middle class, this part of the people, the course will be more inclined to lots of
high added value. For cheap real estate, may be facing more of a part of the poor
funding, lack of housing affordability, investment consciousness, very cautious
buying behavior of people, therefore, some location advantage of the lack of
affordable real estate is easy in a market, "the two do not take
"zone, the high-end investors are not interested in looking over
working-class addition is the" feel powerless and frustrated ", so
that the market will inevitably dull.
   Another issue should be cause for doubt: "blowout", the
consumption of what the? I once said: sunshine a national brand, and that is sunshine
room products, because the real sunshine of the property is sold nationwide, the
National buy, and certainly very popular. Hordes of outsiders to buy a house across
the long and arduous journey to the sunshine is a good example. Today, real estate
sunshine into a world brand, of course, make people more interested. (From sunshine
daily on Nov. 16, 2009)
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