Administrative Arrangements Orde by fjwuxn


									                                  COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA



I, ALEXANDER GORE ARKWRIGHT, BARON GOWRIE, the Governor-General in and over the
Commonwealth of Australia, acting with the advice of the Federal Executive Council, do hereby approve of
the Administrative Arrangements specified in the Schedule hereto, and do order that, until further order
herein, all Acts of the Commonwealth Parliament relating to the matters specified in the second column of
the Schedule opposite to the name of a Department (including the Acts specified in the third column
opposite the name of the Department) shall, unless the contrary intention appears in the Act, be administered
by the Minister of State for the Commonwealth administering that Department.

                                               THE SCHEDULE

The names of the Department of the State of the Commonwealth are specified in the first column of the
Schedule, and the matters dealt with by each Department and the Acts administered by the Minister
administering it are respectively specified in the second and third columns opposite the name of the

          First Column                       Second Column                             Third Column
      Name of Department           Matters dealt with by each Department    Acts Administered by the Minister of
                                                                                    each Department
   THE PRIME MINISTER’S          Auditor-General                            Cockatoo Island Dockyard
       DEPARTMENT                British Phosphate Commissioners              Agreement Act 1933
                                 Cabinet and Parliamentary Arrangements     Committee of Public Accounts Act
                                 Channel of communication for all            1913-1934
                                   Departments, with the Governor-          Committee of Public Accounts Act
                                   General – State, United Kingdom and        1932
                                    Dominion Governments, &c.               Commonwealth Grants
                                 Commonwealth Literary Fund                   Commission Act 1933-1935
                                 Commonwealth oil Refineries Limited        Commonwealth Public Service Act
                                   (relations with)                            1922-1937
                                 Conferences of Commonwealth and State      Commonwealth Public Works
                                     Ministers                                 Committee Act 1913-1936
                                 Development                                Commonwealth Public Works
                                 Executive Council Matters                     Committee Act 1932
                                 Gazette (Commonwealth)                     Commonwealth Salaries Act 1907
                                 Historic Memorials                         Geophysical Survey Act 1928
                                 Premiers’ Conferences                      High Commissioner Act 1909-1937
                                 Public Service Board                       Migrant Settlement Agreement Act
                                 Repatriation and relief of Distressed        1933
                                    Australians abroad                      Ministers of State Act 1935-1938
                                 Representation of Australia abroad-High    National Oil Proprietary Limited
                                    Commissioner, London; Commercial          Agreement Act 1937
                                   Agency, Paris                            Nauru Island Agreement Act 1919-
                                 Royal Commissions                            1932
                                 Scientific and Industrial Research         New Guinea Act 1920-1935
                                 Statutes (Commonwealth)                    New Guinea Loan Guarantee Act
                                 Territories-                                 1938
                                   Nauru                                    Norfolk Island Act 1913 – 1935
                                   New Guinea                               Northern Australia Survey Act 1934
                                   Norfolk Island                           Officers’ Rights Declaration Act
                                   Papua                                     1928-1933
                                   Prisoners from Territories outside the   Oil Agreement Acts 1920, 1924,
                                      Commonwealth                            1926

      First Column                 Second Column                            Third Column
   Name of Department    Matters dealt with by each Department   Acts Administered by the Minister of
                                                                           each Department
                         Shipping Services                       Papua Act 1905-1934
                                                                 Parliamentary Allowances Act
                                                                 Parliamentary Salaries Adjustment
                                                                    Act 1938
                                                                 Petrol Commission Act 1933
                                                                 Removal of Prisoners (Territories)
                                                                   Act 1923-1935
                                                                 Royal Commissions Act 1902-1933
                                                                 Science and industry Endowment
                                                                   Act 1926
                                                                 Science and Industry Research Act
                                                                 Science and Industry Research
                                                                   Appropriation Act 1938
                                                                 Special Annuity Acts
                                                                 Wheat Commission Act 1935

THE DEPARTMENT OF THE   Appropriation and Supply                 Apple and Pear Tax Act 1938
      TREASURY          Banking                                  Apple and Pear Tax Assessment Act
                        Census and Statistics                      1938
                        Clearing Office under Peace Treaties     Appropriation Acts
                        Commonwealth Stores Supply and Tender    Appropriation (unemployment
                          Board                                    Relief) Act 1936
                        Currency, Coinage and Legal Tender       Audit Act 1901-1934
                        Employees’ Compensation                  Bank Notes Tax Act 1910
                        Expropriation of Enemy Property          Census and Statistics Act 1905-
                        Financial Assistance to States             1938
                        Government Printing                      Coinage Act 1909-1936
                        Imperial Pensions                        Commonwealth Bank Act 1911- 1932
                        Insurance                                Commonwealth Debt Conversion
                        Loan Council; and all Loan Matters         Act 1931
                        New Guinea Trade Agency                  Commonwealth Debt Conversion
                        Pensions and Retiring Allowances           Act (No. 2) 1931
                        Public Debt and National Debt Sinking    Commonwealth Employees’
                           fund                                    Compensation Act 1930
                        Public Finance and Accounts              Commonwealth Housing Act 1927-
                        Soldier Land Settlement                    1928
                        Superannuation                           Commonwealth Inscribed Stock Act
                        Taxation other than Duties of Customs       1911-1933
                           and of Excise                         Constitution Alteration (State
                        Youth Employment                             Debts) 1909
                                                                 Constitution Alteration (State
                                                                     Debts) 1928
                                                                 Debt Conversion Agreement Act
                                                                 Debt Conversion Agreement Act
                                                                   (No. 2) 1931
                                                                 Economic Research Act 1929
                                                                 Estate Duty Act 1914
                                                                 Estate Duty Assessment Act 1914-
                                                                 Financial Agreement Act 1928
                                                                 Financial Agreements
                                                                   (Commonwealth liability) Act

   First Column                Second Column                            Third Column
Name of Department   Matters dealt with by each Department   Acts Administered by the Minister of
                                                                        each Department
                                                             Financial Agreement Validation
                                                                Act 1929
                                                             Financial Emergency Act 1931-
                                                                1938 (Except Parts VI., VII. and
                                                             Financial Relief Act 1932-1938
                                                                (except parts VI. And VII)
                                                             Financial Relief Act 1933 (except
                                                                Part VII.)
                                                             Financial Relief Acts 1934-1936
                                                                (except parts VI. And VII)
                                                             Financial Relief Act 1936-1938
                                                                (except parts V. And V1.)
                                                             Flour Tax Act 1938
                                                             Flour Tax Assessment Acts
                                                             Flour Tax (Imports and Exports)
                                                                Act 1938
                                                             Flour Tax (Stocks) Act 1938
                                                             Flour Tax (Wheat Industry
                                                                Assistance) Assessment Act
                                                             Funding Arrangements Act 1921
                                                             Immigration Loan Acts 1922
                                                             Income Tax Acts
                                                             Income Tax Assessment Act 1936-
                                                             Income Tax Collection Act1923-
                                                             Insurance Act 1932-1937
                                                             Land Tax Act 1910-1938
                                                             Land Tax Assessment Act 1910- 1937
                                                             Life Assurance Companies Act 1905
                                                             Loans Acts
                                                             Loan Appropriation
                                                                (Unemployment Relief) Act 1934-
                                                             Loan Fund Expenditure Act 1933
                                                             Loan (Unemployment Relief Works)
                                                                Acts 1932
                                                             Loans Redemption and Conversion
                                                                Act 1921
                                                             Loans Securities Act 1919
                                                             Marine Insurance Act 1909
                                                             National Debt Sinking Fund Act
                                                             Naval Loan Repeal Act 1910
                                                             Sales tax Acts
                                                             Sales Tax Assessment Acts
                                                             Sales Tax Exemptions Act 1935-
                                                             Sales Tax (Financial Relief) Act
                                                             Sales Tax Procedure Act 1934-

   First Column                Second Column                            Third Column
Name of Department   Matters dealt with by each Department   Acts Administered by the Minister of
                                                                         each Department
                                                             Sales Tax (Securities and
                                                                Exemptions) Act 1935
                                                             Silver Agreement Act 1933
                                                             Soldier Settlement Loans (Financial
                                                                Agreement) Act 1935
                                                             South Australia Grant Acts
                                                             States Grants Act 1927-1934,
                                                             States Grants Act 1934
                                                             States’ Grants Act 1935
                                                             States’ Grants Act 1936
                                                             States’ Grants Act 1937
                                                             States Grants Act 1938
                                                             States Grants Act 1939
                                                             States Grants (Fertilizer) Act 1937-
                                                             States Grants Act (Fertilizer) Act
                                                                (No.2) 1938
                                                             States Grants (Local Public Works)
                                                                Act 1936
                                                             State Grants (Unemployment
                                                                Relief) Act 1936
                                                             State Grants (Youth
                                                                Employment)Act 1937
                                                             States Grants (Youth Employment)
                                                                Act 1939
                                                             Statistical Bureau (Tasmania) Act
                                                             Superannuation Act 1922-1937
                                                             Supply Acts
                                                             Supply Revenue Acts
                                                             Tasmania Grant Acts
                                                             Tasmania Grant (Flour Tax) Act
                                                             Tasmania Sinking Fund Agreement
                                                               Act 1928
                                                             Tasmanian Loan Redemption Act
                                                             Taxation of Loans Act 1923
                                                             Transferred Officers’ Pensions Act
                                                             Trans-Pacific Flight Appropriation
                                                               Act 1934
                                                             Treasury Bills Act 1914-1915
                                                             Treaty of Peace (Austria and
                                                                Bulgaria) Act 1920
                                                             Treaty of Peace (Germany) Act
                                                             Treaty of Peace (Hungary) Act
                                                             War Gratuity Acts 1920
                                                             War Precautions Act Repeal Act
                                                                1920-1934 (Sections 18 and 20)
                                                             War-time Profits Tax Act 1917
                                                             War-time Profits Tax Assessment

     First Column                   Second Column                            Third Column
  Name of Department    Matters dealt with by each Department     Acts Administered by the Minister of
                                                                           each Department
                                                                  Western Australia Grant Acts
                                                                  Wheat Tax Act 1938
                                                                  Wool Tax Act 1936
                                                                  Wool Tax Assessment Acts 1936
   THE ATTORNEY-       Arbitration in relation to employment in   Acts Interpretation Act 1901-1937
      GENERAL’S           the Commonwealth Public Service         Amendments Incorporation Act
     DEPARTMENT        Bankruptcy and Insolvency                     1905-1918
                       Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes     Arbitration (Public Service) Act
                       Copyright                                     1911
                       Crown Law Offices                          Arbitration (Public Service) Act
                       Designs                                       1920-1934
                       Divorce and Matrimonial Causes             Bankruptcy Act 1924-1933
                       Drafting and revision of regulations and   Bills of Exchange Act 1909-1936
                         ordinances                               Boy Scouts’ Association Act 1924
                       Foreign Corporations                       Commonwealth Conciliation and
                       Investigations in respect of offences        Arbitration Act 1904-1934
                         against commonwealth law                 Copyright Act 1912-1935
                       Judiciary and Courts                       Crimes Act 1914-1937
                       Marriage                                   Designs Act 1906-1934
                       Parliamentary Drafting                     Evidence Act 1905-1934
                       Patents                                    Extradition Act 1903-1934
                       Police (Territory for the seat of          Financial Emergency Act 1931-
                         Government)                                1938 (Part VII.)
                       Prevention and settlement of inter-state   High Court Procedures Act 1903-
                         industrial disputes                         1937
                       Recognition throughout the                 Industrial Peace Acts 1920
                         Commonwealth and its Territories of      Judiciary Act 1903-1939
                          the Laws, Records and Judicial          Jury Exemption Act 1905-1932
                          Proceedings of the States and the       Legal Proceedings Control Act
                          Territories                                1919
                       Reporting of proceedings of                Parliamentary Papers Act 1908-
                          Commonwealth tribunals                    1935
                       Seamen’s Employment                        Patents Act 1903-1935
                       Service and execution throughout           Peace Officers Act 1925
                           the Commonwealth of State Process      Rules Publication Act 1903-1934
                          and Judgments                           Seat of Government Supreme Court
                       Trade Marks                                  Act 1933-1935
                       Trading and Financial Corporations         Service and Execution of Process
                         formed within the limits of the            Act 1901-1934
                         Commonwealth                             Solicitor General Act 1916
                       Waterside Employment                       State and Territorial Laws and
                                                                    Records Recognition Act 1901-
                                                                  Statute Law Revision Act 1934
                                                                  Statutory Declarations Act 1911-
                                                                  Trade Marks Act 1905-1936
                                                                  Transport Workers Act 1928-1937
THE DEPARTMENT OF      Industrial Matters

      First Column                    Second Column                              Third Column
   Name of Department    Matters dealt with by each Department        Acts Administered by the Minister of
                                                                              each Department
 THE DEPARTMENT OF      Appointment of Advisory Committees in         Development and Migration Act
     SUPPLY AND           connexion with supply of munitions             1926-1930
   DEVELOPMENT            and industrial development                  Supply and Development Act 1939
                        Arrangements for the establishment or
                          extension of industries for the purpose
                          of Defence
                        Control and limitation of profits in
                          production of munitions by private
                        Control of Munitions Factories
                        Industrial development for both defence
                          and civil needs in time of war
                        Manufacture and assembly of defence
                        Provision of supply of munitions
                        Investigations in regard to substitutes for
                          petroleum products, including power
                          alcohol, benzol, oil shale, producer gas
                          and compressed gas

  THE DEPARTMENT OF     Co-ordination of Defence                      Defence Act 1903-1939 (except in
DEFENCE CO-ORDINATION                                                   relation to the organization and
                                                                        control of the Naval Forces or
                                                                        the Military Forces)
                                                                      Defence Equipment Acts
                                                                        1924, 1928, 1934, 1936, 1937,
                                                                        1938, 1939
                                                                      Defence (Visiting Forces) Act 1939
                                                                      Geneva Convention Act 1938
                                                                      National Registration Act 1939
                                                                      National Security Act 1939
                                                                      Telegraph Act 1909
                                                                      War Precautions Act Repeal Act
                                                                         1920-1934, Section 22 (with the
                                                                        exception of sub-section (f))
THE DEPARTMENT OF THE   Naval Defence                                 Control of Naval Waters Act 1918
        NAVY                                                          London Naval Treaty Act 1930
                                                                      Naval Defence Act 1910-1934
                                                                      Treaties of Washington Act 1922

THE DEPARTMENT OF THE   Military Defence                              Australian Imperial Force
        ARMY                                                            Canteens Funds Act 1920
                                                                      Deceased Soldiers’ Estates Act
                                                                      Defence Act 1903-1939 (in relation
                                                                        to the organization and control
                                                                        of the Military Forces)
THE DEPARTMENT OF AIR   Air Defence                                   Air Force Act 1923

 THE DEPARTMENT OF      Civil Aviation                                Air Navigation Act 1920-1936
   CIVIL AVIATION                                                     Carriage by Air Act 1935
                                                                      Empire Air Service (England to
                                                                        Australia) Act 1938

    First Column                   Second Column                               Third Column
 Name of Department    Matters dealt with by each Department        Acts Administered by the Minister of
                                                                            each Department
THE DEPARTMENT OF     Antarctic                                     Australian Antarctic Territory
 EXTERNAL AFFAIRS     Australian Interest in the New Hebrides         Acceptance Act 1933
                      Australian Legations                          War Precautions Act Repeal Act
                      Channel of Communication for matters            1920-1934 (Section 22 (f))
                         other than trade with Australian Trade
                      Communication with British diplomatic
                          missions and consulates
                      Consuls and Consular matters
                      Foreign affairs
                      Foreign Press, including publications in a
                          foreign language in Australia
                      Inter-Imperial and Dominion political
                      International Conferences
                      International Questions affecting policy in
                         respect of Mandates, nationality, status
                         of aliens, and immigration
                      League of Nations (including
                         International Labour Organization and
                         Permanent Court of International
                      Political matters in connexion with
                         Australian representation abroad
                      Territorial waters
                      Treaties and International Agreements

THE DEPARTMENT OF     Information relating to the war
   INFORMATION        Censorship of Press, Broadcasting,
                         Cinema, as delegated under Section 17
                         of the National Security Act 1939

THE DEPARTMENT OF     MARKETING AND INDUSTRIES                      Advances to Settlers Act 1923
    COMMERCE                                                        Apple and Pear Bounty Acts 1936
                      Assistance to Primary Producers
                                                                    Apple and Pear Bounty Act 1937
                      Australian Agricultural Council
                                                                    Apple and Pear Export Charges Act
                      Collection and Dissemination of
                        commercial intelligence and general
                                                                    Apple and Pear Organisation Act
                      Contact with the following organizations
                                                                    Apple and Pear Publicity And
                      and administration of any Commonwealth
                                                                      Research Act 1938
                      Acts under which they are established:-
                                                                    Beaches , Fishing Grounds and Sea
                        Australian Apple and Pear Board
                                                                     Routes Protection Act
                        Australian Apple and Pear Export
                                                                     1932 (except Section 3)
                                                                    Canned Fruits Export Charges Act
                        Australian Canned Fruits Board
                        Australian Citrus Advisory Council
                                                                    Canned Fruits Export Control Act
                        Australian Dairy Produce Board
                        Australian Meat Board
                                                                    Citrus Fruits Bounty Act 1937,
                        Australian National Travel Association
                        Australian Wine Board
                                                                    Colonial Light Dues Collection Act
                        Australian Wool Board
                        Council for the Australian Pig Industry
                                                                    Colonial Light Dues (Rates) Act
                        Dried Fruits Control Board

   First Column                   Second Column                               Third Column
Name of Department    Matters dealt with by each Department        Acts Administered by the Minister of
                                                                             each Department
                       Egg Producers’ Council                      Commerce (Trade Descriptions)
                       Federal Potato Advisory Committee             Act 1905-1933 (exports)
                       Federal Tobacco Advisory Committee          Dairy Produce Act 1933-1935
                       Standing Committee on Agriculture           Dairy Produce Export charges Act
                       Wheat Stabilization Advisory                  1924-1937
                       Committee                                   Dairy Produce Export Control Act
                     Exhibitions (organization of exhibits)          1924-1938
                     Eastern Trade Advisory Committees             Dried Fruits Act 1928-1935
                     External Trade:-                              Dried Fruits Export Charges Act
                        Overseas trade promotion                     1924-1929
                        Marketing investigations abroad            Dried Fruits Export Control Act
                        Trade surveys for specific                   1924-1938
                        commodities                                Export Guarantee Act 1924-1934
                        General trade inquiries                    Financial Relief Act 1932-1938
                     Inspection and/or grading of dairy              (Parts VI. And VII.)
                       products, meat, fruit (fresh, dried and     Financial Relief Act 1934-1936
                       canned) jams,                                 (Parts VI. And VII.)
                       honey, vegetables, &c., exported from       Financial Relief Act 1936-1938
                       the Commonwealth                              (Part VI.)
                     Investigation of marketing, economic, and     Fruit Growers’ Relief Act 1933
                       other problems of farming industries        Lighthouses Act 1911-1919
                     Investigation of overseas trade matters       Loan (Farmers Debt Adjustment)
                     Overseas shipping freights                      Act 1935-1936
                     Production of publicity films and             Mandarin Growers Relief Act 1934
                       photographs                                 Meat Export Charges Act 1935
                     Rural Credits                                 Meat Export Control Act 1935-
                     Tourist publicity abroad                        1938
                     Trade Agreements-                             Navigation Act 1912-1935
                        Administration of the export aspects       Orange Bounty Acts 1935, 1936
                        Collaboration with other departments       Primary Producers Export Charges
                        in negotiations                              Act 1935-1938
                     Trade Commissioner Service                    Primary Producers Export
                     Trade publicity and advertising in              Organisation Act 1935
                       Australia, the United Kingdom, and          Primary Producers Relief Act
                       elsewhere                                     1935-1937
                     Transport research                            Prime Bounty Acts 1936
                                      MARINE                       Queensland Meat Inspection
                     Advice to other Departments on shipping         Agreement Act 1932
                       services and subsidies                      Sea Carriage of Goods Act 1924
                     Collection of Colonial Light Dues on          Seamen’s Compensation Act 1911-
                       behalf of his Majesty’s Government in         1938
                       the United Kingdom                          States Grants (Fertilizer) Act 1937-
                     Compensation to seamen for injuries             1938
                       suffered in the course of employment        State Grants (Fertilizer) Act (No.2)
                     Lighthouses, lightships, beacons and            1938
                       buoys                                       Trade Commissioners Act 1933-
                     Navigation and shipping                         1936
                     Overhaul and maintenance of                   Whaling Act 1935
                       Commonwealth Marine Plant                   Wheat Acquisition Act 1933
                     Restriction on the sinking of obsolete        Wheat and Wheat Products Act
                       vessels and hulks in sea routes and           1935
                       fishing grounds beyond territorial limits   Wheat Bounty Act 1934
                     Transport Workers-                            Wheat Growers’ Relief Acts 1933,
                       licensing arrangements                        1934, 1935, 1936
                     Whaling                                       Wheat Industry Assistance Act 1938

      First Column                   Second Column                              Third Column
   Name of Department    Matters dealt with by each Department       Acts Administered by the Minister of
                                                                              each Department
                                                                     Wine Grape Charges Act 1929-
                                                                     Wine Overseas Marketing Act
                                                                     Wire and Wire netting Act 1927-
                                                                     Wool Publicity and Research Act
THE DEPARTMENT OF THE   Aliens-Registration of                       Aliens Registration Act 1939
       INTERIOR         Ashmore and Cartier Islands                  Ashmore and Cartier Islands
                        Assisted Migration                             Acceptance Act 1933-1938
                        Astronomy                                    Australian War Memorial Act 1925
                        Australian Capital Territory,                Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918-
                          Administration of                            1934
                        Australian War Memorial                      Commonwealth Electoral War-time
                        Conveyance of Members of Parliament            Repeal Act 1920
                          and others                                 Commonwealth Railways Act 1917-
                        Co-ordination of Australian Transport          1936
                          Services                                   Commonwealth Shipping Act 1923
                        Elections and Franchise                      Constitution Alteration (Senate
                        Emigration of children and aboriginals         Elections) 1906
                        Forestry                                     Contract Immigrants Act 1905
                        Geodesy (International map of the world      Emigration Act 1910
                        and 129th meridian)                          Federal Aid Roads Acts 1926, 1931,
                        Immigration                                    1936
                        Indentured Coloured labour                   Federal Aid Roads and Works Act
                        Lands and Surveys                              1937
                        Maintenance and operation of electric        Forestry Bureau Act 1930-1932
                          light, water and sewerage services in      Grafton to South Brisbane Railway
                          the Australian Capital Territory             Act 1924-1930
                        Meteorology                                  Immigration Act 1901-1935
                        Naturalization                               Jervis Bay Territory Acceptance
                        Northern Territory                              Act 1915
                        Oil Investigation and Prospecting            Kalgoorlie to Port Augusta Railway
                          (encouragement of )                          Act 1911-1912
                        Passports                                    Kalgoorlie to Port Augusta Railway
                        Preparation of design and execution of all      Lands Act 1918-1920
                          Commonwealth Architectural and             Lands Acquisition Act 1906-1936
                          Engineering works in the States,           Meteorology Act 1906
                          Northern Territory, and Australian         Nationality Act 1920-1936
                          Capital Territory, including works for     Northern Territory Acceptance Act
                          the Commonwealth Bank of Australia            1910-1919
                                                                     Northern Territory
                                                                       (Administration) Act 1910-1933
                            (a)      Transferred
                                                                     Northern Territory Railway
                            (b)      Acquired
                                                                        Extension Act 1923
                            (c)      Rented
                                                                     Northern Territory Representation
                        Public Works and Services
                                                                       Act 1922-1936
                        Prospecting for precious metals
                                                                     Oodnadatta to Alice Springs
                          (assistance for)
                                                                       Railway Act 1926
                                                                     Passports Act 1938
                        River Murray Waters Commission
                                                                     Petroleum Oil Search Acts 1936
                        Rivers, Roads and Bridges
                                                                     Petroleum Prospecting Acts 1926-
                        Solar Observatory
                                                                       1927, 1928
                                                                     Pine Creek to Katherine River

      First Column                  Second Column                             Third Column
   Name of Department    Matters dealt with by each Department     Acts Administered by the Minister of
                                                                             each Department
                                                                     Railway Act 1913
                                                                   Port Augusta to Port Pirie Railway
                                                                      Act 1935
                                                                   Precious Metal Prospecting Act
                                                                   Referendum (Constitution
                                                                     Alteration) Act 1906-1936
                                                                   Representation Act 1905-1938
                                                                   River Murray Waters Acts 1915,
                                                                     1923, 1934
                                                                   Seat of Government Acceptance
                                                                     Acts 1909-1938
                                                                   Seat of Government Acceptance Act
                                                                   Seat of Government Act 1908
                                                                   Seat of Government
                                                                     (Administration) Act 1910-1933
                                                                   Seat of Government
                                                                     (Administration) Act 1933
                                                                   Seat of Government
                                                                     (Administration) Act 1930-1935
                                                                   Seat of Government Railway Act
                                                                   Senate Elections Act 1903-1922
                                                                   Solar Observatory Fund Act 1930-
   THE POSTMASTER-      Postal, Telegraphic and Telephonic         Australian Broadcasting
GENERAL’S DEPARTMENT     Services, Wireless Telegraphy and           Commission Act 1932
                         Telephony                                 Post and Telegraph Act 1901-1934
                                                                   Post and Telegraph Rates Act
                                                                   Purchase Telephone Lines
                                                                     Acquisition Act 1911
                                                                   Wireless Agreement Acts
                                                                     1924, 1927
                                                                   Wireless Telegraphy Act 1905-1936
    REPATRIATION        Repatriation Commission-                   Australian Soldiers’ Repatriation
    DEPARTMENT                                                       Act 1920-1938
                         For ex-members of Forces-
                                                                   Financial Emergency Act 1931-
                           (a)      Determine applications for       1938 (Part VI.)
                               treatment of disabilities claimed   War Services Homes Act 1918-
                               to be due to, or aggravated by,       1937
                               war service                         War service Homes Agreement Act
                           (b)      Provide indoor and outdoor       1932
                               medical treatment for accepted      War Service Homes (South
                               war disabilities, and, under          Australia) Agreement Act 1934
                               arrangements, similar treatment
                               for ex-members of the United
                               Kingdom, Canada,
                               Newfoundland, South Africa,
                               New Zealand and other British
                               Dominion Forces in general
                               hospitals, special institutions,
                               sanatoria and hostels

    First Column                   Second Column                               Third Column
 Name of Department    Matters dealt with by each Department        Acts Administered by the Minister of
                                                                            each Department
                          (c)       Determine claims for and
                              control payments of war pensions
                              (including acting as agents for
                              Imperial and Dominion pension
                              authorities) and living allowances
                          (d)       Supply, renew and repair
                              artificial replacements and
                              surgical aids
                          (e)       Administer Soldiers’ trust
                              funds (pensions and gratuities)
                          (f)       Provide medical treatment
                              for ex-members resident in the
                              Commonwealth suffering from
                              pulmonary tuberculosis but not
                              the result of war service
                          (g)       Determine applications for
                              and control payments of service
                        For Dependants-
                          (a)       Determine applications for
                              and control payments of war and
                              service pensions, medical benefits
                              and living allowances
                          (b)       Administer soldiers’ children
                              education scheme
                          (c)       Administer soldiers’ trust
                              funds (pensions and gratuities)
                      War Pensions Entitlement Appeal
                      Hear and decide any appeal against a
                        decision of the Repatriation
                        Commission, by or on behalf of ex-
                        members or their dependants, that
                        incapacity or death of any ex-members
                        did not arise out of war service
                      War Pensions Assessment Appeal
                      Hear and decide any appeal against
                        current assessments of war pension
                        made by the Repatriation Commission
                        in respect of incapacity of ex-members
                        accepted as arising out of war service
                      Hear and decide any appeal on prescribed
                        grounds against a decision of the
                        Repatriation Commission where a
                        service pension has been refused
                      War Service Homes
THE DEPARTMENT OF     Admission of goods under Customs and          Australian Industries Preservation
TRADE AND CUSTOMS      Excise By-laws                                 Act 1906-1937
                      Bounties (General)                            Beer Excise Act 1901-1928
                      Censorship of Film and Literature             Bounties Procedure Act 1907-1934
                      Commonwealth Analyst                          Commerce (Trade Descriptions)
                      Cotton Bounty                                   Act 1905-1933 (sections relating
                      Cotton Supplies Committee                       to imports)
                      Customs Administration                        Customs Act 1901-1936

   First Column                   Second Column                             Third Column
Name of Department    Matters dealt with by each Department      Acts Administered by the Minister of
                                                                            each Department
                     Dangerous Drugs-control under               Customs Tariff 1933-1939
                        International Conventions                Customs Tariff (Canadian
                     Distillation of Spirits                        Preference) 1931
                     Dumping and Unfair Competition              Customs Tariff (Canadian
                     Economic Investigation of Industries           Preference) 1934-1938
                     Excise (Administration)                     Customs Tariff (Exchange
                     Excise Tariffs                                 Adjustment) Act 1933-1939
                     Gold Bounty                                 Customs Tariff (Industries
                     Imports and Exports:-                          Preservation) Act 1921-1936
                        Regulation or Prohibition of             Customs Tariff (New Zealand
                     International Convention for Aerial            Preference) 1933-1934
                        Navigation                               Customs Tariff (New Zealand
                     International Sugar Agreement                  Preference) Agreement Act 1933-
                     Iron and Steel Products Bounty              Customs Tariff (Papua and New
                     Marks of Origin (Imports)                      Guinea Preference) 1936
                     Monopolies and Combines                     Customs Tariff (Primage Duties)
                     Papua and New Guinea Bounties                  1934
                     Prices and Profiteering                     Customs Tariff Validation Acts
                     Primage Duties                              Distillation Act 1901-1934
                     Protection of Primary and Secondary         Excise Act 1901-1934
                        Industries                               Excise Tariff 1921-1939
                     Rebates on Sugar Content of exported        Excise Tariff Validation Acts
                        goods                                    Financial Emergency Act 1931-
                     Registration of British Ships                  1938 (Part VIII.)
                     Secret Commissions                          Flax and Linseed Bounties Act
                     Smuggling                                      1930-1934
                     Sugar Concessions to the Fruit Industry     Gold Bounty Act 1930-1934
                     Sugar Industry Control                      Iron and Steel Products Bounty
                     Sulphur Bounty                                 Act 1922-1934
                     Tariff (General)                            Merchant Shipping Acts (portions
                     Tariff Administration (Customs and             relating to registration of British
                        Excise)                                     ships)
                     Tariff Advisory Board                       Motor Industry Bounty Act 1938
                     Tariff Board                                Newsprinting Paper Bounty Act
                     Trade Agreements and Trade Treaties            1938
                     Trade and Commerce-Action in relation       New Zealand Re-exports Act 1924
                       to restraint thereof                      Papua and New Guinea bounties
                     Trade Descriptions (Imports)                   Act 1926-1936
                     Trade Relationships with Overseas           Papua and New Guinea Bounties
                       Countries                                    Act 1937
                     Trade Statistics-Collection of Statistics   Raw Cotton Bounties Act 1934-
                       relating to Imports and Exports             1938
                     Wine Export Bounty                          Secret Commissions Act 1905
                                                                 Spirits Act 1906-1935
                                                                 Sugar Agreement Act 1935
                                                                 Sulphur Bounty Act 1939
                                                                 Tariff Board Act 1921-1934
                                                                 Tractor Bounty Act 1939
                                                                 Trade Agreement (Belgian) Act
                                                                 Trade Agreement (Czechoslovakia)
                                                                    Act 1936
                                                                 Trade Agreement (France) Act
                                                                 Trade Agreement (South Africa)

    First Column                   Second Column                               Third Column
 Name of Department    Matters dealt with by each Department        Acts Administered by the Minister of
                                                                              each Department
                                                                      Act 1936
                                                                    Trade Agreement (Switzerland) Act
                                                                    United Kingdom and Australia
                                                                      Trade Agreement Act 1932
                                                                    Wine Export bounty Act 1934
                                                                    Wire Netting Bounty Act 1939
THE DEPARTMENT OF     Administration of Any subsidies by the        Australian Institute of Anatomy
     HEALTH              Commonwealth for the Assistance of           Agreement Acts 1924-1933
                         efforts by State Governments or public     Beaches, Fishing Grounds and Sea
                         authorities for the eradication,             Routes Protection Act 1932
                         prevention, or control of disease            (Section 3)
                      Administration of Nuffield Trust for          Medical Research Endowment Act
                         Crippled Children                            1937
                      Australian Institute of Anatomy, Canberra     Quarantine Act 1908-1924
                      Collection of sanitary data and the           Therapeutic Substances Act 1937-
                         investigation of all factors affecting       1938
                         health in industries
                      Commonwealth Serum Laboratories and
                         the commercial distribution of the
                         products manufactured in those
                      Conducting of campaigns of prevention of
                         disease in which more than one state is
                      Discharge of refuse into the Sea
                      Education of the public in matters of
                      International hygiene matters affecting the
                      Investigation of causes of disease and
                         death, and the establishment and
                         control of laboratories for this purpose
                      Medical examinations of seamen and
                         inspection of vessels under the
                         Navigation Act and Seamen’s
                         Compensation Act
                      Medical examinations under the Invalid
                         and Old-age Pensions, and Public
                         Service Acts
                      Medical research and National Health and
                         Medical Research Council
                      Methods of prevention of disease
                      Public health Administration in the
                         Australian Capital Territory
                      Public Health and Medical Services in the
                         Northern Territory
                      Quarantine, including quarantine of
                         animals and plants
                      School of Public Health and Tropical
                         Medicine, Sydney

         First Column                     Second Column                            Third Column
     Name of Department         Matters dealt with by each Department   Acts Administered by the Minister of
                                                                                each Department
   THE DEPARTMENT OF          Invalid and Old-age Pensions              Invalid and Old-age Pensions Act
    SOCIAL SERVICES           Maternity Allowances                        1908-1937
                              National Health and Pensions Insurance    Maternity Allowance Act 1912-
                                                                        National Health And Pensions
                                                                          Insurance Acts 1938, 1939
                                                                        National Health and Pensions
                                                                          Insurance (Employees’
                                                                          Contribution) Act 1938
                                                                        National Health and Pensions
                                                                          Insurance (Employers’
                                                                          Contribution) Act 1938

           Given under my Hand and the Seal of the Commonwealth of Australia, this twenty-
   ninth day of November, One thousand nine hundred and thirty-nine.

By His Excellency’s Command,
                     ROBERT. G MENZIES
                           Prime Minister.

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